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It is very important for every educational institution to have a library full of books. If students spend at least two periods a week in the library in the presence of language teachers then the idea of Sahage on gold can be true. Different books from the library,  Magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, dissertations, dissertations, reference materials, etc. Literary interests are nurtured and nurtured. Establishment of Reading Corners in schools and proper use of Literary Corners for Children  Is the source
 Language teachers can play an important role in inculcating inclusive interests in the students. Literary understanding of the language teacher, fluent language teaching and interest in creating literature is a source of inspiration for all the students.  The details of structure, tendencies and literary chronology make it easy to connect the disciplines with the literary world if the poems in the language curriculum are woven into the melodious music  and the characters are created from the drama class.  Teaching in a dramatic way not only makes the text clear but also lays a solid foundation for inculcating literary habits in the children. The language teachers themselves are constantly engaged in the study and from time to time tell their students good books and magazines to read.  Power, motivate to read and issue necessary guidelines after getting feedback from students about the book read. Linking to dictionaries, great dictionaries and encyclopedias should be a language teacher’s initiative  Is
 In order to connect the students with literature, periodic book exhibitions, literary conventions, face-to-face meetings of eminent writers should be organized in the educational institutions to achieve the objective of literary awakening in a planned manner with language, literature and writers.  Celebrating special days, weeks, fortnights and months in a practical way is an effective tool to engage children with literature. Teachers should encourage students to use radio and TV.  Also.  By making great efforts to connect the students with the literature through the standard literary series of the University, the students get detailed information not only about the class of drama, monologue, nook drama, but also knowledge about various subjects, acting skills and drama-monologue reading.  And the interest in creation is also strong. Literary students have a strong grip on the language. The richness of words helps to read non-literary subjects in depth through their medium, while the spoken language is also more.  Deals with being sustainable, robust, effective and efficient
 Nowadays in every newspaper you can read many literary genres like story, mini story, novel, drama, monologue, song, ghazal, poem, poem, rhyme, satire, essay, article, sketch, travelogue excerpt, review, satire etc.  If students get in the habit of reading newspapers then they get acquainted with various literary forms and topics. The sole purpose of many literary magazines and book series is to create interest in the field of literature with various literary genres.  Is such literary journals can be helpful in terms of literary understanding for the youth. Standard works of students can also be sent for publication in various newspapers and magazines. Self-created works of students interested in writing.  / Good work can be done to increase enthusiasm by publishing in college magazines Morning meetings in schools are a powerful means of self-expression for talented literary thinking children.
 If students give gifts of books or dictionaries to each other, relatives and close ones on special occasions then a good literary atmosphere can be created. Undoubtedly in today’s age we are going through dynamic phase of information revolution computers, internet, laptops.  The youth are abusing many scientific gifts instead of using them. On the contrary, there are many softwares, websites and apps available which aim to satisfy the intellectual and artistic appetite of the consumers associated with literature, language and art. Teachers themselves are aware of such modern information-world and to make their students aware of its proper use, their typing can be strengthened by teaching typing according to the interest of the students.  The student’s mind becomes happy, there his empty pocket is filled with knowledge of the concerns of human society.

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