Advantage of School Magazine

Advantage of School Magazine

Introduction: The School Magazine is a periodical published once or twice a year. It aims at encouraging the literary and cultural activities of the students. Now a day’s many schools have magazines of their own. The students maintain it with the help of their teachers. It contains essays, Poems, and articles.
Row it is published: The publication of a school magazine is a hard task. Its circulation is limited to students only. At first, it is eventual to form a magazine committee. It is formed consisting of the editor some advisor and some student members. The headmaster is the Chairman of this committee. An assistant teacher becomes the editor and he helps the students in raising funds in selecting articles and correcting them. The articles for the magazine are written by both the teachers and the students. The editor invites essays, poems, stories, etc. from the students.  The students send their articles to the editor. But each and every article is not published. The articles are selected by the editor and the assistant editor. They are corrected and then published in the magazine. Then he selects the good writings and sends them to the press. They are then printed after necessary correction. Some of the students supervise the printing work of the magazine. Each school magazine has a statement about the progress of the students.
It contains: In a school, a magazine the students write poems, essays, short stories, one-act play, some students writhe humorous pieces. Most of the students write poems. It has the name of those who bought a frame to the institution. Along with academic studies, students are encouraged in games and athletics, art and craft, science clubs, dramatics, and various other activities.
Importance: The school magazine gives a vivid picture of the school and school affairs. It helps the extra-academic qualities of the students. It trains up the students in “the art, of printing and publication. It develops the power of thinking. The literary and intellectual abilities of the student compile him to read books on a variety of subjects. Such students are quick to realize the value of their time and learning. It brings students close to one another and erects some of the responsibility. They get a habit of reading and writing. The writing makes their knowledge accurate.  It is a great joy for the student to see his name published in the magazine. Not all students can be good writers but those who have the ability to form opinions can develop their power of expression by writing for their school magazine. So, the school magazine is helpful to the students in many ways.
Conclusion: The school magazine plays an important role in building up the career of the school. It makes creative power among the students. Unfortunately, only a few schools continue to bring out their school journals. The students should be encouraged bringing out such magazines. Every school must consider the importance of the school magazine for the benefit of its students.


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