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Imphal, Feb 28,

Congress MLA Kh. Joykishan today grilled Health Minister over the non availability of sterilize clothes at JNIMS, which compelled a patient to attend at private hospital for operation as reported in a daily newspaper today. The matter was moved by the Congress MLA as calling attention motion considering it as a matter of public importance in today’s assembly session.

The newspaper report said that the patient had to move at private hospital after he was already in the operation theatre as the JNIMS authority has allegedly told him and his party that they could not conduct the operation as there was no sterilize clothes.

“If the JNIMS could not afford sterilize clothes I myself and perhaps all the MLAs will be ready to donate our one month salary to buy the sterilize clothes for saving precious life”, Joykishan said.

Health Minister Jayentakumar while replying the calling attention motion said that as the matter was known to him today morning only he had limited information about the incident but indirectly stand for the JNIMS authority saying that the day which the patient identified as RK Herojit was supposed to conduct operation the hospital had performed operation of 15 patients. As per report, Herojit and his party requested the JNIMS authority to discharge him as he could not wait longer. Following which the doctor at JNIMS issued discharge sheet at 6.30 pm. Herojit case was appendix which is sometime considered not serious but needs urgent operation.  He said if the report stands true that authority will be taken action but the newspaper might face defamation case if it stands wrong. Regarding the donation of salary, Jayentakumar said that he welcome every donation but not because the hospital lacks fund.

As the Health Minister’s answer failed to satisfy MLA Joykishan as he wanted an answer from the Minister whether there are sterilize clothes or not at the JNIMS. He further added that if the JNIMS can’t afford to buy sterilize clothes then he along with other MLAs can contribute one month salary.

As Jayentakumar stood up to reply Speaker Y Khemchand intervene and asked the Health Minister to present a report regarding the matter tomorrow.  

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Impha Feb. 28,

The 24 hours total shutdown called from the midnight of February 28 by the People Action Committee Against the Brutal Killing of Pravish Chanam has been suspended for a while due to the ongoing examinations in the state.

Speaking to media persons at Mapari Ningsingkol, Uripok, Convenor of People Action Committee Against the Brutal Killing of Pravish Chanam, Laimayum Pishu Sharma said that considering the students as valuable resources of the state, PAC along with various CSOs, students organisations and women organisations discussed and resolved to suspend the total shutdown for a time being in view of the ongoing examinations.

Chief Minister N. Biren had assured that he will send state police like Pramod Asthana to hasten the investigation and even to send a sitting MLA to put up more pressure to it. L. Pishu appealed the Chief Minister to give a written assurance or a notification along with the name of the MLA to be sent and the expert from the government who is going to speed up the investigation.

It can be recalled that CM has already given his statement that the case will be handed over to CBI and after 10 days CBI denied it because UP police has efficient resources to deal with it. On that matter Pishu further said that trusting the UP police is hard for them as the UP police whom they have already given a missing report along with the photo of the deceased Pravish, but police cremated his body without informing his parents. He further said that they don’t believe that justice can be delivered by them.

He finally added that they will continue to protest until the case is handed over to the CBI and also appealed that both the state government as well as UP government to pressure in handling the case over to the CBI.

Vice President of AMKIL Lourembam Nganbi said that the movement and protest against the brutal killing of Pravish Chanam is not only his issue but also a protest against the discrimination faced by Manipur and North East by the mainlanders where people from the NE are killed and treated as mere animals.  She added that Pravish Chanam will be the foundation to resist that such discriminations aren’t allowed to the people of the NE.

She also claimed that Delhi is not only the capital of India but also the capital of Racism.

Nganbi said that they have witnessed several double talks done by the government especially the CM on various issue and he will be tested once more on Pravish Chanam’s case as he assured it to deliver justice on the assembly session yesterday.

She finally concluded that Pravish Chanam died because of the oppression of racism.

It can be recalled that Pravish Chanam (22) had gone missing after attending concert in Noida on the night of September 8, 2017 and his body was later recovered from Nithari village the next day.

Pravish had, however, been admitted to the district hospital after he had passed out at the concert venue. But CCTV footage showed that he slipped out of the hospital at 6 am the next morning.

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Imphal, Feb 28,
Power Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh today informed the House that an ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh has been handed over to the kin of the deceased person who died following electrocution during re-wiring work of 11 KV drop-out phase at Tengnoupal district. He was speaking during the Question Hour on the Day 7 of the 7th Session of the 11th Manipur State Legislative Assembly.
Responding to the question raised by D. Korungthang, MLA, Tengnoupal AC, Minister Biswajit said a Cabinet decision was taken to provide suitable job (Grade D) to any member of the family of the deceased person. He also informed that a departmental inquiry is underway to ascertain the cause of the incident which occurred on 9th February this year.  
Minister Biswajit also informed the House that the Government is considering of providing an ex-gratia of Rs 1.5 lakh to the victim of the Sita village who was left handicapped after electrocution on 5th June, 2018.
Replying to the query of Okram Surjakumar, MLA, Khangabok AC, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Th. Biswajit Singh informed the House that an amount of Rs 104.55 crore for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has been recently released for the year 2018-19.
He further said an amount of Rs 410.01 crore was allocated for the year 2016-17; Rs 204.83 crore for the year 2017-18 and Rs 321.93 crore for the year 2018-19 (as on 26.02.2019). He said natural calamities like repeated flood, earthquake, and landslides among others were the reason for the low number of days for employment.
Letpao Haokip, Youth Affairs and Sports Minister today appealed to the members not to indulge in politics regarding sports and natural calamities. He further appealed to the members of the House to submit proposal for constructing playground in each constituency, which he opined is important for nurturing talented sportspersons from grassroots level.
Stating that a playground can be constructed with an amount of Rs 10 lakh, he said that maximum number of elected members have been submitting proposal to construct mini-stadium and other infrastructures which requires large amount. He responding to a query raised by Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, MLA, Tipaimukh AC.

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Imphal, the Feb 28,

One Day interactive session with the centre in-charges of Urdu, Arabic, CABA-MDTP and others of Manipur was held at Hotel Imphal, today graced by Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla as Chief Guest.
Expressing her delight on learning that Urdu Zaban is being taught to the youngster in Manipur, the Governor spoke on the growth of Urdu to one of the prominent language of the Nation from a contact or link language. She said that to bring prosperity in Urdu language, the language needs to be popularised amongst the people of the state by breaking the boundary of confining the language to only one believe.
Today’s interactive session was hosted by National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, Government of India.
Hosting these type of interactive session with centre-incharges is for furtherance the cause of Urdu language and make known the various existing schemes of the Council by inviting the target group of the schemes who are not taking a benefit due to being residing in the far flung areas of the country. NCPUL is working for the promotion, propagation and development of Urdu language across the Country through its various schemes. There is no another body in the world which has been mandated with such a huge power and budget for furtherance of cause of Urdu. The Council has already hosted such programme in three places like Goa, Ranchi and Hojai, Assam.
The Council is running different courses in which at present 141683 students have enrolled themselves for pursuing the courses in 252 districts of 25 States including Union Territories. Records show that 13 Centres are running of Urdu, 3 of Arabic Diploma, 9 of Arabic language and 30 of CABA MDTP at different locations of Manipur.
Director, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language Dr. Aquil Ahmad, Research Officers’ Dr. Kalimullah  and Mr. Intekhab Ahmed attended the function on the dais and representatives from NGOs, Colleges, Schools and Madarsas of Manipur have participated the interactive session.

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Thursday, 28 February 2019 16:39

National Science Day observed

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Imphal, Feb 28,

National Science Day is being observed across the country to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by Physicist C V Raman on 28th February, 1928. The objective is to spread the message of importance of science and its application among the people. This year the theme for the National Science Day is, ‘Science for the People and the People for Science’. 

At the National capital New Delhi, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu paid tributes to Sir C V Raman on National Science Day today.

Thoubal Battalion of Assam Rifles under aegis of 9 Sector, IGAR(S), Assam Rifles also Celebrated National Science Day to commemorate the contribution of Sir Chandrashekhar Raman, the great Indian physicist at Ananda Purna High School, Thoubal under the theme ”Science For the people and the people for Science “.

An essay writing competition was organised for the students of all the classes in the topic ”Importance of National Science Day “.A total of 100 students took part in the competition with a zeal.

In the essay Competition, Rajkumar Subhanta Sana of Class X secured 1st position, Soubam Yaiphabi Devi of Class X got 2nd position and Elanbam Menaka Laishram of  Class IX secured 3rd position.

The School Principal Thoudam Chaoba Singh & the Company Commander addressed the students & teaching faculties and told them about the importance of this day and contribution of Sir C V Raman in the field of Science, for which he received Nobel Prize afterwards. Students were motivated to work hard and achieve their goals in life, so that they can make this nation and state a much better place to live in.

Gifts were also given to the better writers as a token of motivation. Following the gifts distribution tea and snacks were served  to all the attendees.

The day is also observed at Thoubal College in Thoubal district.

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Thursday, 28 February 2019 16:38

The making of a united India

An undeclared war between Pakistan and our country have already begun. It all began after the Pakistan nurtured JeM militants who claimed attack to our CRPF Jawan at Palwana district of Kashmir. Modi administration attack need appreciation, but the real problem now has been curtain. No body talk about a lasting solution of Kashmir but a war – or revenge for killing our martyred soldiers is the topic for all. If the Kashmir problem exist such unwanted incident may continue and may be more precious jawan of ours may lost life. Finding alternative solution is perhaps the need of the our. We cannot simply play cards to meet the desire of the majority community base religion for mere benefit at the cost of brave soldiers. India is a land of multi ethnic people who speaks various language and follow different religion.
The idea of nation having one identity, one religion, one culture, one language promulgated by some self style son of mother India has created fear psychosis to various ethnic communities in the country. At a time when chauvinistic idealism of creating a nation of only one community is seen marching ahead, it is natural that each and every ethnic communities of the nation have reason to be feared. Because it is family first then come the society then it is the nation.
India was and is a nation of diverse people. The beauty of India is the existences of different ethnic people with diverse cultural people. It is important that if India has to prove the world as the most successful democratic country, the leaders and the so called self style son of the soil should tried to become real son of the soil by accepting that the concept of one religion, one culture and one language should not be followed in the Nation called India.
Talking about North East state in general and Manipur in particular, during Kargil war, two soldier from this region, that too from a border village between Myanmar and India in the state of Manipur were martyred while fighting the Pakistani troops. Family of the two did not know the common language that their sons spoke with their fellow soldiers and moreover, the villagers of the two soldiers are fighting tough safeguarding their villages from intruders of the neighbouring villages. Yet they pray for the success of India.
The Indian administrators of the time was not the one which brought victory to the Kargil war, but it was the prayers of those thousand parents, whose sons were fighting for the country, but who never see Delhi, or who never understood the common language (Hindi) that make India success. Indeed, many critics are of the views that India is still in the process of nation building. But the reality is that India is already a nation. A nation of imagine community living under the same roof.
The peaceful co existence and communal harmony was put in dead danger with the rise of communal centric feudalism classes. They spew venom of hate feeling among the various communities for their mere selfish gain. Last few decades showed rise of many such feudalists and the rise of this class raises the feeling of enmity among the various community.
Coming back to the state of Manipur, the problem facing right now has similar roots. The force annexation is often pin point as the root of all sort of trouble here, but the reality is that the root of the entire problem facing in the state of Manipur is the chauvinistic attitude of the ruling government in the mainland India.
Instead of looking on the problem, the then ruler of the mainland India had sideline the real issue submitted by the then expert officials deputed by their government, they never tried anything to put a halt to the rise of the armed opposition group. But rather the then government incited hate feeling among various communities thinking that the same technique adopted the British ruler can suppressed any movement in the region.
Instead of taking into consideration and finding a means to end all sort of violent activism a Scheme called Surrendered Rehabilitation Schemes had been introduced and the result - people now suffered double the problem that they had faced before the coming of the scheme.
Well Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, the last President of USSR had understood the important of safeguarding each community and USSR was separated into various independent nations. Problem will be there as long as human kind exists. Because they think and act and those act are sometime negative from one’s view point even if he or she thought it right from his viewpoints.
The fear factor right now is felt to everyone. Man dies and sacrifices for their children and nation. If the fear factor grows no one can guarantee any untoward incident at which the fear factor was challenge and wipe out completely to restore the once upon a time nation state called Manipur.

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