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By - Lucky Lairenlakpam

Moreh, March 19

Indian workers who have entered neighbouring country Myanmar are presently stuck at Myanmar side of the Indo-Myanmar border without food and wages as they are barred from entering India in the wake of the COVID -19 pandemic.  

The workers from India were hired for construction of 69 Bridges and others at Myanmar which was sponsored by Government of India.

Many Indian workers who went to Myanmar to join the construction work of 69 Bridges at Myanmar from Tamu District to Kamei of Myanmar ran out as they have not been provided wages.

As the Indo-Myanmar Borders were sealed from 9th of this month due to Coronavirus Outbreak by an order of Union Home Minister these workers were not allowed to enter India. They were spending without food and money near the border.

Myanmarese who have entered Manipur before March 9 for treatment , touring etc were sent back after proper documentation at Integrated Check Post of Moreh by the Home Department of Manipur ,

Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge was also open to send them back to Myanmar.

Meanwhile the Workers who were deployed for the construction of 69 Bridges came from Kamei of Myanmar to Tamu District of Myanmar are being stranded  near Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge to come back to India.

As of now the Myanmar authority also gave no support to these stranded workers.

Sources of our Correspondent at Myanmar states that, the contractors for the construction of 69 Bridges have stopped providing their wages since the last few days back. Foods were also not provided to the workers. Due to this issue they tried to come back to India to go back to their homes.

However as the Government of India bar their entry to India they are left with no means but to be stranded at the border inside Myanmar side. They are waiting for the Government’s response to take them back, Presently they are sleeping at Road, and roadside suffering from hunger. Some Indian Tourist who went to Mandalay for touring were also stuck at Myanmar and all of them are waiting for the response. By hearing the information about the workers , some Indians volunteers are providing food at Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.

The Myanmarese , who were sent back to their country were properly check by their Medical Team at Immigration Check Post near Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.

Indian Officials who are working at ICP as well as those soldiers who are  guarding the borders remain helpless as they did not get any order for allowing those Indian inside the country.

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IT News

Imphal, March 19

Kuki Students Organisation (KSO) General Headquarters today threatened to call statewide bandh demanding arrest and punishment of those culprits involved in the burning of paddy field and houses on March 16 evening at Chassad Village of Kamjong district in Manipur from midnight of March 20.

In a press meet held today at Kuki Inn here in Imphal, the leader of the KSO said that the organization is not happy over the state government failure to nab culprits involved in Chassad arson even after videos of those involved went viral in Social Medias. The KSO said that if the state government authority fail to arrest and book those culprits within 36 hour, the KSO will call statewide bandh from midnight of March 20.

On the other hand the Zillai (Vaiphei Students Association) General Headquarters expressed shock to the news about the burning down of Chassad village in Kamjong district of Manipur on March 16.

“It is learned that about 150 houses, including a school, and about 10 vehicles were reduced to cinders. The loss in terms of household items like furniture, utensils, clothes and others is beyond quantification”, a statement said.

It said that the inhumane act perpetrated upon the villagers of Chassad is deplorable, especially with security forces nearby. Such a barbaric act was supposedly a thing of the past, and that it could be executed in this twenty-first century is deeply disturbing, and deserves outright condemnation without mincing words, the statement added.

Showing solidarity to the villagers of Chassad the Zillai urged the State government to provide adequate protection to the village and also to provide relief and compensation commensurate with their loss besides rebuilding the village.

The association also urged one and all to come forward in helping the homeless villagers as they struggle to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, and show that compassion and benevolence is still alive in humanity.

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IT News
Imphal, March 19

Taking serious note of the decision of titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba to contest the Rajya Sabha elections as a nominee of the BJP, the United People’s Revolutionary Front of Manipur has charged that this is a slap on the face of the people and the rich history of the land, all for occupying a position for 5/6 years.
In a statement issued to the press, the outfit claimed that this is a move to ensure that Manipur continues to be under an alien rule.
The seven years devastation from 1819 to 1826, the infighting amongst the princesses of Manipur in 1891 which paved the way for the Anglo-Manipur War and the loss of sovereignty to the British, the alleged forceful Merger Agreement of 1949 are all landmarks in the history of the land, said the outfit and added that ever since then the cry of liberation has been raised by the people.
Kangleipak had her own written Constitution in 1947 and a Constituent Assembly came into being in 1948, recalled the statement and added that this was how power was transferred to the Assembly Council.
The Merger Agreement was also negated by the Manipur Assembly in September 1949 and a ratification was issued later, it recalled.
Moreover a convention held on October 28 and 29 in 1993 at GM Hall adopted the resolution that the Merger Agreement cannot be acceptable.
A number of people have sacrificed their lives for the ‘sovereignty of the land’ it said and added that it follows that elections cannot be acceptable.
Given these facts it would do good for Leishemba Sanajaoba to renounce his decision and come to the point that he cannot be called a King without the consent of the people.

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Thursday, 19 March 2020 18:13

Bangladesh confirms first Coronavirus death

IT News

Dhaka, March 19

Bangladesh on Wednesday confirmed the first death from COVID-19 as the number of confirmed Coronavirus patients rose to 14 amid the testing of a limited number of suspected patients.

‘It’s a sad day for us that the first COVID-19 patient died in our country today,’ said Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research director Meerjady Sabrina Flora at the agency’s daily press conference.

The 70-year-old man, who was also suffering from pulmonary diseases, diabetes and hypertension, was diagnosed to be a COVID-19 patient on Tuesday and died on Wednesday while under treatment at a hospital intensive care unit, she said.

The man had come in contract with a person having foreign travel history, she added.

Four more COVID-19 patients were also detected on Wednesday, Meerjady said, adding that three of them were male who had recently returned from Italy and Kuwait while the other was a female family member of a COVID-19 patient identified earlier.

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IT News
Mumbai March 19

While the novel coronavirus (Covid 19) has claimed three lives in the country so far, the number of affected persons reached 166, with 3 new cases in Maharashtra and 2 cases Bangalore (Karnataka) recorded till Thursday evening.
The Union Health Ministry gave break up as: confirmed cases in India-126, foreigners-25, cured- 14 and death-3. New patients in Maharashtra were-Mumbai-1, Pimpri-Chinchwad-1, Ratnagiri-1=total 45.
In Bengaluru a 56-year old man who had returned to India from the US on 6 March tested positive, while a 25 years old woman with a travel history to Spain also tested positive on Wednesday, thus taking the tally of infected persons in Karnataka to 13.
The country wide confirmed cases included Maharashtra-42, Kerala with 27, Haryana -17 (Basically foreign tourists and their Indian driver detected in Jaipur, Rajasthan, now admitted to Medanta Hospital, Haryana), Uttar Pradesh-16, Karnataka-11,), Delhi-10 and Ladakh 8, Telengana-6, Rajasthan-4, J & K-3, Andhra Pradesh -1, Odisha-1, Pondichery-1,, Punjab-1,Tamil Nadu-1, Uttarakhand-1, West Bengal-1.
A 35 year old patient Tanveer Singh who had returned from Sydney (Australia) and was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital on Wednesday, jumped down from 7 th floor of the hospital and ended his life.
In another development four Germany-returned passengers, with ‘home quarantine’ stamp on their hands, travelling to Surat in Gujarat, were de-boarded on suspicion, from the Bandra Terminus-Delhi Garibrath Express train, after the train was made to take a special halt at Palghar (near Mumbai) on Wednesday. They were allowed to proceed after it was proved that all the four of them had tested negative on arrival at the Mumbai airport. Their names were given as Hiren Dankra, Tarang Gadia, Gaurav Kapadia and Jayesh Hadia.
In yet another development, two doctors were booked by the Palghar police for canvassing medicines to cure coronavirus. Dr. Subhashchandra Yadav(39) located at Nalasopara East had placed a bill board “ Coronavirus antidote available for Rs 100 per dose. Another Dr Sarwar R Khan, located at Valiv in Vasai East displayed a board that “prevention is better than cure, Corona flue preventive medicine available here”. Both of them were booked under section  188 of IPC  and section 51 (B) Disaster Management Act 2005.
In Mumbai, the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Wednesday directed private firms to run their offices with 50 per cent staff or else face strict action. Most of the Hindu shrines, gardens and parks in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, remained out of bounds for people.
Similarly the 10 th and 12 th exams of CBSE, which were scheduled from 19 March, till 31 March 2020 were postponed and will be held after 31 March.
In the meanwhile a health advisory issued by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare stipulated a compulsory quarantine for 14 days, for passengers coming from/transiting through Qatar, Oman and Kuwait in addition to China, Iran and Republic of Korea. Similarly, the travel of passengers from member countries of the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, Turkey and UK to India was prohibited. No airlines shall board a passenger from these nations to India. Travel of passengers from Afghanistan, Philippines and Malaysia to India has also been prohibited with immediate effect. No flights shall take off from these countries to India.

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Like the proverbial aim of the hunter, the focus of our society at present has been drawn to the issues regarding the Bills and later the attack by coronavirus and its subsequent fallout, so much so that we seemed to have obliterated other equally pressing matters, if not greater.
The vagaries of nature that played havoc to crops in the state is bound to adversely affect the supply of foodgrains, and with the approaching summer, things are bound to get more difficult. The disturbances and disruptions in transportation, over and above the human-induced ones have made matters worse. Even with the two national highways becoming functional, we still cannot say with certainty that things are back to normal, essential commodities beings almost as difficult to procure or just as expensive even now. There is also the very real danger of out breaks of various epidemic diseases as the garbage are seen piled up at various locality as well as at crowded place in Imphal. Road connectivity in lot of places other than the two main lifelines of the state still needs to be restored fully, and even the ones which are still functioning are just so.
Fighting for a cause one believes is all very well, and demanding understanding and attention from those who are at the helm of affairs of the state is a prerogative for a citizen. But fighting for one’s rights without discharging our responsibilities is nothing short of demanding a signed blank cheque.
We have become so ingrained with the idea and experience of existing on subsidies, handouts and quotas. No one can present us a better life on a platter, and even in the
unlikeliest event of such a thing coming true, we will not be able to fully utilize the present. We need to earn our keeps, and for that to happen, we need to radically alter our present mindset from which a lot of the present tussles are generated. Our state still has a lot to offer for those who seek to better themselves.
Life very rarely turns out to be the way we envisaged, but that is not an excuse to rebel or revolt. Only a mindset that can accept, understand and persevere can and will overcome every difficulty life can throw at it. Manipur, as a state has potentials waiting to be tapped. If we can grow out of the narrow visions of caste, customs, culture or class, we can still turn this unique place into the paradise we have so often been told of. But time is running out- and fast. For all the prep talk by the government and the leaders, what is actually needed is the implementation of the lofty ideas and generous promises. The need of the hour is a leader who leads the way rather than one who shows the way. And we should be able to follow when such a leader emerges. That is our responsibility. That is our right.

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By : Paojakhup Guite,
New Lambulane

Needless to say, Media is the fourth pillar of democracy, the other three pillars being Legislature, Executive and Judiciary (not in order of precedence). It is the most viable interface that connects the first three pillars with their stakeholders i.e. citizens. Therefore, its characteristic vitality lies in impartiality, representation, liberty and justice. A misrepresentation of an incident could unleash a potential threat, even worse than the incident itself. The 16/3 incident of the Chassad inferno/conflagration is a case in point. A shocking sigh caught all and sundry to listen and watch the ISTV news channel, reporting that only around 10 houses were gutted down by fire. This was so misleading that even the state CM was quoted as saying “khara khara.” This is a gross injustice, for the live report of the burning clearly indicated otherwise—the flame, billowing smoke and the areal extent. This is an un-called for.  
 In a similar vein, the so-called Impact TV Cable network could not muster the courage to tell the whole world who the real perpetrators were of the heinous crime. The news channel deliberately muzzled itself, compromising its credibility while it reported that the inferno was carried out by ‘unknown miscreants’. Are these an appeasement tactic? It is the gospel truth that the incident happened in a broad daylight. Even while a smart mobile phone could capture gun-toting men donning in camouflage at the spot, where are your HD Resolution lens facing? Post-incident, there have been ample evidences coming up in the form of video clips and photos. These are substantive enough to lay bare the negligence of the media.
The Fallout
The adverse consequence of the misreporting and misrepresentation took a huge toll in the minds of the people. It resulted into collateral damages – both physical and emotional pains in the victims and the like. Subscribers of the news cables have taken a pledge to unsubscribe them until and unless a clarification is issued from the media houses. As of now I write this piece  the ISTV YouTube  News channel dated 16th march (12 noon) that contained the Chassad burning incident has got a staggering 9.2k dislikes, with a meagre 674 likes. This is a huge cost to the media ethics. Applied Ethics would term it a murder of the media.
The Faultline
Land issue has always been the bone of contention. There have been enough claims from both sides. Tangkhuls trace their origin from there, while Kukis claim it to be their heritage from their forefathers who have settled there since time immemorial. The faultline got into a total split with the untimely burning of the latter’s slashed forest fields by the former. This is more or less tantamount to the 1993’s “Quit Notice” served to the Kukis of Joupi village by the United Naga Council (UNC). Traditionally or conventionally, a slashed field meant for shifting cultivation is burned in the Spring season, waiting for the slashed trees to get dried up fully and obtain maximum ashes on timely burning for fertilizers.
Defied the Quit Notice, over thousand innocent Kukis gave their lives and lakhs were rendered homeless. This time around, the neighbouring Sampui Tangkhul villagers, orchestrated by the outfit NSCN I-M group, torched the Chassad Kuki village. The village numbers close to two hundred and fifty households, sparing a little 10 to twenty households.
Failed State
State is defined by its varied machineries. Of late, Moreh, a commercial town of Manipur witnessed a flare-up between the people therein and the unwelcomed State police commando. To contain the disgruntled mobs, there was an endless supply line of forces. Reinforcement of police was round the clock. Here, merely meets the need of the State. Ironically, the Chassad tragedy happened under the nose of the state police and the 42nd Assam Rifles. It is hapless to find both the forces lay supine. Here, loses confidence of its citizens. This laxity is dereliction of duty on their part. A befitting punishment should be awarded to the concerned perpetrators and their such accomplices as the Commanding Officer of 42nd Assam Rifles, Superintendent of Police of Chassad Police Station and Officer-in-Charge for letting the Tankhul mob burn down. Failure to do the needful may be construed as the State Government is hands in glove with the perpetrators of this ghastly coward act. The self-proclaimed mob justice based on lack of proper application of mind should be responded by putting the culprits behind bar. Relief and rehab measures for the victims won’t suffice. Anything less than this will be considered inaction on the part of state government and be refused by taking a refuge in Article 32 of the Constitution of India. With this constitutional writ of Mandamus under Article 32, the Supreme Court can directly be approached, even circumventing the State High Court over the alleged inactions of the said two forces (the Police & the Assam Rifles) and the State Government. Article 32 is a Fundamental Right. Kuki CSOs should hold firm their integrity and not easily be co-opted. This will come in handy for the Government of Manipur to restore the status quo. Otherwise, the Government will have its task out in ensuring a peaceful co-existence between the two beleaguered communities.
Origin Theories
Tangkhuls trace their origin to the Khangkhui Mangsor caves in Ukhrul district of Manipur. Undoubtedly, they are pioneers of Christianity in the state of Manipur. Conversely, forgetting their belief in the Biblical origin in the Eden garden, they preach around and posit their fellow-believer Kukis as refugees in Manipur. Their common belief of origin has been dumped for their own political mileage. Historically, until the time the Kukis had arrived in their present areas, no entity hitherto existed as to rule and control over them. This is the heritage of the Kukis of today which nobody could claim ownership over their land.
Way Forward
Come what may, the Kukis shall strive hard, in the interest of justice, to stand their ground and not be bogged down by the irrelevant claims of the Tangkhuls. A peace loving Kuki community will hold fast unto its entrenched non-violence strategy. Else, an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.
Peace could carve its own niche by involving all the three stakeholders-Kukis, Tangkhuls and State Government. The tri-partite negotiation should be consultative and not prescriptive. The two tribal Christian communities should try to be on same page to give peace a chance. This will assuredly provide a low hanging fruit for our well-being, while the state government would merely play the second fiddle. This would be worth the while.
Therefore, the Chassad Wrongs have hold out the perpetrators’ hands in a clear sight. No media can hide the truth and no criminal be immune and lay scot-free. There is a great likelihood that those two prominent media houses in the state suffer adverse consequences. Nevertheless, the aggrieved subscribers are always ready to roll back their resolve to cut their subscription, provided a genuine initiative is taken up to pacify them by the two TV cable networks.   
Views expressed are personal. For any queries #This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thursday, 19 March 2020 18:08

For The Sake of Love

By :  Marjing Mayanglambam
Pursuing B.Sc at Dhanamanjuri University

“Today, we’ve seen many disastrous events, experienced the strong pain of separation from loved ones and cried endlessly for their demise. Today, we are in a mourning state for all those lost souls, for all those loved one, reminiscing the lovely moments we shared and cherished with them. Today, we are living with our hearts filled with sadness and love for those who we truly loved”. As a citizen of India, as a human of the world, as a son, as a friend, as a student and as a true lover of someone, the only thing I can proudly give and dedicate to all without expecting to be given back is, “Love” and that too, “Pure Love”. For there is a Buddhist saying, “When you give and expect a return that’s an investment, but when you give and expect nothing that’s pure love”. Love above all, can bring peace, prosperity, happiness, development and all the good things that one can except, if only that love is pure. Don’t be confused, dear reader when it’s said that Love can do all these things which is strongly literal and comes from the heart. Because, for someone, who says he cares none for love and does everything as a duty, he is in fact in love with his duty. An engineer designing a building to make it beautiful, strong, and safe, a Teacher teaching her students for making them learned and a strong pillar for the future, a doctor treating his patients for recovery, and every kind of work forces doing something for a better good is similar directly or indirectly to a mother taking care of and nourishing her lovely newborn to grow up, and live life as a good human being.
            With the current onsets of a pandemical global issue, it is really sad to see many loved ones separated and some, gone from the stages of life. The world is suffering and so is Mother Earth, from all the bad deeds of deterioration committed by her lovely children, humans. For the sake of love, one could conceive the idea of taking the life of their most loved ones, which is not just a literal colloquial, but a real occurrence seen in this world, with some portrayed in plays. No, we won’t blame our Mother for committing such a thing out of pure love, nor do we blame ourselves. But we do know why she suffered, and suffers, because of us. For the sake of love, let us forgive ourselves, and change ourselves to bring normalcy, peace, development, unity, and most importantly, ‘life’ in mother’s lap. All we need is love, for love can do anything, if and only if, it is true and pure. With many of the countries of the world suffering, we shouldn’t stay scared and panic, instead, we must stay strong, pray for our brothers and sisters, and spread love instead of rumors. We must spread love and support instead of giving racial comments to the people of the “Great Land”, and of course to the mongoloid brethren.
            Mother India, we may look different, eat and dress different from the rest of your children, but we are also one of your children whether adopted or not. Do remember us when in need of help or love, for we are ready to give everything we have for our distraught brothers and sisters. Just because of our distinctiveness, our siblings, your elder children, may taunt us, may be disgusted of us and make fun of us but we stay strong and thrive because we accept you as our Mother and love you as our own. Now is not the time to dwell in the gruesome past and fight for what we lost, but now is the time to move on and live with what we have and what we are in this modern world, but forget not, dear mother, for we still haven’t forgotten the past and feel the pain of being looked down upon as an adoptee. Nevertheless, we are a very proud lot, and will do anything to make you proud even though it isn’t recognized or considered. We stand with our sickened siblings and pray for their fast recovery. Jai Hind!
            Lastly, with all the world, and my country mentioned, I write this para with love to her to stay safe and strong. For you are one of the main reasons, I want to live and survive, amidst the turmoil of life, and of course the present COVID-19. With the world above me, and everything about life considered as important above me, I do keep you so close at the bottom of my heart far away from all those pressures of life. Let thousands of disasters come, let thousands of problems come, I won’t give up, for they mean nothing to me as long as my love for you is pure and true. Dearest one, if you allow me to be your one and only, let me propose you, to accept my invitation of love, and to be my sole companion in the ages to come, and in my remaining stages of life. Being a human, to err is inevitable, and you may feel that sometimes you don’t get to have things or any feelings you desire from me, but I do promise that you will never be void of all the love I can give and all the care I can give, and will try my best to make you live a life you won’t never ever regret, with you at my arms. I’m so blessed to have met you and so lucky, to be loved by you. Let our love be an example for others to live life happily. As a man, I live for three main reasons, My Parents, You and My Life.
For the sake of love,
Let there be peace and fast recovery!
To Eshanou Langlen,
I love you to the moon and back!

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