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Imphal, March 6,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that there would be no financial constraint for developmental works and welfare of the people. This was stated by him at the function of foundation stone laying ceremony of five bridges over Imphal River which was held at Khongnangkhong Lampak, Heingang Mayai Leikai, Imphal East today.
Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister appealed to the people of the state to avoid inter ethnic hatred or hostility towards any ethnic group rather one should support one another to bring inclusive development in the State. Mentioning that various schemes have been initiated for the welfare of the people of the State, Chief Minister opined that the present government doesn’t give false promises to the people.
Chief Minister stressed that each bridge would be constructed at an estimated cost of around Rs. 6.80 crores. The work orders for the construction of the bridges have been already given to the contractors. He urged the contractors to complete the construction of the bridges within a year.
Mentioning some of the developmental projects undertaken in the state, Chief Minister said that the land survey for the development of Ibudhou Marjing Complex at Heingang has been completed. A total of Rs. 27 crores would be sanctioned for the said project, he added. Chief Minister mentioned that a total of Rs 15 crore has been sanctioned for the construction of ‘Imphal View’ tower at Langol Hills. Ropeway service would be made available from Marjing Hill to Langol Hill to attract more tourists in the region and Rs. 360 crores would be sanctioned for the said project. A ropeway project to connect Thanga to Chaoba Hill would be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 265 crores, he added.
Speaking at the function, Minister for RD &PR, PWD, IPR Th. Biswajit Singh said that the bridges would be constructed with new and innovative design. He further mentioned that Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)-II has been started which aims at improving the overall efficiency of the existing rural road network. A Detailed Project Report would be completed within 3-4 months, he added.
Minister further stated that in the last two years, we could see positive changes and inclusive development in the State. Seeking suggestions and support of the people, Minister mentioned that the government is committed to uplift the lives of the people of the State.
Chairman of Manipur Pollution Control Board L. Radhakishore Singh, Vice Chairman MIDA O. Lukhoi, MLAs Y. Surchandra, S. Bira, Shri Khasim Vashum, S. Subhaschandra, Adhakshya Imphal East Zilla Parishad Smt. P. Bimola, Addl. Chief Secretary (RD&PR) M.H. Khan, Chief Engineer of Rural Engineering Department (RED) Th. Nandakishore and others attended the function.

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Imphal March 5,

Proscribe group Maoist Communist Party warned the government to stop arresting the people who are against BJP led government as a politics of revenge or else untoward incident might occur even to the workers of BJP.
Stating in a release signed by Coordinator, Standing Committee of Maoist Communist Party Manipur, Kyonghan Mangang said that the party will fight against those who obstruct in spreading the ideas and ideology of egalitarian society initiated by Lamyanba Irabot.
He said that the present government with all his might to silence the dissecting voices rose against the government arrested those persons namely Erendro, Popilal, Kishorchand, Veewon and many more. The government even arrested the leaders of various CSO like NIPCO and many meira paibis by using different false allegations, he added. Leaders of Student union RSF were arrested one after another using their allegation tactics to demolish the organisation even the Imphal Free Press faced a case of defamation for speaking out the truth, Kyonghan said.
Kyonghan further said that if the government continue to arrest the members of the organisations for raising voices against the government as politics of revenge than the party is all prepared to take revenge on the party of the government. He warned that the government cannot provide security measures to all its workers.
Kyonghan further stressed that the party will support the political parties who spread the ideas of regionalism namely MPP, PRAJA and also other groups who wants to revive Sanamahi religion.  He added that moral support will be given to all Left wing organisations.
He finally warned that there will be no political worker of BJP to hoist their party flag if Maoist starts avenging for silencing the voice of the people by the government. He added that Maoist is a revolutionary party which have its own unique ideology different from others.

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Imphal, March 6,

BJP Manipur Pradesh today rolls head who should be the candidates of the party in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election for the outer and the Inner parliamentary constituencies of the state. A convention of the party was held today at Chandrakirti Auditorium with National secretary of the BJP as the Chief Guest. Chief Minister of Manipur N.Biren Singh , Rajya Sabha MP Bhabananda, MLAs, Ministers of the party and BJP workers of all class attended the crucial convention organised under the theme political and economic matters of the state.

Source with the Imphal Times said that state government under the leadership of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh faced a serious crisis after BJP MLAs started demanding reshuffle of the ministry. Some of the BJP MLAs demanded withdrawal of some Ministry who are not from among the BJP MLAs and even prepared a change of the Chief Minister. The matter was however settled after Hemanta Bishwas, the BJP in charge of the North East intervened. It is likely that if reshuffled has to take place it will be either after the Lok Sabha election or after getting the result of the Lok Sabha Election.

Matters about who will be nominated as the BJP candidates for both outer and inner parliamentary constituencies has not been name during the course of the convention, but source said that today’s convention will take a final decision on who will be BJP candidates in the two parliamentary constituencies for the upcoming parliamentary election.

Mention may be made that Dr. RK Ranjan who had contested in the last parliamentary election is unlikely to be chosen as nominee by the BJP this time in view of the changing trend in the BJP politics.

Th. Basanta , son of former Union Minister, Thounaojam Chaoba during the NDA regime in 2011 is also giving pressure to the Central BJP to elect him as the candidate of the inner parliamentary election. On the other hand there are hard core BJP workers who had been serving the party with extreme dedications who also have hope that the central leadership may nominate them as the candidate of the Lok Sabha election.

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Imphal March 5,

Janata Dal United today declared former minister who is also the present president of JDU Manipur State Unit Hangkhanpau Taithul as the candidate for Outer Manipur parliamentary constituency in the upcoming MP election.
Speaking to media persons at the Head-office of JDU which is situated at New Checkon Hangkhanpau Taithui said that the National executive meet of JDU held in Patna on 4th of March has decided to contest only the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency in the approaching 17th Lok Sabha election even though they have alliance at the centre with the NDA. He added that regarding the Inner Manipur parliamentary Constituency the party will not contest it but will support to other party which will be decided in due course of time. He further said that they will support the inner constituency candidate not only by looking at his party but also his/her individual quality.
Taithui recalled that the party has been campaigning for the last one and half month at various segments. He added that at this point in time JDU will surely win the election with BJP or Congress claiming 2nd place. He stressed that people of the state really disliked both Congress and BJP. He said that both the two parties i.e. BJP and Congress can’t be trusted for their deeds.
Taithui claimed that a drastic change will be seen in the state if their party won the election. He also said that JDU plans to form government of Manipur by 2022. He added that their party will mainly focus on development and eradicating corruption. Remarking the government of Bihar under Nitish Kumar as his ideal government making drastic positive changes in a short span of 14 years, he claimed that the state will see a positive change in such manner.
Taithui concluded that the party will focus on the development of both the hill and valley equally.

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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 16:58

Creating an education-friendly atmosphere

The ever present expectations of social unrest and unsavory revelations of mis-governance and bureaucratic mess-ups have rendered the social set-up an ad-hoc in nature. What made it worse is the fact that there is an ever-present expectant air of anarchistic freedom. Perhaps, the public have got so attuned to the protracted disturbances and social unrest at a subconscious level that we have now come to accept these frequent social unrest and flare-ups as a way of life. There is no other plausible explanation for the innumerable acts of wanton violence and irrational destruction which apparently provides sadistic pleasures to the rapidly growing rank of perpetrators. The underlying current of uncertainty and uneasiness that has pervaded our society, even at the best of times, speaks more for the situation we all have come to experience and abhor, but have been forced to endure. One of the most affected section of the society during the ever-present social flare-ups, or any social unrest for that matter, has been the student community. One would be hard pressed to come up with a single year without the disturbances and interruptions in their academic activities.
With such protracted disruptions year after year, do we now have the right to expect the students to perform to their optimum and to compete with students from the rest of the country and come up trumps? Don’t we at least owe them the responsibility to shield and protect them from the ever-increasing influences and disruptions from amongst their own community with tinted political views which take them away from their main priorities- to acquire and assimilate knowledge which will help them achieve their dreams and help in changing the society for the better? We need to provide them an atmosphere free of apprehensions and tensions- an ambience conducive to development of knowledge and progressive thinking. Students, especially those who are below the graduation level should not be made or rather coerced to indulge in agitations and protests, except under extreme circumstances when absolutely required.
We have been increasingly witnessing the participation of very young students, some as young as primary level, either voluntarily or through coercion, in various demonstrations, protests and agitations.
They need to be made to understand their priorities and be provided with enough space and support to realize their full potential. And contrary to popular argument, home schooling in the state is a concept whose time is yet to come. For now, schools remain the only practical option for imparting knowledge and teaching social interaction skills to the impressionable young minds. While it was announced that there is no objection or opposition to smooth functioning of schools by any group, organizations or students’ bodies, yet the school authorities are wary of resuming classes, lest some self-proclaimed crusaders of the people comes along and mete out instant justice which would invariably involve vandalizing and destroying the school properties. Meanwhile, the students are losing out on valuable time and opportunities. It would be the most prudent move for us all if we can ensure a disturbance-free atmosphere for the students in the state. We owe at least that much to ourselves and to the future of the state.

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