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Internet & Mobile has hampered the physical and mental development of children’s

by Vijay Garg
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In today’s age of increasing use of the Internet, childhood is being lost.  Which no one cares about nor does society care about.  It feels like non-issues are overwhelming us and we are turning our backs on important issues.  If it continues like this then we will bring the childhood of the children to the brink of ruin.  This will be a great injustice to the country and society of which we are not even aware.
Playful childhood: Ever since the Internet came into our lives, everyone from the elderly to children has been lost in a dream world.  Nowadays it is seen that even a 4-5 year old child picks up a mobile phone in his hands as soon as he opens his eyes.  In the past, adults used mobile phones only for their own use, but now children are also becoming addicted to the Internet.  Markets have given them so much on the internet that they keep doing and watching a lot on the internet without reading.  Children today have become addicted to the Internet.  Where children used to play, they are now lost in the jungle of internet data instead of creative work.  The advancement of information technology over the years has not only had a profound effect on human life but has also changed the lives of ordinary people.
Parents hold mobile phones in their hands to get rid of the children which is making the children irritable.  They don’t like to listen to anyone.  They are also turning away from household chores.  They don’t like going to family functions or social functions and going anywhere with the family.  Even if they go to a party, function, etc. due to family pressure, they still stick with their mobile phones.
There is no doubt that the Internet has hampered the physical and mental development of children.  Research has shown that children at an early age cannot tell the difference between right and wrong.  They get caught up in the wrong cycle on the wrong sites.  Instead of devoting their time to reading and writing creatively, they are getting bogged down in obscenity and spending their precious time on mobile.  The report says that children spend most of their time playing online games and browsing various sites on the Internet.  Such children are often the victims of unintended and tragic accidents.
France recently passed a law banning the use of children’s mobile phones.  Although the use of mobile phones by teachers and children in schools is strictly prohibited by the CBSE in our country, these rules and regulations are not followed in our country.  Private schools have been compelled to say that they cannot restrain children beyond their means.
In today’s world our children are becoming enslaved to the internet.  The rate of child abuse due to wrong sites is increasing day by day.  If a law is made and strictly enacted in this regard, there is hope to get rid of it.  In big cities, the disease of mobile phones has increased to such an extent that it is the turn of many youngsters to be admitted in health care centers.  Children or young people do not like to put a minute on the side of the smartphone.  The intoxication of holding a smartphone in the hand remains.  The war that the mobile companies have waged in the field of internet data in recent times has exacerbated this problem.  Almost all the companies are looking at each other and offering unlimited data at very low cost, which children and youth are enjoying to the fullest.  Worryingly, they are using mobile phones for their own creative endeavors.  Today’s man has been searching all day on the most serious sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and the newly launched Tiktok.  Nowadays, playgrounds are also becoming a safe haven for drug addicts.  Mobile phones have got into the hands of children during play days, which has put a brake on other activities of children.

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