There was no Anglo-Kuki War – Haomee

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Imphal, June 2:

Federation of Haomee has strongly reacted to the memorandum submitted by the Kuki Inpi Manipur to the Prime Minister of India on June 1, 2022 terming it as a concocted and baseless fancy Manipuri history.
In a statement by Dr. Khomdon Lisam, the Publicity Secy. of Federation of Haomee (FoH) , it is stated that the Federation had submitted a memorandum to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on October 15, 2019, mentioning the fact that there was no Anglo –Kuki War (1917-1919) along with documents.
The statement by Dr. Khomdom Lisam said that on May 18, 1019 12 Kuki Prisoners who were detained at Kohima Jail had submitted an application to to the Commissioner, Suma Valley and Hill District through the Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills stating that they were not waging war against the British but were assisting the war waged by Chingakham Sanachaoba Singh against the Maharaja of Manipur to dethrone him. The Kukis assisted Chingakham Sanachaoba on the ground that if succeeded he would reduced the House tax of the Kukis from Rs. 3/- to Rs. 1/-.
The document submitted to the Commissioner and signed by the 12 Kukis prisoners had been forwarded to the Union Home Minister by the FoH, Dr. Khomdon said.
He added that the indigenous Khongsai and the Thadou community never try to distort the integrity of Manipur , however, the outsider Kukis has been trying to modify the history of the region on communal line.
The FoH will never remain silent to any attempt to distort the history of the state, Dr. Khomdon said.

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