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How can you Identify your Talent?

by Vijay Garg
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Talent is the strongest essence you have. Talent does not need to be mature. It is god gifted. However, it may require a little polishing. Our talent lies in what we do, think or sense naturally. You do not need a school or a coach who can develop some talent in you. Our talent lies in what we do in our daily life. Sometimes, it is seen that the talent is also passed on from generation to generation. For instance, the son of a singer also has good singing potential sometimes. We have seen that children of many singers are also good singers. But sometimes a person may have a very distinct talent from his family. A painter may be born into a family of cricketers. A talent cannot be imitated or embezzled. Talent is something on which we have a full command and we are confident that no one else can perform it better than us. There are people in the world who do not even know what their talent is. These people should identify their talent as soon as possible. If we know what our talent is we can reach the new heights of success.
Why is it Important to Recognize your Talent?
Every industry today asks for talent, be it engineering and technology, the fashion industry, the management industry, or any other. Talent is preferred everywhere. Companies want more talent instead of skills. A person can learn any new skill but it cannot become its talent. Talent is natural. It is very difficult for others to crush you in your talent. Moreover, if you make your talent your profession, no one can cease you from being successful. It can give you a great hike in the amount of capital in your salary account. Working with your talent will give you satisfaction and joy. At any point in time, you will not feel that “why I am doing this?” The same goes for the students. The students study what their friends are studying or what their parent wants them to study. If the students will study the course related to their talents will give them a great and successful career because their interest will be associated with it. Associating your talent, your interest with your career can give you the success which you have always dreamt of. So it becomes very important for each and every person to know what their talent is.
Talent lies in things associated with our daily life. It may be the smallest thing we do in our day to day routine. It may be from one of the daily chores we do daily. We just need a careful mind to identify our talent from them.
Talent can be Anything
Talent can be even in the minutest thing you do. If you are a bathroom singer, you may be a genuinely good singer. If you cook innovative dishes in the kitchen, that may be your talent. If you teach your kids or siblings at home, teaching may be your talent. If you like to decorate your home, you may be quiet talented in interior decoration. You should ask yourself what you do daily and from in which chores you are good at. Remember for what all tasks you have been praised. Think about all those things which can be your talent.
Talent gives you Excitement
While performing your talent, you will feel excited, joyful and satisfied. The works which give you excitement may be your talent. Suppose someone asks you to write something and you get very excited and write a very good poem. Then definitely your talent lies in writing poems. If you make this as your career, you may become a very good, famous and successful poet or lyricist. Talent is always associated with excitement. If you think that this is your talent but you do not feel any excitement with it or you do not think about innovation in it, then this is not your talent. 
Talent does not require External Motivation
External motivation comes from outside. If someone else motivates you, then it is an external motivation. If you are performing your talent, you will not need any external motivation. Your heart and mind will give you an internal motivation. An idea which strikes your mind will instantaneously put you in action. You will neither feel that laziness in you nor you will put that task for later reference. A voice from within you will tell you to work hard on it and it will be just like guidance to you.
Talent is not necessarily related to the prevalent Job Titles
Talent is also akin to experimenting. Your talent may be distinct from the rest of the world. It is not necessary that your talent is fit for the job titles already in existence. Your talent may give the world a new job title. For example, if you are the person who sees innovation in everything, who likes to beautify everything and want to make everything perfect you can find someone who is seeking for the same in his company or office and you can help him in enhancing his workplace.
You will show your Talent differently from Others
There is a lot of difference between skill and talent. A person who is skilled in a field can do only those things which he has grasped in his training process. On the other hand, a talented person can perform innovation in the field. He may make the field more advanced. The work done by the talented person will be different from the work done by a skilled one. A talented person will have uniqueness, confidence and creativity in his work. The efforts he laid on the work will be seen in his glee after the work has been completed.
Talent Captures your Strengths
Your talent will consider only your strengths and not your weak points. If you feel that painting is your talent but you do not feel cozy with a specific type of color, or a brush then painting is not your talent as it encompasses one of your weak points. You may be good at it or skilled at it but you are not naturally talented in it.
Your hidden Talent may be known to Others
It is not necessary that if you are not able to perceive your talent, then others will also not know about it. Your parents are the first who gets to know about your talent. Even from your childhood, and before the genesis of your schooling your parents get to know in what things you are naturally good at. Your teachers and friends can also assist you in this as they know you very well. Do not be afraid to ask others about your talent. You may get aunambiguous and a crystal clear answer.
Your Talent may lie in your past
Take a look back at your childhood. What were the things you relished the most? What were the things you did the most? What were your dreams? What were your interests? Your talent may not necessarily be a part of your adulthood. It may have its root back in your childhood. Asking these questions from yourself may give you your answer. There are hobbies which get obsolete when we grow up. May be these dead hobbies treasures your talent?
Practice new Things
There are chances that you may be talented in something which you have never done. This probability is very less but this can surely happen. If you feel that you cannot find your talent in your daily life then go back to your childhood and try to perform the activities you used to perform at that time. If you are still not able to find your talent, practice new things, the things which you have always dreamt for. Things which snatch your interest may be your talent. There is no harm in trying new things, if you will not succeed in finding your talents you will gain some experience.
You may have more than one Talent
You may be marvelous at more than one thing. You may be talented in more than one thing. But if you say you are so talented that you can do anything, you are lying. It is next to impossible for one single person to be talented in everything. But if you feel that you are talented in both singing and dance, you can perform all types of dance you can sing all kinds of songs that can be true. You may be talented in more than one thing but not in all.

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