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Imphal, March 17

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today said that the Union Defence Minister had given nod to vacate the Koirengei airfield that is being occupied by the Territorial Army and paramilitary troopers in the interest of the people of the area.

“I have requested the Hon’ble Union Defence Minister and he has ordered to have a meeting with the state officials and they have deliberated for shifting of the military camp from the Old airfield at Koirengei with authorities of the military”. N. Biren Singh said to reporters while inspecting the present condition of Old Airfield located at Koirengei in Imphal East District today.

The Chief Minister said that people have been demanding for quite a long time to shift the military camps currently there at the Airfield as residential areas of Luwangshangbam, Khabam, Koirengei, Achanbigei etc. are located within the proximity to these camps.

“Discussions are still going on, and the State Government is ready to provide adequate and suitable land for early shifting of these camps”, the Chief Minister said.

Biren said that the purpose of his visit was to understand the current condition of the Airfield and adjoining areas. As he has now seen it, the Chief Minister said, he would again approach the Centre soon to shift the military camps.

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Imphal, March 17

While various civil society organizations of the state are taking strong exception to the nomination of titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba as BJP candidate of the lone Rajya Sabha seat of Manipur , The Khoirentak Khuman village Authority extend full support to the candidature of titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba, for the lone Rajya Sabha seat.

S Achon Kom Secretary of The Khoirentak Khuman village Authority said that they fully support the candidature of Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba the titular king of Manipur as the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate for the MP seat of Rajya Sabha.

He also appreciates Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, terming the nomination of Leishemba Sanajaoba for the RS seat as the right decision for the welfare of the entire State as well as for maintaining unity and integrity of all the different communities of this state.

“The Kom community pray to the almighty for the successful election for Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba as the MP of Rajya Sabha and expect great deeds from his good self for the development of this state”, a statement said.

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Imphal, March 7

In view of the prevailing situation that arises due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus across the world, the state government will cancel the issuing of ILP pass from today. An order in the connection shall be notified today afternoon, said Chief Minister N. Biren Singh while talking to reporters at Old Airfield Koirengei after inspecting the site.

“In view of the prevailing situation of the pandemic Coronavirus, the state government will issue order today to cancel the ILP pass from today onwards at Manipur Bhavan, Guwahati, Delhi, Kolkata and at all counters”, The Chief Minister said adding that the cancellation is being taken up to avoid the spread of Coronavirus in the state.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2020 18:34

MNPF condemn Chassad incident

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Imphal, March 17

Rebel group Manipur Naga People’s Front MNPF expressed strong condemnation to the Chassad incident of March 16 . A press statement of the outfit said that they share the pains of those injured victims in the incident.
“MNPF sincerely share the pains and sorrow of the people whose houses and properties have been burnt”, the statement signed by Thomas Numai, Secretary Publicity said.
The MNPF also appealed people of Kamjong area to restore normalcy in the region and not to repeat such act in the future.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has alerted almost all states in India with the number of COVID 19 positive cases reaching 124 (as per the report of the Hindustan Times) across the Country. Manipur being a border state with Myanmar is no exception in taking up various precautionary measures. As taken up at other state governments has suspended classes for schools, colleges, and other higher studies till March 31 and also issued a health advisory to avoid mass gathering beside spreading awareness campaign and appealing them to take up precautionary measures and not to panic. Fortunately, there is no confirmed case of COVID -19 in the state. Some of the suspects who were under quarantined have been tested negative and as of now, Manipur is free from the dreaded virus which killed 1,82,611 across the globe with maximum numbers in China.
As reported in some of the newspaper the death toll affected by coronavirus reached 3 in India. But most of the media report still miss reporting the number of recovered cases in India. Of the two Italians tourists who were reportedly admitted at a Hospital in Rajasthan, one had been reported recovered and another who was admitted in critical condition has also been reported improved.
The coronavirus pandemic occurred at a time when there was lots of political chaos among various political parties and civil society organizations over the government’s policies like CAA among others. Differences between the ruling party at the center and those non-BJP state governments were in the headline few days before the coronavirus issues arrived.
What is fortunate for not only those in the ruling government at the center is that the hate politics seems to have suspended for some time with all political parties in all the states along the Central government are taking up precautionary measures to fight the spread of the virus cutting across party line. The way the people across the country joined hand to fight the pandemic a rare opportunity for the BJP led NDA government.
Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had appealed the people not to be panic while taking up all preventive measures to fight the spread of the dreaded virus.
The government of Manipur too, has been taking up all preventive measures to avoid spreading to the virus in the state.
Meanwhile, while the state government is rolling their heads to the issue of the coronavirus, a shocking report confirmed from the health department is that one person has been detected positive of the H1N1 virus which is popularly known as Swine flu.
While the focus of the country is on the ‘’epidemic’’ Covid-19, as many as 28 people have lost their lives in India due to swine flu this year up to March 1.
According to the Union Health Ministry data, there have been over 1,100 deaths due to swine flu in the country in 2019 and 2018.
Interestingly, the Manipur government seems to have forgotten that equal measures should also be taken up to prevent the spread of H1N1. As there has been a confirmed case there is a possibility that the virus spread lifting another burden to the state government.
Whether it may be coronavirus or H1N1 virus which causes swine flu, keeping the environment clean particularly at the crowded place is a much. But it has been 12 days that the IMC authority had stopped picking up garbage from the crowded place as well as from localities. Now at almost all locality filth garbage started disturbing people. There is a possibility that a more serious virus which is even more dangerous than the Coronavirus may be born out of this filth garbage being piled up in residential areas of Imphal city.
In that case, who is to blame? Will the world target Manipur for giving birth to another deadly virus as it had done to China just because Wuhan is the epicenter of the disease. Time for the state government to be serious on health issues by taking up stringent measures to all department or authority to jointly work for prevention of any outbreak. For that, the government should immediately advise to clean up the mess to all concern departments.  

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By: T S Haokip

“Chassad is burnt down,” informed a friend. I quickly check the news channels; National, Regional and State. There was no news as such. I sighed a relief. Then I came across a state News Channel informing that a hut was burnt down due to forest fire as there was a misunderstanding between two communities. My happiness knew no bound in knowing that Chassad is safe. Later, social media became flooded with video clips; some too heart-touching to even watch. A particular video clip that shows women and children wailing inconsolably as their houses were gutted in flames brought tears to my eyes. ‘O Lord our God, let not these cries and prayers of your people be in vain,’ I prayed in despair.
Never have I imagined that my birthplace would one day be reduced to a house-less village. My father, had he been alive today would still pray for the perpetrators - the Tangkhuls. That basically is our difference. While peace loving Kukis believed in loving their neighbours as they love themselves, their neighbours evidently follow different teachings. It was the year 1979 that my father, then Pastor of KBC, was given posting as Chassad Gambih Pastor (Area Pastor). He’d later served a record 10 years in the region, during which I was born. I have only few memories to recollect as a child but I have heard from my parents, the kindness of people from Chassad area despite the communication hardships which continue to prevail in the area till today. My father had not just good friends but best friend ‘jol’ from the Tangkhul community too. Even when communal tensions were high during the infamous Communal Conflicts of the 90s, my father was invited to Molvailup village, Chassad area for Christmas and New Year celebration. His submission would always be that ‘There are many Tangkhuls who are like us, peace loving. I have many friends in Kamjong too. It is the militants and not the public.’ I know for sure that my father would never lie. But thirty years down the line, If I am to describe the nature of the people who turned my birthplace to ashes today, I will offcourse say ‘ I have a friend from Kamjong’, like my father, but I will be in lost for good words to honestly describe them. Cowards and miscreants would be the least harsh words to describe people who made more than 100 families homeless.
A few months back, the Kuki Chiefs of Chassad area made a request to the Government for protection of Kuki villages in Chassad Area, Kamjong District. I was surprised because Chassad village has not just a Police Station but also an Assam Rifle post, both of which are located within a mile radius of the village. Then I remember the many villages like Moltuh, Aishi and Molvailup etc who could need security forces for their protection. Chassad village was the last in my mind that I thought, could be attacked, that too in broad daylight. My trust on security forces have now hit rock-bottom after Chassad’s episode. May be it was my fault to have such high hopes. While there are many people, including victims whose houses were burnt down, who strongly feel NSCN IM is behind the attack, I for one thought an organisation which has a motto ‘ Nagaland for Christ’ cannot stoop to that level of burning innocent people’s home which will be directly against Christ’s teaching of ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’. Many people laugh at me at how novice I am, in understanding the plight of the Kukis in Chassad area. I decided not to doubt the people who are on the ground.
As I think of how difficultly the families of the now homeless Chassad villagers will spend their night, my heart weeps not just because of their plight but for my helplessness in ensuring the prevalence of basic sense of humanity in my birthplace which is nothing but a town of ashes now. Herculean efforts of not just physical and economical but emotional and psychological await the villagers to restore their homestead. I gave my utmost respect to the people of Chassad for not retaliating the attacks, which is one of the highest level of provocation and a display of utmost disrespect towards the victims. The people of Chassad even when they were in the jungle, while their houses were gutted to flames, prayed and displayed true characters of believers, which the neighbours could surely learn. Apart from banning the internet, I hope the Government restores Chassad village at the earliest possible and ensure the situation doesn’t get out of control. Or, will my hope on the establishment be failed once again? I do not want to know.

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