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Tangkhul Naga Long urges Government for swift action in aftermath of devastating Imphal flood

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Tangkhul Naga Long urges Government for swift action in aftermath of devastating Imphal flood

Special Correspondent
Ukhrul, June 8:

THE Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) has issued a fervent plea to the government, urging immediate and comprehensive measures to address the extensive devastation wrought by the recent floods in Imphal Valley. The catastrophic flooding, which unexpectedly inundated the valley, has resulted in widespread disruption, displacement of residents, and severe damage to property. The situation is dire, and the TNL insists that it demands an urgent and substantial response from the authorities.
Eno. R.S. Jollys, Vice President of TNL, shared his observations following a visit to the flood-affected areas. Accompanied by a team of five TNL executives, Jollys conducted a ground-level assessment to show solidarity with the victims and evaluate the severity of the situation. What struck them most was the apparent lack of compassion and immediate action from the government in the face of such a significant disaster.
Jollys emphasized that in times of such catastrophic events, a democratic government is expected to mobilize all available resources swiftly and generously to provide relief to the affected populace. Unfortunately, the response has been disappointingly sluggish. Instead of a well-coordinated relief operation, victims are left struggling on their own, highlighting a glaring gap in the disaster management system.
The TNL team noted that the highest priority in such scenarios should be the provision of essential items such as medicines, potable water, ready-to-eat food, and sanitation supplies. However, the relief efforts have been sporadic, poorly organized, and insufficient to meet the urgent needs of the flood victims. This has exacerbated the suffering of those stranded in Tangkhul-concentrated localities, who are facing immense hardships without adequate support.
Additionally, the team observed that houses rendered uninhabitable by the floods have been evacuated, but the lack of proper security measures has left these properties vulnerable to looting and robbery. This compounds the distress of the displaced residents, who now face the dual threat of losing their homes and belongings.
In light of these findings, TNL has made several urgent appeals to the concerned authorities. They emphasize the need for round-the-clock security to safeguard the evacuated homes and prevent further losses. Furthermore, they stress the importance of timely and adequate sanitation measures in the affected and surrounding areas to avert the outbreak of epidemic diseases. The stagnant water and decaying matter pose significant health risks, and immediate action is required to mitigate these dangers.

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The TNL has also warned about the toxic effects of prolonged exposure to the foul odors emanating from submerged houses. They insist that thorough sanitation of the houses and surrounding areas is crucial to prevent long-term health hazards. In this regard, they have called for the immediate closure of all educational institutions for a summer vacation to protect students from potential health risks.
Jollys further underscored the necessity of having life-saving equipment, such as boats and life jackets, readily available for emergency situations. The recent flood has highlighted the critical need for better preparedness and response mechanisms to handle such natural calamities effectively.
The TNL’s plea to the government is clear and urgent: Immediate and decisive action is required to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims and prevent further tragedies. This includes a well-coordinated relief operation, adequate security measures, thorough sanitation, and readiness to respond to any further emergencies. The TNL’s call for action reflects the sentiments of a community in distress, hoping for a responsive and responsible governance that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens in times of crisis.

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