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Students staged protest rally against Sept 20 midnight crackdown at MU; Prof. Pandey says Enquiry committee constituted by MHRD ‘illegal’

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Imphal, Sept 24,

Large number of students today staged protest rally against the September 20 midnight crackdown at Manipur University and arrest of students as well as faculty members. The students started the rally from Imphal College marching towards Imphal Keithel where they were stopped by a large number of police near Hodam Leirak in Tiddim road.

The police also disburse the protest staged by the students of Manipur University inside the University complex at around noon today.

Meanwhile, Prof. AP Pandey who is under suspension today said that the enquiry committee established by the MHRD as per agreement signed between the government of Manipur, MU community and representative of MHRD as illegal .

He also stated that he had not received any intimation from the enquiry committee for submission of statement on or before September 24.

The 2 member committee had asked the VC Prof. AP Pandey to submit statement in form of affidavit on or before September 24 and also asked to appear in person before the commission on September 26, 27 and 28.

In his letter to the enquiry committee, AP Pandey stated that as per the statute of the Manipur University the visitation powers are vested in the visitor of the University and the MHRD has no jurisdiction over the affairs of the Manipur University in this regard. Similarly, the inquiry, in pursuance of a tripartite agreement between some illegal and unrecognized association on one hand and the MHRD on the other, is completely illegal and neither binding on the university nor the Vice Chancellor.

As per his statement to the enquiry committee Prof. AP Pandey term the MUSU, MIUTA and the MUSA as illegal bodies and also the Manipur state government representative as unrecognized.

Meanwhile students of Anthropology , Dept. of Physics and Biochemistry department today stated that they will not appeared the semester examination until the problem has been settled.

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7 injured in IED blast in the heart of Imphal City

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Imphal, Sept 24,

At least 7 persons were injured early today morning when a low intensity Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded in front of a shop located near the entrance gate of the Major Khul Imphal.
According to police report the blast occurred at 5.45 am today morning and those injured by the splinters of the blast were all daily wage earner. All the injured have been rushed to RIMS hospital for treatment. Doctors said all the six are out of danger.
All the six persons were daily wage earner and have been identified as Sunil Gupta (38 yrs), s/o Vaqeer Singh of UP, presently staying at Khuyathong, Chotu Sarani (26 yrs) s/o Ram Naresh of UP, Dhamendra Shahani  (24) s/o Ram Prakash of Bihar, Dharam Yadav (20) yrs , s/o Bacha Yadav of Bihar. The three of them are presently staying at Major Khul and Dharmasala. The two other injured in the blast are Ranjit Shah (46 yrs) s/o  Sitaram Shah of Bihar and Rajesh Shani (32), s/o Mahindra Shah of Bihar presently staying at Nagamapal.  

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9 students’ bodies including 4 from aboard condemn Sept 20 crackdown at MU and arrest of faculties

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Imphal, Sept 24,

Nine students’ bodies from Nepal, Philippine, Bangladesh and other states of India including   Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) of Manipur has expressed strong condemnation to the September 20 midnight crackdown by security personnel inside Manipur University complex.
In a joint statement signed by Bhushan Longjam, Secretary General, Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur, Pesal Dahal, Secretary, All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (Revolutionary), Siddharth Samtani, President, United Students’ Democratic Front, Kolkata, Priya, Publicity and Publication Secretary, Revolutionary Student-Youth Movement, Bangladesh, Arunank, General Secretary, Democratic Students’ Union, Telangana, Chiranjiwi Dhakal, President, All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (Revolutionary), Kara Lenina Taggaoa, National Spokesperson, League of Filipino Students, Prasanna, State Committee Member, Chaitanya Mahila Sangam, Andhra and Telangana and Sushil of Democratic Students’ Union, Delhi University, the Sept. 20 crack down by police at Manipur University is being term as a barbaric act of Political Conspiracy by RSS and BJP under Hindutva Fascism.
“We strongly condemn the incident of Manipur University that happened at the midnight of 20th September where a number of Security Forces came and arrested 90 Students and 6 Professors and put them jail by using Mock Bombs and Tear-Gas Shell in Manipur University Hostels”, the joint statement said.
It added that Students of Manipur University had been suffering for completely 85 days by the Total shut down of University and students did not have the chance to have classes and even exams. For this serious matter,  a MoA (Memorandum Of Agreement) was signed in between Manipur Govt. Protestors and MHRD to bring the normalcy of the University to conduct exams and to result out the pending exam results. During this bringing up of the normal Environment in MU, the BJP Govt. of Manipur is again reviving the conflicts.
“We, the Students from aboard and from India strongly demand the immediately release of the arrested Students and Professors (associated with the Mid-Night Crack-Down) without any conditions. After the Mid-Night Crack-Down in the Manipur University campus, the BJP govt. have shut down the Internet services in Manipur. Actually this shows the Dictatorship of the BJP Govt. which they suppress the rights of the citizens.
“In order to support and help the Political Nominee of  RSS, VC Pandey, life of thousands of Students have been tortured. The normal timing of the Students’ Exam has been already 100 days late and again by this new Military Crack Down, the life of the students would loss more from before. Not only here in Manipur, with the coming of BJP Govt. in Central India, many other Universities have been attacking by RSS-BJP. In Manipur also, students’ and Teachers of Manipur University have been attacked Under the strict supervision of RSS-BJP.
The joint statement while condemning act term it as BJP-RSS against the Students’ and Teachers community. The statement also demanded immediate release of the arrested students and teachers and also those who have put in jail without any conditions.

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CM appeals all stakeholders to put positive effort in resolving MU row

Imphal, Sept. 24,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the State government is committed to restore normalcy and peaceful academic atmosphere in Manipur University. This was stated by him during the joint Hill Leaders’ Day and Meeyamgi Numit held at Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.
Speaking to media persons, Chief Minister said that the State government would mediate in its fullest capacity in resolving the present turmoil in Manipur University. The State government would act as a mediator between the Centre and Manipur University community to resolve the issue. He appealed the people, CSOs and other stakeholders to put positive effort to bring amicable solution of the MU issue.  
Chief Minister said that after hearing the allegations against the Vice Chancellor Prof. A.P Pandey for his misbehaviour and mismanagement in the Manipur University, the President of India intervened in the matter and suspended Prof. Pandey. And the order further mentioned that Prof. Pandey would not be allowed to enter the University premises until further orders, he added. The President and Centre have acted after acknowledging the sentiments of the people of the State, he added.
Chief Minister recalled that many unwanted incidents have occurred in Manipur University in the past. There were instances of killing a Professor and other unlawful activities inside the University premises, he added. If the law and order situation worsens, then the State Government can’t remain as silent spectator. The present government won’t let any unwanted incidents happen in the University campus.
Reacting on boycotting the University examinations by the students over the appointment of Pro-VC and Registrar, Chief Minister stated that if the stakeholders aren’t satisfied with the said order then they are free to move the Court.
Talking about the grievances received on joint Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ day, Chief Minister mentioned that among several grievances, various individuals, entrepreneurs and SHGs have requested for providing financial assistance. In this regard, officials of various banks including MSCB, MRB are being deputed here to provide soft loans by them. Chief Minister opined that there is good economic momentum in the State.

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Are all students and Faculties of MU criminals? – Macha Leima

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Imphal, Sept 24,

Manipur Chanura Leishem Marup ( Macha Leima) today lambasted that September 20 midnight crackdown at Manipur University by security force.
Recalling a statement of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, at which he had stated that criminals can be crack down at any time either night or noon, the Macha Leima questioned the CM on whether all the students and the faculties at Manipur University are criminals.
“Are the faculties of MU Criminals? Are those students at the hostel preparing for exam criminals?”, the statement asked the Chief Minister.
It further added that the 85 days long impasses ended and when academic normalcy have been restored at the Manipur University it was again distorted after one Prof. Yugindro came to take charge of the VC on Sept. 20. The Macha Leima further said that for 85 days the state was put under turmoil for 85 days by one AP Pandey. When Pandey has not been taken up any action how could the student and teachers can be called criminals.
The Macha Leima further demand immediate and unconditional release of teachers and students detained by the state government.

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RPF President Irengbam Chaoren greets people on occasion of its army wing PLA’s 40th Raising Day

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Imphal, Sept 24,

Proscribed group People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the army wing of the Revolutionary Peoples’ Front (RPF), is observing the 40th raising day on September. President of the rebel group Irengbam Chaoren greets the people of the state in connection with the raising day.
A statement issued to media houses by RPF’s president irengbam Chaoren categorically stated the present state of the region.
“Manipur today is besieged by myriad socio-political and economic issues and we will never be able address these issues effectively as long as we live under the Indian colonial rule” Chaoren stated.  
The statement further said that the collective wish of our people to extricate Manipur out of the prevailing sorry state of affairs, India’s repressive policies have devastated the society, and the puppet rulers who have been incapacitated to exercise any of their faculties for the welfare of the land will never be able to resolve the myriad issues and problems conclusively.
“All kinds of social issues have been multiplying today while communal harmony and sense of inter-community brotherhood have been poisoned but the puppet rulers are simply watching helplessly because all these negative developments are directly or indirectly linked to Indian colonial policies. This link can be traced to New Delhi’s policies of suppression, division and weakening smaller communities by way of pitching one group of people against another with the ulterior motive of annihilating all the smaller communities. This link was visible in all the relationships shared between colonial rulers and colonized peoples across the world  and this link is still operating quite actively in Manipur and WESEA.     
“It’s time for our people to stop directing all our wrath and grievances against the helpless and puppet State rulers and re-direct our energy and take on Indian colonial rulers for they are the real  culprits. If we continue to seek solutions to the myriad issues and problems through the puppet rulers, the issues and problems will only get complicated and the social unrest will escalate because the puppet rulers have accustomed to using all their energy and wisdom only for elections and they have been baptized in the Indian brand of politics. It’s time for all of us to revert to our traditional ethics  ‘action speaks louder than words’ rather than only shouting without doing anything, a  parasitic character which we imbibe from our association with Mayangs so that we can challenge the Indian colonial rule directly and their diabolic policies which are the root causes of all our problems  and hardships. This can save us from blaming and tearing into each other, a social evil born out of the forced annexation of Manipur by India, and from ultimately sinking together. Seeming differences among us have been strengthening the Indian colonial rule and the colonial rulers have been taking advantage of this seeming disunity. So the foremost task is unification. We must unite to identify and resolve each and every single problem entangling the society.  
“For we are at  present living under the Indian colonial rule, there is a growing need for all of us to walk together on a common path and create a commonness among our wishes with regard to certain national tasks which must be accomplished without fail. This will certainly help in removing  distrust among us and tendency to oppose one another apart from reducing the adverse impacts caused by different problems and issues. Howsoever justified they are and though they are characteristics of Indian democracy, bandhs and blockades are becoming very unpopular in Manipur.
“This is a social change brought about by difficulties faced by masses over the years. Any agitation launched after overlooking this change which causes undue misery to the masses in the name of demanding one’s  rights will prove suicidal and malignant. It is crucial to devise modes of agitation which have least impacts on daily wage earners, healthcare services and education with the exception of general strikes called on key national issues.
“Our people are anxious and apprehensive about possible threats to the integrity of Manipur vis-à-vis the peace talk going on between India and NSCN-IM. At the same time, our people must understand that GoI, while ignoring the collective wish and aspiration of Naga people, has  been working to terminate the armed revolutionary movement of Naga people after coercing NSCN-IM to sign a deceitful agreement. GoI has been saying one thing to Naga people and something totally contradictory to the peoples of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal  Pradesh thereby stoking conflicts among the peoples of the region. This is an unmistakable indication that the Framework Agreement is a deceitful agreement, a conspiracy to polarize the peoples of the region. Any people’s movement to challenge and neutralize such conspiracy of GoI must not have any element of communalism otherwise the movement may be interpreted wrongly and it may deepen inter-community conflicts.
“Conceptualization of such a movement which can effectively neutralize GoI’s divisive policies  will largely depend on our idea, approach and ability to foster a sense of oneness.  Our people need to be very watchful because politicians and the puppet rulers who are using the Framework Agreement as a tool of their election strategies have been  working to identify the people’s movement with their sectarian politics, and if they are successful in their diabolic attempt, the people’s movement which should be a collective movement of all the people may get obliterated as a communal movement. Our people must not ever overlook the fact that all the political parties active in Manipur are branches of GoI and the hard  core politicians have sold off their souls to Indian politics after relegating genuine politics of Manipur to the back seat, and decisions taken by them will always go in favor of India. In crucial matters related to Manipur, they will never have the will and courage to take any decision in defiance of GoI. Protection of Manipur’s  integrity lies in the collective strength of our people. The  collective mass movement which our  people must wage in the face of GoI’s destructive policies must be a clear warning to one and all that  the Indian colonial rule can be overthrown and all Indian political parties can be uprooted from the  soil of Manipur.  We need to mobilize ourselves for such a path-breaking mass movement.”, the RPF President said.         
Regarding the boundary issue , the statement added , “At the moment it would not be right to accept the eastern boundary of Manipur demarcated between Myanmar and India as our real boundary. We must not accept GoI’s approach to retain just 22, 327 Sq. Km. out of the total territory of Manipur within India and give away the rest to Myanmar.”
“In the past too, Manipur had lost its border areas not only to Myanmar but also to India when British India demarcated boundary of Manipur for  their administrative convenience. It was not only territory but our people were also colonized when India annexed Manipur. Though we are living in Manipur as Manipuri, all our rights have been forfeited. That is why GoI is not listening to our single word  with regard to our own territorial boundary and this is an unmistakable example of how we have been reduced to the status of refugees in our own land.  Given this reality, putting faith in GoI and entrusting them the task of re-demarcating Manipur’s boundary with Myanmar will be futile. GoI will never establish the real boundary of Manipur. In order to entitle ourselves the right to demarcate our true boundary and resolve all boundary issues with Myanmar, we must first liberate Manipur and make it an independent country”, the statement added.
It added that Myanmar is our immediate neighbor and history clearly defines the relationship shared between peoples of the two countries. Even after Manipur had been annexed by India, Myanmar people do not see Manipuris as Indians; they give more importance to their relationship with Manipur than with India as testified by their treatment of issues of Manipur separately, away from their bilateral relationship with India. It is not very long back that Myanmar rescued itself from being overwhelmed by Indians demographically. Moreover, GoI supported many militant groups which were waging wars against Government of Myanmar thereby posing serious hurdles to consolidation of Myanmar as a unified country. Contributions of Manipuri cavalry known as Cassay Horse in the process of consolidation of Myanmar as a unified country and at times of aggression by external forces and creative works of Manipuri artisans are highly appreciated and respected by people of Myanmar.
Manipur-Myanmar relationship which had passed through both cordial and hostile phases had withstood the test of time. We must restrain ourselves from doing anything at the behest of GoI which may strain Manipur-Myanmar relationship and this will go a long way in determining the future of Manipur.        
Regarding the incessant influx of Mayangs, their ever-expanding settlements, diversification and monopolization of commercial activities and their rapid population growth, the RPF President said that the people should fight the issue collectively rather than beseeching GoI to protect us from the population invasion for GoI will never do anything to safeguard us, the indigenous people of the land. Even though the dream of hard core Indian politicians to build a greater India by bringing Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh within India could not be realized, they firmly believe that the present boundary will remain intact forever. Apart from its military approach to keep Manipur within India, GoI has been scheming to make Indians dominate the indigenous people demographically with the sinister objective of assimilating Manipuri people completely into the Indian society.
“ We must take up concrete measures to counter this population invasion. Our people need to ensure that Indians living in Manipur are not given unlimited freedom and at the same time, Indians should know that they would be inviting strict vigil upon themselves if they fail to take the realities of  Manipur with due seriousness. To avoid such strict vigil, Indians working in central government or state  government offices and those searching for jobs in Manipur should never ever consider Manipur as their homeland and they must not overlook the existing deep-rooted political conflict between India and Manipur. If they ignore this advice and challenge the collective aspiration of Manipuri people, they will be creating their own enemy and revolutionary groups of the land will punish them.   
“Last but not the least, we now know how Indian occupational forces captured revolutionary cadres, demanded ransoms, engineered their disappearances regardless of whether they got ransom or not, outraged modesty of a number of our women and massacred innocent civilians in fake encounters. They themselves have disclosed their own brutal character. Our people cannot afford inaction and silence in this situation on the false self-assurance that such brutal and ugly incidents will not happen to our families. We are all one and same before the eyes of our enemies. Even if our people take side with Indian occupational forces by blaming the revolutionary groups for all the misery, they (Indian occupational forces) will never trust our people. The revolutionary movement will definitely encompass each and every one of us one day or the other. By that time, all of us will face the wrath and brutality of Indian occupational forces. This is inevitable and no amount of pleadings and beseeching to the Indian occupational forces will help us. We must prepare ourselves for this eventuality and fight Indian occupational forces collectively and their local followers, the traitors”, the statement said.
The RPF president also called on the people’s need to raise a collective voice against treatment of revolutionary cadres by Manipuri Indian security forces particularly police commandos as their sworn enemies and undue harassment and killing  of civilians in fake encounters in the name of maintaining law and order so that this disturbing trend does not continue any longer. Otherwise, a new chapter of endless vengeance, fraternal killings and bloodbath will be written in the history of Manipur. Just like British colonial rulers who employed British Indian Army to suppress the Indian independence movement, Indian Manipuri soldiers have started taking lead roles in GoI’s fight against the revolutionary movement. This must be stopped immediately. Else, their names will be discredited forever, future generations will look to them with contempt and their own  descendants  will live in disgrace among free people of independent Manipur. Manipuri Indian security forces must take all these facts into consideration while discharging their duties and they must re-orient their actions and intentions towards a progressive Manipur.  
“We now know our enemies but as a result of living within India for a prolonged period, it appears that we cannot survive without depending on India. Driven by such notion that we cannot survive as a nation/community without India’s protection, our people feel compelled to go to New Delhi to seek their goodwill and blessing. But this, in fact, is becoming another major cause for further downfall of Manipur. It is the bounden duty of each and every one of us to make Manipur a progressive, prosperous and peaceful society. We can definitely see a new world, quite different from the world we are living at present if we look beyond India’s colonial rule and its illusions. It is for this very reason that we, revolutionaries, have been waging an armed revolutionary campaign with a firm belief that we are capable of re-building a nation and we have every right to re-build our nation, and we have to snatch this right from GoI. To be a part of this revolutionary movement is shouldering our responsibility towards our nation. Let’s unite together and take the revolutionary movement forward, the statement added.

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Shattering the dream of Irabot

Midnight raid inside Manipur University was a preplanned one. The police team with arms and ammunitions conducted the raid after they confirmed that all newspapers have completed publications. The police did not take permission from the Proctor before conducting the raid neither informed which has been a convention of any University in the country. They even humiliated the assistant Proctor by arresting him after conducting raid at his official quarter. Five more faculty were also arrested and sent them in Judicial custody. Students who came out from their hostel were treated with hostilities, fires tear gas , mock bomb and charged with baton. Many students bleeds in the police action.  They raided the quarters of Faculty members. Security allotted to the in-charge VC Prof. Viswanath has been removed.
The police also raided some of the residence of Professors outside the MU complex.
Faculty members are being harassed with threat intimidation. A Professor was pulled up and questioned, even though released later. They are not allowed to convene meeting. Students preparing for semester exam were on the hunt. Routine patrolling by police vehicles inside the Manipur University campus and heavy presence of security force inside the complex has now converted the temple of higher studies as ‘War Field”. The MU is once more converted into a war field.
The unwanted tragedy arises as the government seem to be protecting the one person whom almost all the entire community of MU has been alleging serious allegation.
Is this the kind of respect that the state government pays to Hijam Irabot.  
For how many nights have we spent sleepless thinking about the fate of our nation. How many times had we shed tears for our motherland? We might not have time, but our great leader Hijam Irabot had many times cried and spent sleepless night thinking about the future of Manipur. Giving education to the people for a classless society with the proletariat on the forefront was the dreamt of our great Leader Hijam Irabot. For the cause the leader had waged a political war against the British colonial rule and then later against feudalistic nature of the Majarajah and the ruling capitalist class of Manipur. What makes different from this pioneer leader and the so call leaders of our days is that he was not lured by the prospect of the royal prerogatives and official facilities including the prestigious post of membership to the Sardar Panchayat Court that was being offered to him for having married princess Khomdonsana.
It is a shame that today’s leader of ours are very much different from Hijam Irabot. Unlike the pioneer leader, today’s leader never bother sacrificing the pillar of the future as long as they could continue their position. A blessing from their leader at Delhi seems to be more important than protecting the rights of the students. Teachers are treated as criminal if ordered to do so from their masters.
To Hijam Irabot, the war was not only against the external force which had colonized the nation state but it was rather against all forms of oppression and suppression committed under the feudalistic character of the system. He dreamt of a nation where every citizen has the right to live with dignity. His work for promotion of the culture, sports, literature and journalism is a reflection of his love towards this erstwhile nation state.
All his life the great leader had work for the cause of the people sacrificing every comfort of live. To convert his dreamt into reality he spearheaded various political movement starting from the grass hood level. He was the man behind the formation of students’ federation, peasant union, women’s organization and progressive party.
For his active role to bring about a reformed state, he was sent to prison many a times during the British colonial era. Later after the British left the nation state, Hijam Irabot was once again declared as a terrorist as his activities continued to be a threat to the Maharajah himself as well as the ruling capitalist.
In recognition to the activities of this all time leader, the state is celebrating his Birth Anniversary across the state. A political Party - Communist Party of India (CPI) is taking the main initiative in organizing the day to commemorate the leader’s birthday.
But one thing we in the Imphal Times would like to remind is that, would the person who had sacrifices every comfort of life would be happy to see us celebrating the day without fulfilling any of his dream. Will our leader be happy if he sees the conditions of the peasant community or the working class people of this state?  Sons and daughters of the peasant are now hiding as if they have committed crimes. Which parents will remain calm when their children who are being sent to study higher studies are being treated as criminals?
This is the state of our state. There is no doubt that our great leader Hijam Irabot would certainly shed tears in heaven seeing the reality.

Remittance-Bringing Global Money to Manipur

By- Chingakham Dina; Arambam Karamjit; Khwairakpam Sunita

Remittance is the money earned in foreign countries and sent back home. Money is what we need to build physical constructions and infrastructures. Money doesn’t simply come out of blue without job, work or business. It is not easy to run a government without proper taxes, excise duties, revenue from business, job, products from factory. Our state government depends for budget to central government for help year by year without setting a proper goal for state income and revenue.
Our local people stretch hands for money to our state government for job as this is the only source of income for the personal earning and benefits. Whatever money that comes in, it will be vanished without target area of development. It is time to look beyond our own village boundary if we want to join global competition for job and income, and that money in the form of remittance will help to run our state government in resource deficiency state of Manipur. It is time to open up eyes who are involving to run state.
India is number one in term of amount of money received from remittance with $72.2  billion, followed by China with $63.9 billion and the Philippines as third place with $29.7 billion (Source: Times of India, Jun 7, 2015; The Philippine Star, global news 27, 2015). Taken the whole population of the country, average remittance amount per 1 million population in the Philippine is $321.64 million, whereas the India’s remittance per 1 million population is only $ 57.7 million. This shows that the average earning from foreign countries is far ahead in the Philippine per head.
In India, Kerala tops the largest amount of remittance with Rs 1 lakh crores in 2015. Out of 33.3 million population of Kerala, an estimated 24 lakh people are living and working abroad and that contributes a large income to the state. There are thousands of Filipino in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle east, Europe and America. They can travel without fear around the world. This is possible because they can communicate in English and their government supports them.
In a resource scarce state of Manipur, generally speaking it is believed that people who live better life and stable incomes are those who work in government office. It is true, too. Because of this fact, people will sell property to get a government job every time when there is recruitment session by whatever means- bribing, corruption, favoritism, nepotism, by hook or by crook.
We have gone through mistakes and wrong decision and wrong management in every sector in Manipur. We believe that when A-grade student becomes an IAS officer, or civil servant or people handling state machinery, he/she will do something good to bring changes in our society. In most cases, they cannot bring any changes. On the contrary, it is they who change themselves and at the end of the day their minds become polluted in corruption. They become busier and busier how to siphon money from the state to buy flat in Delhi or Bangalore, or to buy gold jewelry for the wife and love ones. It is time to come out on global platform to work and earn money if the state itself cannot manage sufficiently. We need new policy at the state level.
Recently, MPSC declared to hold Manipur Civil Service Combined Competitive preliminary examination to fill up 82 vacancies. For these vacancies, there came 35,000 aspirants candidates who have submitted online application (Source: thesangaiexpress, 14Feb, 2016). Out of 35,000 applicants, only 82 will be employed. In the same way, thousands of students are struggling for IAS civil service examination in Delhi and out of which hardly one or two candidates will be recruited.
The whole remaining students will be wasted their time and energy in the name of looking job. This is how our government manages our youths’ time. In Thailand, if freshly graduated students do not work a month it is considered as time being wasted too much without working. It is same thing in any developed countries. But, in our Manipur we wait job for five year, ten years to fill the vacancy, to be filled the die in harness position. It is time we need changing ourselves.
Remittance is so important to build our state that couldn’t produce her own income  sufficiently to support and run the state. This is the area we need to focus to generate income.
Bringing money as remittance is possible when you are fit, well trained, capable to work and earn in international platform. We need to change our mindsets and modify our existing system. In Russia, whatever men do, it is also done by women without discrimination of job between men and women.
In Thailand, there is no discrimination on job whether a girl works as sale representation in shop, mall, exhibition etc. This is learning curve for individual. This is happening in every place where people work hard and in a place where work is considered as important. They are the people leading in present day economic world. Sometimes our civil societies impose restriction that girl should not be employed at occasional festival selling products or doing business. We need to change ourselves to give opportunity to anybody without discrimination based on sex in our society too, to take up any jobs.
Civil servant, IAS job is not that lucrative job if you work sincerely without corruption, and without siphoning state money through unfair means and favoritism. A CEO of global multinational company can bring larger amount of income and remittance than a state government officer.
Presently, Manipur government spends about Rs 250 crores monthly for state government employees salary. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela got package of
$84.3 million (Rs 525 crore) yearly.
At present there might be around 2000 people working abroad from Manipur at the most, that might generates Rs 6 crores if every this individual sends back Rs 30,000 on an average to Manipur per month. Whereas in Kerala remittance sent by 24 lakh of people is Rs 833 crores monthly. Assuming that if Manipur can send about 1 lakh people abroad, they might be able to send Rs 300 crore monthly with individual remittance of Rs 30,000 per month which is greater contribution than the whole state government’s monthly salary. This is what we need to target for by joining global job market.
Our youths need to come out on global market for job and income. Our leaders must change policy to be able to produce employable workforce with proper training. In our state, students focus too much on traditional subjects such as history, political science, local language literature just to highlight some examples. They are all important but you won’t expect much in global job market from such subjects. We have to focus on subjects where there is more demand, and more employment. Without skills with proper training, there is not likely change among youths in terms of employment if the state officials do not introduce well planned human resource management. In order to produce qualified youths and skills needed for job market, we need the following areas to
be paid attention.
1. Open More Vocational Schools
We need more people to be trained in different areas in vocational training. We don’t have enough number. We need to absorb more students in training sector. Any students from general subjects  such as History, Geography, Political science, Biology etc. are not employable directly when they finished their course. So more training is needed in specific area. In Thailand, students who are really weak in academic area will be sent to compulsory vocational school after 9th standard. Fail in the class is not their option in the education policy. In Germany, students are sent to different schooling system based on the intellectual level of the pupils after primary school. They are grouped into 3 categories of schools.
1. Gymnasium- Most intelligent students.
2. Realschule- Average intelligent students.
3. Hauptschule- Lowest intelligent students.
Most intellectual students will go to a school system called Gymnasium. Students from this school will go for academic and university education. Average intellectuals will go to Realschule. Lowest Intelligent students will go to third group of school called as Hauptschule. Students from Realschule and Hauptschule will be the future vocational students after high school level. The third group, Hauptschule- Lowest intelligent students are ones who will fail in our system of Manipur.
But in Germany all citizens perform well by placing every children at right place according to their intellectual level without leaving anyone failed.
2. Introduce Speaking and Listening in English Language Syllabus
Our English proficiency skill is not enough for global job market. Our youths need more English language capability. Every educated youth can read and write English to some extent but this is not  enough to join global platform. They should have strong English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Language is the tool that you can survive well in the international environment on top of your skill in particular area.
Therefore we need to include skills of Speaking and Listening as in language learning so that our youths have more chances to come out to global  job market.
3. Subject Choices
Focus more on subjects which have more chances in the job market such as engineering, medicine, finance, economics, commerce, MBA, management, retail industry, hotel industry, pharmaceutical study, computer, international law. etc rather than history, political science, local language etc. We know all subjects are important but all will not be considered equally in real job market. If you look for teaching job outside India, it is better to focus on mathematics and sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology. Come out A-grade students aiming for global CEO for big companies. Those international companies CEO will be far ahead of our prestigious government jobs if we consider for money only. Example, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Ma of Alibaba etc.
4. Increase Intake of Students for Every Academic Session
Increase the number of intake of students for every academic year in the faculties that are already established by expanding the facility of the faculties. Our numbers in every field is too small compared with developed nations. We need to produce more skill workforce targeting job platform not only in Manipur, and government sector but also in global arena.
5. Open Weekend Class
Time is precious. In any developed nations, you will see people work at office, factory, or business and they continue their study at the same time. In India if you study as an adult you have to stop working. In order to generate personal income while studying, institutions must open weekend class (Saturdays & Sundays) for every course. This is common practice in busy and hard working nations.
6. Open Foreign Language Courses
We need to learn foreign languages to do business or work successfully with foreign people. We need to open more foreign languages such mandarin (Chinese), Thai which become more popular  for business apart from English language.

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Organic Farming Tour Flagged Off

IT News

Imphal Sept,24


As part of their endeavour to execute meaningful civic action programmes for the people of Kana Valley, the Sajik Tampak Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) is undertaking a ten day Organic Farming Tour to Sikkim. The tour is so designed and planned to have a balance mix of entertainment and gain first hand experience on organic farming. A total of 20 farmers including seven females have been selected and provided preliminary training on the techniques of organic farming. The team was flagged off by Major General K P Singh, YSM, IGAR (South) and will proceed to Sikkim wherein a detailed educative tour on organic farming to include lectures by experts and visit to farms is scheduled. Since, its first of its kind exposure to most of the team members and their maiden visit to Sikkim which not only is a pioneer state in organic farming but also boasts of rich cultural heritage it is logical that Sajik Battalion has included the places of tourist interest in their itinerary. In addition meeting with renowned civil and military dignitaries is also part of the tour. its a complete package as it provides valuable exposure  to the young farmers from the  most isolated parts of Manipur, gives them opportunity to interact with learned personalities and also see our beautiful country. The Sajik battalion has undertaken valuable projects in the past as well. The battalion shares exceptional bonhomie with the local population which has proved a game changer. The battalion has made substantial progress in bridging the gap that subconsciously existed in the minds of the locals who felt neglected and isolated. The fast paced development project being executed by the battalion is causing serious crisis for the insurgent who are losing operational space and local support in their erstwhile stronghold of SajikTampak. The close association between the Kana Valley and Sajik battalion is evident from the fact that immediately after the recent stand off on Assam Rifles, the village Chiefs, Pastors and other elders of the village community expressed strong condemnation of the act and prayed for the safety of the unit in future as well. The church elders flagged a   pertinent query as to why valley based insurgent groups are bringing bloodshed to the tribal hills. They urged the people of Kana valley to understand the ulterior motives of the insurgent who want this area to remain backward by stalling the development projects and by senseless violence. Its a great transformation of the minds and surely the Kana valley and Sajik battalion together will script success story for Sajik Tampak. Match Assam Rifles Organises Volleyball Tengnoupal Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) organised a Volleyball Match at Saibol village, Tengnoupal District on                21 September 2018 in which friendly matches were conducted to commemorate the ‘World Peace Day’. The match was attended by villagers of Shaibol, Yangkhul, Saisam, Moirengthel, Narum and the troops of Shaibol Company. A message of ‘Peace and Communal Harmony’ was spread amongst the villagers, at the end of the competition, prizes were distributed and refreshment was catered for all the locals.


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Minister Letpao Haokip Launched Ayushman Bharat (Pm-Jay) For Chandel District

Chandel Sept.23
  As launched all over India, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, PM-JAY was launched in  Chandel District by Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports and Water Resources, Letpao Haokip at a function held in DRDA hall, DC complex Chandel yesterday.   
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports and Water Resources,
Letpao Haokip, Deputy Commissioner, Chandel Shri Krishna kumar , CMO,Chandel Dr. Serthani Serbum and Adl. Superintendent of Police, Chandel Syed Abdul Samad  graced the function as Chief Guest, Functional President and Guest of Honours respectively.
Speaking on the occasion the Minister promises that he will extend all the possible help to those who are not covered by PM-JAY and the Chief Minister’s Hakshelgi Tengbang schemes in his personal level. He further said that launching any scheme is easy but effective implementation is what is important. In order to see that the schemes being launched are being materialised on the ground level, he urged the concerned person to submit a detail report in one year time.In his presidential speech the Deputy Commissioner reiterated that under the socio-economic and caste census of 2011, the under privileges peoples were divided under different parameters and were brought under different schemes. He said that any government schemes how good it may be cannot be successfully implemented without the help of the people. He further said that most of the people in the rural areas are not aware of the benefits being given to them through these schemes, so he appealed to all the government officials, and specially village Heads, Anganwadi and ASHA workers who are in direct contact with the people and the public in general to spread the awareness amongst the people in the far flung areas of the district.a
As part of today’s function Goden Records ( e-cards) were also distributed to the benificiaries.
Adl. Deputy Commissioner, Chandel, Dr. A. Chinglenkhomba Meetei, DIO, Chandel, Dr. Lakshmi Thumlip, SDOs & SDC Chandel, Village Heads from different villages of the district, ASHA & Anganwadi workers, and many government officials of the district attended today’s function.

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