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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Students’ Martyrs of Anti –Foreigners movement remembered on Realisation Day

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Imphal, April 17,

The 39th Realisation Day ( Meekap Thokpa Numit) was observed by the All Manipur Students Union (AMSU)  at Singjamei Chinga Mathak Pishum Ground, Imphal today.

The function began by hoisting the flag by Peter Laishram, President, AMSU and by paying floral tribute to the two student martyrs, Potshangbam Premananda and Huidrom Lokendro who lose their lives in the “Go Back Foreigner” movement of AMSU on April 17, 1980.  A procession was held by the participants of different community leaders, civil society groups and students of various institutions of the state from the hillock of Pishum Chingamacha to the ground where the public meeting was held.

The observance was graced by Sunil Karam, President UCM, Peter Laishram, President AMSU, Mangcha  Haokip, President, Kuki Inpi Manipur,Imphal Zone, Md. Wahajuddin Yumkhaibam, State President, World Human Rights Protection Association and Sinam Prakash, Secretary General ,NESO & Advisor AMSU as the Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honour respectively.

Two minutes silence was also observed as a mark of tribute to the martyrs. A blood donation camp was also held at the ground in connection with the observance.

Speaking on the occasion Sunil Karam recalled how the two martyrs lost their lives preventing the motherland from the non- locals and the role of AMSU in the movement. He stated that the mainland India has been trying to take in India. Later  he commented on how illegal migrants have illegitimately entered the country and started living all these years easily such sensitive matters should be studied and discuss thoroughly. It is the time one should not wait but the entire indigenous should start researching more on this issue. He appeal to the people of Manipur stop becoming like puppets in the hands of dirty politics. Their recent announcement on Citizenship Amendment Bill which will be pass in the coming months certainly proof that they are playing with people’s emotion and not considering the interest of the north eastern states. We the Manipuris  should not forget our goal, our identity towards our being. They with their manipulative ways always play with us. Their this double face nature is destroying the people and campaigning during this Lok Sabha elections they have used certain words like ‘asylum’ in some of their manifesto which is not agreeable at any cost. One should ask how and when such words coming in. Lastly he stated that many protest are hampering all our students ,taking example on Robinhood and how his friends and supporters land up revolting. Once such sensitive issues are settled only then students can study peacefully.

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RIMS Nursing College hostel gutted; important documents burnt

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Imphal, April 17,

Hostel number 2 of the Nursing College of RIMS located inside the RIMS campus was gutted down in a fire mishap today destroying property and important documents of the students.

No casualty was reported in the fire accident which occurred  inside RIMS campus Lamphel in Imphal West at around 9.30 in the morning as all the students were attending their routine classes and duty by their teacher during the time of burning.

Around 160 nursing students are staying in the Nursing hostel.

Police and fire fighters took several hours to douse the fire before spreading to nearby structures.

Cause of the fire is not known but report said that the fire might have cause due to electric short circuit.

Speaking to media persons Secretary of Trained Nurses Association of India Th. Binodini said that she along with male security guards and few others tried to save some of the things but was in vain.

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CPI alleges death threat to their workers

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Imphal, April 17,

Communist Party of India (CPI) today said that their worker have been threatened by workers of BJP at Andro , Heingang and Thongju Assembly constituencies. Speaking to media persons today afternoon at Irabot Bhavan, here in Imphal, Secretary of the State CPI , L. Sotinkumar said that their workers has been threatened of dire consequences if they sit as agent of the CPI inside the polling station of the three Assembly constituencies. A complaint has been lodged to the CEO through the RO in this regard by the CPI, Heingang Assembly Constituency 

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Polling personnel dispatch for re- poll at Senapati

Senapati, April 17,

 With the recommendation of CEO, Manipur, the District Election Officer Senapati has dispatch 54 Polling Personnel and 528 Security Personnel for the 17th Lok Sabha Election Re- poll to 11 Polling Station today at 1: 30 P.M. from the Dispatching Ground.
The re- poll will be held in the 47-  Karong (ST) Assembly Segment polling station 47/1- Koide (1) and 47/37- Kdom Khavii; in 48- Mao (ST) Assembly Segment, the polling station 48/ 11- Chawainu, 48/ 20- Songsong (B), 48/ 32- Makhel Keibi (A), 48/ 33 Makhel Keibi (B), 48/ 40- Tungam Khullen (D), 48/ 53 – Tungjoy (D), 48/ 65- Laii (A), 48/ 68- Laii (C); and, in the 49- Tadubi (ST) Assembly Segment, the polling station 49/ 10- Tadubi (A- 1).
Taking the utmost care, the DEO, Senapati has appointed most of the SDO’s of the District as the PRO. 7 micro- observers and 9 Sector Magistrates are also deployed. 9838 voters would be casting their vote for re- poll tomorrow in their own respective polling stations.

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Total shut down at Senapati against opening of Strong room

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Imphal, April 17,
Total shut down called by the Naga Peoples Coordination Committee (NPCC) in protest against the opening of strong room at Churachandpur district a day after polling took place has severely affected normalcy for two hour in Senapati district head quarter. The NPCC has been demanding non inclusion of the 50-Saikot Assembly Constituency, 58-Churachandpur Assembly Constituency and 60-Singhat Assembly Constituency to the counting of the votes for the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency.
The NPCC has been alleging violation of the code of conduct by the state government machineries by opening the strong room which has to be kept sealed till the counting dates. The CEO Manipur had however in a clarification stated that the strong room was open after a document of the security service has been left inside. The clarification also stated that video coverage was done at the time when the room was open to collect the security related document.
Earlier NPF had stated that the CEO has no knowledge about the opening of strong room.
The total shut down begins from 10 am today till 12 noon. During the period almost all shops and business establishment shut down. A protest demonstration was also staged in the district head quarter.
Similar protest will also be staged tomorrow at the same timing, an NPCC spokesperson said.

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RIMS dental doctors removed stone from beneath tongue

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Imphal, April 17,

A team of dental doctors led by Dr. Koijam Sashikumar Singh, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Dental College, RIMS successfully removed a 13 mm long stone from right submandibular duct from a patient.
Dr. Koijam Sashikumar stated that as in kidney or urinary tract, stone may be formed within the salivary ducts and salivary glands over the ear and face region; beneath the tongue and upper part of neck region. He further stated that stone formation within the salivary stone may be due to infection of the salivary duct, narrowing of duct, tortuous nature of duct, increase calcium and phosphorous level in the blood, long term use of medications which causes decreased salivary secretion.
If there is formation of stone within the salivary duct and salivary gland, there may be swelling and pain over the face and ear region; and over the upper part of neck region. The swelling may be increased during meals due to increased salivation during meals he added.

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One man fights against plastic in the state through recycling

By- Chingkhei Luwang

Imphal April 17,

Even though Itombi could live a comfortable life in a comfort zone doing white collar jobs or even open a hotel, he started a business against all odds with a conscious mind to protect and help reduced the harms done by plastic pollution by opening a recycling factory that recycled 2 to 3 tons of plastics waste every month.

Proprietor of SJ Plastic Agency Sadokpam Itombi (38 yrs) son of Sadokpam Gunikanta from Sagolband Sadokpam Gunikanta, a graduate in computer application inspired to opened up such factory by seeing the rag pickers collecting plastics at railway stations and took a firmed stand to open it to help reduced the plastic wastage in the state by recycling and making new plastic items through the recycled plastics.

Employing at least 40 people now through his firm helping unemployment issue in the state, SJ Plastic agency began operating since 2007 but was officially registered in 2009.

The firm made various types of plastic items ranging from flower pots to pipes and other furniture items which were made from the recycled plastics that were collected from various parts of Manipur. His items were even exported to Guwahati and also plan to market in the entire North East taking part in uplifting the economy of the state.

He gathered all the plastics from various places of the state and recycled but the plastics which can’t be recycled were sent to other states for further recycling.

Highlighting the difficulties, Itombi said that during the first years he had faced a lot of difficulties struggled a lot and also the lack of other factory which make plastic granules from the recycled plastic leads to a great problem in making the plastic items. He added that he was more of a one man army which started from rag picking, recycling to granules making and further making plastic items.

‘As plastic can’t be prohibited entirely and is now an impossible task, minimising and recycling the plastic is the only solution’, Itombi said. He also said that there seems to be politicising the banned of plastic products as no one questioned the packaged plastics in edible items which is more harmful.

He also said that a lot of work can be done in the state of Manipur which is a virgin state in terms of entrepreneurship and added that various entrepreneurs should come forward instead of following only white collar jobs.

He further said that at least 20 percent of the total plastic wastage of Manipur might be saving by his Plastic recycling factory since the past ten years.

He appealed to the people as well as the government to make the people aware to not litter the plastic and to help in recycling plastic and taking a bit of their part in lessening environmental damages done by plastic.

He finally concluded that people can bring plastics at his factory situated at Sagolband Sadokpam leikai in exchange with flower pots or other items which will be beneficial to both as well as the environment.


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Election euphoria: dirty game sometimes is a threat to Democracy

With just a day to go on poll, campaign for the 2nd phase Lok Sabha Election has been ended yesterday. But informal campaigns are going on using all means of communication devices as well as by talking with voters directly.
Perhaps for the first time, voters in the state seem to realize the importance of the Lok Sabha Election, this time. Earlier, people are not very much interested in the Lok Sabha election as people are not much aware about the significance of the Lok Sabha election. However, with the advancement of information technology the importance of parliamentary election has been felt, and the 17th Lok Sabha election this time is not going to throwing stone at the wall for the ruling regime.
This Lok Sabha election is going to be one of the toughest election ever witness in Manipur.
Matured people of the state are now busy campaigning for election for their favourite candidate leaving aside the peoples’ movement. Issues of the state like the CAB which the state witnessed mass uprise and others including Freedom of speech etc. seems to be forgotten and many ladies and gentlemen are seen going from door to door begging for votes for their respective candidates in Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.
With the polling day just a day left, picture of the political gambling emerges clearer showing who are with whom. It is also notice that some political party are laying with fire taking advantage of the first-past-the-post electoral system where India is following. A division among the supporters gains some specific candidate. And this has been noticed easily as it is wrong to assume that 60 to 70% of the people of the state are not aware of the issues being faced by the people. If the voters of the state blindly accepted the game played to the people than democracy f today will be a different one tomorrow. Let us think and vote for the future.

“Smart City-Imphal” (A dream that we need to make true)

There is a great buzz in India recently on smart cities. The Government has embarked on “ smart Cities Mission “,one of the Prime Minister’s pet Project and has identified in the first phase , a list of 98 current cities to be developed into smart city including our Imphal. Economic growth and improving the quality of life of its citizens are the prime drivers of the mission. To achieve this, Government plans to enable local area development by using Digital Technology and Information Communication Technologies (ICT). Greenfield areas are to be developed in the periphery of the cities to provide accommodation to the anticipated growth of the population as a result of these developments.
        Smart city provides the citizens, high quality cost effective service seamlessly and with a minimum use of resources. Smart cities will use technology, gather and collate information and data using smart solution with the aim of improving the services and infrastructures. The information gathered will be in real time thereby providing quicker solutions to problems on hands. Digital technology offers most services at the click of the mouse which otherwise involved a physical presence of the resident to receive many of the services such as banking, shopping, Government services (payment of taxes, bills, accessing information’s etc.). Smart cities are high on the social indices, good and transparent governance. As a result the quality of life improves creating feel-good factors in the individual.  This would also lead to higher productivity, employment opportunities and income generation and consequently inclusive growth.
      A normal city is defined as area with boundary limits including both urban and sub-urban areas. Land area, population, civic facilities, administration with structured portfolios, well defined transport system, medical and Educational facilities and a faster pace of life, all define a city. It contrast with town or village, in that the above stated facilities are less or non-existent in them. It is also true that many a time town grows into cities. There seems to be no universal definition of what is a smart city. Many parameters define a smart city and these may not be applicable universally, it would vary from country to country and city to city. The level of development planned, resources required or available, a commitment to change and introduce reforms taking the aspirations of its citizens are all necessary requirement in a smart city. So, smart city is the normal city with much more.
      The Manipur government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IL & FS Township  and  Urban  Assets  Limited  and  Price  water  house  coopers  private  limited  for
 implementing the Imphal smart City project on 6th  November 2018 The projects covers key infrastructures  development  like  upgrading  sewerage  system,  Nambul  and  Imphal  river rejuvenation, development  of  Kangla  Fort,  better transport  services, pollution  control  and beautification activities in the capital. As a part of it Honorable Chief Minister launched the  “Rejuvenation and Conservation of Nambul River, Imphal Manipur “Project on 9th March 2019.The project would be executed in phase manner under the National River conservation Plan of Ministry of Environment ,Forest and Climate change. The first phase of the project would be taken up along the polluted stretch of Nambul River from Iroisemba to Heirangoithong area. As a part of the project encouraging local clubs and Organizations to construct concrete garbage bins in the respective localities and assurance of Government to provide loans or grants for constructing the garbage disposal structures is a good step forward. The project aims to control pollution of River water by intercepting and treating all the urban waste water outfalls by using latest technology for treatment plant known as MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) at Mongsangei(16MLD) and Samusang(1MLD).It is also reported that under this project ,a total of 56 eco-friendly crematoria and 20 units of community toilets complex would also be constructed at various areas along Nambul River. It’s heartening to learnt that Water Resource Department, PHED, MAHUD, State Pollution Control Board will be working together in this project. Prevention of pollution in Nambul River will greatly help to save Loktak Lake also. In fact this is a great step taken by our government for our betterment. But a big question crop up at the moment, after seeing the mind set of our people in regard to disobedience of traffic rules ( because of many factors),disposal of garbage and solid waste, and many more; whether Imphal City project will be successful or not?. Unless we change our mind set (including common people, public leaders, and bureaucrat officers) toward a progressive orientation with a commitment, the dream of Imphal Smart city may find hard to translate into reality. So, we all need to cooperate to the government for a progressive Manipur.

Any Suggestions and comments can reach to: [email protected] .com  Or WhatsApp No: 9612891339.

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