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Computer Education in India

by Vijay Garg
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In this era of science and technology, computer education has become an integral part of every profession. Computer programs these days are dominating almost every domain of our life. We have entered a virtual world and have become so used to it that now stepping back is not possible. Everyone has to build their capacities on the computer as the virtual utility device and explore the skills in their own field of specialization; to explore and demonstrate the professional capacities. To build in such professional specialization by building programs, short and long-term courses, vocational education programs etc have designed with a rigorous combination of practical relevancies that the student can prove their selves and contribute in reality. It would not be wrong to say that the computers, as well as the computer, generated software’s are accelerating the developmental process of the developed as well as developing countries. Computers have been long used to perform some data generation as well as formulation, simulation, communication, for instructional games and education etc. but during past few years the use of computer technology saw a great boost, which can be attributed to the constant development in the field of science and technology as well as new innovations that have made technology really affordable even for the common masses.
The computer education or the prevailing IT revolution in the country can help the current economy as well as the education system in the following ways:
In the field of education by providing various user-friendly programs have an interactive interface and that children do like while they study. This can boost the interest of the student as well as teacher and the result is some effective learning outputs.
Improving the performance of various government schemes aimed to reach common people. Putting computer as well as IT in use over here, assessing the reach of the scheme can be easily accessed using various user interface programs. Also, computer programs are capable of providing information about a particular beneficiary as well are within a few seconds, just with a click of the mouse.
Computer programs provide reliable, an effective administration that too at an affordable price. With computer being put to use in various administrative departments the workload on employees have reduced considerably. Large heaps of files lying in government department have been converted into a small space on the CPU of the system. Also, this has led to the increases in the efficiency of the administrative offices and grievances if any can be handled very quickly and there is no need to look in for the file from the huge heaps of files.
Trained IT officials from India are securing jobs in some reputed institutions as well as in big organization across the world, thus making the country proud.
Computer-based simulation programs can effectively be used training purpose, where the actual interaction with the system is not possible, too risky or too expensive. Hence these programs provide training interns to have an outlook of the complete system without interfering with the actual system.
Various Efforts in this Direction
After India attained independence in 1947, it was obvious that was lacking behind in the terms of education, economy, employment as well as other indexes that determine the social status of a nation. Since then it was quite obvious that it would take us many years to bounce back and compete with the other developing counterparts. It was then thought that education was the only way to improve the current scenario of the nation and the main emphasis was laid on education and training to enable the talented individuals to get job and bring about an educational revolution as well as awareness in the country so that no one in the future could do the same with our nation. Though educational planning suffered a lot of setbacks, still our country was determined enough to face the challenges. After some time, along with the need for formal education, the need for IT as well as computer education was also felt. The world was moving rapidly on the technological front and India during starting was quite hesitant to match steps with the other countries of the world, but it is quite recommendable that today we are standing almost equal to other countries of the world where the revolution begins. The various efforts in our country in the terms of computer education are:
The National Institute of Computer Education (N.I.C.E.)
The National Institute of Computer Education (N.I.C.E.), mission is a unit of National Account as well as Computer Education Trust registered under the Public Charitable Trust act 1882 under section 60 videos (Reg. No 948/09), society registration act 21, 1860 (Reg. No S/64772) from Govt. of India N.C.T., New Delhi respectively and working in computer and Accounts field with the central as well as state Govt. to reach every class of the society. The Institute is also certified by ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute. N.I.C.E appreciated by State government and government of India.
The NICE is a very important as well much-needed step towards the computer education in the country. Computers, as well as IT revolution, is ruling every domain of human life, whether it is the banking sector, health, education or administration, computers are being used in every field these days. In this era of Information Technology and Science, the institute is committed to making available the computer education literacy and accounts education on very nominal fee structures across the country covering the rural and urban area. Through TCRD (Training Centre for Rural Development) as well as TCGD (Training centre for Global development).

N.I.C.E. is known as the pioneer of computer literacy throughout the country and is committed to providing quality education in the field of IT at a very affordable cost to both rural as well as urban students and professionals. NICE is focused on the main objective that is to provide general environment opportunities for its student by preventing the best-designed job oriented courses and jobs. Computer literacy to every eligible candidate of the country.
Another pioneer institute in the field of computer as well as technical education is Indian Computer Education Society (ICES) that started functioning as a voluntary organization in 1990 when computer education was not widespread as in today’s time, in fact it would not be wrong to say that computer education was in its infantile stage at that time. Though the starting was not easy, still it was the strong will of few volunteers who were motivated enough to make a start despite various technical as well as cultural roadblocks. There was a lot of exploitation in the field and the commuters were only city dwellers. There were a lot of limitations at that time, technology was not commonly affordable and computer books were very dear and affordable only to the affluent. Hence there was a major challenge to reach the common masses.
With a vision that India can prosper only if the IT education is spread far and wide, and jobless young are initiated in to it the Society was registered in the same year(K.912/90) under the Travancore- Cochin Charitable Institution Act 1955, and thus encouraged educated as well as not so well qualified jobless youths to start computer centers in as many places as possible, printed and provided the centers with low-cost-study-aid materials, conducted several IT shows and exhibitions across the areas and thus introducing immense possibilities of Information Technology. This was not the only achievement, the ICES also assisted the state government as an empanelled Agency for the IT School project during 2002-07, started a campus at Kochi with all infrastructural facilities to provide them with an up-to-date training to the resource persons in member institutes and grew leap and bound by spreading to Tamilnadu, Goa, UP and Hyderabad with well equipped member institutes.
, ”Information Technology for everyone”, and to fulfill the needs of more than Lakhs of IT professional in India and other jobs related to this factor and giving the employment directly or indirectly to one million people of India, “All India Computer Saksharta Mission” the main motto behind running this program is to bring computer revolution in every village and city of India by delivering the quality technical education at the nominal fee to the people of every category in India.

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