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Cleaning river bank an awaited measures; but driving home aged people is not a good sign of wise government

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The recent drive against encroachers to river banks in Imphal area is a much awaited measures. Govt. response to the call for preservation of Rivers needs applause from all section of people across the state. This should have been done a long time back. When Ahanthem Romenkumar was the Superintendent of Police in Imphal West way back in late 80s, encroachers along the Numbul River bank have been dismantled and it was appreciated by one all. Had the then government understood the importance of what Ahanthem Romenkumar had initiated the problem facing today would have solved and perhaps the bad name on Nambul River of being the most polluted River could have been prevented. Well, its not late, the present government is doing well when it comes to the concern for the preservation of Rivers.
Saying so, on second thought, it become important to see on whether the government is sincere enough in rendering their service for preservation and protection of the River. When almost all constructions at the River Banks of both Imphal and Nambul River had been demolished, why not they are taking up measures to make it clean. Leaving all the materials on the side of the River makes the River bank more polluted than before. The way the dismantled structures are left is not a sign of sincerity in the effort to make the River bank free from pollution.
On one hand not every structure constructed on the river bank polluted and obstruct the river flow. Some structures like the waiting sheds instead of giving obstruction to the river flow gives live and hopes to many senior citizens of the state. When one gets old they spare their times with their colleagues by sharing their experience at places where they are not disturbed. Imphal is now a crowded city, there are hardly any place for the aged people to relax at evening. Well there are some place like the Bir Tikendrajit Park in the middle of the city where aged people gathered, but due to locomotion problem many aged people are happy enjoying with their old friends in their locality.
Now after the sheds they spend for leisure during evening have all been dismantled. Aged people now stopped coming out as they now have no place to gathered in their locality. Neither there are good transportation which could take them to some peaceful place nor the government had arranged clubs for clubs for aged people where they could comfort themselves. Yet the government keeps on talking about respecting the aged people.
When government is serious in preservation of the River Banks equal seriousness should be in their mind about the aged people too. Before dismantling, some issues of social problems should have been well discussed and consulted with grass hood level bodies like the ward members or corporators or councillors or the Panchayat members, as they are the one who understood the problem of their locality.
Government much have plan a way out about these aged people before dismantling the shed they depends for few hours relaxation.
This is being said because old is gold and we need them to live longer so that we learnt from their experience on bringing peace in the state. There is no denial to the fake that age brings experience, and with experience comes wisdom. These citizens have accumulated a lifetime of experiences and wisdom which is for us to learn and benefit from.
They are often viewed as people who are past their productive stage therefore becoming a burden to their families and are often mistreated and abused. Their opinion does not matter much ad are often ignored and neglected. There have been instances where the old are physically abused.
A pragmatic solution to the problems plaguing the older people in the state needs to be brought out and put into action in right earnest for them to have a better life and a sense of participation. Indeed it is the society which will stand to benefit from the vast experience and wisdom these people have acquired in their lives and their studied opinion and inputs will definitely be a guiding principle in the formulation of various plans and schemes.
A place to start can be recreation homes where the senior people at the close proximity to discuss various issues with the youths and even government officials can and should consult them in their official capacity with the old who have had experienced the particular field or department.
The steps taken up by these wise people should be appreciated and encouraged with more opportunities for the youths be made to increase interaction which will lead to mutual appreciation on both sides which in turn will enable to build a balanced and improved society.
Well, even though it is felt necessary to dismantle the Sheds on the river bank where aged people gathered, the government should have think of an alternative cleaning the River bank.
It is not late , government can certainly think of a way out to solve the issue of establishing an alternative place where the aged people can have some leisure time and that too which are not far from their locality in consulting with the local bodies members.  

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