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From Celebrations to Solutions: Manipur’s Cry for Genuine Peace Ignored by Leaders

by Rinku Khumukcham
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From Celebrations to Solutions: Manipur’s Cry for Genuine Peace Ignored by Leaders

Within the framework of a democratic system, the government shoulders the critical responsibility of ensuring the safety of its taxpayers and safeguarding their properties. Regrettably, under the leadership of N Biren Singh, the Manipur Government has faltered in fulfilling this fundamental obligation, as evidenced by its inability to adequately protect both the people and their assets.
Curiously, Biren’s priorities seem skewed, as there is a perceptible emphasis on offering compensation or employment rather than prioritizing the preservation of lives and the restoration of peace. The seven-month period marred by violence serves as a stark testament to the government’s manifest incompetence, raising serious concerns about its ability to effectively govern and secure the well-being of its citizens.
In a state where the populace is grappling with the mourning of lost lives, to the extent that even the traditionally vibrant Manipur’s Ningol Chakkouba festivals remain uncelebrated, the actions of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have proven to be particularly insensitive. Notably, the BJP boldly chose to revel in the electoral victories of four states at their Imphal headquarters, complete with celebratory cake-cutting ceremonies. Chief Minister N Biren Singh, in a rather pompous declaration, asserted, “Only the BJP can safeguard the interests of the Manipuris,” a statement met with applause from BJP karyakartas.
This brazen display of celebration amidst a backdrop of grief and unrest underscores a troubling disconnect between the ruling party and the sentiments of the people. It further reinforces the perception that political victories take precedence over addressing the pressing issues of security and peace in Manipur, a sentiment exacerbated by Singh’s steadfast determination to retain the Chief Minister’s position despite the ongoing challenges faced by the state.
The lack of surprise surrounding N Biren Singh’s celebratory fervor aligns with his persistent determination to cling to the Chief Minister’s position, despite a palpable inability to quell the ongoing violence in Manipur. What exacerbates the situation is the conspicuous failure of opposition parties, who, instead of applying pressure on the ruling government for positive change, seem entangled in a cycle of ineffective posturing.
Both the ruling and opposition factions have resorted to organizing press conferences and events, seemingly more to assert their existence than to address the pressing issues plaguing Manipur. Strikingly, the government’s response, or lack thereof, suggests either an inability or a deliberate reluctance to extinguish the flames that have engulfed Manipur since May 3, resulting in the tragic loss of over 200 lives.
While the arrest of perpetrators and the dispensation of justice, along with compensation, are undeniably crucial facets of governance, they represent only a fraction of the government’s comprehensive responsibilities. A truly effective government should channel its efforts towards fostering genuine peace, steering clear of the mere semblance of tranquility employed for political gains and vote-seeking endeavors. Manipur, in its current state, demands more than token gestures – it necessitates a sincere commitment to protecting its people and ensuring their well-being beyond superficial assurances.

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