New Age Career in Robotics Engineering

According to a recent report, the corona epidemic will accelerate the adoption of robotic process automation by about 48 per cent of the world’s industries.  There have been reports of robotics-based technology being adopted around the world, including in India, since the covid-19 epidemic.  The use of robotic process automation has begun in many areas.  In this context, robotics engineering is emerging as a field full of potential.  Reports from covid-19 suggest that the popularity of robotics is on the rise.  Obviously, there will be new and better opportunities for robotics engineering professionals.
Robotics engineer
 If you too dream of building a robot or the idea of ‘Iron Man’ surprises you, it means that your interest is in robotics engineering.  A special branch of engineering is robotics engineering, which provides knowledge on the extension of electro-mechanics, robotic sensors, automatic systems and artificial intelligence.  This course involves designing a robot, maintaining it, developing new applications and conducting research in the field of automation systems.  The idea of self-driving cars gave birth to a course in automation and robotics.  Robotics engineering has emerged as an important sector due to the growing demand for low cost quality products and services.
Educational qualification
 After passing 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics stream, you can go ahead by doing B Tech, BE in Robotics, Mechatronics.  This is followed by an alternative to MTech in the specialized branch of robotics and further PhD in the related field.  You can also study robotics after doing BTech, BE in Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  MTech with Robotics, Mechatronics or other related specialization.  You can also pursue a two-year associate’s degree or diploma in robotics technology or related disciplines in the field of robotics and work as an assistant to a robotics engineer.  All the institutes enroll in PG course through IIT, JEE score through undergraduate course and GATE score.
 Today, robotics is being used in defense, space, electronics, plastics, petroleum exploration, power plant maintenance, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, gaming industry, etc.  Opportunities are also available in the automobile and industrial tools for professionals in this field.  Expertise in automation and robotics engineering opens the door to jobs in research, manufacturing, mining, nuclear plants and more.  There are also job opportunities in robotic technology, computer controlled machine programming, robotics sales.  By doing robotics engineering you can also advance as a robotic programmer, robotic systems engineer, robot design engineer, automated product design engineer, robotics scientist, robotics test engineer.  Under this, there are also excellent job opportunities abroad.
 To build a career in robotics, it is necessary to specialize in various fields related to robotics.  These include Micro Robotics, Automation, Bio Cybernetics, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors, Medical Robotics, Design and Control, Signal Processing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Robotics.

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