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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 04 June 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Ex-pradhan hacks brother to dead

Imphal, June 4: An IRB personnel was hacked to death by his own brother in a gruesome incident in Irong village in Thoubal district yesterday. The victim was identified as Feroz while the brother who savagely took his life was identified as Latif, a former pradhan.
According to reliable sources, the siblings had a torrid relationship in the past and very often they were embroiled in violent confrontation. In fact, during one such fight, which originated from some differences in the family and happened some months back, Feroz was shot at by his brother. He was injured seriously in the attack and though he survived due to good fortune he had not recovered fully yet and still was under treatment.
The fatal attack happened when most people had gone away to offer namaj and as such there were no people to prevent the incident or be a witness. However, neighbours claimed they heard angry shouting originating from the place where the brothers lived. As such noisy altercations were common between them they took no heed of the heinous outcome.

Feroz suffered multiple deep gashes in the left side of his neck and head possibly made by a machete and died on the spot. He also suffered deep cuts on his left palm.
Information gathered from the people in the area indicated that Latif left the scene of the crime immediately without giving a scent of the murder to anybody. He is still reported to be at large.
On the other hand, community leaders from the locality met today to take stock of the situation and make resolutions to shape future actions. Neighbors acquainted with Feroz claimed he was not  mentally stable and due to this landed in trouble many times. He was married but the couple is presently estranged apparently after he leveled false accusation against her.   

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By-  Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Oh! What a beauty creation
That man has never doubts; chasing her
That man has inflicted too much burden on her;
She’s all but a mother; creator
She’s all but a giver of love,
She’s is all a mentor; a teacher
She’s all a protector; a guardian
She’s all but shadows define;
She’s all but an absorber
She’s captivating and she’s engaging
She’s man’s benevolent, tenderly
She’s helping and she’s charitable;
She’s too neighborly; humane
She understands and all is considerate
That man never ignore her tolerant
Those men never free her favoring unbiased.

Oh! What a beauty creation
That man has never doubts; chasing her
That man has inflicted too much burden on her;
She’s soft; she’s good
She’s innocent; she’s touching
She’s shaping and she’s determine
She’s too confirm but she’s all learn
She’s attracting and she’s all gaining
That man captures her unevenly; without fail
That man seizures usually rapidly and repeatedly;
She’s all comforting and all consoling

She erases all pains and she’s all securing;
She’s is understanding and all comprehensive
That man’s pride would befall her image;
That man’s ignorance would detach her unrest.

Oh! What a beauty creation
That man has never doubts; chasing her
That man has inflicted too much burden on her;
That man has loosened upon her chastity;
That man has untied her many times;
That man has unwrapped her bosom for welfare; charity
She’s all but a merciful humanitarian
She’s all but a compassionate being,
She’s bears and transports her move to exchange;
She’s all a mother to man’s succeeding;
She’s all love and all kind-hearted;
She’s all loving and all addressing pleasant;
That man could never dare to neglect her;
That man could never sympathize her mistakes.

Oh! What a beauty creation
That man has never doubts; chasing her
That man has inflicted too much burden on her;
That man has tugged her along life’s miseries;
That man has drag her emotions to corrections,
All she does is never cried nor call for her sorrows;
All she does is bleeds for her kind;
That man ceases to shower benediction upon her;
She’s a muse still she’s a woman too.

Nagas Neo-resistance Approach

By- Dr. Aaron Lungleng

The exotic Nagas are different from Indian besides, she was never been under the control of any suzerain state, thereby, the Nagas proclaimed the Tri junction of China, India and Myanmar as the Land for Christ.
Sir Robert Raid, the Political Agent of Manipur who later become the Governor of Assam said, “The Nagas are not Indian in any sense of the world, neither in origin, nor in the language, nor in appearance, nor inhabit outlook”.
The Nagas have stood their ground and staged their protest against aggression ever since the colonial era (British rule) and still persistently rebelling after the withdrawal of the notion of colonialism in the globe. In sweat and blood they have rebelled, in prayer and tears they have addressed their grievances to the world community, yet they are still subjugated by the modern day colonialist (India and Myanmar) but, trading the Nagas with their act in the most brutal convention. However, “the faith in the world community support for humanity is questionable as a hope against hope” for the struggling people for self-determination. “Might is Right” sounds rhetoric, but, stands still true, Indian democracy type is a blasphemous democracy that strayed from the Gandhian ideal of democracy, but the worst enemy to conflict settlement- now and forever, the weak and the poor will always be the victim of the influential injustice. International peace and justice of the global community needs to investigate the cry of the Nagas for they would not able to do nothing when everything cannot be undone.
Where is an Indian right to claim Nagas as Indian or the whole of the Northeast ethnic groups of the Mongolian stock? When the Indian national anthem out rightly and distinctly made her position clear that she (Bharat) is the hearts of the Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, and Maratha, Odisha and Bengal of the Dravidian racial stock bounded by the Himachal and the hills of Vindhyas.
The “Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that originated from Darwinian evolutionary theory as a way of describing the mechanism of natural selection. The biological concept of fitness is defined as reproductive success. In Darwinian terms, the phrase is best understood as “survival of the form that will leave the most copies of itself in successive generations”. Social Darwinists claimed that “the survival of the fittest” is interpreted as “an ethical perception that sanctioned cut-throat economic competition” which justify laissez-faire (“Leave it to us” or “Let us do “it”) in economics, war and racism. Critics of the theories of evolution argued that “survival of the fittest” provides a justification for behavior that undermines moral standards by letting the strong set standards of justice to the detriment of the weak. It is also suggested that “survival of the fittest” implies treating the weak, even though in some cases of good social behavior – co-operating with others and treating them well – might improve evolutionary fitness.
Applying this concept to human society, Kropotkin presented mutual aid as one of the dominant factors of evolution, the other being self-assertion, and concluded that in the practice of mutual aid, which we can retrace to the earliest beginnings of evolution, thus we find the positive and the undoubted origin of our ethical conceptions; and we can affirm that in the ethical progress of man, mutual support and mutual struggle not communal struggle – has had the leading part. In its wide extension, even at the present time, we also see the best guarantee of a still loftier evolution of our race.
To apply ”survivor of the fittest” in Naga revolutionary struggle for self-determination; any group(s) or struggle society that cannot innovation people’s based principle and mandate; that cannot redefined their nationality and socio-cultural and geopolitical boundaries, unaware of global responsiveness; lack of competent people with new ideas, models, visions of share living and those who cannot foresee the oppressors malicious maneuvers of “divide and rule”; overweight by “ism” (the ”I” and ”thin”) cannot withstand the test of time but inevitable to become the history of the distant past.
Taking the anarchists view and the concepts of “survival of the fittest” into the revolutionary movement, it is they, who support co-operation rather than competition. The fittest is he who not necessarily the best at competing individually, but often the community made up of those best at working together. In the animal world we have seen that the vast majority of species live in societies, and that they find in association the best arms for the struggle for life: understood, of course, in its wide Darwinian sense- not as a struggle for the sheer means of existence, but a struggle against all natural conditions unfavorable for the species in which individual struggle for mutual aid to attain the greatest development, are invariably not necessary to numerous but the most efficient that open to prosper further progress.
In order to defeat tyranny, emphasized on land and national identity consciousness alone does not serve the contention, but the undivided strength, mutual trust and love should be the forerunner. The common struggle should focus on encouraging the movements for positive change. Negative advancement cannot be termed as a development approach in any way- it is self-destructive. A struggle people should advocate to create a platform to the younger generations for proactive initiatives and compulsion on shoulders national responsibilities with integrated vision and reconciliatory philosophy for the sake of their shared future instead of misleading and sowing hatred between brothers. The fundamental duty of the elites and the younger generation is to protect and serve the nation in any capacity otherwise what is elite and young for? The young Naga generation should love the nation rather than self-comfort under the providence of the advisories. The present younger generation skeptical to patriotism could rightly attribute to our elders mistrust and ethnocentric behavior.
Nagas are at present weaker to his opponent therefore, in order to wage a defeating war, sawing discordant; misleading through articles, subjective to self; indoctrinating relegation among the common brother etc. Is what todays so called learned/social leaders, political/group leaders wants the younger generation to inherit? Are these the best powerful weapons to waylay the oppressor for achieving the long cherish Nagas dream to live as free people?
No, the sacred and secret weapon I consider is to ally with one’s brothers. Take notice, no human tangle on the earth’s surface without any roots as the floating cloud. Therefore, one must find the biological and bridge socio-cultural breaches first. In pursuit of political, social, economic and cultural rights- one faith and one God are the utmost requirement for collective life on earth or life after death.
Are the Nagas ready to take the consequences of the makeover?
A common saying goes, “history repeats itself”. Likewise, should the Nagas made a fine classic to such statement? Everything changes in due course of time, but change has no definite connotation. Change may alter into either good or bad because “beauty is deceitful”. Cease fire and any agreement signed with the GoI cannot be taken into confidence as experience taught us. Therefore, as a free people, are Nagas ready to accept Indian constitution and consolidate into Indian union or ready to give a counter befitting reply that will disintegrate the princely kingdoms and cut the bottle neck in case, she repeats her deceitful conducts of buying time to dwindle the movement and the latter term as an appeasement policy further term the struggle for self-determination or national defense to terrorism so that they could launch a wipe out operation.
Beware if the bad moon rises! 20 long years of cease fire and hundreds times of talks yet solution to the protracted political issues retain to Indian five year political advancement. On the other hand, 20 years might have given Nagas an opportunity to prepare in human resources, military strength as well as developed a weapon to counter with nuclear weapons. Because, air must be controlled by air, water by water and fire with fire, a man should fight a man not to a child- healthy and mighty cannot torment the weak, lest he lack moral, who knows his brother may be loftier than the imposter! The course of Nagas struggle for self-determination dated back to the formative period commonly known as Naga Club (1918-1939). Though, the Naga club ended up by submitting a memorandum on behalf of the entire Nagas on November 10th January 1929, to exclude the Nagas from any constitutional framework of India. Nevertheless, it gave birth to the Naga national consciousness. The second phase of development can be seen in the establishment of the Naga Hills District Tribal Council (NHDTC) on 1st April 1945 under CR. Powsey, the then Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills. It campaigned for integration of Naga Territories to create a sovereign Naga State however, it ended up unsuccessfully.
Later, the Naga Hills District Tribal Council (NHDTC) reorganized into a political organization called the Naga National Council (NNC) on the 2nd of February 1946. Mayangnokcha Ao was elected as the President. During the period of the NNC (1964-1975) Naga polity attained the highest peak that was to establish a sovereign independent Naga country. It was the worst of time yet the best of time to settle Indo-Naga conflict. It was during NNC time, the foundation of signing an agreement laid for peaceful Indo-Naga settlement between GoI and the Nagas. The 9 Point Agreement/ Hydari Agreement that recognized the right of the Nagas to develop themselves according to their freely expressed will yet, the 9 point agreement is taken as non- existent after gaining control of Nagalim through military might by the modern day colonialist (India). Soon as the slogan of sovereign states “a completely natural independent” was raised with the indomitable spirit that spark for the Free Naga Nation and self-determination, India shrewdly designed a divide and rule policy inherited from the British colonial rule which resulted to the birth of the “non-ever sectional demand” (the present Nagaland state) by carving out a selected area of ancestral Nagalim to doze off Nagas dream as a free people once and for all. Indian policy of disintegration was materialized by the Naga moderates commonly known as the Naga People Convention (NPC) in 1963. Further, they (the Indianize Nagas) tried to assimilate and acculturate all the Nagas be it revolutionaries or the general civil Nagas into the mainstream of India.
The first cease fire (Sept.1964- Oct 1967) between the two nations (India-Naga) reached at the intervention of R. Suisa (ex-MP & Tatar Hoho Member of the NNC), Bertrand Russel, Rev. Michael Scott and the churches of Nagalim on 6th Sept. 1964. AZ. Phizo head the NNC who since 1956 been in the overseas seeking foreign assistance in attaining Naga Independence while Smt. Indira Gandhi holds the government of India who succeeded the first Indian Prime Minister. Indo-Naga entered into cease fire for the second time in 1972 but, abruptly broke out in 1957 without any lasting solution. According to Mullik (My Year with Nehru), the efforts of the peace talk proposal failed because GoI refused to withdraw its Army from the Naga areas and the Nagas refused for negotiation of a political settlement within the constitution of India.
The best of times was turned down by the then leaders who plainly rejected the proposal of R. Suisa (1966) which he had deliberately discussed with the Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi who also conveyed her willingness to negotiate a Bhutan type status for Nagaland in a separate entity. The short sightedness blinded by totalitarian insisted to refuse any Naga Leaders to accept anything less than complete/full independent for self-determination of the Naga people.
The invincible NNC faded from suzerainty in the Nagas struggle for self-determination soon after the signing of the Shillong Accord in 1975 on the 11th day of the 11th month without any condition accepted the constitution of India and surrendered their arms to the GoI. The dream of the free Naga people to become a sovereign nation and to take her rightful place in Asia’s new chapter in history shattered on this very day. It was the representatives of the NNC responsible to the Naga National Government (you name it whatever) that signed the agreement, therefore; it was the NNC that capitulated, betrayed and humiliated the Naga nation in the highest act of treason. Observe whether the allegation to NNC stands logical consistency or otherwise.
Had the accord out rightly not been condemned to salvage the Naga nation as well as had not the courage with a vision to form a new revolutionary government (National Socialist Council of Nagalim) in 1980 on the 21st of March, Nagas are left to rootless people without a history, but remain a mere Indian (whether you are a distinct being either in biological or cultural). Own brothers and leaders may forsake but God never forsake! By the grace of the Almighty and by the virtue of visionary statesmanship Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah the Nagas are taken to the greater height from neighboring nations to the international platforms that India cannot hide the Nagas reality any longer, but force to be more pragmatic rather than using colonial abusive policy.
Realizing that there is no glory in war and conflict, but, only leads to destruction of humanity by the two national entities, the historic Indo-Naga political imbroglio, a ceasefire and peace talk was agreed upon by the then Prime Minister of India, Narhasimha Rao and President of NSCN, Isak Chishi Swu and Gen. Secretary NSCN, Th. Muivah to settle Naga issues amicably through political means as the matter was purely a political stalemate. Ever since, cease-fire between the Government of India and the NSCN (I-M) extend indefinitely notwithstanding the core issues but to remain elusive subjected to the progress of the talks until the ”Framework Agreement” that signed on August 3, 2015. The FA has not yet been publicly known, but NSCN leaders interpreted to it as enduring peaceful co-existence of the two entities within the concept of share sovereignty. Th. Muivah in his address on its “38th Republic Day” asserted that the historic Framework Agreement recognizes the unique history, identity, sovereignty and territories of the Nagas. It also recognizes the legitimate right of the Nagas to integrate all Naga territories. On the other hand, the prime peace envoys (GoI) wherever they go interpreted according to their suited political conveniences and gain which paramount Indo-Naga peace deal to a mere “Indian electoral politics”. On top of that, in the midst of signing the framework to settle Indo-Naga political problem, she is frantically fencing Indo-Myanmar border where half part of Nagalim is conquered by the Myanmar military junta. It is observed that Indo- Naga political problem is not Indian unitary states dispute, but pertaining to modern colonial issues indistinguishable with suppression by might when Nagas refused to join the Indian Union, thus, “Uniqueness of Naga History” stands undisputed and unparalleled with any merged Indian unitary states due to the Naga non - consent to Indian Union ever since or before Indian Independent in 1947. So, the Nagas political issues cannot be equally labeled with other struggling people and the doctrine of Indo-Naga political settlement cannot be borrowed by any people that have assented to Indian Union.
If Indian constitution is a legal law to the Indian, the GoI should not shy away from confronting what is right from the beginning. Dividing the Nagas is clearly revealed by Nehru “One of their grievances is that under our constitution, we split them up in different political areas. Whether it is possible or desirable to bring them together again is for us to consider. Also, what measure of autonomy we should give them so that they can lead their own lives without any sensation of interferences (Secret personal letter from Nehru to Medhi, No. 1116-PMH/ 56, New Delhi, May 13 1956). Therefore, under no circumstances, integration (the birth rights) of Nagas cannot be stopped by any land and people.
Further, as India is a member country of the United Nations Organization as well as a signatory member state of the Global Human Rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) that enshrine basic Human Rights (Art. XV. Everyone has the right to a nationality. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality). Notwithstanding, UN Assembly resolution 217A (iii) 1948 had declared to observe strictly to sub-commission on prevention of Discrimination and protection of minorities; UDHR preamble 1 (v) whereas, member states pledged themselves to achieve in co-operation with the United Nations, the promotion of universal respect for observation of human rights and fundamental freedom. Yet, the largest democracy (India) commitment to the Global Organization is perceived to sign during her hallucination. Thereby, any agreement with GoI cannot be taken into confidence. Anytime she may provoke the Nagas when her dream to pull Nagas into Indian constitution failed. Her frustration would result in the talks being called off at “any time” and declared Naga national movement to terrorism. Thus, the cease-fire is commended as a slow killing or slow poisoning with a tactical move for ultimate submission.
The idea of share sovereignty can be a global model if India is sincere in solving one of the longest political conflict in Asia and the longest cease fire observant in the whole world. But, the Government of India perpetual extension of cease-fire appears to be in term on the pretext of buying time and conceal her motive of extrication under the cover of a long interval. Her signposts weight unitary territorial integrity heftier rather than pursuing enduring neighborhood within the fold of shared sovereignty. It is very vivid that GoI love in continuing the current cease fire as long as possible. Mustn’t one need to be curious about the reason behind it? As long as the ceasefire extend, the Nagas are on the losing ground due to various socio-economic aspects while, India reaps enormous tactical gains to draw Nagas into the Indian socio-cultural mainstream as well as advantageous to explore the all Nagas venerable aspects. In the name of development, Indian agencies are working dawn to night to douse off Naga national spirit besides her gluttonous military that studies the situation minutely from which portion she needs to take the first bite. Another interest of the GOI in the North East is to take the commanding height in ASEAN countries, thus, “Look East/ Act East policy” is projected for India economic as well as political, and security. The objective of cease fire is unsubtly a counter offensive policy, especially vying toward smothering Naga national movement and preparedness against Chinese aggression.
These articles focus on a positive approach towards India to be more pragmatic rather than playing divisive cards on the Nagas. It also addresses to either India or Nagas to make a resolute breakthrough of the snarl issue for the sake of peaceful co-existence without further delay. There are no isolated people with isolated freedom- total freedom can be attained only when there is interdependency. The idea to remain dominant aggressor would invite total disintegration and annihilation of her own glory. The hard earn national progressive investment could be easily harvested by contenting nations.
India solving Naga political problem devoid of pride and prejudice will surely enhance her struggle to stand as a world matured nation. The statement that appears in the local newspaper, “the framework agreement are said to turn the policies of confrontation and opposition into the politics of dialogue and cooperation; foe to a friend; suppression of rights to recognition of right; threat of future to the protection of future”(5/13/2017/Nagaland post). Such are the ideas that every peace loving individual-society-nation should praise for and welcome such peaceful moves to co-exist in peace and harmony.
The hard earned peace deal will be so dear to be lost again for both the parties in fact, that antagonism among neighbor is a curse because one cannot afford to have a sound sleep and a bright leisure day. It is a crucial time for both the parties, but demand respect. No doubt Nagas will be truthful ten hundred times if only India is ready to resolve Naga political problem politically in time before mistrust miasma covered the highway to peace. In the case of cease fire and talk for procrastination and malicious tactics Nagas need not worry but take the opportunity as a sweet time for preparedness to any eventuality. This time break away from political settlement should not bonder to look back never to negotiate other than leave the Nagas alone. It is rather better to share Nagas’ sovereignty with ancestral descent than sharing the living bowl to the unknown and unrelated aliens. It is an established fact that the Nagas struggle for self-determination is not a secessionist movement, but a rebellion to oppressor/aggression more over to the modern day a terror colonialist.
Nature exposed the bitter reality of a valor and weedier in any bargain that; it is often the dominant that plays imposition to the weak against their will thereby, resistance begins and the conflict enlarges. In such circumstance, Nagas approach to exist as a free people need to realize the anarchists view and the concepts of “survival of the fittest” explained in elaborated manner. The awaken generation should now despise communal antagonism; mistrust; mislead; instead extend support to one another in cooperation rather than competition and blaming over one another. It has been stated that the fittest is he who not necessarily the best at combating individually, but often the community made up of those best at working together. Nagas might be weaker and lesser in number, but nevertheless, the most efficient is he who opens to prosper further progress. Therefore, if the pursuit of Nagas is political, social, economic and cultural rights- it requires collective responsibility deprived of moderates’ intervention; sectional bargaining; egocentrism of any form, but realize the value of unison in Christ as one and only to harness the common–share future.

*The writer can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Police inaction provokes mother of a deceased son plead for justice

Imphal, June 4: State police inaction in finding out the cause of the mysterious death of a 23 years old youth on May 20 this year has provoked mother of the deceased son to bring out the issue to public platform seeking help to deliver justice to her departed son.
The youth, identified as Thingbaijam Ramananda, son of Th. Ingocha and Th (Ongbi) Sanatombi Devi) of Lamlongei Maning Leikai, under Lamshang Police station succumbed after he had allegedly consumed poison on May 19. The deceased Ramananda’s father is a paralysis patient and mother Th (Ongbi) Sanatombi, is a daily wage earner by running a small vendor at Kwairambandh Keithel Temporary market shed.
Speaking to Imphal Times, Th (Ongbi) Sanatombi said that she was informed by the girl friend of Ramananda about the incident and said that her son has been admitted at Raj Medicity, North AOC, Imphal at around 4 pm. Sanatombi after informing her elder son Shantikumar and other relatives could only reached the hospital at around 5 pm on that day.
The deceased’s girl friend informed her that, her son Ramananda had consumed poison after having some argument with her and they immediately brought him at Raj Medicity.
Hospital authorities of Raj Meidicity said that condition of Ramananda was serious and need immediate treatment and asked them to deposit Rs. 17,000/-. One friend of the girl, who help them bringing to the hospital deposited the money as Ramananda’s mother and other relatives were in no position to give the money.
Ramananda’s mother Sanatombi further said to this reporter that none of the relative including herself were not allowed to see their son.
The following day, i.e., May 20, Sanatombi left for Kwairamband Keithel to collect some money from colleagues as she though that she might need more money for her son’s treatment by leaving her elder son Shantikumar.
However, at around 11.20 am of May 20, hospital authority informed family members that Ramananda expired. At first they didn’t suspect any foul play and were simply considering the death of her son could have been due to the poisoning. However, when she saw her son handed over to her by wrapping with band aids all over the body, her elder son and other family members smelt some fishy going around.
“We took out the band aids just to see my son’s face but I could not believed that there were mark at the right side of his head and some sharp object had struck hard near the private part”, Sanatombi narrated.
As the matter is a police case the police took some signature and deposited at RIMS morgue and the post mortem was conducted on may 21.
“We believe that the police will investigate into how my son was death and as we suspect our son to have been murdered, we waited for the police to find the truth.”, Sanahanbi further said.
“Shardha of my son is over and nothing has been done, I have no choice but to plead for justice for my son to the people of the state”, Sanatombi said.
Another lady who accompanied her said that if we formed a JAC and launched agitation the government could have done something.
“But as now believed in police and as we are hopeful that they will find out the truth to punish those involved in the murderers we waited, however, as the police is not taking up anything to find the truth, we are left with no choice but to put up this matter to the public sphere, so that justice is delivered to our departed son”, said Sanatombi, mother of the deceased youth.

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Bridge on the verge of collapsing

Imphal, June 4: The Bailey Bridge on the NH-102 in Tengnoupal District HQ which was built last year by the former Congress Government is on the verge of collapsing following a landslide due to the recent heavy rain.
According to a source, the bridge might collapse at any time of now.
Cracks have appeared on both side of the bridge and have begun to sink slowly. One of the roads beside the bridge has also collapse causing trouble for the people passing through the road.
Both the road and bridge might collapse anytime soon due to the unpredictable rain if immediate measures are not taken up to repaired the damage, source said.
The Bailey Bridge which is about 1km in distance was inaugurated on December of 2016 by Okram Ibobi Singh, Ex-Chief Minister of Manipur.

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Dzuko expedition flagged off

Imphal, June 4: Th Shyamkumar, Forest and Environment Minister flagged off an expedition of Manipur Mountaineering and Tracking Association (MMTA) to Dzuko Valley and Mount Isho from MMTA office, Minuthong today morning.
The expedition is organised as part of the World Environment Day Celebration under the theme “Connecting People to Nature”.
Altogether of 60 Men and Women trackes are taking part in the three days tracking expedition. K Meghachandra, Director of DIPR, Y Laba, former president of MMTA were present during the flagged off.
Speaking at the flagged off ceremony, N Ibongochoubi, President of MMTA said that the expedition is being organised jointly with MMTA and Nagaland Adventures Association as part of the Wold Environment Day celebration.
Not only visiting the Dzuko valley and having the glimpse of the Lily, the main aim behind the expedition is to give awareness of what is our responsibility to clean the nature and to take care of the lilies, he added.

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Anti-corruption cell releases latest ATR

Imphal, June 4: The screening committee for disposal of complaints against government employees has issued its latest action taken report in which it was informed that 31 cases were entertained and three staffs were suspended for breaking rules in the line of duty.
Regarding a complaint against wrongful regularisation of horticulture assistant officer, assistant agriculture officers and contract employees the committee ruled that the order was issued by administrative department with approval of the state cabinet with exemption from consultation with MPSC.
On the charges of non-functioning of a government high school in Kangpokpi, the ZEO concerned inspected the school and found three teachers absent without submitting any reason.
On the other hand, the report mentioned that SDO Moirang in his reply denied the charges that staff of Moirang Settlement office were tardy in reporting for duty and leave early and refuse to prepare resident certificates and income certificates unless they are paid bribes ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 500.
The panel closed the case against Jangkholal Mate, a lecturer of Moreh Higher Secondary School, who was charged with siphoning money meant for construction of bio-tech laboratory of the school after the director of education in his testimony presented physical evidence in the form of a photograph of the building to prove the charge wrong.
Reacting to another complaint, the IT Department has written to all heads of department to update their respective websites and submit an action taken report along with the nomination of the nodal officer. The deputy secretary (RD and PR) while responding to a complaint about non-functioning of newly constructed panchayat ghar at Naoriya Pakhangba and three other office premises informed that the buildings have been handed over to the respective gram panchayats.
The joint secretary MoBC clarified that distribution of tailoring machines and embroidery materials for the beneficiaries of 2014-15 are almost complete. The same for embroidery materials for 2015-16 will be conducted after the completion of that of the preceding phase while in the case of tailoring machines for the same phase the distribution is on halt due to a court case.
Making a clarification on the complaint that classes for computer training and tailoring courses were not conducted regularly and the stipends of the trainees have not been distributed, the deputy secretary of social welfare replied that attendance of instructors is 70% and 80% respectively for the two courses and 90% of stipends have been handed over.
The deputy labour commissioner disagreed with the complaint that Rs 500/800 were taken for issuing labour card, asserting that labour inspectors registered eligible workers at Rs 50 per person only.
Following successful complaints against them for wrong practices, a sub inspector of police GK Sharma was suspended for taking a bribe of Rs 6000 while attendant of JNIMS Hospital Radio Diagnosis Department N Romesh was suspended for collecting unaccounted fees from patients. Head of the same department Dr O Heramot was also suspended for travelling abroad without permission.    

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RPF claims Monjhang attack

Imphal, June 4: The Revolutionary People’s Front has claimed that a special warfare team of its military wing the People’s Liberation Army was behind the attack on a road patrol party of 11th Assam Rifles in the afternoon of June 3 at Monjhang village while the paramilitary was travelling towards Khudengthabi.
A press release issued by assistant secretary publicity, RPF, stated that there were serious casualties on the side of the paramilitary. The release accused the Indian army of causing the death of 8983 individuals in Manipur, out of which 1528 were in cases of fake encounters, committing rapes and masterminding forced disappearances under the ambit of AFSPA.
However, the release said, India is now caught at a place where it cannot run away from its involvement in human rights violation owing to international pressures at the United Nations and SAARC. India faced more castigation for imposition of AFSPA at the UN Human Rights Council in early May where it was forced to respond to questions on the reasons for continuing with the special law, the RPF asserted.

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Bandh called at Moreh

Imphal, June 4: All NGO’s of Moreh has called 24 hours Moreh bandh from today midnight against the bomb attack on army personnel on June 3, 2017 during an ROP along the NH-102 at H-Mongjang near Khudengthabi where three 11 AR personnel including JCO were injured.

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Villagers evacuated

Imphal, June 4:Villagers of Kalikhola, situated about 10 kilometers from Kangpokpi, were evacuation after apprehension of a massive landslide happening there. According to sources, huge cracks appeared in the hillside and foothill prompting authorities to take up preemptive measures.

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