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Ukhrul MLA continues his helping hand: Assistance extended to victims of landslides and flooding

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Ukhrul MLA continues his helping hand: Assistance extended to victims of landslides and flooding

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Ukhrul, June 6:

Feeling the pulse of his people and understanding the dire conditions faced by the victims of Cyclone Remal, Ukhrul MLA Qr. Ram Muivah once again extends his unwavering assistance, this time providing rice to those in need.
The recent ReMAL cyclone has severely impacted parts of Ukhrul, leaving many residents in challenging situations. The cyclone, which struck on the fateful days of May 27th and 29th, caused extensive damage, with numerous houses, paddy fields, and retaining walls collapsing beyond repair. Some victims are still struggling to recover from their injuries.
Amidst the cries for help from the affected residents, it is disheartening to note that no assistance has been forthcoming from the government. The lack of official support has left many feeling abandoned in their time of need. Conversations with the victims reveal that the only aid they have received so far has come from the community and generous individuals.
Eno. Vaomathot Shimray noted that despite the MLA undergoing medical treatment in Delhi, he remains actively engaged with the situation in Ukhrul. He has directed his team and staff to continue providing immediate assistance to those in need. On Wednesday, June 6th, they were able to extend help to many victims in Ukhrul town and other areas of the Ukhrul Assembly Constituency. Shimray emphasized that for the people of Ukhrul, this current season is a busy and challenging time, as traditionally, most households are occupied with working in their paddy fields. Given the circumstances, rice is the most crucial commodity they require.
“This season is particularly difficult for our people because it’s when most families are engaged in cultivating their paddy fields. The most important thing they need right now is rice, so today, we are distributing rice to all those affected by the natural calamities,” explained Eno. Azan Shimray.
Sources informed that the team managed to provide rice to the victims and plans to continue such activities. The MLA’s initiative has brought a glimmer of hope to the affected residents, showcasing the power of community solidarity in times of crisis.
Cyclone Remal’s aftermath has been devastating, with many families facing the loss of their homes and livelihoods. The destruction of paddy fields, in particular, has been a severe blow, as it directly impacts the food security and economic stability of the affected households. In such trying times, the swift and continuous support from MLA Ram Muivah and his team has been a lifeline for many.
The MLA’s commitment to his constituents, despite his own health challenges, highlights his dedication to public service. By ensuring that immediate relief reaches those in need, he has set an example of effective leadership and compassion.
The distribution of rice is a crucial step in alleviating the immediate hunger and distress faced by the victims, enabling them to focus on rebuilding their lives.
Furthermore, the efforts of the community in supporting one another cannot be understated. In the absence of governmental aid, the collective action of residents coming together to provide for the most vulnerable underscores the strength and resilience of the Ukhrul community. Such solidarity is vital in overcoming the aftermath of natural disasters and rebuilding stronger, more resilient communities.
As the relief efforts continue, there are plans to assess further needs and provide additional support. The MLA’s team is working on a comprehensive plan to ensure that all affected areas receive the necessary aid. This includes not only food distribution but also assistance in rebuilding homes, repairing damaged infrastructure, and providing medical care for those injured.
The proactive approach taken by MLA Ram Muivah and his team serves as a reminder of the importance of responsive and compassionate leadership in times of crisis. Their actions have provided much-needed relief and hope to the people of Ukhrul, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, there is always room for kindness and support.
The continuous efforts of Ukhrul MLA Ram Muivah in aiding the victims of Cyclone Remal have been commendable. Despite facing his own health issues, his commitment to his people remains strong. The distribution of rice and ongoing support initiatives have been a lifeline for many affected residents. This response highlights the power of community solidarity and the critical role of compassionate leadership in navigating crises. As relief efforts proceed, the hope is that with continued support, the people of Ukhrul will be able to rebuild their lives and communities stronger than before.

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