Is it a sin in our society to participate in electoral politics by CSO and Students’ Union?

By -Umar Nongjai

In the present realm of politics, we should recall the ideas of great Political  philosopher of the ancient Greek Plato.
He himself once said “One of the Penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”
The present societal trends is very unfortunate that Civil society organization and Students’ fraternity are alienating from electoral politics. The question here is why they antagonized the very Crux of Democracy. There is a social stigma that if a person participate in electoral politics ,he/she will be levelled as corrupt. This type of stigmatization practices in our society  is the main reason of people sidelining from mainstream politics. Day by day, incompetent ruler are sprouting up in our society  is because of this infamy. At the time of our election, we are remains as arms chair critics without involving the very essential part of our democracy and after election ,we are coming out in the streets with a banner in hand ,sloggerring like “We want Safe drinking water”. Is this kind of act justifiable/reasonable?
What would be the fate if this genre of  Political culture persist so long in our society? We should not allow them to shatter the beautiful fabric of democracy. The role of CSO and Students’ Union is not only about to fight for our right ,you have the responsibility to educate the masses about the importance of electoral politics.
We are living in the dangerous impasse. The political leaders are looking only for their political expediency rather to bring better society. This may profoundly give negative impact to our life. We are continuously manufacturing bourgeoisie politician whose Philosophy is not beyond their status quo, complete lack of Future vision.
Democracy is like a golden thread which runs through social, economic and political system of India. Supreme Court held that Democracy is the basic part of Indian Constitution. In terms of legalities Democracy is important as well as People aspire to be Democratic country since Indian Struggle for Independence but the important fabric of Democracy has been diluting from the inception to till now.
In my perspective, Electoral politics is very crucial element as compare to other element in a parliamentary form of Democracy. For instance, if we elect an MLA based on his asset whose quality is unfit to become an MLA ,Will he fulfill the aspiration of the people. The fate of a Nation is entirely depend on Electoral politics. In this juncture, Civil Society Organization, Students’ Union and Intellectual are alienating from electoral politics. Unfortunately, Our society recognized this kind of action as wise steps.
Stops polluting politics. It cannot be entirely defined by negative connotations like corruption, nepotism etc. We need good Politician in our society to make good Policy and bring our nation forward. It would be  the best steps that the brilliant students of our nation’s must takes politics as a Career. Lastly, Civil society organization and Students’ Union to be a torch bearer in bringing up good Policy Maker of our Nation India.
The writer is a student of B.A. 3rd semester at D.M. College of Arts, Imphal

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