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The earth is in danger because of climate change

by Vijay Garg
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But what is the evidence of global warming and how do we know that humans are behind it?
How do we know the world is warming up?
Our planet has been warming rapidly since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
Since 1850, the average surface temperature of the earth has risen by about 1.1 degrees Celsius.
Also, during the last four decades, each decade has been hotter than the last.
These results come from the analysis of temperature data collected in millions of parts of the world.  Temperature readings are taken by weather stations on land, on ships and by satellites.
Several independent teams of scientists have come to the same conclusion – that temperatures have risen since the beginning of the industrial age.
Turkey has seen more wildfires this summer than ever before
Scientists can reconstruct temperature fluctuations even prematurely.
Tree rings, snowflakes, lake sediments and corals have been recording temperatures for centuries.
It provides a very important context for the current phase of warming.  In fact, scientists estimate that the earth has never been warmer in nearly a quarter of a million years.
How do you know if humans are responsible for global warming?
Greenhouse gases – which trap the sun’s heat in the Earth’s atmosphere.
These gases are directly related to temperature rise and human activity.  The most important of these gases is carbon dioxide because it is the most abundant.
We can also say that this carbon absorbs the energy of the sun.  Satellites show that very little heat escapes from the Earth’s atmosphere into space.  Especially at the wavelength where carbon dioxide is found.
Burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees emits greenhouse gases.  Both activities have increased exponentially since the 19th century, so it is not surprising that atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased during the same period.
Here’s a way to show for sure where the extra carbon dioxide came from.  The carbon produced by burning fossil fuels is a special chemical element.
Both tree rings and polar ice record changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere.  When these were examined, it was found that carbon – especially from fossil sources – had increased significantly since 1850.
Analysis shows that atmospheric carbon dioxide did not rise above 300 parts per million (ppm) for eight million years
However, since the Industrial Revolution, the concentration of carbon dioxide has risen to its current level of about 420 ppm.
Computer simulations, known as climate models, have been used to illustrate the temperature without the massive amount of man-made greenhouse gases.
They show that global warming would have been slightly lower in the 20th and 21st centuries and possibly even colder if only natural factors were affecting the climate.
Only when human factors are introduced can models explain the increase in temperature.
What is the effect of humans on the earth?
Significant changes are predicted to occur in the world around us with the temperature that the earth has already endured on its planet.
Temperature models developed by scientists match real-world patterns that scientists expect to see with human-inspired heat.
The ice of Greenland and the Antarctic is melting rapidly.
The number of weather-related disasters has increased fivefold in 50 years.
Global sea level has risen by 20 centimeters (8 inches) in the last century and is still rising.
Oceans have become about 40% more acidic since the 1800s, marine life is being affected.
Wasn’t the earth hot in the past?
There have been many heat waves in the earth’s past.
For example, about 92 million years ago, temperatures were so high that there was no sign of ice on Earth’s poles.  Crocodile-like creatures lived in the northern Canadian Arctic.
However, no one should be satisfied with this because human beings were nowhere around at that time.  In the past, the sea level was sometimes 25 meters (80 feet) higher than it is now.
An increase of 5-8 meters (16-26 feet) is considered sufficient to provide water meditation to most of the coastal cities of the world.
There is ample evidence of widespread destruction of life during these times.  Climate models indicate that sometimes tropics can become “dead zones”, meaning that most species are too hot to survive.
For many years, those who have argued that the earth is not warming and that what scientists are saying are baseless have misled people from the scientific basis of global warming.
However, almost all scientists now agree on the current causes of climate change.
“It is clear that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, the oceans and the land,” said a key UN report released in 2021.
The Glasgow COP26 Global Climate Summit in November is considered important in terms of tackling climate change.

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