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The Buddha said, ‘War cannot bring Peace’. – Part -II

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By Sanjoo Thangjam
The following quotations written below are the sayings of the founders of several religious teachers as well as great philosophers, thinkers, scientists, historians, psychologists, politicians, free thinkers and from some other publications, too.
Their names and references are given below each quotations. There are also many other sayings where references are not given. Most of them are extracted by me.
Buddhism teaches us that all of man’s unhappiness comes from the greed for things such as pleasure that money can buy , power over other men, and , most important of all, the things, the inherent desire to go ‘living for ever’ even after one is dead.
The desire of these things makes people selfish, so much so, they come to think only of themselves, and do not, for a moment, mind what happens to other people. And since invariably they do not get all that they wish for, they become restless and discontented.
The only way to avoid this restlessness is to get rid of the selfish desires that actually cause them. This is very difficult; but when a man achieves it, it reaches a state of mind, which is the end of suffering.
–     The laws of conflict is nothing but selfish craving
Verily, due to selfish craving,
Conditioned through selfish craving,
Impelled by selfish craving,
Entirely moved by selfish craving,
Kings fight with kings,
Princes with princes,
Priests with priests,
Citizens with citizens,
Mothers quarrels with son,
Son with father,
Brother quarrels with sister,
Sister with brother,
And friends quarrel with friends.
Thus thereby they suffer death or deadly pain.
Buddha –M.I:86
–     Why a man gets angry
Very often when a man is wrong and does not admit it, he always gets angry.
–    The nature of man’s craving
Man is never satisfied with his life. The purpose of life will elude him even after gaining the whole world.
–    People feel lonely when they work for their own benefit
People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
–    Why worry?
For every problem under the sun
There is remedy or there is none
If there is one to find it
If there is none, why worry about it.
– Retaliation is not the solution
The policy of an eye for an eye will make the whole blind.
Mahatma Gandhi
– Observances of precepts supports others to live
Observance of religious principles or precepts not only benefits the one who observes them, but supports others to live peacefully. It is just as one who erects a fence or wall to protect his own house from the neighbour’s house, serves to protect the neighbour’s as well.
–    Try to harmonise with others
If we do not know how to live up to the expectation of others, how can we expect others to live according to our expectations!
–    Calmness is the nature of a cultured mind
Calmness is not weakness. A calm attitude at all times shows a man of nature.
–    Sensual pleasure and mental happiness
To experience sensual pleasure there must be external objects or participants but gaining mental happiness does not depend on these.
–    People’s mentality differs
Dogs like bones, not grass, cows like grass but bones. In the same way some people like excitement more than peace; for others, peace is more valuable than excitement.
–    Live in harmony
It can only come about when we live in harmony with the natural laws, which bring us health, success, contentment, and tranquillity. When we live in discord with these laws we experience sickness, failure, discontent, worry and insecurity.
–    Peace comes when we cope with conflicts
Peace comes not from the absence of conflict in life but from the ability to cope with it. War is not an unavoidable law of nature.
–    Principles give happiness
Nothing can bring you peace but yourself; nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
–  You are the cause of your happiness or unhappiness
It is not your position that makes you happy or unhappy; it is your disposition.
–    How important is laughter
A good hearty laugh is worth ten thousand ‘groans’ and a million ‘sighs’ in any market on earth.
Napoleon Hill
–    Health and hope must work together
He who has health has hope;
And he who has hope has everything.
–    Learn how to smile
If you can smile at life, life will always smile at you.
–    Health is more important than wealth
The health of nations is more important than the wealth in nations.
Will Durant
–    Make the whole world happy
Individual happiness is conducive to the happiness of society, while the happiness of society means happiness of the nation. It is on the happiness of nations that the happiness of world is built.
–    Contentment is the real wealth
I have great wealth that can never be taken away from me; that I can never squander; that cannot be lost by declining stocks or bad investments; I have the wealth of contentment with my lot in life.
Napoleon Hill
–    If you can trust yourself that is enough
If you can trust yourself when others suspect you that is enough for you to maintain peace in your mind.
–    Law and weapon
Laws kneel down in front of the gun.
Mao Zedong
–    Man’s conflict is the cause of fear and worry
o    Man is in conflict in nature;
o    Man is in conflict with other human beings;
o    Man is in conflict with himself.
Buddhism says, the worries and suffering that we experience are nothing but a clash between our selfish desire and changing worldly conditions. One who develops one’s mind to understand this can overcome worries and suffering.
The winds of the cold war are blowing all over the world. This dangerous situation can wipe out mankind from the face of the earth.
In the end, there will be nobody left in this world to win the battle.
The  writer is a lay Buddhist. He can be reached at [email protected]

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