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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 - Imphal Times

Students continue protest over MU fiasco; 2 more students picked up

IT News
Imphal, Sept 26,

Amidst Chief Minister N. Biren Singh called for dialogue to find a solution to the ongoing crisis at Manipur University, students, continue to protest against the Sept. 20 midnight crackdown at the MU and also against the arrest of the 6 faculty members as well as students.
At around noon today large number of students staged protest inside the DM College campus and tried to burnt effigy of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. Police who have already been alerted rushed the site and tried to stop them from burning the effigy. A minor scuffled occurred and later police fired several tear gas shells as well as mock bomb to disburse them.
Admission procedure which has been underway for the DM University have also been put to a stumbling block due to the firing of tear gas shell and mock bomb. A staff of the DM University said, “ We are left with no choice as we heard gun shots which later was known as tear gas shell, but to shut the counter and run for life “. He further added that those students standing in queue for their turn to collect forms have also been taken to secure room.
Meanwhile, the police team picked up 2 more student today. Identities of the student is not known at the moment.   

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CM disposes huge quantity of drugs

Imphal, Sept. 26,

A huge quantity of drugs seized by Manipur Police in connection with 24 FIR cases was disposed off at Pungdongbam Khanglahoubi Lampak in Imphal East District today. Chief Minister  N. Biren Singh set the drugs on fire in the presence of Ministers, MLAs, high ranking police officers, media persons, villagers and local leaders.
The contraband items which were consigned to flames today were 11,302 kg and 647 gm of Ganja, 3,97,740 Pseudo-ephedrine tablets, 2,63,600 Respifed tablets, 90,174 Spasmo Proxivon (SP) capsules, 228 WY tablets, 6633 number of Nitrosun (N-10) tablets and 27 gm of No. 4 heroin powder.
The drugs were seized by the Police Stations of NAB, Lilong, Jiribam, Bishnupur, Moirang, Lamlai, Churachandpur, Porompat and Nungba. 
Speaking at the occasion, N. Biren Singh said that the impact of drugs and intoxicants to the society is so huge. It can even damage a whole generation, he opined. That is why, the Chief Minister said, the BJP-led Government announced war on drugs soon after it assumed power.
He also informed that from March last year to August this year, Manipur Police registered 483 drugs related cases and arrested 636 persons including 126 women. The total quantity of drugs and contraband items seized during this period was over 19 kg of No. 4 heroin powder, over 5,031 kg of Ganja, over 243 kg of Opium, 3,88,342 Capsules of Spasmo Proxivon (SP), 23,480 tablets and 31 Strips of Nitrosun (N-10), 10,83,283 WY tablets, 4,697 bottles of Cough Syrup, over 17 kg of Brown Sugar, 29,000 Ephedrine tablets and 30,800 Alphawin tablets. All these contraband items would also be disposed off later after completing due procedures and formalities, he added.
In addition to taking up stringent measures to check trafficking of drugs from other States and countries, the State Government had also destroyed poppy plantations of around 1852 acres in the State so far. Villagers who used to plant poppy had been provided alternative means of livelihood of Agarwood, lemongrass and avocado cultivation, he said.
The Government had also set up a Fast Track Court to exclusively deal with Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) related cases only, the Chief Minister informed. Around 8 kg of heroin could be seized in 2016-17, however this figure was increased to 19 kg in 2017-18 after declaration of war on drugs by the new Government, Shri N. Biren said.
He also lauded the MLAs who are taking active part in checking drug abuse and peddling. Anti-Drug Committees had also been constituted at different localities, he added.
The Chief Minister said that for the first time in the history of Manipur Police, the new Government recommended Gallantry Award for a police officer, who took active role in checking drug menace. It clearly shows Government’s strong commitment of controlling drug menace, he added.
N. Biren thanked police, media, local club volunteers and Meira Paibee organisations for extending support and co-operation to the Government’s anti-drug campaign.
CAF & PD Minister Karam Shyam, Tamei AC MLA Awangbou Newmai, Kshetrigao AC MLA N. Indrajit, Khurai AC MLA L. Sushindro, DGP LM Khaute and high ranking police officers were also present.

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Raid at MU campus an act of a heartless ruler : Gaikhangam

IT News

Imphal, Sep 26,

Former Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam had stated that the mid night raid in the campus of Manipur University by security personnel was more dangerous than the attack on students in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The fate of the nation was at stake at China and the students were on the streets but in the MU the students were studying and they were attacked at the hostel campus, Gaikhangam stated while speaking during the felicitation function of Huidrom Vikramjit , the businessman turn politician, who recently enrolled in Congress Party.

Digging at the ruling BJP, Gaikhangam said that the BJP wants to infuse the ideology and thoughts of few fanatics to the whole nation which is a land famous for its diversity he added. Anybody not subscribing to its ideology is dubbed as anti national and actions taken up he added.

The schemes announced by BJP have no follow up action plans, it is just like offering some sweets to children he said. If the trend continues the identity of the people may be compromised he said. He appealed to all to save Parliamentary democracy and to stop the undeclared emergency which is imposed now. Go to the Hill or Village campaigns are all hollow programmes without proper action plans and the government is simply perform in the works supposed to be done by the local bodies he said.

Vikramjit speaking on the occasion said he will not divide the people into my people of his people as it is done now. All will be treated equally and his focus will be in the development of his constituency that is Yaiskul. He was shocked when MLAs and police intervened when localities tried to repair a drain during the flood and why many areas were left out during the works taken up in Yaiskul Kendra.

Ak Mirabai, MLA said what we are seeing today is a form of dictatorship where all oppositions and voices were silenced.

RK Anand Spokesperson, Congress said the meeting was supposed to be held in a grand way in a peaceful manner at Kongba Soudongbung Lampak but the government did not allow even a felicitation function to be held. Freedom of expression has been curtailed; it is nothing but tyranny he added.

“We have seen dictators during WW-II but they all fell down, fascists will fall on their own he said. The government is asking the politicians no to politicise the issue. When the government does not act or perform its duties the politicians have to come up to the occasion to save the state and the people”, he said.

Dr Ng Bijoy asked where the rule of the law is. The administration is in a chaos as seen in the University. Congress Spokespersons S  Manaobi, Hareshwar Goswami appealed to the people to support the Congress in rooting out the BJP. Ph Guneshwar Sharma, President, Yaiskul Block Congress and leaders of various other frontal organisations also attended the function.

Hundreds of people from the surrounding areas attended the function even though the main function was cancelled.


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284 eminent personalities including professors of different Universities from India and Aboard, Renowned playwright, filmmakers show solidarity to MU community’s demand

IT News

Imphal, Sept 26,


Two Hundred and eighty four (284) eminent personalities from across the country and aboard serving at different University has shown their solidarity to the demand of the Manipur University community  and expressed condemnation to the arbitrary arrest and incarceration of six teachers and nine students of Manipur University. Six teachers and seven students have been sent to judicial custody for fifteen days, and the remaining two students for five days. Two more were picked up today.

The statement signed the 284 personalities stated that the arrests have been made under sections of the Indian Penal Code that invoke ‘an attempt to murder’, ‘wrongful confinement’, ‘extortion’, ‘kidnapping’ and ‘criminal conspiracy’ on the basis of a complaint made by Manipur University faculty, K. Yugindro Singh (and the suspended registrar M. Shyamkesho) on charges of attempt to murder and kidnapping. The six arrested professors — Dr. N. Santomba, (Dept. of. Manipuri), Prof. Chungkham Yashawanta (Dept. of Linguistics, also Dean of Humanities, and in-charge Dean of Students Welfare), Prof. Sougaijam Dorendrajit (Dept. of. Physics and Registrar-in-charge), Dr. L. Bishwanath Sharma (Dept. of. Philosophy), Prof. L. Sanjukumar (Dept. of. Biotechnology and Secretary MUTA), and Dr. Yengkhom Raghumani (Dept. of. Earth Sciences) have also been suspended with immediate effect. Following these arrests, the Manipur University campus has been turned into a cantonment, the boys hostel has had tear gas shells and mock bombs rained down upon it all of Thursday night (20 September), Internet services shut down, and all normal academic life has come to a complete halt.

“Manipur University has witnessed a peaceful (in the face of great police brutality) 85 day long united agitation by its teachers, students, and staff asking for the removal of the Vice-Chancellor A P Pandey, and the constitution of an Independent Enquiry Committee to look into the allegations of his administrative and financial lapses. This agitation was successful, with a probe being announced on August 16, 2018 and the VC being placed on suspension pending inquiry on 18 September 2018. The details of the egregious misdemeanours of the suspended VC that have formed the basis of agitation by the greater student and teacher communities and have been the cause of disruption of academic activities, are to be found in the news item links provided below.

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Unfolding the dirtiest of the dirty game played to victimise people trying to save MU

The Highest educational institution or rather say ‘the highest temple of learning’ in the state of Manipur has been always in the news during the last couple of decades not for any good causes. This is also the only University with military camp being set up inside the campus, perhaps in the entire country. Corruption, Nepotism, brute political gamble all happen and people who have less knowledge of the ground reality never seems to know that almost all development and welfare programme of the state are the products of the University community who have been dedicating with sincerity. 
In conflict ridden state like Manipur unwanted things happened. There were incident of Professors being shot or killed or kidnapped. There were occasion when students having different ideology clashed. But everything happening around is being studied either in practice or in theory. Thus, it is natural that issues of differences happen in University and everyone knows - faculties , students and research scholars keep themselves occupied with the issues and find a solution by organising seminar, workshops etc. 
The ongoing crisis in the Manipur University, this time is completely different from those happened earlier. This time, the impasse is about honouring of the rules of law between groups who claimed to be following the rules of law. This impasse, which is likely to continue for more days is a fight between academicians equipped with knowledge of what is wrong and what is right on one side and another academician backed by powerful politicians who can influence those in the upper hand. This impasse is rather an experiment to show that University should be under the control of the government. 
The way things now precede appeared to tell the people that there are two different version of Manipur University Act. The matter went more complex when MHRD recognized the Pro VC Prof. Yugindro , who was appointed by the VC AP Pandey when he was on leave until the enquiry committee constituted by them on the approval of Chancellor Prof Nachane Dilip Madhukar. 
Prof. Pandey’s arguments about extending his leave by lower staff has been dismissed as the one giving leave was with the approval of his superior. 
To the side of the Manipur government, it would be wrong to only listen the one side story of AP Pandey over the legitimacy to the appointment of Pro VC. The Government has a law department and it seems like it was never discussed on the ground that the state government have no jurisdiction over the Manipur University matter. But as it was the state government to handle the volatile situation over the claim and counter claim of legitimacy over the appointment at least the government should think twice before acting “Yes Sir” mentality to their superior. 
As per the existing University Act,  it has been stated that the Pro VC shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor. It also stated that if the recommendation of the VC is not accepted by the Executive Council, the matter shall be referred to the visitor who may either appoint the person recommended by the VC or asked the VC to recommend another person to the executive Council. 
Question need to arises is -  Is prof. AP Pandey who had been given leave until the enquiry is completed? AP Pandey did challenge to the court but the hearing is still pending. When court is yet to announce his position how could the government recognize him as the VC. Above all as per the MoA , signed on August 16, Prof. Vishwanath has been handed over the charge of the VC. 
September 20, midnight raids as per a complaint by an self proclaimed Pro VC, that still needs to look into the the legitimacy of his becoming the Pro VC , is perhaps the 2nd biggest mistake committee by the state Government. The first was allowing of a mass rally in front of Manipur University on August 7. 
As this paper had time and again pointed out that it will not be easy to fool the MU community with habitual tricks, the MU Community now had understand how they have been bluff . The hidden agenda on why those who broke the sealed room at Manipur University Administrative Block by the directives of the Secretary of the enquiry committee is a matter need to be pondered. Why those papers and evidences been taken out by the District Magistrate when the government knows that University affairs is out of the purview of the state authority. 
Something fishy seems to be going on which every people of the state felt ‘ a dirty game being played’ to make sure that the one person win the battle. 
But Manipuris never defeated at any intrusion. The bloods of our ancestors who gave their lives still run to the veins of 1000s sons and daughters of the soil. 


Tingmila Doungel another shining star of Manipuri Boxer

By -Dhruvan Sharma

Boxing legend Mary Kom has inspired generation of boxers but young Tingmila’s story is little different! Mary not only inspired her but also mentors her as she is one of the brightest prospect from the Mary Kom Boxing Academy in Manipur.
Coming from a background with no money, no food, no shoes and parent’s lack of interest in sports are only the beginning of the many obstacles that dragged Tingmila miles away from pursuing a life of an athlete. It all though changed as she saw the biopic on the Olympic Medalist; she turned the tide despite all the challenges and hardships as she decided to go ahead and fulfill her dream of becoming a boxer.
While she took up boxing, it was a matter of time when the scouters from Mary Kom academy spotted her and took her under their wraps. Since then Tingmila dreams about only one thing, “to play for India and win medals.”
While talking about Mary Kom’s contribution to her growth, she says,” I had nothing to start with but I got everything at the academy. There were times when I didn’t even have money to go for the tournaments but Mary ma’am looked after all of it. I come from a poor family and I want to do well in boxing so that parents don’t have to struggle anymore and I can take care of them.”
She finished with a gold in the same light weight category as her idol, at the 13th Silesian Boxing Championship in Poland. Though, Tingmila had already established her credentials prior to that too, when she had won silver medal at both National Inter School competition and Khelo India Games.
While in Poland, the teenage boxer had the opportunity to fight her final bought while her idol, the boxing legend watched and guided her from the sideline. Reminiscing her experiences, she said, “It was dream come true to play infront of her. I was very nervous in the beginning but she calmed me down and guided me home,” while Mary’s pupil won the yellow metal with ease just like her guru, who also won Gold in Poland.  
The fourteen year old has already set the bar high and she wouldn’t settle for anything less than an  Olympic Medal like her idol, as she marches on in her mission.

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Triple Talaq ordinance political interference in Muslim religious affairs: Popular Front

IT News
Imphal, Sept 26,

Popular Front of India General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinnah has stated that the cabinet approval of Triple Talaq Ordinance was not driven by any genuine concern for the well-being of Muslim women; rather, it was a politically motivated move and part of the undemocratic interferences in the religious affairs of Muslim community in the country.
While the ordinance is being celebrated as a historic step in ensuring justice to Muslim women, neither their organizations nor their legitimate representatives were in any way consulted before the hasty move. It is to be noted that Muslim organizations and community leaders did not oppose the Supreme Court order that struck down Triple Talaq or instant divorce. But making it a non-bailable criminal offence punishable with jail terms would be illogical and only make things worse for the affected women.
In fact Indian women face grave injustice within and outside family, and remain in a pathetic state according to all development indices. The harassments against them including rape, murder, feticide etc. are alarmingly on the rise. The communal and casteist forces target Muslim women in particular during communal violence. With women facing so many problems in the country, Muslims women being no exception, by going for an ordinance turning a deaf ear to other concerns women, prompts us to think that government has ulterior motives. With this kind of increasing interference in the religious affairs of Muslim community, BJP government’s only intention is consolidation Hindu communal votes in its favour. Mohammed Ali Jinnah has demanded the central government to withdraw the controversial ordinance.

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