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Minister Susindro says SoO is part of the peace process and Congress demanding ST as divisive ploy

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Minister Susindro says SoO is part of the peace process and Congress demanding ST as divisive ploy

IT News
Imphal, April 10:

Responding to Bimol Akoijam’s campaign speeches against BJP’s stand on ST and SoO, which have been widely circulated on social media, Minister Leishanthem Susindro stated that the seeds of the ongoing conflict were planted by Congress. Minister L Susindro claimed that Congress has propagated false narratives, particularly regarding events such as the Anglo-Kuki war. He elaborated, “Congress government recognized events such as the Anglo-Kuki war, which are historically inaccurate. When BJP came to power, we discussed this matter and renamed the event as the Kuki rising.” Criticizing Bimol Akoijam’s involvement, he remarked, “Bimol Akoijam should acquaint himself with the realities of Manipur. He has resided in Delhi for over forty years and has not contributed materially to the welfare of the people, unlike many other activists involved in philanthropic activities.”
Regarding the row over the Suspension of Operations, Sushindro says that “it has been said that the first SoO was signed between Assam Rifles and Kuki militants without involving the then CM of Manipur O. Ibobi for three years. The question now is why the government did not know about it, were they sleeping for three years?” According to him, “it is Congress who brought in a Myanmar national and Congress government in Manipur formally signed the suspension of oppression.” “Since Congress signed the suspension agreement with a Myanmar national, more people from Myanmar came into Manipur. As a result, we have this conflict,” he added. The cabinet minister contends that SoO should be only signed with indigenous people. He said, “SoO is a good thing… in the case of the growing number of SoO groups from 15 to 25 during BJP’s time, it is done as a part of the peace process with the indigenous people, there is no problem if even SoO is signed with 50 groups.”
Blaming the opposition party, which has five MLAs, L Sushindro said that “it is Congress who are objecting to the demand for the ST.” According to Sushindro, Congress is engaging in double speak when it comes to the ST demand. Therefore, he said, “Alfred says no ST for Meiteis and Bimol says yes ST for Meiteis.” Congress has one position on ST when it comes to the valley and has another position when it comes to the hills.” Moreover, he said that both “Congress candidates should publicly announce that they are in agreement with the ST demand of the Meiteis.” “Just saying would not do, it should come from the heart,” he added. Reiterating the Home Minister’s position that the ST demand ignited the ongoing conflict, L Sushindro said that Congress should be blamed. He alleged that “Congress is encouraging ST demand in the valley and in the hills it is instigating groups to counter the demand… ATUSM which organized the rally against Meitei ST demand is the mouthpiece of the Congress.” “Is the demand satisfactory to all the people, including Kukis and Nagas, then why are they pursuing it?” asked Sushindro.
Lastly, Minister L Susindro likens Congress’ manifesto with the Kuki demand for separate administration stating that Congress’s claim that it will bring a political and administrative settlement satisfactory to all “is open to interpretation.” He claims that “it should be understood according to the context as Congress agreeing with separate administration.” Talking about Congress’ outer Naga candidate Alfred Kanngam, the minister said that their candidate earlier had demanded two chief secretaries in the state which implies a separate administration. Nevertheless, the minister did not discuss BJP’s support for the candidate Naga People’s Front, which is the brainchild of the NSCN-IM, who demand greater Nagaland by carving out territories from Manipur.

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