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Items filtered by date: Friday, 28 September 2018 - Imphal Times

2nd day bandh called against September 20 midnight crackdown at MU crippled normalcy in the state; One passenger diesel auto burnt by suspected bandh supporters; youth arrested for “egg protest”

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Imphal, Sept 28,

Manipur today witness the 2nd day bandh called by Joint Students’ bodies of the state, continue to affect life in Imphal and other valley districts of the state including Kakching, Bishnupur , Thoubal, Imphal East and Imphal West area. Even though the bandh called saw presence of heavy state security force at almost all areas, one passenger diesel auto was burnt by bandh supporters at Keishampat area around noon today.

Early morning today saw some lady vendors selling their goods below the Bir Tikendrajit Fly Over bridge, but later at around noon the streets at Thangal bazaar and Paona Bazar was seen deserted with some men in khakhi on duty. One or two shops were seen open and many vehicles were also seen parked at the roadside of Paona Bazar. However, almost all shops and business establishment including entertainment houses were closed during the bandh. Almost all banks stopped transaction for the common people. However, government offices were open but most staffs were seen sitting idle doing nothing. Visitors to government offices are nil comparing to other days.

The bandh called by the students’ bodies of the state is totally different from the kind of bandh witness earlier. There were no burning of tyres or placing of broken glasses or planks , woods etc in the middle of the road. There was neither groups of people coming out to block the road nor protest but the streets of Imphal is almost empty with only few vehicles on emergency service seen plying. More people stay indoors, almost all shops were closed. Police used force to open the shops but closed as soon as they left.

Inter district and inter state buses service and passenger vehicles of all sorts too stay off the road.

May be it is the fear that the people stay indoor but, the bandh called is term to be one of the most successful bandh by political analyst.

At Kakching bazaar , even the pharmacy were seen closed. Kaching bazaar bore deserted look and all shops shuts during the protest.

Meanwhile, newly form PRJA uploaded video of their “egg protest” in social media Facebook. The protest was led by Erendro Leichombam denouncing the Sept. 20 midnight crackdown at Manipur University. A whistle blower of the team identified as Popilal Ningthoujam was picked up from his residence at Phayeng today morning.

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Rice and wheat are not only option for farming

By- Babie Shirin
Lucknow , Sep 28

Central government has a plan to double to farmers’ income by 2022. The initiative will be taken up by the department of agriculture cooperation farmers’ welfare with an aim to empower farmers.
What finds interested to this writer is that a farmers  called Moinuddin realized that  traditional farming of rice and wheat are not only option for farming.
Moinuddin make Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh by making the farmers realized that  traditional farming of rice and wheat are not only option for farming.
Moinuddin is a florist who has already set his mark and his income is already been doubled and garnered 85 lakhs as profit in the last financial year. He has an area of 20 acres at Dafedar Purwa village in Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh with two flowers ‘gerbera’ and ‘gladiolus’ as main plants. He also plants banana in the sidelines of the flower cultivation.
Moinuddin is a law graduate and was working a decent job but with his death of his father, responsibility falls on his shoulder. He turned to his 3 acre land and started planting gladiolus which other farmers have not ventured then.
While starting his business his family discourageHis family has discouraged but his enthusiasm dominated over people’s complaints and he now earns more than 7 lakhs per month.  
He export around 25,000 flowers per day to not only Lucknow but country’s metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat and even export to international cities such as Dubai in United Arab Emirates and Sherja in Yemen.
At the sidelines, he also cultivates fruits, bananas and other vegetables.
The florist gives employment to 25 people with eight people as regular employees now. His success made people realise that traditional farming of rice and wheat are not only option for farming.
He was also awarded with best farmer award in 2013 in Vibrant Gujarat Agriculture Global Summit.
He plans to expand his business and is planning to buy a cold storage for the vegetables and fruits.
He also gets benefits in recently launched scheme of the central government sponsored scheme, doubling farmers’ income by 2022.

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MU Community says they didn’t received any invitation from the Govt.

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Imphal, Sept 27,

Manipur University community had stated that as of now the MU community has not received any official invitation from the government side to talk over the matter arisen after Sept 20 issue. They said until the arrested faculties and students were released unconditionally they will not accept any invitation for talk.

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WAD denounce attacked on Manipur University, appeals authority to remove SF from the campus

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Imphal, Sept 28,

Women Action for Development (WAD) has expressed shocked and condemned the attack of Manipur University (MU) by the huge numbers of Indian Security Forces on the intervening night of 20th and 21st September, 2018 without   giving any prior information.
“It was very unfortunate that the Government is creating a very bad impression to the young mind which unfortunately would mark the gloomiest period    in the history of Manipur. The attack to the hostels especially the girl hostel of educational site of Manipur University is very much unfortunate and this is extremely violating the fundamental rights given by the constitution of India. The girl student at present are on hunger strike which is very serious issue, they are not demanding food, job or anything else but they are just demanding the normalcy of MU and unconditional release of their teachers and counterpart students, so that they can continue their education without any disturbance.”, a statement by Sobita Mangsatabam, secretary WAD said.
It further added that Heavy militarization in the educational campus affects to the minds of the girls making them insecure, fear psychosis, trauma and depression if any untoward incident may occur as it experienced in Manipur frequently. The incident reminds us how Thangjam Manorama was tortured, gang rape and killed brutally by 17 Assam Rifles in the year 2004. The people of Manipur women in particular for the last many decades, struggling for the protection of human rights under the draconian Law “Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958. However, justice is far behind. This is crime against humanity, War crime, a step which is contributing to genocide as in the name of counter terrorism many of our young minds, intellectuals, women have been tortured and killed, raped, rape and murder, increased the number of widow and orphan since 1980s.  
“As a women organization working for the cause of women and children for the rights and justice, we take it very serious and concerned about the incident. We cannot be silent as mere spectators or an outsider who never feel about the state”, Sobita Mangsatabam added.
WAD appealed to the Governor, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers of Manipur to immediately  Remove the Security forces from MU campus and also to ensure and restore normalcy at MU besides saving and protecting the future generation.

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Students take out Mass Rally against discrimination to the people of Chandel District by state government

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Naga Students Union Chandel (NSUC) today staged a mass protest rally in Chandel district head quarter denouncing discrimination to the people of Chandel district.

Thousands of school going students, teachers, tribe leaders, and leaders of civil societies joined the rally.

The rally kicks start from the premises of MUGHSS, via Indoor stadium from where they proceeded to the DC Office complex and a memorandum addressed to Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla was handed over to the Deputy Commissioner, Chandel Krishna Kumar.

During the course of the rally all shops remained closed with all vehicular movement was put on halt.

“We condemned too Much Political Interference in Transfer & Posting of Govt. Servants”, “We Regret Apathy Shown to Chandel District” and “Immediate Functioning of ADC Chandel @ District Hospital/Q” written placards were raised by students during the rally.

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Sewing Machine distributed

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Thoubal, Sept. 28,


Former Vice President of BJP Manipur Pradesh Th. Jadumani had distributed 30 swing machine beneficiaries of Samaram Village of Khangabok Assembly Constituency. The sewing machine were distributed under the Department of Labour for providing training . As per the programme the sewing machine will be handed over to the respective beneficiaries after completion of the training. Jadumani said that the sewing machines were distributed under the Chief Minister Go to Village mission.

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Seriousness with sincerity matters

“Where a society has chosen to accept democracy as its creedal faith, it is elementary that the citizens ought to know what their government is doing.” -Justice P N Bhagwati
Easier is said than done - the saying still stands true. Like the nail float in water with the plank, a rowdy sometimes saves his or her life from being spoiled. Saying so, it is always the wisdom of the captain of the ship that the crew managed to sail their ship to the destiny amidst storms and whirlpools. But then had the crew member lacks discipline Columbus could never have landed in America’s soil to discover the country which becomes the most powerful country in the world today.
The state is more like a ship in the vast stormy ocean. In democratic state like Manipur, Chief Minister is similar to the captain of the ship. It is his wisdom that will sail towards a better direction. It is his command and qualities that will make his crew member follow rules and regulations frame by him. It is only at the time that all the crew members go by their respective assignment that the ship will reached destination. Similar, is with the running of the state, whether it goes upwards or falls, depends on the wisdom of the Chief Minister and his team.
But then, it is the Indian electoral system that stands as a hurdle to decide on which way to chose for a better society. Every elected representative needs a second thought to say no to his electorate. Particularly, the system practice in India showed that without some clique of strong supporters, it will become difficult for one to become Chief Minister as first thing that is important is to get elected as an MLA.   
The ongoing impasse which cross over 100 days and which is worsening day after another need to be tackle with extreme seriousness ans sincerity. This is an issue of the highest educational institution. People with less education might be easier to handle but handling the educated people need seriousness with sincerity or else the consequences may be a frustrating one.
Good governance is perhaps the single most important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development. But sometimes the effort to bring good governance remains as a dream with the kind of hurdles from his supporters whom the man in the top post cannot deny as without them it will be difficult to get elected again.
Numbers of middle men including relatives are now the talk every people of the state. What more prove is required than checking the bank balance and the properties of these people in this 8 months? We have seen in the earlier days on how a pharmacist in the state health department became a millionaire just because he was a close relative of the then Chief Minister. Can anyone deny the fact that the pharmacist who became millionaire is a clean person because there is no evidence on how dirty is him?
Good leader falls, not because of his personality but because of those around him.
Coming back to what is going on in the state; everybody knows the amount being asked by these middlemen for the recruitment of Police constable.
On the other hand some of the promises are still yet to be fulfilled as stated by the Chief Minister himself. The more the promises are delayed the more people will criticize.
Well, instead of defending, it is better checking the middlemen so that what has been assured remains true.
Let’s make our state free from corruption.

One’s love for the post of the vice-chancellor of Manipur University has snatched away our right to education

By : Ms. Marina Konsam
A Student of DM University   
As we know the former Vice-chancellor of Manipur University, Adya Prasad Pandey loves his post of being the Vice-chancellor of Manipur University. He isn’t willing to accept the fact that he did something wrong. Regardless of his suspension order given by the Ministry of Human Resources Development(MHRD), he is shamelessly spreading notice of appointing Prof. K. Yugindro as the Pro Vice-chancellor and Prof. M. Shyamkesho to be the Registrar in-charge of Manipur University. The fact which is making a joke is that one suspended person have appointed Prof. K. Yugindro as the Vice Chancellorof Manipur University and the MHRD simply approved him to be the Pro Vice-chancellor. What the MHRD is thinking? Beside knowing the fact that Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey is on suspension.
Meanwhile Prof. K. Yugindro surprisingly came into the A-Block of Manipur University to take the charge of Vice chancellor which created confusion among the MU fraternity. It could be noted that during the period of inquiry the students weren’t able to accept anyone as the VC until the inquiry against Prof. AP Pandey was completed. As learned, both the students and the Prof. K. Yugindro came to a negotiation table wherein he did signed that he could not accept the post of Pro Vice-chancellor and leaves the Manipur University. As a result of the same he met the Chief Minister and an F.I.R. was lodged at the Kakwa Police Station against some of the teachers and students alleging that the students have mentally harassed him, threatened to kill him and he is now under psychological fear as spoken to the media persons on September 21, 2018at Manipur University. It could be learned that those students and the teachers mentioned in the FIR are booked under a case of Kidnapping, Attempt to murder, Wrongful Confinement, Punishment for Criminal Intimidation, punishment for extortion and common intention of the Indian Penal Code.
The police forces acting under the order of Chief Minister of Manipur raided the Manipur University’s boys and girl’s hostel at the midnight of September 20 and 21, 2018.During the raid Manipur Police along with the Para military forces picked up more than 80 students and 5 faculty members of Manipur University which the same action could be recall as similar as the series of incidents which took place during the peak of counter insurgency in the 80s acting under AFSPA, 1958 with impunity killing and arresting many students and the civilians. To control the spread of news of the ferocious midnight raid the Government of Manipur ordered to shut down the mobile internet service in Manipur for 5 days, however, the spread of the incident were not able to curb. Responding to the haughtiness action of the Government of Manipur, various Meira Paibis, CSOs of Manipur rushed to the Manipur University and made an intervention and observed that huge number of Armed State and Central Forces were deployed within and outside the campus of Manipur University. The interveners were stopped outside the main gate and not allowed to enter the campus of the MU. Many of the hostellers including boys and girls who were preparing for the examination were frightened and were restricted to move out from the campus of the MU. Herethe question arises is that “Is the Pro Vice-chancellor K. Yugindro giving the same psychological fear to the students which he claimed to have been given by the students!?” The girl hostels were also raided by the armed male forces of central and state which shows a clear sign of discrimination of women and created an undeclared emergency-like scenario. If the Pro Vice-chancellor K.Yugindro is under psychological fear which leads him to a traumatic situation, then is he fully conscious right now? Didn’t he need treatment? Is it reasonable for a person who is semi-conscious to be the Vice-chancellor of Manipur University? Who broke the normalcy of the Manipur University? Who broke the Law and Order and created stir turbulence to the society? What crimes the arrested students and the teachers have done and are kept behind the bars with a Trump Up charges and tagging as criminals?””Is it reasonable for the students preparing for the exams are tagged as a criminal?”,”Do the students deserve to be abused physically leading them unable to cope with their senses?”,”Which type of criminal are they, who are the real criminals, the students fighting for justice or those who committed atrocities to the students and the civilians?”
If the Pro Vice-chancellor K. Yugindro is really concerned about the students’ career and the academic atmosphere of the students, then why did he created such chaos? Is it because of his love for the postof Vice-chancellor of Manipur University even though he claimed that he is not after the post. What kind of normalcy and academic atmosphere did the Prof. K. Yugindro far-sighted? Did the students deserve being a potato whom the state government, the central government and those who wants the chair of Vice-chancellor of Manipur University like A.P. Pandey wishes to kick whenever wherever they like?
“To destroy a nation, an atom bomb is not required but to destroy the educational institutions”, same theory is being used by the Government of India through Government of Manipur to suppressed the prolonged self-determination movement of the people of Manipur.

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Edn Minister visits D.El.Ed. Exmination Centres at Imphal

Imphal, Sept. 28,

Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam, yesrterday, visited the higher secondary schools assigned as the examination centers for Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) at Imphal. The examination started on September 25 and will conclude on September 29
The Minister expressed that it was important to ascertain whether the examination of D.El.Ed. conducted by National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is carried out without any disturbances and to confirm that the prevailing law and order condition is not interfering with the examination, he is personally visiting the examination centers, he added. Overall 96.15% attendance was recorded for today’s examination.
Mentioned may be made that recently the HRD ministry had directed that the teachers in both the private and Government schools and those willing to pursue teaching as profession must have Diploma in Elementary Education (DElEd). The Union Government has also directed the State governments to ensure that the all untrained teachers especially those teaching primary students register themselves for diploma course offered by National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) by March 2019. In Manipur around 25,000 teachers have enrolled for the course out of which 23,000 are appearing for the examination.
 Accompanied by the Joint Secretary, Education Shri L. Nandakumar Singh, and the concern officials the Minister highlighted that the visit is also meant to look into the condition of the higher secondary schools of the state. He pointed out that it is important to strengthen the higher secondary schools of the state to bring out qualitative advancement in education to improve the performance of the students. Certain criteria of the school have been put in focus for expansion of the school infrastructure by developing extra classrooms, libraries and laboratories.
The Ministerial team had visited the Wangkhei Girls High School, T. G. Higher Secondary School, Johnstone Higher Secondary School and Ahanthem Tomba Upper Primary School, Keisamthong.

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Tribal Food Mela held at Churachandpur

CCPUR, Sept, 28,

Many local tribal delicacies caught the fancy of visitors and food lovers alike as they savoured items that are on offer during the Poshan Tribal Food Mela organized by Autonomous District Council, Churachandpur today at ADCC campus, Tuibong here as part of Rastriya Poshan Maah observance programme. Besides, ethnic culinary of various tribes living in Churachandpur were showcased.
Tribal dishes such as Pachokchonol (mashed wood ear mushroom), Bawngke-rot, boiled pork, sawhchhiar (rice and chicken pilaf), mehpawk (chagempomba), snail, chutney, salad, different kinds of wild/organic fruits and importantly tribal drinks (rice beer and beverage made of banana) are some items that received wide attraction .
T. Kammuanlal Simte, CEO, ADCC said that the event was aimed at making the district and the State ‘malnutrition-free’ besides conveying the message about the importance of right nutrition, right food and other healthy and hygienic practices to every household.
Inaugurating the Mela, Shri V. Khaikhanmung, Chairman, ADCC underlined the importance of nutritious food. He said tribal foods are mostly organic and nutritious while also urging all concerned to derive maximum benefits of the event.
Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur Shri Shyam Lal Poonia said that with advancement in technology and invasion of the culture by factory foods and new/social media, it is imperative that the indigenous foods, which are proven nutritious and readily available round the year at a fair price, are promoted. This will also go a long way in reconnecting the younger generations with their roots. He said that most of the young people now forget the practices of their forefathers. As such, events such as the tribal food mela would also serve as the right platform to link the present generation with their past apart from fulfilling the objective of bringing children and lactating mothers under the coverage of Nutrition mission.
Display of over 50 recipes of 12 tribes of Churachandpur district, varieties of chutneys and diverse vegetables and wild fruits, traditional parade; health awareness talks, spot painting competition etc, are amongst other highlights of the event.  
Ng. Rajesh, FO, ADCC said the Mela is the first of its kind in the entire district of Churachandpur and the organizers are thrilled by the footfall at the Mela, which also witnessed impressive attendance from ADCC Members.
Similar event was also held on September 17 last at Joutung village in Pherzawl district.
Papao Haokip, a food enthusiast said that one’s palate is satiated by the titillating flavours of local tribal delicacies. The idea, if enlarged, would be a hit among the food lovers of the district, he added.
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, a rally as part of SVEEP campaign was organized by the District Election Office wherein students and DLOs took part. The rally began from Churachandpur Govt College and culminated at ADCC premises.

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