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How to Beat Stress During JEE Preparation?

by Vijay Garg
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JEE is one of the most competitive exams in India. The exam is an entry point to the prestigious IIT, which is one of the premium institutions for engineering aspirants. Stress during the preparation for JEE is inherent; 
A high level of stress can affect the mental space of the student and thereby cause them to deliver poor quality output. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the various methods through which JEE aspirants can combat this and come up with a fool-proof method for JEE groundwork. 
Here are some strategies for dealing with stress during JEE preparation, as well as techniques that work: 
1. Calibrating a routine
A well-defined routine is a much-needed requirement while preparing for JEE. A preformatted schedule on the daily agenda will help the student confirm that they are on the right path and keep them highly motivated. A timetable of how to do things can help students better analyze them and complete the syllabus.
2. Exercise
Incorporating yoga or any other form of exercise can help to relieve stress to a great extent. Exercise can induce a good amount of calmness. The practice of meditation, which is synonymous with bringing inner and outer peace to the body, will also help in improving the concentration and direction for the preparation of JEE.
3. Short Breaks
Continuous hours of study can tire the brain and decrease its efficiency in absorbing information. An ample number of breaks is a requirement so that the brain doesn’t get fuzzy over time. Short breaks can help revive the spontaneity of the brain and can result in better access to information and a better understanding of concepts. It can help students induce freshness into their mundane study hours and help them with greater mental capacity and a timely energy boost. 
4. Eat a well-balanced diet!
When preparing for an exam, it is always ideal to stay away from junk food choices. Junk food does not add any kind of nutrition to the body and might hamper overall health. Taking in nutrient-dense foods will result in improved memory power. It will not make the brain run into a slumber mode. Fruits and vegetables have a very high amount of vitamins and will act as fuel for your steady preparation of JEE.
5. Sleep Well!
JEE preparation requires well-structured preparation. It will have intense study hours, memorization of concepts, and well, the list goes on!
Every student invests long hours in studying but fails to incorporate a good sleep schedule. This imbalance can have drastic effects on the body and elevate stress to an unknown limit. A good amount of sleep is an essential requirement while preparing for JEE. It can provide relaxation to the brain and the body and can help with better memory retention. The interpretation of a well-rested brain is more impeccable than that of a stressed brain. 
6. Scalable Target
A goal-driven study is the most effective way to reflect and gain control over your JEE preparation. But setting a goal which you have no chance of achieving can affect confidence. An unachievable target can mentally exhaust the aspirant and will, in turn, make them look down upon themselves. Charting out small targets will help them gain a sense of confidence; small steps can make the bigger picture rosier. 
7. Quality over quantity!
An aspirant should not define the preparation in terms of quantity. Quantifying the efforts will not give any self-satisfaction; it can demoralise confidence. Bragging about the long study hours will not gain you any competitive advantage. A good preparation demonstrates how well the aspirant has absorbed conceptual knowledge. A long 12-hour study is nothing if the aspirant can not reciprocate the same in the examination. 
8. The right study materials
Study material plays a key role in the preparation for JEE. There are numerous study materials available in various publications on the market, making selecting the most effective material an even more difficult task.In such a situation, it would be ideal to seek recommendations from students who have previously taken the JEE exams. They can guide you in getting the best publications that will help in the seamless preparation of JEE. Before buying the JEE material, it would be good to take a quick look at the content and understand whether you are able to follow the concepts effectively. You can also use the study materials provided by the best engineering entrance coaching centres in Kerala.
9. Revision
A good revision is one of the best tips on how to beat stress during JEE preparation. It can affect your preparation positively. It can help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the weaknesses will help you concentrate more on those areas and will also help in effectively preparing those weak points. 
10. Communication with friends and family
Aspirants should not get themselves lost in the preparation for JEE. They need to be in constant touch with friends and family and communicate at times of any difficulty. At times when the aspirants feel morally compromised, their families can help them elevate their mood and boost their self-confidence. 

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