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Negligence towards children’s education

by Vijay Garg
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As soon as the month of April comes, the school bells are ready to ring once again.  After a long time the cries of children of pre-primary schools are ready to be heard from the school rooms.  The most affected by the lockdown period in the country is education;  And in education, the condition of pre-primary and primary education has been spoiled.  In government schools, where the child is ready to go to school at the age of 5 to 6 years, education starts with admission in pre-primary classes from the age of 4 in private schools.  Till now a full 2 years have passed. Some children who were eligible for admission in the primary class have not even seen the face of the school;  And if somehow the children of these ages are admitted in the school, then the schools closed due to the corona epidemic have not been seen.  For them, school education and the fun and learning there is like a fairy tale.  As soon as the new session starts, the teacher will have a new challenge for the elementary education of the children, because understanding the learning gap of 2 years, planning the upcoming action plan and preparing for the session. The school has an integral relationship with the children.  Yes, if a child learns something after his home, it is from school.  In the school, along with studies, education is given to the children for all round development.  While in school, children do not learn their cognitive knowledge, emotional knowledge, social knowledge, physical development, intellectual development, logical knowledge as well as life useful skills.  The basic skills of the children need more attention from the beginning of the session.  Children’s classroom has developed in the last two years, but the development of their academic skills seems to lag behind their mainstream.  For this learning gap, every school is preparing at its own level, how much mentally prepared children need to be in this preparation, it depends on the schools, there is a possibility of increasing responsibility on the parents as well.  Without the co-operation and support of parents, the concept of positive results will prove to be a dream.
To bridge the learning gap of school children, schools are ready to be operated from April, while some schools have even started the next classes.  There may be a need to start from the first page to bring the children into the general stream in the elementary classes and primary classes.  First of all it has to be found out what is the learning level of the child now and in what level he should have been.  After this is detected, appropriate efforts should be made to rectify the weak aspect.  Now it comes to the process of group learning-teaching, in such times there is a need to delve into the progress report of the children one by one;  Otherwise, once a child backward in studies will go backward in further studies as well and his learning will be affected. 
It has also been seen in most of the children that if they know how to read, understand and speak in the elementary classes, then they start completing any studies easily, on the other hand, a child has difficulty in reading, understanding and speaking.  If so, he falls behind his syllabus, and is not able to keep pace with his syllabus and he lags behind in studies.  The children around him start judging himself more and less than himself, due to this he starts disinterested in studies himself.  The disinterest in children towards their studies affects their academic life.  Teachers will have to pay good attention to these things as well as maintain constant contact with the parents so that proper coordination can be done in the studies of the children.
From the beginning of April, the heat has started showing its attitude.  The heat is spewing fire directly during the day, in such a situation, going to school and studying in summer will be no less than any challenge.  At present, in remote and rural areas where there is a lack of basic facilities, only time will tell how the children sitting on mats in the classroom in the scorching heat will be able to concentrate on their studies, but by running the school in April, the gap of education will be bridged.  First is the purpose.
Parents of children teaching in private schools are worried about the expenses of the school along with the education of the children, in the preparations for the new session.  Due to the question mark on the quality of education in government schools, there is a migration of parents to private schools.  Government schools, which are said to be a strong read of education, are seen fighting for their existence today.  In many government schools, schools have been closed due to low enrollment of children or in some schools it is the condition that there are as many or more teachers as there are children.  Government schools should pay special attention to raise their standard so that the expenditure on government education can show the right results.  Government teachers will have to focus on teaching only and only children.  Doing work other than studies before or after studies will need to be strictly adhered to.  Teaching children should be the first responsibility of the teacher, for this steps will have to be taken to help the teachers by creating a proper monitoring system in the education system.
To start the education of children, it is necessary to give full emphasis on teaching according to their learning, not by teaching according to the class, but by forming groups according to their learning level.  After a long gap, there must have been fluctuations in the learning level of the children, there is a need to work in a planned manner on understanding this.  Now parents need to pay full attention in bridging the gap of children’s education, now parents may have to pay a lot of attention towards the education of children  need to contribute.

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