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Children become stressed on the days of final exams

by Vijay Garg
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Children often get stressed on the days of final exams.  Children’s eating, drinking, getting up and sitting down near the days of exams, etc. require great attention.  So parents and teachers …
Children often get stressed on the days of final exams.  Children’s eating, drinking, getting up and sitting down near the days of exams, etc. require great attention.  Therefore, the guidance of parents and teachers is very much needed as the child asks the solution of his problems to the children around him who do not have the correct answers.  At this stage of life there is more enthusiasm and less consciousness.  That is why it is so important to guide children in the right direction.  The world is moving towards the fact that education should not be a burden on the minds of children but the Indian examination system is such that children get stressed during the months of February and March.  Children have to demonstrate their learning throughout the year in three hours.  Unfortunately if the child is ill or under mental stress that day and he cannot perform well then he fails the test.  Failure to do so is considered bad.  For all these reasons, children need proper guidance during these months.
It is important to mention the distribution of numbers
If we are talking about winning a war, it is not enough just to teach us how to use a gun, but it is even more important to teach us the art of war management.  It is important to tell the children about the whole curriculum and the distribution of marks.  Our children are happy to get 33 marks.  If we talk about these 33 marks then it is also prevalent that when the British formulated the education policy of our country then they had to get 65 marks to pass in Britain then they thought that Indians have half brain  He kept the percentage of Indians at half a percent but it was increased to 33 to round the figure, which continues today.  Today the age of competition has become so much that the child who gets 33 marks does not get his feet anywhere but it is a pity that children are not told about getting 33 marks, which makes our children go into stress.
The age is of intellect and not of imitation
The age is of intellect and not of imitation.  Once the donkey’s lion skin was put on but the donkey started barking and people started beating, so the weapon of knowledge works a lot in life.  With knowledge comes the child’s footsteps in the world.  Where a knowledgeable child has insight into his surroundings, he also becomes the forerunner of new discoveries and new paths.  Education should not be a burden for the child to develop basic qualities, the child should not be afraid of papers.  The child continues to learn and be assessed every day, lest the whole year examination be taken in just three hours.  If we talk about the current examination system, it is flawed.  The child gets a chance to showcase his talent only on the day of permanent paper.  As we have talked about the role of teacher, the role of parents should be very supportive and constructive these days.  Children need to be met at the earliest and encouraged at all times.
Do not compare your child with others
Parents should not compare their child with any other child because every child has his own intellect.  Yes, children should be told that 100% of what is inside them should be given, no matter how low the number in the papers.  The child should be provided with basic facilities for preparation of permanent papers.
When we look around today, even children with merit have personality deficiencies, they have zero sense of compassion, love and cooperation.  This is because they are only taught to get high marks and they are not told about the real human qualities.  Therefore, it is very important to consider children as a living thing and expect them to produce results according to their abilities.
Congratulations to the children on the achievement
When children are praised for small achievements, they are very excited and it is the job of the teacher to fill such energy.  Every child’s family has a different economic, mental and social level.  Encouraging a child to move forward according to his or her family and heritage is the right teaching. 
The hard work in the papers works a lot but the motivation and encouragement of the teachers and parents is no less than a miracle.  In order to keep the mental level of the students high during the examination days, their small achievement should be applauded as big.
Introduction to the curriculum
There are many simple lessons in the syllabus which can easily get more than 50% marks.  It is very important for the teacher to be familiar with these lessons and to explain the distribution of numbers associated with them.  It is important for the teacher to form a group in the classroom and have the activity practiced in a fun way.  The teacher also has to point out that education cannot be acquired only in school, it can also be taken from home and society.  The teacher also has to point out that not only getting high marks is a sign of a good personality but it is much more important to be a protector of the environment in which we are living.  It is also the duty of the teacher to encourage the students of previous grades to get higher marks.
Give the child a constructive atmosphere
It is not enough just to get very good marks in life.  There are many other areas in which a child can be successful.  The real lesson is to find the skills that nature has given to the child and bring out the best in him.  It is important to pass the exams but the child should be burden free while passing these exams.  Parents, teachers and society should work together for all this.
If we succeed in creating such an environment then we will be able to produce a crop of mentally strong people.  These rich people have to make new discoveries in various fields for the welfare of humanity.  Schools are only for the benefit of the child, while the child has to get a lot of education from the society in a practical way.  Educators should design the curriculum according to the mental aptitude of the children.  The method of taking the test should be flexible and the child should be given frequent opportunities to improve his / her ability.  These days the child should be given a constructive environment so that he can stay stress free.

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