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How to improve yourself to be an effective person?

by Vijay Garg
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We all live in a society where everything is judged with just first sight. Starting from a simple wrapping of packet of biscuit to the look of a car. We just belief in external appearances. We have moved on too fast that judging on first sight has became a habit for all of us. But there’s few more places left on earth where we can reach with our well defined personality only, else we’ll be thrown out at any point of time. So here I’ll share something that should help you to correct your attitude and personality to become an effective person.
Here are some tips to correct your attitude. Set a fixed schedule for morning activities. Make sure that you don’t skip any activity. Greet Good Morning to the first person you see. That will certainly help your mind to release any stress and if possible try to make a habit of sipping any warm liquid like tea or coffee and even warm water as well. Yoga or exercises are very healthy for our body and mind too. Don’t start your day empty stomach else it may distract your focus. Never try to jump into ones priority. This may pour negative impression of you on that person. To impress anyone you must have good set of communication skills. Communication means how you understand and react to the opposite person. Try to initiate communication part by yourself with greetings. It brings a close bond to the communication. How you react on everything you should know well, else everything will be in vain. Try to avoid miscommunication. If you haven’t understood what other person told you ask him/her to repeat. It may seem to be awkward sometimes but it’s the best way to avoid any miscommunication. Now to enhance your understanding you must have to think and talk like the person you are talking to. This will create a way for you to enter in their heart. Which will significantly help to communicate further. Before offering any piece of advice or solution make sure you know what’s going on their minds. It will tell you whether they’ll follow your advice or will put it in the trash. To become an effective person you should also have some knowledge of body language which enhances the quality of communication. Always bid good bye to the person you talk to. It brings a nice impression even after you leave. That’s the quality of an effective person. An effective personal never tries to dominate the opposite person rather try to establish good bonding through communication. 
One can’t become an effective person in one day. But one day definitely he/she can be an effective person. And that’s where attitude and personality has to be right and strong.

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