Reality of cleanliness drive: NGOs assigned for waste collection collected on weekly basis violating agreement

IT News
Imphal, Mar 10:

10 (ten NGOs) that have been assigned for collection of garbage from door to door from the 27 (twenty-seven) wards of the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) collected only once a week in violation of the agreement signed between them and the IMC.

The IMC initiated the door-to-door collection of waste in 2007 by engaging 4 NGOs. Later, in March 2018, ten NGOs were in operation covering all the 27 wards under the jurisdiction of IMC.

According to reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, the agreement signed between the NGOs and IMC stated that the NGOs were required to collect waste from households on daily basis. As per findings of the CAG in May 2018, the NGOs collected waste from households on weekly basis.

Till today NGOs which have been engaged for collection garbage on payment of Rs. 150/- per month collected garbage only once a week. That is 4 (four) times a week at many wards of the IMC including ward No. 10, 11, 12 and 13, etc.

The CAG report further said that there was no provision for the NGOs to submit any report to the IMC on the progress of the waste collection, coverage of households, etc. It added that there was no Management Information System (MIS) based on which the IMC could monitor the performance of the NGOs on regular basis.

Another loophole reflected in the CAG report was that there was no secondary storage for temporary containment of solid waste after collection from the households for onward transportation to the processing or disposal facilities.

As of March 2018, only 31% of the total household were covered by the NGOs for collection of waste. That means the remaining 69% are yet to be covered. There is no updated information about the coverage of household waste as no information in the connection has been revealed by the IMC so far.

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