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Problems in family and social relationships due to the corona’s epidemic

by Vijay Garg
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We all want to forget Corona’s wrath like a nightmare but despite the arrival of the vaccine, the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading like wildfire.  Any epidemic is usually a health crisis, but the Covid-19 epidemic caused by the corona virus goes far beyond that and is severely affecting our democracy, society, culture and all aspects of life.
 The passion of our democracy is to neutralize the Corona attack, no matter what the cost, which is horrible.  Last year, our focus was only on the economic downturn and the plight of the workers, the poor.  We have experience in coping with economic crises but the unpredictable onslaught of the Corona has challenged not only the Indian economy but also the political system, family environment, social relations, cultural values, religious activities and personal and social psychology.  How to deal with this challenge?  Elections to the Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, local bodies or panchayats are usually held in the country.
 The nature of democratic elections is such that it is not practical to follow the Corona Protocol.  Candidates walking in processions, marching, shaking hands with voters, hugging, falling on their feet, receiving blessings, consuming food and water etc. are some of the activities that are mandatory during elections.  This is not the case in developed countries.  Unlike India, those countries are not crowded.  There people live in self-discipline.  They do not consider it a disgrace to obey the rules, but they are proud of them, which are strictly enforced in our country.
 Whatever happens during elections in India cannot be stopped completely, no matter how hard one tries.  Could Corona have a better chance of expanding her infection?  So can a balance be struck between democracy and the Corona fury?  This is a challenge that gives us a chance to think seriously about reducing the frequency of elections and holding elections all at once to minimize the clash between democracy and Covid-19 or something like that.
 In India too, arrangements can be made for voters to cast their votes eight to ten days before the polling date to avoid congestion on polling day and for voters who are absent for any reason on that day.  Corona’s attack on family and social relations is a bit more serious.  These relationships are emotional.  Family members are not able to attend birthdays, weddings, festivals or even funerals for fear of Corona.  Everyone loves their souls.  However, the erosion of personal and family feelings due to the above phenomenon and the kind of change in social relations that is taking place with it is contrary to our culture.
 The thread of love that Corona is breaking in our family and social relationships is going to overwhelm us.  Today, internet media has come as an alternative to saving social connections but one has to avoid defining the deteriorating virtual connections on it as one’s real social connections.
 The Corona epidemic has also caused cracks in close blood ties.  In many places, sons are not even willing to pay attention to their parents.  The cremation was also conducted by the administration.  Internet media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. should not be given the right to control the tenderness, emotion and warmth of our relationship.  Corona has also severely affected cultural and religious life.  Indian society is a festive society in which one or the other festival goes on from time to time.  Meeting everyone, eating together, laughing and playing together are an integral part of our daily lives that fill us with energy, enthusiasm, aspiration and hope.
 Corona has worked to snatch him.  People are avoiding each other.  “The corona will go away one day, but it will take a long time to heal the rift in social relations and values of life.  We all have to be aware of this.  Corona’s attack is all around.
 It needs to be seen not only as a health issue but also as a socio-cultural and political-economic problem.  Every society has to fight it according to its own social structure and values. But one thing in common is that in this struggle, it is very important to keep one’s psychology in order.
 Is needed.  Usually when we are sick we need our gentlemen and well-wishers but this is a problem in which we are cut off from ourselves and ourselves.  We become extremely lonely.  In this situation, only our self-confidence, determination, positive thinking and optimistic outlook is our greatest weapon.

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