Make school and college education vocational and make youth self-employed and self-reliant

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Youth unemployment is rampant all over the world.  Despite being educated in every country of the world, most of the youth are falling into the mire of despair, crime, drugs and suicides.  The causes of unemployment vary from country to country.  Somewhere growing population, somewhere rising academic level, global recession and somewhere the failed economic and industrial policies of the ruling party have been the cause of rising unemployment.  The United Nations, a world-class organization made up of representatives of all countries, is deeply concerned about this global problem, and in 2014 the United Nations General Assembly held a World Youth Skills Day on July 15 every year.  Celebrations were started so that special efforts could be made every year to address this problem and necessary steps could be taken.
 On this day, a dialogue is held between the youth, technical and vocational education institutes, employers’ organizations and officials and policy makers around the world and ways are paved to curb unemployment.  The sad truth is that the catastrophe wreaked by Covid-19 worldwide since 2020 has drastically reduced all efforts to reduce unemployment by increasing the number of unemployed.  The longer it takes for things to get better, the sharper the sting of unemployment.
 In fact, the United Nations believes that in view of changing educational policies and social conditions, it is not possible for any country to provide jobs to every educated youth in the public or private sector.  Therefore, every country has to make school and college education technical and vocational so that the youth can be taken out of the long queues for jobs and led towards self-employment and self-reliance.  The number of young people without good education, training and adequate employment worldwide in 2016 was 259 million, which has increased to 273 million in 2021 according to the latest figures.  According to a survey, in the 20 years from 1997 to 2017, the number of young people increased by 139 million, while the number of young people in employment fell by 58.7 million.

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