ZUF cautions on exploitation of natural resources in the name of development

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Imphal, June 2:

The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has stated that huge portion of the land have been damaged, exploited and over used without proper consent and consultation with the land owners and the stake holders of the area.
It said that the exploitation of the river banks and streams by sand and stone quarrying in the name of development and business activities, the immediate result and effect of which have caused many unprecedented disasters both by natural and manmade. A large chunk of wet paddy field and even human habitation have been greatly damaged and eroded along river valley every now and then. It is also informed to all the Zeliangrong people that indiscriminate gaming of wild animals and birds have caused dwindling of many endanger species of birds and animals in the wild. The impact of our human activities our land and environment will be left deserted and full of disasters if it is not checked and protected in time. The front also cautions to all the villages and its people not to employ non-conventional method of fishing by poisoning, used of electric and inverter, bleaching powder and so on. The rivers and stream are contaminated with chemical elements and become health hazard mainly from the construction of Trans-Asian Railway from Jiribam to Imphal, National Highway and other mega projects in Zeliangrong areas along with quarrying of stone and sand along the river bank and causes different forms of diseases.
“All these methods are totally banned with immediate effects and any defaulter who is found practicing these methods will be penalized with stringent actions”, the statement said.
The ZUF said that it welcomes all forms of development projects and programs taken up by both the state and national governments. However, all the companies and Agencies working in Zeliangrong areas should maintain genuine work quality. Further informed that extracting forest products including stone, sand and others resources without proper knowledge and information of the local people and paying nominal tax at the lowest rate to the concern villages will be checked. The ZUF further cautions and informsthe Companies and Agencies working in Zeliangrong areas to obtain prior consent from the front before undertaking any projects.
It added that since its inception, the ZUF as a socio-political revolutionary movement took a hard stand to eradicate illegal drugs, trafficking and consumption in all Zeliangrong inhabited areas and ban cultivation of Psychopathic drug plants including cannabis and poppy.
“It is well known fact that drug is the worst social menace causing detrimentalto health and mental soundness of youths. The front would extend every possible support and co-operation to any authority and organization in the move to making a free drug society. The Front shall take up strong actions against all illegal drug trafficking and social evils. No further warning or consideration shall be intimated against the defaulters”, the ZUF said.

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