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Elders bear the brunt of lack of ‘humanity’ in children’s education!

by Vijay Garg
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Whatever aspect you think about the welfare of the society, you will find that it starts with education.  Education is being worked in three ways and these three methods do not make a man a better person.  Some people certainly break all the barriers and become good human beings, but all these forms of education have no contribution in this.
There is a form of education which we and you can call non-formal education.  Often a human child learns a lot from the environment around him.  There is a gharana in Jaipur which is earning a lot of name in Geet music.  Their young children sing terrific classical songs.  Now this is the effect of the surrounding environment, if you get a little training then you can easily emerge a better artist.
The farmer’s child cultivates, while the children of families who do other skills learn those special skills.  This education does not require any special effort.
With the rise of religion, institutions of religious education were also formed.  Gurukul, Om and Convent are the schools of this category.  Here all efforts are made to make a child religious.  When the convent changed its traditional form, a group of religious who cursed it also sent their children there.  If Gurukul and Madarsa are not able to change with the times, they are fighting for their existence.
A third and most popular form of schools are those built by governments based on modern science, technology and philosophy.  They are secular in nature, although in a country like India, attempts are being made to pierce this form of secularism, this is done under a special political outlook.
In front of the modern society, the biggest responsibility is to make this third form useful.  Many philosophers have given great thought and suggestions on how this can be made useful, but some very important points can be pointed out here.
In today’s education system, the emotional development of children is very much neglected.  We are making good doctors, but sometimes he becomes a pimp of pharmaceutical companies for money and sometimes kills someone for money only.  Similar examples can be taken for other professions as well.  The parents who unite day and night to shape the future of their child, spend their whole life in grooming two children, the same parents are neglected in old age by the same children and spend their days crying.
Is it not a matter of thinking that how the children became like this, but when it is considered then often all the blame is either on the children or on the parents and their values.  The family is a small unit of society and society is the mold in which the personality of a child is shaped.  How can it be that the idol or the sculptor is cursed for a bad image but the mold is not even looked at?
The aspect that connects human to human is completely absent in our education system.  Every human being is a world in himself, which he wants to preserve by keeping it separate from the rest of the world.  Now this may not be successful, but this effort definitely distorts the human society.
In fact, whenever we talk about our education system or other systems, we talk as if it has no relation with other systems.  For example, there are hundreds of philosophies to improve the education system, but the society as it is, its education system or any other system will be suited to it.
As such, no one system can be reformed or changed unless the entire social fabric is changed.  For example, educational institutions have been made in such a way that the education system which is meant for the rich can never be achieved by the poor.  It is not a mere coincidence if only children from Dalit and minority communities are left in government schools.  This and similar inequality of different levels exists in our society as well.
In a society in which there is so much inequality in the standard of living, the dream of equal education will never be fulfilled.  If there are people who give divinity to inequality in the society, then they will never allow equality in education, and if such people are getting power again and again, then it will be audacious to dream of an egalitarian society.
If you want your child to be accountable to you and to the society, then not only education, but the whole society has to be changed.  In a society with diverse gaps of inequality, discrimination and rich-poverty, neither you can improve any one system, nor can any attempt to make ordinary children better human beings from this whole structure can succeed.
If you think that without changing this casteist, violent, religious intolerance and inequality-feeding society, there can be a way to make youngsters become good human beings just by working on the education system, then definitely tell us.
Parents raise their children better to the best of their ability, teach them all the skills to live, try their best to make their children stand firm on their feet before their legs become weak.
Girls are married and sent to the homes of others, and the girls of others are married and made daughter-in-law.  While doing this, the parents get old, if they are in job then they also retire.
Now they become a burden for daughter-in-law and son.  The society or the government has no arrangement for the elderly.  No one is responsible for the safety and health of the elderly.  Often the parents are also the basis of the fight between the daughter-in-law and the son.  If there are more than one brother, then the fight to run away from the responsibility of the parents is also a different issue.
Often this question is very disturbing that are elders really a burden to their children?  Do the children who are unable to tolerate the separation of their parents for a while, do they really become helpless with the same parents?  How does a daughter-in-law who cries for the same condition of her parents become cruel to her husband’s parents?  Are parents really useless, unproductive for the family?  Will consider these questions and would like you to share your views too!
We cannot accept this, but the truth is that economic security is the guarantee of all kinds of security.  You must have seen that the elderly who get pension have a slightly better position in the family as compared to the elderly who do not have any income.  That is, the respect that the elderly are getting here is because of their money and not because of any sacrament type thing.  Today every family adds a single penny, often people do not have houses, if there are, then every corner is calculated.  Even the provision of a room for the elderly is seen as an additional expense.  In many cases, the elderly bay-yarrow helpers are in the village and the son works in the city.  That is, the economic condition determines what will be the condition of the elderly in a family.
Religion, society, morality all inspire for the service of the elderly, but service or mistreatment is decided by the power of money.  Even for the rich, parents are a burden because time and money are spent on them.  As a daughter-in-law, a woman despises the parents, then as a daughter, respect and service, how can a woman live in these two forms?
Children are usually very safe in homes where there are elderly people.  Not only this, children act as a tonic for the elderly.  I am saying this from my experience, your experience may be different.
When it comes to children, there is a little discussion on the aspect that not only the elderly but also children are unsafe in the society.  In families where both parents work, there is no such system in which the child can be brought up well.  The alternatives made by the capitalist society for this are not love and compassion, whatever the convenience, whereas a loving environment for children is more important than any other facility.
One last thing, yesterday we were children, so tomorrow we will be old too.  There is no basis to expect better tomorrow than what children and old people are getting today.


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