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The Foothill’s Naga public discourse on Indo- Naga Political talks held at Sada Lungthar village

Nagas’ sovereignty will manifest through ‘Pan Naga Hoho’: General Anthony

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The Foothill’s Naga public discourse on Indo- Naga Political talks held at Sada Lungthar village

By: Addie Chiphang
Kasom, Dec 11:

A Naga public discourse was held at Sada Lungthar village under Kasom sub-division to deliberate on various issues concerning the ongoing Indo-Naga Political talks based on the “ Framework Agreement”.
The Public discourse in Sada Lungthar village took place a day after a people’s consultative meeting on the protracted Indo-Naga Political Peace Process was held at Tamenglong and Chandel headquarters a couple of days.
In a keynote speech Eno. Tuner Raihing president of Tangkhul Naga Foothill’s Organisation (TNFO)states that in fact Gen. Ningkhan Shimray,MC, VC Naga army Longvibu/General cum coordinator Indo- Naga peace talk and his entourage is not included in TNFO areas but we are more than pleased that he readily accepted when we approach him to visit our people, he expressed.
On this significant day, I extend heartfelt greetings from the Ato Kilonser and our collective members stated Gen. Ningkhan Shimray.
The Framework Agreement represents the outcome of mutual understanding and respect between the Government of India and NSCN, acknowledging each other’s positions and embracing the universal democratic principle where sovereignty resides with the people. Both sides recognize the sharing of sovereign power via the competencies.
While acknowledging the Nagas’ inherent right to independence, they urge understanding due to the complexities involved, cautioning against potential disintegration similar to the Soviet Union. The proposal is for peaceful coexistence as separate entities. The awareness of Naga rights and powers remains limited among many Nagas themselves, leading to a perception of non-sovereignty. Unlike many global conflicts rooted in the denial of rights and history, in the case of the Nagas, the Government of India has acknowledged the political rights and unique history. This recognition holds the potential to avert conflicts that often arise due to the non-recognition of these fundamental aspects, the Longvibu asserts.
The Longvibu added, Nagas have the authority to determine our direction, intervening solely in battle scenarios. Beyond that, we retain the liberty to enact our laws. The Government of India has not prohibited the Nagas from having our flag and constitution which is yet to be finalized. There is no ambiguity from where or from whom our solution will come , “the two sides agreed that within this framework agreement details and execution plan will be worked out and implemented shortly.” While the Nagas within India fall within our purview, those in Burma stand as part of a sovereign nation, limiting our jurisdiction. Grounded in our unique history and political rights, a statutory body, the Pan Naga Hoho, will exist. ‘Hoho’ signifies a parliament, depicting the essence of a sovereign nation. Nagas’ sovereignty will manifest through the Pan Naga Hoho, encompassing Nagas across India and Burma, transcending borders. Its establishment aims to safeguard and promote Naga identity, integrating diverse interests, including social, cultural, and customary practices (Naga laws). Absolutely, when India gained independence, they did not possess a constitution, whereas the Nagas had already established their own, predating the formation of organizations like the NNC and NSCN. Each village and tribe had its set of laws governing various aspects of life, from criminal to social, river, marriage and forest laws. This rich legal framework disproves any claim that the Nagas lack a constitution. The current constitution will be modernized and adapted to incorporate these existing laws. The Pan Naga Hoho acts as a thoroughfare towards complete Integration through political process paving the way for the establishment of sovereign Naga offices in other countries under the Naga flag. This move undeniably signifies sovereignty, with participation from Nagas across India, Bangladesh, and Burma. The imminent political integration through the Naga Regional Territorial Council (NRTC), an offspring of the Framework Agreement, is a vital step. However, its realization hinges significantly upon the existence and functioning of the Pan Naga Hoho.
The strength of a nation lies in its unity and shared values. When individual, clan, or tribal interests take precedence over national welfare, it poses a significant challenge. Certainly, there’s a misconception that the Nagas are still fighting for integration, identity, sovereignty, rights, and history, but the truth is, that these substantive issues already exist in the competencies, forming the foundation to build a nation already agreed upon between GoI and NSCN as enshrined in the competencies, “ both sides have understood each other’s respective positions and are cognizant of the universal principle that in a democracy sovereignty lies with the people. Accordingly, the government of India and the NSCN, respecting people’s wishes for sharing the sovereign power as defined in the competencies, reached an agreement on the 3rd August 2015 as an honourable solution.”
You cannot be the slave of other people, this is our sovereign land and we must decide our own future. Moses, cried out, ‘who is on Lord’s side”, if you know the truth will set you free
With God everything is possible, the General quote.
The public consultative meeting of TNFO in Sada Lungthar was joined by Kom Naga Union, Chiru Naga, Purum Naga, Maring Naga, and Khalam Naga Union and its civil apex civil organisations.
The event was organised and hosted by Tangkhul Naga Foothill’s Organisation (TNFO).

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