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Vehicle of intending BJP candidate of Ukhrul AC vandalized

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IT News, Dec 18: A group of persons had vandalized the car of intending BJP candidate of Ukhrul Assembly Constituency Asai Ngakuimiza at Lamlong area at around 9.30 pm yesterday evening. According to Asai Ngakuimiza, he along with two Assistant Professors from University of Delhi and two other villagers were on their way to Ukhrul after the 24 hour Manipur bandh called by women bodies of Khwairamband Keithel has been over.
The 24 hour bandh was ended at 7 pm yesterday. What is shocking is that the Manipur police personnel who were on duty at the site did not stopped those attacking them, Asai said.   
In the attack, Asai sustained minor injury. A complaint has been lodged to the DGP Manipur in the regard.

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L B Devi December 18, 2016 - 4:42 pm

These persons contender of BJP from Ukhrul may be part of UNC/NPF team as per his statement. Those prof also may be collaborators for destruction of Manipur. Why not raise any protest from tangkhul civil bodies in such hardship long economic blockade.

Ashmi Chihui December 19, 2016 - 5:12 am

LB Devi the Tangkhul Nagas are more mature then the Meities in the Valley. Not a single instance would you have heard about Tangkhuls descriminating the meities or attacking the worship places and innocent people. They believe in peace and the fight against the GOM is on because of being wronged in many ways. UNC/NPF or any Naga Organisation does not resort to violence like the meiteis have done today. As a matter of fact where will the meiteis go if communal riot does occur? They are surrounded by the Nagas all over, they forget that they are like a mere pond in the midst of a paddy field. Violence will bring nothing and communal hatred will only bring bloodshed and disharmony. All of us, Nagas, meiteis and Kukis should rather understand each other’s interest and look towards finding a solution to all the issue thats erupting within the state of Manipur. Offcourse not at the cost of one’s idendity or respect however with a mutual understanding with each other. The Nagas believe in peace and not war but that doesn’t mean that they will all their fellow brethrens to be discriminated and bullied around. Patience is a precious gift and it should never be tested however respected. Look forward to peace and harmony and not riots.

JMG December 19, 2016 - 8:48 am

Ashmi Chihui commented that “They (Meiteis) are surrounded by the Nagas all over, they(Meiteis) forget that they(Meiteis) are like a mere pond in the midst of a paddy field”. But in my opinion you peoples are just surrounded us and guarded us. Do you know the meaning of economic blockade and its affect to the nation/state? It is more dangerous than a physical war. Why you people are always supporting such an anti-nation character?Think about development and not about livelihood. Long live Manipur…

L B Devi December 19, 2016 - 10:42 am

Ashmi Chihui, your retarded mid-set is advertised in this forum. How foolish and retarded you are! Don’t you have the face to shame for calling long 49 days economic blockade against the 28 lakhs people of Manipur. Call your blockade continuously as long as you like. What reaction you get from such foolish act of You?

Neutral December 19, 2016 - 11:19 am

Why are we forgetting that it is not only meithei’s in the valley that suffers due to blockade.
The naga’s also suffer limited supply of necessities of life. At least people residing in imphal get the first load of goods that reach Manipur. The people in the hills have to travel far to avail those goods. It is not about community/religion.
It is all politics. Approaching election. Someone trying to be HERO in public eye.

We should be considerate of all the people living in Manipur.
Demonetisation is a big problem – Good intention bad execution
When people are already struggling with cash, why add more problem with burning of goods/assets/taking refuge etc.

Because of blockade-we have counter blockade.
Is it going to stop the blockade?

Creation of 7 new districts – on the outer shell it sounds good but what is the intention to create 7 new districts and make Manipur 16 districts when the elections is just less than 2 months away.
Do we really need 16 districts for administration?? or more loop holes for corruption??

Why don’t we work on developing Manipur and generate revenue to make Manipur a better place to live.
It has been only corruption, bandhs, curfew, blockade, etc etc

NEW- We are going the kasmir way I guess – PELTING STONES!!!! minus the lack of currency notes distributed

Everyone trying to be righteous or trying to voice out what is right and end up creating more chaos.
Silent spectators follow the loudest.

What is MANIPUR end of the day to the world? Corruption, bandh, militants, curfew……..nothing positive

Indian December 19, 2016 - 12:15 pm

@ Neutral, very well said.

Let’s not make it another ethic clashes in the state. Look at what can be done now instead of what has happened.

First clear the economic blockade.
Remove counter blockade.

It’s not easy, however can be doable.

Need to look at what is possible than always asking “They did this, so let’s do this”. Even children don’t behave that way anymore. Let us all grow up and live together.


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