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Build a career with law studies

by Vijay Garg
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The effectiveness of the judgment today has boosted people’s confidence in the courts.  It is hoped that if the government and the administration adopt an apathetic attitude, the court will deliver justice.  Recently, it has been observed that when the expectations of the people are not met by the institutions, the government, the administration and the police, the only ray of hope before them is the court, from where the people get relief and the guilty party is punished.  On the other hand, the rapid legal process in society and the growing awareness of one’s rights have led to drastic changes in the advocacy profession.  The demand for lawyers has been steadily rising for the last 10 years.
With the emergence of fast emerging law firms and new corporates, employment opportunities in the field of law are also increasing rapidly.  There are challenges in this field but there are also big packages being offered to law graduates.  Significantly, there is a better opportunity for skilled and up-to-date youth to make a name for themselves in both the court and corporate sectors.
Simply put, a lawyer is a person who knows and understands the legal implications well and who, in addition to practicing law in court, advises his clients on legal issues.  They sue on behalf of their clients in court and argue with their clients on the other side.
From the Supreme Court to the High Court, there is an opportunity to become a judge in the Sessions Court.  In that case, if you are a law graduate, you can start an attractive career as a judge.  Therefore, one has to pass the PCSJ examination conducted by UPSC every year in different states.  After qualifying, he is appointed as a judge in the Sessions or District Court.  On the basis of better work and experience, he may be elected as a High Court Judge in a few years.  In addition, you can sit for the Higher Judicial Examination to become a direct judge in the High Court, but you must have around 7 to 10 years of experience in advocacy.
Public prosecutor
Nowadays, there are public prosecutors in every state to prosecute lawsuits filed by government departments or other investigative agencies.  After a few years of advocacy and consistently good record, you too can become such a lawyer in the Central and State Governments.
Law Firms
Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.  These law firms have the highest number of inquiries from National School graduates, who also receive attractive salary packages from the outset.
Cyber Liar
The rise in online activity has also led to an increase in cyber crime.  Therefore, over the last few years, more attention has been paid to computer and network security, for which there is a great need for cyber liars.
With the opening of many private law schools and new national law schools, the demand for assistant professors has increased.  After studying law, you can also take up the profession of teaching in this field.
Other possibilities
There are a lot of job opportunities for law graduates in areas like Legal Journalism, NGOs, International Organizations, PSUs, Income Tax Law.
Money on the spot
After liberalization, now that foreign companies have started coming to India and the business of companies in the country has expanded, litigation has also increased.  With this, lawyers are now getting better money and opportunities have increased a lot.  If a lawyer specializes in arbitration today, he can do arbitration all over India, anywhere in the world.  This is done by staying out of court instead of in court.  At the same time, the demand for lawyers has increased in many NGOs.  These possibilities in law will continue to exist now and then because people are doing law but even today not many people come to active practice.  If you look at the proportion of pass-out students in National Law Schools, most of the law graduates who go there go to law firms, become in-house councils in companies or become IAS, PCS after getting a job. 
Can become a legal officer
After graduating in law today, you have no choice but to become a lawyer in court.  You can also become a legal officer in multinational companies at home and abroad as per your choice.  These corporate lawyers are in high demand today, providing legal advice to large companies and corporates.  Help your client do business legally.
Educational qualification
There is an alternative to a three-year degree (LLB) after graduating in law, but now the popularity of the five-year bachelor’s degree program after the twelfth is growing rapidly.  It is important to note that after the twelfth year, it saves one year because after graduating for three years, it takes another three years (six years in total) to do the law.  At present students of any stream can do this course.

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