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I admit that there is a delay from the part of Ministry on NSU – Rijiju

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Imphal, Sept 3

Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs ad State Independent Charge, Kiren Rijiju while inaugurating the Synthetic Turf ground for Football at Takyel in Imphal West today admitted that there has been delay in the part of Ministry while setting up of the National Sports University which was announced in 2014 during the first budget of Narendra Modi Government.

“I admitted that there has been a delay from the part of the Ministry and that I assure that I will rectify it immediately” Kiren Rijiju said today while inaugurating the Synthetic Turf ground for Football at Takyel in Imphal West.

“I will not accept any hindrance to the progress of National Sports University”, a committed Rijiju told the gathering.

On the failure to properly run the NSU in the temporary complex, Rijiju said that the reason for the failure to run properly is due to lack of proper support from all corners.

The synthetic football turf ground at Takyel which is in Imphal West was constructed at the cost of Rs. 10 crore 44 lakhs. Rs. 5 crore was sanctioned under the Khello India while Rs. 5 Crore 44 lakhs has been from the Sports Authority of India. The International standard football turf ground has a 200 audience capacity gallery and two green rooms for players. During the inspection, Kiren Rijiju said the upcoming Women World Cup football will be an inspiration to all the female football players in the state.

“During my visit (as MoS YAS) I have tried to analyze how Manipur produces top sportsperson of India and How it become a sports powerhouse, in what way Manipur Sportspersons are able to perform in high level, and then I have taken a decision to provide all kind of facilities to enhance our sportspersons in Manipur”, The Union MoS for YAS said talking to the gathering at Takyel.

Rijiju said that even though the NSU was announced in 2014 due to land dispute in choosing site it took time to take off. After the land dispute has been settled and after the site has been chosen there will be no delay in the progress of the NSU.

The Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju also took stock of the ongoing construction work for establishment of the National Sports University at Koutruk in Imphal West.

Kiren Rijiju arrived here in Imphal yesterday. Soon after his arrival here in Imphal the Union Minister along with the Chief Minister of Manipur went to Chandel district and reviewed the Aspirational Districts Programme taken up in Chandel district, which is among one of the 117 districts of the country selected under the programme.

This is the first visit of Kiren Rijiju after taking charge of the Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports. Kiren Rijiju however, had visited the state many times at different capacity when he was the MoS Defence among others.

“When I took over as the Minister of YAS, one of my first agenda is the National Sports University”, Rijiju said talking to a gathering at Koutruk. He said he wanted to visit the site where the construction is being taken up to find out the suitability of the location.

The Union MoS for YAS said that the idea behind the establishment of the National Sports University is not just a center for sports, it is going to be a pride of India , a showcase where people from not only India but from across the country will come, he added.

He further said that the NSU was first announced in the first budget in 2014, when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. He said he had been enquiring about the progress of the National Sports University from time to time even though he was not in charge of YAS.

Earlier, Kiren Rijiju inspected the condition of the sports stadium at Khuman Lampak in Imphal. He was accompanied by MLA H. Dingo and MLA Robindro. The Union Minister of State for YAS and his companion along with Commissioner YAS Bobby Wahengbam and Director YAS Amstrong Panmei showed different part of the Khuman Lampak stadium. Kiren Rijiju interacted with various sportspersons at the Khuman Lampak stadium. Kiren Rijiju discussed about the problem being faced by the sportspersons due to lack of proper infrastructures among others.

Kiren Rijiju assured to replace the outdated sports equipments and to upgrade the stadium infrastructures to the sportspersons and the Coaches present in the interaction.

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Imphal Sept 3,

Second day of the 48 hours General Strike called by the JAC formed in connection with the mysterious death of Babysana continues to paralyze normal life in the state. The General Strike will conclude at 6 am tomorrow morning.

Almost all shops and business establishment in major market places of Imphal including Khwairambandh Keithel, Thangal and Paona Keithel, continue to remain shut. Schools and colleges in across the valley district remain close and government offices witness less attendance of staffs. At some offices, staffs who attended the office on compulsion denied to attend visitors and officials works were crippled with no staff ready to perform normal duty.

Interstate transports including passengers service vehicles were cancelled for the second day. Inter-district passenger transport service and all modes of passenger vehicles including Tata Magic service stay off the road.

Even though police warned the protestors not to participate in the General Strike and not hamper public life, women blocked roads and made to return vehicles passing through the road of Singjamei Chingamakha, Khumbong and Khaidem of Imphal West area.  The protestors blocked road by staging protest at Singjamei, Khumbong and Khaidem area.  

The streets looks deserted except for few private vehicles.

Despite police efforts to avoid any incidents related with the General Strike, an effigy of Chief Minister N. Biren and Founder of Standard Robarth Ph. Landhoni were burnt by the bandh supporters at Thangmeiband Sinam Leikai.

Except for some places, the 48 hours General Strike didn’t see much of the people blocking roads as witnessed earlier. However, almost all people stay indoor supporting the General Strike.

Speaking to the media by General Secretary of Naharol Leisemba Club, Thangmeiband Sinam Leikai, Naoroibam Bikramjit said that their Club’s President who is also the Co-covenor of JAC, Leishangthem Pratap had been in the police custody for the last 20 days. He appealed the concern authorities to release the Co-covenor as soon as possible as his health has deteriorated. He added that if any untoward things happen to him than intense agitation will be launched by the club and the Meira Paibi.

Thangmeiband Sinam Leikai, Meira Paibi. Secy. Hijam Rashi said that the state wide 48 hours General Strike called by the Babysana JAC that had been imposed from yesterday is against the state government to bring out the justice of the mysterious death of babysana. She condemned the government for being a mute spectator.

Rashi further said that the Co-convenor of JAC Pratap protested an indefinite hunger strike inside the jail demanding justice and to find truth about the death of Babysana and also for being a mute spectator by the government.

Father of Babysana N. Tomchou while meeting with the media person in his residence at Thangmeiband Meisnam Leikai said that he was presently staying at his home and urged the government not to make him an absconder. He further said that he will give his statement to the police again if they said so and added that he will give his statement in the presence of CSOs.

Tomchou also urged the police to give a date for giving his statement. He concluded with an appealed to release the arrested persons of the JAC.

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Imphal, Sept 3

Concerning about the rising competition of gifts given to teachers for the celebration of Teachers’ Day making the celebration a day only for the rich students, Joint Students Coordination Committee boycotts Teachers’ Day celebration to be held on 5th September. 

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at the conference hall of All Manipur Students’ Union DM College Campus, Convener of JSCC Peter Laishram stressed that the Teachers’ Day celebration in the present society becomes more of a celebration concerning only the rich students.

He added that the rising competition of gifts given to the teachers create the relationship between student and teacher into a mere luxury one. 

Condemning such relationship where the teacher and students turn into a luxury one he said that such change made the poor and helpless student think that there is no teacher left for them. 

Peter further said that JSCC are strongly concerned about such changing relationship between the students and teachers as a part of the Teachers’ Day Celebration and appealed to stop such act.

He further urged school, college and educational institutions not to organize Teachers Day celebration on September 5 even though they held it in previous years and added that they can organize it on any day or on International Teachers Day which is held on October 5. 

He concluded that JSCC will also look into the incident where two students of SMART Universal Academy were brutally beaten by the Secretary. 

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Tuesday, 03 September 2019 17:43

Mockery of the legislation

Without exceptions or let-up across parties that has ruled the country since independence, a continually disappointing and very prominent feature that has been the bane of progress of this country is that legislations framed by successive governments to protect the rights of the common people are often a mockery as the authorities entrusted with their proper implementation has never bothered to put the required efforts to ensure the same, let alone the thought of following up and improving upon them. There had been countless instances where government authorities turned a deaf ear to the cries for justice and relief as per the innumerable provisions provided in the legislations passed by the governments for the protection and safeguarding of the rights of the common people. Almost every single legislations framed by the government ultimately ends up as a convenient tool to protect and further the interest of the rich and influential people as the system is, in practice, no different to a monarchy where those in power and position treat laws and legislations as their weapon of choice for personal and political advantage.
However, with the advancements in information technology, the people today have access to information about the muzzling of the Manipur Private Schools (Registration) Bill, 2017 which got the assent from the governor due to pressure from a highly influential Private School body. In this regard the ruling government till today has not given a clear picture or explanation as to why the legislation passed by the state Legislative Assembly has not been implemented. Notably, the Manipur Private Schools (Registration) Bill, 2017 and the Manipur Coaching Institute (Control and Regulation) Bill, 2017, were passed unanimously in order to streamline the education system and to have proper control over the mushrooming of business oriented private schools and coaching centres. The speculation of the public about the pressure given by the private educational body and the probable nexus between the Education Minister and the body is assumable.
It is not only the Private School regulation and registration Act, but the Manipur Conservation of Paddy land and Wetland Act 2014 that was passed to conserve the paddy land and wetland and to restrict the conversion or reclamation thereof in order to promote growth in the agricultural sector in the state of Manipur that has been violated by the same private educational institution  in blatant disregard of a standing order of the concern SDO issued to the pattadar to stop any construction activity on the agricultural land and restore the land to its original position immediately more than a year back.
Such flagrant violations of government legislation by wealthy and influential persons are nothing new or extraordinary- and therein lies the real concern of the common people. The evident impotency of the state government to enforce its own rules despite overwhelming evidences of violations is a clear indication of a compromised authority and corrupt system. Ironically, the present government is crying hoarse about its intention of uprooting corruption by marshalling support and evidence from the general public, while such a high-profile and clear-cut case has been deliberately overlooked. It is also a given that lawsuits are also being used by the wealthy to defer judgments or buy time to make ignoble arrangements, and the same may very well be taken up by the violator/s to wear out any protests or prohibitions.
If the state government is sincere in its intent to bring about development and efficiency in its administration and governance, it need to dispense such high profile and clear-cut cases swiftly and in a manner that will send out an unmistakable signal of its intolerance for violators of laws and legislations. After all, action speaks louder than words, and for long the people have been looking out for any signs of decisive actions. Hope the wait should not continue else the rot in the trust and belief that was once bestowed by the public might very well erode beyond repair.

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We find the punishment of Khongoinaba in the 16th Century entries of Cheitharol Kumpapa.  Scholars have said that this punishment is awarded to women for committing crimes such as the murder of husband, abortion or stealing children. James Johnstone, in his book Manipur and the Naga Hills, states that the convicted woman is stripped to the waist, her breast painted red (most probably lime and turmeric mixture) and tied with a rope around the waist and paraded in the market with people shouting, “come and look at this naughty woman !” These acts have continued for long in Manipur. Now, with smart phones and high speed internet, there is a new add-on to this age-old practice. We now record the videos and circulate the videos of Khongoinaba in the social media. There have been videos of the organizations on “restaurant drives” in the social media with shocking vulgar images of women condemned to violence and stripping for defying social norms. Recently, various incidents of Khongoinaba have surfaced on social media.
 What sort of justice we are expecting when attempts are made to strip a woman forcefully and more importantly, for whom are we doing this. Or, it is just a punishment for violating social norms. Khongoinaba is a form of punishment that has been around for centuries in Manipur. Pothang, Lallup and amang-aseng and many more feudal practices have been discontinued but we still continue to hold on to Khongoinaba.  We need to do away with this regressive form of punishment in our society as soon as possible, especially Leikai as an institution should not practice it at all, given that it is an age-old practice.  The distinction between progressive and regressive should be made when the society acts through its organizations or a leikai as an institution chooses to do certain things. The feudal patriarchal punishment needs to be done away with if we are moving towards a mannaba khunnai. This punishment reflects the feudal patriarchal norm that society should violate a woman as a punishment for breaking the social norm. It has nothing to do with the question of justice. This form of punishment is only based on retribution. We need to take such regressive measures from our understanding of justice.  
Kanglei Chanura Kanba Lup Phenomena
When we speak of regressive norms of justice prevailing in the society and its executions, one organisation comes to mind immediately which symbolizes the most regressive manner in which this society wants to deal with what it sees as a problem.  In September 2O15, an allegation against an organisation called Kanglei Chanura Kanba Lup surfaced in the social media. It is said that the organisation goes for “restaurant drive” and takes money from the people they catch in these drives. Khurai Lamlong Meira Paibi, Mothers’ association and Paragon Club raided the office of Kanglei Chanura Kanba Lup at Khurai Lamlong Keithel and found the allegations true. Secretary of Mother’s Association at that time stated that no branch or office of this organisation would be allowed in Khurai given that this organisation is doing such things for earning money.  In the month of May 2O18 another allegation against Kanglei Chanura Kanba Lup surfaced in social media that the organisation along with people high on intoxicants are going for restaurant drive and have beaten up people with iron rods. A video of the incident also surfaced in the social media. ISTV also reported in December 2O18 that five members of this group faced arrest for abducting an ISTV journalist from a fast food and holding her for ransom. The TV channel also alleged that they attempted to kill her after finding out that she works in the news channel. The channel also reported that members of this organisation have faced arrests earlier also on similar matters.  
Recently, a source reported that people who were earlier members of Kanglei Chanura Kanba Lup came to Sagolband and tried settling a matter between a middle-aged man and a nupi manbi on behalf of the wife of the middle aged man. They posed threats and tried to instill fear in the nupi manbi. Afterwards, the members of Kanglei Chanura Kanba Lup asked for money from those who attended the meeting from the side of the nupi manbi.
The practice of Khongoinaba and extortion in the name of saving the culture of society points to serious ills in this society and it indicates that we are still  carrying forward regressive norms from the past which must be forgotten if we are seeking for society devoid of oppression and exploitation.  The task is not to give way for the strengthening of the foreign norms but to have more reflection on the norms which were born in our land. We need to weed out the regressive and pick the progressive in these indigenous norms.

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By- T H Haokip                  

The recent media stunts made by an Organisation whose name itself made a mockery of the people they professed to represent, does not deserve discussion on any respectable platform. But for its surprising endorsement by few media house, the contagious Press Release made by FoH needs to be highly condemned so that the hard-earned peace and harmony witnessed in the state, and the country at present is not sabotaged by few people with ulterior motives.
The press communique by the so called Federation of Haomee though rightfully regarded by many as just a desperate attempt by few individuals to disrupt the Indo-Kuki peace talks, posses a huge threat to incite people and disturb peace in the Hills of Manipur. Its demonic intention of discrediting the highly commendable job of the Government to hold talks with Kuki militants, which have heralded a long-lost peace in the Hills, could only meant that the Organisation’s main agenda is to let the Hills burn again. The organisation has selectively  targeted the Kuki Militants, who demanded an amicable solution under the ambit of the Indian constitution without affecting the integrity of the state whereas they remain silent on the Naga insurgents, whose demands if fulfilled would affect the integrity of the state, a situation all indigenous inhabitants of the state including the Kukis have vehemently opposed but which the Federation of Haomee carefully ignored, revealing the intention of their masterminds.
Understandably, no established organisations of the Kuki community even took cognizance of the organisation, let alone refute their fake sermons on indigenous residents when an executive member of the FoH itself is a recent entrant to the state from Burma. This should serve as an eye-opener to the handful of people in FoH, who in this 21st century thought they could fool people by writing a one-page press release and proclaimed themselves as representatives of the indigenous tribes of Manipur. The Kuki Inpi, an apex body of the Kukis and its sister organisations are presently engaging their time and energy on the commemoration of the Centenary year of Anglo-Kuki war 1917-1919, where the Kukis bravely fought the Mighty British to protect their land and honour. The land the Kukis lived and protected are now bifurcated into different countries. It will not only be to display one’s lack of commonsense but also to reveal blatant ignorance to Historical facts in general and of the Kukis in particular to refer the Kukis in India as from Burma and the Kukis in Burma as from India. The fact that the Kuki armed groups have given up their souvereignty demands to integrate their ancestral lands was only to usher in peace at the earliest possible. Few ignorants like “FoH” should know that by terming the Kukis as foreigners, they are in fact supporting the millitants’ claim that the Kukis live independently since time immemorial and they are neither a part of India nor Burma but a separate “Kuki Country”.
The Federation of Haomee could learn a lesson or two about fighting for indigenous rights from the Kukis, whom they branded as refugee, in their effort to toe into whatever their masterminds dictate even if it meant challenging a well documented history known to all. A faithful advocate to their masters that they are, the Federation of Haomee should atleast know basic history of Manipur before firing all rounds blindfolded in medias, which is totally opposite in reality to how indegenous people like the Kukis fought to protect their land and pride.
The Federation of Haomee, while releasing series of unrepresented thoughts and fallacy should refrain themselves from voicing cooked-up histories again, which can disturb peace and harmony of the state in general and the Hills in particular, for which the FoH should only be held responsible.

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Ahmedabad, Sept 3

Manipur Tourism conducted a roadshow and organized the curtain-raiser for the 2019 edition of the Shirui Lily Festival and the Manipur Sangai Festival at the Travel & Tourism Fair (TTF) held at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad from 30th August to 1st September, 2019.
A team led by Dr. Yumnam Suraj Singh, Deputy Director, Department of Tourism along with Dimitry Laishram and Bidyananda Hanjabam represented Manipur Tourism at the event. The team interacted with over 2,000 visitors which included tour operators, potential investors, MICE providers and potential travelers at the event. The event highlighted the varied attractions of the two festivals to visitors at the fair and gave them an opportunity to have a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of Manipur. The team was conferred the TTF Excellence Award for Best Cultural Performance on the final day of the event.
A variety of performances like the famed Raas Leela, Khamba Thoibi, Lai Haraoba and the Kabui Naga dances formed part of the showcase of Manipur’s rich cultural heritage at the event. As part of the roadshow, artistes adorned in Radha & Lord Krishna’s attires distributed promotional materials and information on Manipur Sangai Festival and Shirui Lily Festival 2019 to visitors and stakeholders present at the event. Visitors thronged in for selfies and group photographs along with the artistes and it was a major crowd puller at the venue. The event generated queries from over 1000 tour operators and agents from across the country and facilitated connection with several stakeholders of the tourism industry in Gujarat as well as from other parts of India.
Commenting on the event, Dr. Yumnam Suraj Singh, Deputy Director, Department of Tourism said, “The visitor arrivals to the state during our Shirui Lily Festival and Manipur Sangai Festival exceeded our expectations last year. We are targeting Ahmedabad as part of our promotional campaign for these two festivals for the first time. It is quite encouraging to see the number of queries we have received during this event and we wish to convert these numbers into visit figures to our jeweled land. We invite travelers from this part of the country to come to Manipur and enjoy our varied attractions during our festivals.”
Manipur receives the maximum number of visitors during the Shirui Lily Festival and the Manipur Sangai Festival every year. The curtain raiser for these two festivals is organised in Ahmedabad to create awareness amongst potential visitors about the state’s offerings as a tourist destination. The domestic tourist inflow was 1,16,652 in 2010-11, and in 2017-18 this figure increased to 1,64,483. Similarly, the foreign tourist inflow increased manifold from 431 in 2010-11 to 3,787 in 2017-18. In 2018-19 Manipur recorded 1,66,032 domestic tourist arrivals and 9,794 Foreign Tourist Arrivals.

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Tuesday, 03 September 2019 17:37

Poshan Maah launched at Thoubal

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Imphal, Sep 2,

As its ongoing campaign to keep the women and children healthy, District Administration Thoubal launches  “Poshan Maah” campaign (National Nutrition Months) today at DC Conference hall by Deputy Commissioner, Thoubal District, N. Bandana. A rally was also organised at the surrounding of DC Thoubal Complex to make understand the people about the campaign.

The campaign was attended by ADM Thoubal, L.Radhakanta, CDPO, Thoubal, T.Anita,CMO, Thoubal, Dr. N.Jayentakumar, ASHA , Anganwadi workers and District Level Officers.

DC Thoubal, N.Bandana said that women and children should aware of the seasonal illness that cause by the food. She continued that to keep the women and children healthy a good food that gives nutrients should be eat. She further said that  ASHA workers and Anganwadi workers also have the responsibility to keep them healthy. She appealed the people to take part on the campaign. The campaign will go on for a month, she added.

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Imphal September 3,

In a major breakthrough, Assam Rifles in a joint operation with Manipur Police recovered huge cache of arms and ammunitions on 31 August 2019 at Imphal.
Based on specific inputs, a detailed search of the specified area was carried out by the joint team along with Explosive Detector (ED) Dog and Metal detectors along a track going up a hill feature dominating the Sandangsenba village. Upon detailed search of the area, the ED dog indicated a suspicious spot which was dug up. This revealed a blue coloured plastic sheet which contained two AK-56 Rifles along with two magazines,10 rounds of AK, two 9 mm Pistols and one M-20 Pistol along with three magazines wrapped inside.  
The operation is being seen as a major success by the joint team and has yet again reinforced the commitment of the security forces in Manipur.

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Tuesday, 03 September 2019 17:34

Assam Rifles Recovers Contraband Drugs

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Imphal September 3,

Assam Rifles recovered brown sugar worth approximately Rs 12.34 crores from Chelep and Moreh of Tengnoupol district on 28 August and 30 August 2019 in two separate incidents.
On 28 August 2019, based on specific input regarding smuggling of drugs and contraband items, a unit of Assam Rifles laid an ambush on Laibi - Chelep road. On detecting move of two suspicious individuals, the team challenged them, a thorough check of the individual’s bag, 300 packets of suspected brown sugar weighing approximately 12 grams each, with a total weight of 3.6 Kg and costing approximately Rs 7.20 crores were recovered.
In another incident, Assam Rifles seized huge quantity of Brown Sugar near New KLP, Moreh. 198 soap cases containing Brown Sugar neatly packed inside the body of the vehicle were recovered from the possession of Lunkhungam Haokip, 38 years son of Hunkholun Haokip, resident of Kholep village, Motbung in Kangpokpi district. The seized contraband drug weighed approximately 1.7 Kg with packaging and amounted to approximately 5.14 crores. The individual along with the contraband drug was handed over to the concerned authority.

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