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Imphal, Sept 6

Despite people’s demand to have proper Regulation for Boarding and Hostel run by Private individuals, a government co-educational residential school named Model Residential School situated at Rengpang under Nungba Sub division of Noney district was managed and run without any gate or boundary fencing for the security and safety of the students since its establishment.

Violating the Norms and standards given by the National Regulatory Guidelines for Hostels of Educational Institution for Children where proper boundary wall and gates for ensuring safety and security of resident students is vital, the Model Residential School, having a total number of 134 (73 boys and 66 girls) residing and studying in it put their life insecure living in a place without any boundary and gate.

Concerning about the insecurity felt by the staffs and students, Headmistress of the school Jangsinlu Riamei said that as the school is near the highway and lack of boundary wall and a gate becomes a big problem to them. Not only they fear for intruders from the neighboring village, the many unknown people passing through the highway makes a great concern for the safety and security of the both the students  and staffs of the school.

“As there are many girl students residing in the residential school, there is a tremendous risk especially for the girl students”, she added.

She further said that some students even ran away from the campus taking undue advantage of the lack of Boundary Walls and gate.

Moreover the Students of Model Residential School expressed great concern over the lack of teachers.

More importantly the students of Class ten who will be facing the HSLC Examination will be appearing without any teacher. Around 27 students from the school will appear with such ill fated situation.

The school which was upgraded to High school last year still lacks proper and regular teacher for both class 9 and 10. They all studied without any proper teachers. The present class 10 students were all promoted from Class 9 without any proper and regular teacher.

Even though a Model School, it doesn’t have any medical assistance or even a vehicle for the school to carry the ill students and the staffs to the nearest health centre which is at Nungba about 15 km from their school.

Pointing out that the fate of Class 10 students who are going to appear HSLC, Jangsinliu said that there are no regular teachers for the class 9 and 10 even as there are teachers who teach upto Class 8. She urged the government to appoint regular teachers for her students.

She also appealed the government to provide a medical practitioner a doctor or a nurse and also a vehicle for their residential school for the welfare of both the teaching and non teaching staff.

“It becomes a huge trouble for them when one falls sick as there is no nearby health centre and one has to travel a distance of 15km to Nungba”, Jangsinliu stated and added that the lack of vehicle for the school has added more trouble to them.

Highlighting the shortage of water due to lack of reservoir she said that as there is no adequate reservoir they went far places to fetch water. She urged the government to build an adequate reservoir for them.

Despite government’s initiative to improve government school under the ambitious “School Fagathansi Mission” many schools without simple basic facilities of being a school are still left. Many questioned the fate of such schools which were not listed on “School Fagathansi Mission”.

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Imphal, Sept. 6

The State Government in collaboration with Fourth Dimension Global today hosted the first ever Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conclave of the North East region at City Convention Centre, Palace Compound in Imphal East District. 

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh graced the opening session of the conclave as the chief guest. Chief Secretary Dr. J. Suresh Babu, Additional Chief Secretaries Dr. Suhel Akhtar and M.H. Khan, Principal Secretary (Commerce and Industry) P. Vaiphei, CSR expert and Department of Public Enterprise, Government of India former Secretary Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee and Managing Director of IRG Systems South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Amit Jain also attended the function as dignitaries. 

Addressing the conclave, N. Biren Singh invited the corporate houses of the country and abroad to come to Manipur and partner with the State in different ventures. Stating that the law and order condition of the State has improved tremendously in the past few years, the Chief Minister welcomed the corporate world to invest in Manipur. He assured that their capital would remain safe and productive. 

He stated that there are certain areas where Government developmental schemes had not penetrated adequately. With limited financial resources, the State Government can reach its goals in these sectors only with supplementary funding through CSR route, the Chief Minister observed. He said that the Airports Authority of India has committed to provide CSR funds of Rs. 4.95 for procuring equipment for new Accident and Trauma Centre at JNIMS. Likewise, IOCL is funding for construction of community bathrooms, he added. 

The Chief Minister further said that there is unlimited potential for private investment in different sectors in the State and all these sectors also present areas of investment for CSR funds. The Government of Manipur had identified social sector including education, skilling, healthcare, social development and human development as top priority areas for CSR funding, N. Biren informed. He further said that schools, colleges, Anganwadi centres, old age homes, shelter homes, skilling centres are only a few possibilities offering scope for CSR investment which would definitely have a greater positive impact on social development.

Stating that Manipur is the land gateway of India to South-East Asia, the Chief Minister said that the synergies created by the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway project would transform the State. The North East region, endowed with rich natural and cultural diversity, is now seen as the new engines of growth for India, he said. Stating that connectivity between Manipur and other States and neighboring Myanmar had improved tremendously in the recent past, N. Biren also said that Manipur has huge potential for cultural tourism as well. 

He also mentioned about State’s rich resources of medicinal plants, horticultural products, aromatic plants and spices and great potentials in medical tourism, organic farming and floriculture. He also said that Manipur is flourishing in handloom, reeds (kouna) and bamboo crafts and pottery.

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Friday, 06 September 2019 17:43

14 JAC members released

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Imphal, Sept 6

14 members of the JAC formed against the mysterious death of Babysana , who were detained by police were released today after they were produced to Chief Judicial Magistrate Imphal West today. As per report those detained agitators were released after the Investigation officers stated in its report that there were no sufficient evidence against them.

It may be mentioned that Chief Minister had yesterday talked with the members of the JAC and had listened to the demands of the JAC.

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Imphal, Sept 6

The first Federal Assembly of North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP) which was constituted at the Conference Hall of Hotel Shangchia, Zerkawt, Aizawl, Mizoram with the Federal Assembly Member from all the NE States of India reaffirmed to oppose CAB and any legislation related with CAB and influx of illegal immigrants. 

The Federal Assembly began from 4 September, 2019 and continued till 6 September 2019 constituting the Federal Assembly and it first Central Executive Council and office bearer. The resolution taken by the first federal Assembly known as Aizawl Declaration supports the demand for implementation of ILP and all alike legislations by the NE States and further Appeal for implementation of NRC alike legislations by the respective State Assembly of NE States.

NEFIP further reaffirm the resolutions taken at Shillong Meeting held on 30m April, 2019 to plea and ensure UNDRIP and other indigenous people’s tights related International declarations and conventions and added that they will initiate to ensure UNDRIP be implemented in latter and spirit to all the NE States.  NEFIP a conglomeration of CSOs of the Seven States of NE was formed on the 3" April, 2019 with the urgent call to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2016 passed by the Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament in December last year.

Ten delegates from Manipur participate in the first federal assembly of NEFIP.


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98 journalists approved for enrolling in Manipur working journalist’s pension scheme

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Imphal, Sept. 6

Information and Public Relation Minister  Thongam Biswajit Singh handed over cheque amounting to Rs.2,00,000/- to Mrs Lalremsiem Joute, wife of late Joseph Joute, Co-editor, Hmasawnna Thar under Manipur State Journalist’s Welfare Scheme today at the conference hall of the Minister’s Office, New Secretariat.

Addressing the media, Minister stated that under the initiative of the State Government, Manipur Journalist Welfare Scheme was implemented in 2107, to provide a one-time financial assistance to the accredited and recognized journalists of Manipur for one time ex-gratia relief on urgent basis to journalists and their families.

The Minister continued that till now Rs 5,00,000 has been given as ex-gratia  and medical financial assistance to three journalists from the Hill Districts and a total of Rs 12,00,000 has been given as ex –gratia and medical financial assistance to nine journalists from the valley districts. A total of Rs 17,00,000 has been utilised from the interest incurred from Corpus Fund of Rs 10 crores, he added.

Keeping in mind about the various hardship the media fraternity undergoes while discharging their duties, the department has approved 98 applicants for enrolment in the Manipur Working Journalist’s Pension Scheme, 1996. Minister also lauded the contribution of the media fraternity and informed that the State government is trying to increase the pension amount for the pensioners at the earliest.

The minister maintained that the government is targeting to complete the construction of Office Building of Directorate of Information and Public Relations located at Keishampat, by December this year. He also informed that the department has got approval for increasing cash award for Best Editor from Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000, from this year.

Today’s function was attended by Commissioner IPR Kh Raghumani Singh, IAS, Director IPR, Heisnam Balkrisna Singh, Assistant Publicity Officer (Press) Tenshubam Sangeeta and other officials of the directorate.


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So, who actually ‘killed’ Babysana Chanu? Well, the answer would be prejudiced as the case is still going on in the court, but it appears the public knew it already. Not getting into details about the legal terms and procedures for the final outcome and circumstantial evidence leading to the tragic death of the little innocent girl, one is certain that Babysana has left this universe, exposing us to the very kind of sick society we all have inherited.  
The ultimate question is – what was Babysana’s fault and why she had to die so early in her life, when she might not even fully realize the meaning of life?  Certainly, she alone could answer the question, which again won’t be possible for sure. But the fact of the matter is she is dead.
Now, we can look at two different hypotheses, not essentially the death of the girl. The private schools, which are mushrooming like anything in the state, and the second, a government which does nothing at all, but photo-ops for blinding the masses.
Many of us depended to private school due to reason best  known by every responsibility citizen of the state and thus the first one be excused. Nevertheless, overall ninety per cent of all the private schools in the state do not follow the actual guidelines of the Central Board of Secondary Education or the central nodal agency for school education. This may be in terms of teaching facilities, student welfare and management of schools among many others. For a state like Manipur, which has no ‘proper regulation and guideline’ for establishing or running a school either in private or with government funds, one can have their say if you have the money and the right connections with the powers that be.  And ultimately who suffers – the students, the teachers and the society.
The second: the government is the problem. Over the years, government funded schools are not able to produce a single credible student in examinations, also conducted by itself. There could be various reasons – one is that the state government hasn’t given any importance to the education sector and is still clueless where sector is heading to. The next is almost every decision initiated by the state government on education has been based on ‘adhocism’.
Few weeks ago, the media reported about the launching of a scheme called ‘School Phagathannsi’mission.  One wonders what was the actual goal of the scheme: to improve infrastructure of the schools or the education system or both? May be yes. The next day it was full stop.  And lastly, Manipur has no true public leader to lead the masses from the front. Of course, we’ve plenty if you talk about politicians.
Nelson Mandela, the great African leader, said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the word.” Truly, education is the key to everything in a society from establishing gender equality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace.
Last month, one had the opportunity to meet the state education minister, Th Radheshyam, who came to participate in a programme conducted by the Delhi government on education. When asked him about the state of the education system in the state, he frankly confided – it’s very bad, but is ‘trying’. Except the salaries for the teachers, his department has no money to launch any innovative and creative activities either for the teachers or students, which is the most important sector after all. In fact, hundreds of teachers get retired every year, but there is no recruitment for nearly 30 years in Manipur.
Coming to Babysana, her case could be either suicide or homicide, but her death is the symptom of a broken and sick society, which we all have to accept. The little girl was killed by you and me.

Writer: Leichombam Kullajit

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Friday, 06 September 2019 17:24

KVK Chandel organizes Mega Kisan Mela

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Chandel, Sept.6

Mega Kisan Mela was organised at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Chandel under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan at Monsangpantha Village, Chandel district yesterday. The Programme is Sponsored by ICAR -RC for NE Hills Region, Barapani Umiam under Tribal Sub Plan.

The function was graced by Deputy Commissioner Chandel Krishna Kumar(IAS) as Chief Guest, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region Manipur Centre Joint Director Dr N.Prakash as President.

The programme was led by Dr. Deepak Singh, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK Chandel. During the mela, he discussed about the mandate of this KVK in brief.

District Agriculture Officer Chandel Ts Gladny Monsang, District Horticulture and Soil Conservation Chandel AO Ksh Prava, PHED Chandel SO Dl Shenong, KVK Chandel ACTOs Dr K.Sonamani, Dr A.Ameeta, Ts Leenda Monsang, Dr KL.Levish Chongloi, Tonshing Kamei Super, D.Dongel, Farmers from different villages of Chandel District also attended as the function.

Thereafter, an interaction programme was conducted between the subject experts and the farmers. Inputs of various improved crop varieties were distributed to the farmers.

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Injury to the spinal cord not only affects an individual physically, but his overall abilities are also damages, leading to a poor quality of life. ‘Spinal Cord Injury Day’ is observed on 5th September annually, with the intention of increasing awareness amongst the general public.  It is being presumed that spreading the awareness about Spinal cord injury would facilitate an inclusive life for persons with disability and giving them motivation to live their life to the fullest.
The spinal cord injury and its effects can be different to every sufferer and its effect depends on the cause, circumstances and how quickly the injury is being treated. It can be damaged through trauma such as a major accident or as a result of illness and infection. After the damage, the impact depends on where the spinal cord is injured, for instance if the injury is in the lower part of the spinal cord, it may affect use of the legs and control of the stomach, bladder and bowels. In order to motivate and encourage patients with spinal cord injury, this year’s theme is ‘Living life to the fullest’.
It is very hard to live with spinal cord injury, because a person will find difficulty to perform all his or her daily activities like ever before. Spinal cord injury affects functions, sometimes seriously, leading to loss of movement and control of bodily functions. Such injuries affecting their daily chores are disastrous for the patients and their families. In order to promote positive approach among the sufferers, motivating them to fight against all the odds is must. These life-altering injuries cause disruptive changes in every aspect of their live and there are a lot of advancements and new information to navigate and understand.” said Dr Anuj Malhotra, HOD and Senior Consultant, Joint replacement and Orthopaedic, Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi.
 The spine is one of the most important support system of our body. Being a complex cylinder of nerves that starts at the base of our brain and runs down the vertebral canal, allowing complete body functions. Injury to the spinal cord ranging from mild to severe, can affect a person’ life completely, causing major permanent changes in the body’s strength, sensation and ability.
“Now-a-days, less physical activities like running, walking and exercises are the major reason behind weak immune system and weaker spinal cord. Millions of people are being affected by back pain due to continuously working for long hours. Taking care of spine will help you to lower the chances of injuries later. Many of the steps can be taken to improve the overall health of your spine includes sleeping well at night, stretch to help your back and neck, exercises to stay physically fit, maintain a healthy weight and reduce a lot of stress on both the lower and upper back” Said  Dr Satnam Singh Chhabra, Head Neuro and Spine department, Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.

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Piggery fattening unit inaugurated

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Chandel, Sept.6

Piggery Fattening unit supported by North Eastern Council, Government of India implemented by NERCORMP Chandel was inaugurated at Salemthar village, Chandel District, Manipur on 4th of September 2019 by Mrs. Lily Rose Jajo, District Project Director, NERCORMP Chandel in the presence of Salemthar Village Chief, Natural Resource Management Group (NaRMG) and other officers of NERCORMP Chandel. The piggery fattening unit is benefiting 6 families from the poorest of the poor villagers.

The main objective of the project is to enhance the livelihood of the poorest of the poor in a sustainable manner.  The district project director emphasize the benefit of pig rearing as it provide supplementary income to seasonally employed rural poor which improve their livelihood.

The beneficiaries express their gratitude to NERCORMP Chandel for bringing much needed livelihood activities.

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