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A review on the anthology of Parthajit Borah’s “I WILL BE IN YOU TO FEEL MYSELF”

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Reviewer – Bipul Ch. Kalita

Literature devours latent vibes and deeds colored by humanity in bringing profanity and aesthetic movement in heart. What the readers aspire from the poets is the silent flow of parable cry in the verses. Amidst unrest, a crisis of wholesome social mobility, an innocent pen always colors the vibes and turning it into the green bowl of philanthropic cry. This is the pen ofBipul Ch. Kalita, a rhythmic poetic rattle from Nagaon, Raha, who constantly concentrates in writing poems, dramas and proses in both Assamese and English. I dare to unearth some poetic flavor of BipulKalita’s recently published anthology “I will be in you to feel myself”, published by BiswaBharati Research Centre, Pune. The anthology itself reaches on the height of poetic parameter in owing to it’s exalted appealing of morality, social obligation and soft falling shower of love in human’s heart. The poet, Mr. Kalita’s resolute stifled regarding the embellishment of spiritual sentiment and plump cry against the contemporary surrounding delineates a new poetic portrait in the present troubled era.
Indomitable spirit of the poet unfurls the disturbance of the time in the poem
“Believe Me
I want to swim in your Eyes
to cool my disturbed ways of sight
to purify a green concept inch by inch”.
The language of this line is expressive and mostly written in blank verse in absence of rhymes scheme and meter. The poem itself echoes the flowing pathos, agony of poet’s heart to make the world understand about his atonement and existing purity in heart. In an another verse, “Beyond each physical touch” – The poet inscribes the pain of separation from two loving souls. A silent spring sprang into each lines of the poem.
“Pollution of Egos
Pollute our hearts every moment
Pollute our mind throughout ages”
The existence of ethereal tides and blinking of hedonism are distinctly depicted here.How could egos demoralize hearts and each flow towards enchanting amenities are poetically placed to the readers. All the valued readers voraciously suck this poetic drink from his ink. In search of light and finding of a true ascetic, the poet writes “Black Magicians” who wears the apron of traits and dark keep busy in bringing black moment to the time. A bold tune against all the existed inhuman of this loving planet.
“Black Magician
Heal dark pain only
Demeaning sunny fragrance.”
An opponent of figurative exhilaration glides in the verse, “Biased Fingers”. The verse is the appeal of preaching peace to the social machine. It unveils numerous artificial masks of gentle face who are found in teary acclamation.
“I stopped
Pepping my eyes long years ago
To condemn wipers of crocodile tear
To faced the realities of round about rides,
That sell hearts to enrich borrowed minds
The Poet always receives daring poetic challenges through drawing the contemporary image. Incessant flow of philosophical material and presence of kind generosity frequently appear on the thought of Kalita’s poems. His poems draw many silvery avenues for installing peace and immense tranquility. Now, It is the judgment of the reader, How they promote his poetic thoughts for the sense full social uplift. A true poetic herbs from Assam to scatter green feelings to the world.

(****This poem was also published in this newspaper)

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