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Improve your score in multiple choice exam!

by Vijay Garg
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Despite your learning disabilities, you can improve your score on multiple choice exams!  it’s true.  When test preparation works, you can get better or better than other students in your class if you follow these strategies.
 School and college multiple choice exams are widely used.  It is important to prepare for these tests using effective strategies.
 Preparing in advance and on a regular basis is a great strategy to improve on testing.  Methods of preparation include:
 Strategies to help you remember content;  And
 Smart test taking strategies
 Strategies for remembering content for multiple choice tests
 Participate in study groups
 Is last minute effective?
 Practice effective reading strategies
 If possible, read the textbook positions before discussing them in class
 Write notes on text in outline form, review them before class and bring them to class.
 As the teacher discusses the material, highlight the ideas that the teachers have in your notes.
 If your teacher mentions material that is not in the text, write it down in your notes. Review these notes right after class.  Talk to a classmate to get an explanation.
 Attendance is important When you leave a class, you remember valuable information that can be shown on a test that is not in your book.  Two or three simple bits of missing information can mean the difference between passing and failing if you must skip class:
 Arrange to see your teacher to discuss anything you have missed.
 Get a buddy to share notes with you from that day. Ask your buddy to explain some ideas in the notes that you don’t understand.
 Keep track of upcoming exams and tests and planners on your calendar.  Schedule time to review all the material involved in the test at least once a week before the test.
 Smart test taking strategies
 In addition to the above study tips, here are some simple test-taking strategies that can help increase your chances of getting a good score on this test.
 Be prepared with all the materials needed for the test.  Bring several sheets of notebook paper, two or three sharp pencils, an extra eraser, a highlighter and three working pens.  Why so many people?  Having extra material should you work pencil break or a pen stop, will save you valuable time.  If you are allowed to use other assistants such as calibrators, make sure you have extra batteries, or use a solar-powered calculator.
 When you first receive your test forms, quickly find out how many questions they have. This will help you estimate how much time you have to answer each question.
 Answer simple multiple choice questions first.  Work on simple questions as quickly as possible without carelessness
 On more difficult questions where you are not sure about the answer, using the elimination process can increase your chances of choosing the right answer:
 Cross the answers you know are wrong.
 This is where the process becomes difficult.  Read the rest of the answers. These answers are likely to be very similar.  In fact, they can all be corrected to some extent.  The correct answer will include the most accurate and complete facts.  The teachers designed the carts as if you were familiar with the material
 Things you need to read on a short trip and answer questions about it, read the questions first Briefly consider what the questions are asking, read the passage, and ask the question again if  If necessary, use the above elimination process to narrow down your selection.

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