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BJP’s Criticism of Bimol’s Speech Acknowledges His Capability, Admits Their Own Failure

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BJP’s Criticism of Bimol’s Speech Acknowledges His Capability, Admits Their Own Failure

The catastrophic failure of the BJP Government, both at the Center and in Manipur in controlling Manipur violence, gave birth to MP Angomcha Bimol Akoijam. Had the BJP Government fulfilled its responsibilities and restored peace in Manipur, Bimol Akoijam would have been teaching at Jawaharlal Nehru University today. Dr. Bimol’s maiden speech in Parliament was electrifying, echoing through the House of Democracy with the resounding word “Manipur!,” and etched a momentous chapter in history. His parliamentary address received widespread acclaim, with lakhs lauding him as the first MP from Manipur to speak so resolutely for the state’s people. For the past 14 months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has remained conspicuously silent, failing to visit Manipur and showing an alarming indifference to its plight. In his powerful maiden speech, Bimol Akoijam implored, “Think about the 60,000 people languishing in relief camps, and those mothers, those widows. Think of them, and then you talk about nationalism.” Mr. Modi’s last comment was a condemnation of the ‘Naked Parade’ incident, perceived by the Meitei community as an opportunistic attempt to tarnish one community rather than address the broader violence plaguing Manipur.
Reacting to Bimol Akoijam’s speech, RK Imo, a BJP MLA and son-in-law of Manipur CM N Biren Singh, took to social media to criticize Akoijam’s focus. He posted on the micro-blogging platform X, “Failed to address core issues of illegal migrants, SOO, and NRC amongst others. This wasn’t a TV debate or election campaign, but to put forward the core issues in front of the people of the country.” Like Mr. Imo, Manipur BJP leaders, including the CM, consistently attributed the violence in Manipur primarily to “illegal immigrants.” Ironically, it was N Biren Singh, who now blames the Congress Party, who stated at the India Today Conclave in 2018 that there were no illegal infiltrators in Manipur at that time. RK Imo’s mockery of MP Bimol Akoijam, dismissing his speech as merely an “election speech,” further illustrates the BJP’s dismissive attitude. Mr. Imo’s comments inadvertently highlighted the failure of the Manipur BJP and the State Government, of which he is a part, to address their so-called “core issues” to their big bosses in Delhi effectively.
This raises questions about Manipur BJP leaders’ actions during 14 months of violence. Were their trips to Delhi for governance, or personal activities? Despite having BJP MPs, the Manipur issue was absent from parliamentary debates, revealing neglect and mismanagement. The BJP’s strategy seems evasive, leaving Manipur’s people to suffer.
BJP Manipur’s recent press conference showcased stunning hypocrisy and desperation. They attacked MP Bimol Akoijam for not addressing the “core issue,” inadvertently revealing Narendra Modi’s ignorance of it. The “Double-Engine” government shamelessly blames an opposition MP for concerns they should have addressed. The ruling party expects opposition MPs to raise issues they avoid unless forced by public discourse. BJP spokesperson Suresh lamented that MP Bimol Akoijam didn’t focus on the ‘core issue,’ exposing BJP’s loss of confidence and misplaced hope in an opposition MP. Criticizing Bimol Akoijam, they implicitly acknowledge his importance and admit their own failure.
This ongoing barrage of criticism against Bimol Akoijam by BJP Manipur starkly exposes the reality that Modi does not listen to Manipur State BJP or N Biren Singh. Despite their harsh words against the Congress MP, the subtext is clear: they have more trust in and reliance on Bimol Akoijam than on their own representatives. They believe that if Bimol Akoijam speaks up about the “core issue” in Parliament, Modi might finally be compelled to act. The current scenario leaves people bewildered about who is part of the ruling government and who is in the opposition. The BJP Manipur’s actions almost paint Bimol Akoijam as the savior, the one who might prompt Modi to take action. This situation starkly highlights their lost confidence in their own Rajya Sabha MP. Modi’s recent break from his usual silence occurred in the upper house of Parliament, where Leishemba Sanajaoba, the titular King of Manipur, sits.
What is unfolding is a tragicomedy: has Leishemba Sanajaoba silenced himself out of fear of what Modi or Amit Shah might say? His silence is deafening, raising serious questions about his leadership and loyalty to his constituents. The BJP’s current strategy of shifting responsibility to an opposition MP while failing to utilize their own representatives is a clear testament to their governance failures and internal disarray.
The inept Manipur CM N Biren Singh remains arrogantly oblivious as he grapples with the ongoing turmoil in Manipur. At a recent Yoga International Day event in Khuman Lampak, Mr. Biren declared that those who mock him now will eventually shed tears of regret upon realizing his contributions to the people of Manipur. This remark is grossly disconnected from the harsh realities that the people have endured over the past fourteen months, including violence, displacement, and the torching of homes. His boastful and unrealistic assertion that people will one day acknowledge his efforts as if he would reclaim the Kabaw Valley from Myanmar.

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