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Items filtered by date: Monday, 10 September 2018 - Imphal Times

In Manipur the Bharat Bandh is successful – Bhubaneshwar Kalita

Normalcy severely affected in the state during Bharat Bandh

IT News
Imphal, Sept. 10,

Bandh called against fuel price hike across the nation by congress party supported by 21 opposition political party has severely hit normalcy in the state. This is perhaps the first nationwide bandh called by the Congress party.
All sort of Commercial vehicles including passenger diesel auto, Tata Magic, inter district and interstate buses service stay of the road, Almost all Shops and other business establishment at Kwairamband keithel including Paona bazaar and Thangal bazaar here in Imphal were shuts  except some few. At many places including Thinunggei in Bishnupur district, Langjing in Imphal West, and at many parts of Thoubal district bandh supporters came on the street and place pipes and planks to stop passerby. At Kangabok in Thoubal district bandh supporters prevented all short of vehicular movement. At around noon there were some confrontation between the bandh supporters and those opposing the bandh.
Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) also stage a protest rally against the price hike of fuel at around noon today. President of the MPCC TN. Hoakip, Congress Working Committee member Gaikhangam, CLP Leader Okram Ibobi , Secretary of AICC NE in charge Dr. Vijayluxmi Sadho, Congress MP Bhubaneshwar Kalita, MLAs , and other congress workers attended the protest rally which kick start from Congress Bhavan , BT road and after proceeded towards Kanglapat road where they reached Khuyathong and returned towards Nagamapal and later concluded at the starting point.
Speaking to reporters at Congress Bhanvan MP Bhubaneshwar Kalita said that the Bharat bandh called by the congress party which is being supported by 21 opposition party against the fuel price hike received positive response from the people of the state.

“In Imphal and in Manipur , the Bharat bandh is successful”, Bhubaneshwar Kalita said.
He said that not only in Imphal but also at all district head quarters, cities across the state, the bandh is successful.
The Congress MP from Assam said that the bandh called by the congress supported by 21 political parties is a people bandh.
“This is not our bandh but this is a peoples’ bandh”, Kalita said adding that the people had responded very actively and those who could not come to the street gave moral support to the bandh called against the rising price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas etc.
“People understand that the rise in the petrol and easel will raise the price of the essential commodities making the life of the common people difficult”, Kalita said pointing the BJP saying that this step taken by the BJP government is their suicidal attack.
“This is the death nail of their coffin by the BJP, this is anti people measures and people will rise their voice against such anti people activities”, MP Kalita further added.
He also said that the rise in the fuel will only rise the price of the essential commodities.
Mr. Bhubaneshwar Kalita also strike hard on Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that people in the government only talk and do nothing for the people and if they do anything it was anti people .
He also called the present BJP led government as a failed government stating that the pains of miseries of the demonetization and GTS.

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Kamesh Salam awarded for Outstanding Green Activist

IT News
Imphal, Sept 10,

Kamesh Salam, founder of World Bamboo Day, awarded for Outstanding Green Activist- Jury Choice Awards as part of India Green Energy Awards, 2018
IFGE hosted its first green energy award “India Green Energy Awards, 2018” in New Delhi held on September 7.

The event was held with Care Ratings as knowledge partner and BTVI is the Media partner also supported by Solar Energy Society of India (SESI), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT).
 Under a category “Outstanding Green Activist- Jury Choice Awards”, Jury Members had nominated Kamesh Salam for the award for his contribution to” Bamboo Sector” which given by the “Chief Guest Sh. Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry, GoI. Kamesh Salam expressed that in his more than 25 years of working in Bamboo, this award is a great recognition to his efforts and work in bamboo sector.  Also, it’s a coincidence that  Suresh Prabhu while he was Union Minister for MoEF in 1999 had constituted the “First Bamboo Development Committee” under his Chairmanship and Kamesh Salam was a member in that First ever Committee on Bamboo when Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the PM of India.
India’s bamboo development started since then.  He is thankful to all my bamboo fraternity for the support and cooperation extended in making this Bamboo Journey.
 He further said, “We have lots of work to do in Bamboo in India.”

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Bandh affects Indo-Myanmar trade

IT News
Moreh, Sept 10,

The Bharat Bandh called by the congress party also put a complete halt to the Indo Myanamar-Border trade.

Since early morning today bandh supporters and members of the  Moreh  Block Congress Committee blocked National Highway 102,  The Indo-Myanmar Friendship Road. Almost all vehicles which were supposed to move towards Imphal remain stranded and no entries of other vehicles were also allowed at Moreh.
The bandh is also supported by many people of Moreh which are not members of the Congress party or to any of the 21 political parties supporting the Bandh as the issue is against the fuel price hike and also price hike and tax increase of essential commodities.
The Imphal Moreh Tata DI 207 Owners and Drivers welfare association also extended their support to the bandh even thought they are not in any way connected to the Congress party.
Goods laden Trucks, Tata DI which were engage for Indo-Myanmar Border trade remain stranded today. Expert estimated the total lost to be inbetween Rs 5-10 crores .

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Bandh affects Indo-Myanmar trade

IT News
Moreh, Sept 10,

The Bharat Bandh called by the congress party also put a complete halt to the Indo Myanamar-Border trade.

Since early morning today bandh supporters and members of the  Moreh  Block Congress Committee blocked National Highway 102,  The Indo-Myanmar Friendship Road. Almost all vehicles which were supposed to move towards Imphal remain stranded and no entries of other vehicles were also allowed at Moreh.
The bandh is also supported by many people of Moreh which are not members of the Congress party or to any of the 21 political parties supporting the Bandh as the issue is against the fuel price hike and also price hike and tax increase of essential commodities.
The Imphal Moreh Tata DI 207 Owners and Drivers welfare association also extended their support to the bandh even thought they are not in any way connected to the Congress party.
Goods laden Trucks, Tata DI which were engage for Indo-Myanmar Border trade remain stranded today. Expert estimated the total lost to be inbetween Rs 5-10 crores .

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Affected people of road widening work in Wangjing resolved to support bandh called on Sept 14 & 15 in Thoubal district.

IT News
Thoubal, Sept.10,

Affected land owners of the road widening work of the national Highway 102 has expressed dissatisfaction to the new decision of the Thoubal District , DC H. Rosita.
A committee form by the affected land owners called National Highway New Alignment Affected Land Owner Committee Wangjing today held a meeting at Wangjing SK leikai.

A meeting of the committee today resolved to support the bandh called by the United Action Committee from Lilong to Wangjing on Sept 14 and 15 if the DC fails to comply with the agreed point with the former DC.
Representative of the National Highway New Alignment Affected Land Owner Committee Wangjing, Tekcham Rameswor said that affected villagers have already been included in the road map of the National Highway Infrastructure Development Cooperation Limited (NHIDCL). There has been already an agreement reached between the affected villagers and also the former DC L. Nabakiswor to realign the acquisition work however the new DC H. Rosita instead of following the agreement is acting on her will without understanding the grievances of the people.
He further said that the people of Wangjing are not against development but are demanding impartiality to the acquisition of the land under the Land Acquisition Act 2013.
Rameswor further said that if the DC fails to fulfill the demand of the people of Wangjing by Sept 13 then the Committee will support the bandh called from Sept. 14 to Sept 15 United Action Committee from Lilong to Wangjing in Thoubal district.

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Tryst with destiny – Should we accept ?

“If engineers are corrupt some people suffered, if a doctor is irresponsible some people may died but when a politician stop thinking about a society then the whole society collapse” Veteran politician Okram Joy once said in a public meeting in connection with election campaign some years back. The veteran politician was referring on how prosperity could be brought to the state if we have committed leader to lead the state. Living aside all other issues , one important issue need to solve is the issue of NSCN-IM.
A final solution to the issues of the NSCN-IM is what almost all people of the Northe Eastern region particularly the people of Manipur have been expected. The recent sequence of events witness either in term of political circus and the struggle for protection of Manipuri identity is indeed a worrisome for all people. The idea of nation having one identity, one religion, one culture, one language promulgated by some self style son of mother India has created fear psychosis to various ethnic communities in the country.
At a time when chauvinistic idealism of creating a nation of only one community is seen marching ahead, it is natural that each and every ethnic communities of the nation have reason to be feared. Because it is family first then come the society then it is the nation. India was and is a nation of diverse people. The beauty of India is the existences of different ethnic people with diverse cultural people. It is important that if India has to prove the world as the most successful democratic country, the leaders and the so called self style son of the soil should tried to become real son of the soil by accepting that the concept of one religion, one culture and one language should not be followed in the Nation called India.During Kargil war, two soldier from this region, that too from a border village between Myanmar and India in the state of Manipur were martyred while fighting the Pakistani troops. Family of the two did not know the common language that their sons spoke with their fellow soldiers and moreover, the villagers of the two soldiers are fighting tough safeguarding their villages from intruders of the neighbouring villages. Yet they pray for the success of India.

The Indian administrators of the time was not the one which brought victory to the Kargil war, but it was the prayers of those thousand parents, whose sons were fighting for the country, but who never see Delhi, or who never understood the common language (Hindi) that make India success. Indeed, many critics are of the views that India is still in the process of nation building. But the reality is that India is already a nation. A nation of imagine community living under the same roof. The peaceful co existence and communal harmony was put in dead danger with the rise of communal centric feudalism classes. They spew venom of hate feeling among the various communities for their mere selfish gain.
Last few decades showed rise of many such feudalists and the rise of this class raises the feeling of enmity among the various community. Coming back to the state of Manipur, the problem facing right now has similar roots. The force annexation is often pin point as the root of all sort of trouble here, but the reality is that the root of the entire problem facing in the state of Manipur is the chauvinistic attitude of the ruling government in the mainland India. Instead of looking on the problem, the then ruler of the mainland India had sideline the real issue submitted by the then expert officials deputed by their government, they never tried anything to put a halt to the rise of the armed opposition group. But rather the then government incited hate feeling among various communities thinking that the same technique adopted the British ruler can suppressed any movement in the region. Instead of taking into consideration and finding a means to end all sort of violent activism a Scheme called Surrendered Rehabilitation Schemes had been introduced and the result - people now suffered double the problem that they had faced before the coming of the scheme.
Well Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, the last President of USSR had understood the important of safeguarding each community and USSR was separated into various independent nations. Problem will be there as long as human kind exists. Because they think and act and those act are sometime negative from one’s view point even if he or she thought it right from his viewpoints.The fear factor right now is felt to everyone. Man dies and sacrifices for their children and nation. If the fear factor grows no one can guarantee any untoward incident at which the fear factor was challenge and wipe out completely to restore the once upon a time nation state called Manipur.

Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam on Culture and Education

(Produce here is the speech delivered by the Education Minister)

Great Civilisation built on the strength derived from the age-old social-cultural traditions that have come down from generations to generations can be viewed from two important perspectives. One of them is the culture of unbroken, matured and adopted over the ages. The other is the systematisation or the formalisation of the culture of norm, which can be broadly termed as education. The premise on which a society grows over a period of time is the traditional knowledge accumulated over the millennia. One of the most significant philosophised of analysing the sequences of events, however systematic or not, the pragmatic  approach adopted by the ancestors since time immemorial is the culture that continues to bind the social fabrics till today, even during the most difficult times.
The process of institutionalisation of learning must have come so naturally in the ancient times, which offers as a reflective index of the then socio-cultural traditions. Today, the age of science and technology provides unfathomed height of courage and determination wt a solution to many unanswered questions. However, it is indeed the long enduring process covered by many generations of great thinkers to conceptualise a dogma to build logical theories on a wide range of subjects. That is the profound characteristics and the foundation on which the modern civilisations, development of all the subjects, including science and technology are built upon. The passage through which the knowledge has come down and shared among the people must have has a well established procedural strength to allow the belief and the subjects to grow undeterred. This must have been notwithstanding the conflicting thought and many more unfavourable environment and circumstances.

Culture and Education continues to be the most important and integral components of the contemporary tie. Both are dynamics as the artiste and creative human minds thrives o fulfil and respond to the unending quest for knowledge. At the same time, the need for instant solution to every challenge has pressed the human faculties of culture and education to resolve by creating responsible protocols at every level. The question in askance is; can Culture and Education be separated from one another, or the duo will have to be together like parallel lines, however, they meet at different locations or intervals. If culture is defined as the way of lives of the people, education becomes the nerves and veins that run between them. Describing the North Eastern region of the country would be a herculean task. However, the region is represented by a mosaic of different ethnic communities. Each ethnic group has its own glorious past, rich socio-cultural traditions evolved over the centuries in a well established and structured form. With a deep rooted sense of inherited groups in all the states of the North Eastern region have a pride in adapting  and adopting whatever come in their way.
It is in this background that the people of the entire North Eastern region of India has progressed in the education sector realising its greater role in the contemporary time. Education might have come late to many remote areas in the region. But the pace at which the people have been able to cope with the other advance states is indeed remarkable. Within the minimum infrastructure and technical support the pupils have excelled in almost all the subjects. It is perhaps because of the rich socio-cultural traditions of the people of the region with rudimentary methods f learning that have kept the spirit togetherness as a culture to thrive with futuristic visions and dreams o achieve higher goals in every sphere of life.

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Open letter to US President

  Open letter to President of  United States   of America, drawing immediate attention   and positive engagement or both domestic and world peace, mitigating climate change and related issues by North East Dialogue Forum

Mr.  President  Sir,

Greetings  from  the  North  East  of  India  (NEI)  which  is  bounded  by  Bangladesh,  Bhutan,  China  and   Myanmar  and  linked  to  the  rest  of  India  through  the  Siliguri  Corridor  commonly  called  ‘the  chicken’s  neck.’
The  North  East  Dialogue  Forum  (NEDF)  brings  together  a  number  of  non-government  organisations  (NGOs)  and  Civil  Society  Organisations  (CSOs)  in  the  region  comprising  of  eight  Indian  States,  viz.  Arunachal  Pradesh,  Assam,  Manipur,  Meghalaya,  Mizoram,  Nagaland,  Sikkim  and  Tripura  through  sharing  concerns,  issues,  struggles  as  we  engage  in  helping  others  less  fortunate irrespective  of   differences  in  ethnicity,  religion,   colour,   caste,  culture  and  language,  so  as  to  realise   life  in  all  its  fullness  -  physical,  social,  mental  which  includes  livelihood,  health, education,  justice   and  related  issues  like  environment,  impact  of  climate  change,  mega-dams,  mining,  etc.,      including  inclusive  peace.
Our  engagement  primarily  is  to  identify  with  their  struggles  for  equality,  rights,  justice  and  peace.
The  reason   that  we  have  taken  this  liberty  and  courage  to  write  to  you  is  (a)  the  United  States  of  America  is  the  oldest  democracy  in  the  world;  (b)  that  what  takes  place  in  the  U.  S.   and/     what   the   U.  S.  Government   and   its   people  decides  upon  affects  the  entire  world    and;  (c)  today,  there  are  many  events  taking  place  around  the  world  including  within  the  U.  S.  A.   itself,   which  are    sending  out  imminent                                                                            signals  of   catastrophic  consequences  unless  we  make  course  correction    in  many  of  our  policy  making  and  direction  of  governance   for  so  called  ‘development’ ,    money  making  enterprises  and  peace  building  through  instilling  fear  psychosis.
Therefore, Mr. President   Sir,  we  would  like  to  place  certain  matters  before  you,  your  Government  and  your  people,  which  we  believe  that  you  are  very  much  aware  of  and  is/are  very  much   concerned  as  we  are.
1. On  climate  change:
We  are  indeed  baffled  that  you  and  your  Government  have  withdrawn  from  the  Paris   Agreement  on  Climate  Change  of  COP21  for  we  had  high  hopes  that  the  U.S.  would  provide  leadership  and  encouragement  on  taking  the  Agreement  forward.  However   and   optimistically,  States  are  responding  positively  to take  it  forward  but  it  warrants  a  united  effort  to  combat  and  mitigate  climate  change,   particularly,   human  induced    climate  change    since  warnings  given   way  back  in  the  1500s  were  not  taken  seriously    or  cast  aside   because   of   human   greed.
Your  Environment  Protection  Agency  (EPA)   and  your  administration   should  be    bringing  out  guidelines  and/  norms  for  carrying  out  industrial  activities  not  contributing   to  air,  soil  and  water  pollution,  global  warming,  thereby  enhancing  climate  change   with  its  adverse  impact  affecting  planet  earth  and  the  global  community,  including  others  of  creation  whom  God   had  placed  on   this  earth  and  for  humans  to  be  just  and  conscientious   stewards  of  all  that  inhabit  this  earth  and  wide  universe.  
We  need  to  bring  change  together  by  working  together  and  journeying  together.  
2. On   banning    nuclear    weapons,  guns:
Mr.  President,  most  of  us  appreciate  very  much  your  breaking  the  ice  with  North  Korea   with  the   hope  that   follow  up negotiations   is  still  going  on  and   expectantly,   we  will  have  a nuclear  free  world  in  not  too  distant  a  future.
It  is  believed  that   most    Americans  do  remember  J.  Robert Oppenheimer,  father  of  the  A-bomb.  When  he  witnessed  the   artificial  nuclear  explosion  near  Alamogordo  on  16  July,  1945  his  mind  went  to  verses  in  the  Bhagavad  Gita   (XI. 12),  a  religious  book  of  the  Hindus  and  paraphrased   aloud,  “Now  I  am  become  death,   the  Destroyer  of  Worlds.”  
As  Chairman  of  the  General  Advisory  Committee  of  the  U.  S.  Atomic    Energy  Commission,  he  had  lobbied  for  “international   control  of  nuclear  power  to  avert                                                                           nuclear  proliferation  and  a  nuclear  arms  race  with  the  (then)  Soviet  Union.”  He  even  hand  delivered  a  letter  to  then  Secretary  of  State,   Henry  L.  Stimson  on  17  August,  1945,  i.e.  nine  days  after  the  bombing  of  Nagasaki  in  Japan,  “expressing  his  revulsion  and  his  wish  to   see  nuclear  weapons  banned.”
“Like  many  scientists  of  his  generation,  he  felt  that  security  from  atomic  bombs  would  come  only  from  a  transnational  organization  such  as  the  newly  formed  United  Nations,  which  could  institute  a  program  to  stifle  the  nuclear  arms  race.”
In  July,  2017,    Oppenheimer’s  wish  came  true  when  the  United  Nations   adopted  the  Treaty  on  Prohibition  of  Nuclear  Weapons  and  all  nations  should  ratify  this  Treaty,  without   making  any  excuse  and  still  come  together  for  making  this  God  created   planet,  a  nuclear  free  world.
This  begins  with  stopping  to  mine   atomic  minerals  and  allow  the  ‘ rainbow  serpent’,  (uranium  as  called  by  the  aboriginal  Australians)  to  sleep  on  to  eternity  under  the  canopy  of  soil,  stones  and  rocks  for  once  it   is   disturbed  and  waken  up  from  its  slumber,    there  will  be  hell  to  pay  (the    unshaken  belief  of  aboriginal  Australians).
It   may   be   mentioned   Mr.  President  that  we  have  just  received  news  that   South   Africa  has  decided  to  replace  nuclear  energy  by  renewable  energy.
However,  it  is  not only  nuclear  weapons  and  nuclear  energy  that  we   must discard  but  all  kinds  of  ammunitions,  including  guns.
General   Mikhail   Kalaishnikov,   inventor    of  the  A.  K.  Rifle,  in  his  old  age,  said  thus:  “I’m  proud  of  my  invention,  but  I’m  sad  that  it  is  used  by  terrorists  ...  I  would  prefer  to  have  invented  a  machine  that   people  could  use  and  that   would  help   farmers   with   their   work,  for  example,    a  lawnmower. ..  I   always    wanted   to  construct    agriculture    machinery.”    A  month  before  he  passed  away  in  December,  2013,   it  is  reported   that  he  wrote  to  the  Head  of  the  Russian  Orthodox  Church  for  forgiveness  and  repenting  for  having   invented   the   A. K.   Rifle.
Mr.  President,  it  is  for  governments  and  world  leaders  to  take   the  initiative  and  more  importantly,  for you   and  your  Government  to  act  retrospectively  for  the  future  and  security   of  humanity.
3. On  Indigenous  Peoples:
Mr.  President,   we  express  our  deep  appreciation    for  the  United  States  Government  having  endorsed  the  U.  N.  Declaration  on  the  Rights  of  the  Indigenous  Peoples  
(UNDRIP)  as  initially,  it  had   reservations  against  the  Declaration  when  it  was  adopted  on   13  September,  2007.
 In  your  having  endorsed  UNDRIP,     perhaps   you   are    continuing  with  the  famed  Six  Point  Plan  of  George  Washington  for  the  indigenous  peoples  of  the  United  States,  believed  to  number  some   5.2  million   in  population  with   560  Indian  tribes  recognized  at  federal  level  and  some  sixty  plus  tribes  recognized  at  states  level.  
Those  Six  Points  are:-

1. Impartial    justice   toward    Native    Americans.
2. Regulating    buying   of   Native   Americans’   land.
3. Promotion    of   commerce.
4. Promotion    and   experiments   to   civilize   or   improve   Native    American  society.
5. Presidential    authority    to   give   presents.
6. Punishing    those      who    violate   rights   of    Native    Americans.
We  believe  that   the  terms  “American  Indians”,   and   “Native  Americans”  are  used  interchangeably  to  describe  the  indigenous  communities  in  the  U.  S.
As   the   goal  of  UNDRIP  is  for  working  “alongside  Indigenous  Peoples  to  solve  global  issues,  like  development,  multicultural   democracy  and  decentralisation”  and    to    “protect  their  cultural  heritage   and  other  aspects  of  their  culture  and  tradition  (so  as)  to  preserve  their  heritage  from  over  controlling  nation-states,”  it  “will  “undoubtedly  be  a  significant  tool  towards   eliminating  human  rights  violation  against  the  planet’s  370  million  indigenous  peoples  and  assisting  them  in  combating   discrimination  and  marginalization.”  
We  look   forward  to  your  removing  bad  job  conditions  in  the  reservations,  exploitations  and  environmental  destruction,  lack  of  education  and  employment,    ill  health   -   both  physical  and  mental,  poverty,  dying  tradition  and  language,  and  that  your  positive    intervention,   will  usher  in   a  new  vision  to   build   a  confident  and  robust   indigenous  community   through  their  local  tribal   governance   and   by  traditional  wisdom   with  modern  inputs  where  tradition  and  modernity  will  complement  each  other.
4. On  American  Fraternity:
As  the  oldest  democracy,  you  have  had  many  Presidents,  some  names  are  remembered  by  the   global  community  for  their  contribution,   (1)   to  good  governance  within  the   United  States   thereby  leaving  behind  legacies  for  others  to  follow,  both                                                                                   inside  the  U.  S.   and   beyond    and;    (2)   to   world   peace    and    human  welfare  and  security.
Among     the    many    great    leaders    that    the   U. S.   has    produced,  we  are  oft  reminded  of  Abraham  Lincoln’s  definition  of  democracy  in  that     “Democracy  is  the   government   of  the  people,  by  the  people,  for  the  people”  in  that  those  holding  reins  in  democratically  elected  government   and  lawmakers  are  accountable  to  the  people   since  they  have  been  elected   to  serve  the  interest  of  all,  irrespective  of  ethnicity,   language,  colour,   race,  gender,  faith,   class,  origin,  etc.    During  another  occasion,  the  same  Abraham  Lincoln  had  said  “The  people  —  the  people  —  are  the  rightful  masters  of   both  congresses  and  courts  —   not   to  overthrow  the  constitution,  but    to  overthrow    the  men    who  pervert  it.”  (extract   from   Speeches    at   Columbus   and  Cincinnati  during  16  &  17   September,  1859)
At   Springfield,   Illinois,   on   20   November,    1860,  he  remarked   thus:  “Let  us   at   all  times    remember   that  all  Americans  are   brothers  of  a  common  country,  and  should  dwell   together   in   the   bond    of   fraternal    feeling.”
These  words  are  a  big  challenge    to   work   for  removal  of  poverty  and  inequality,   systemic  racism   in  schools,  offices,  court  system  and  elsewhere   whereby  both  institutional  and    structural   racisms  prevail,  taking   compassionate  care  of  the  aged,  the  orphan  and  destitute,  the  homeless,  the  stateless,  the  displaced,  the  unemployed,   victims  of  natural  calamities  of  gun  culture  and  many  others.
May   God   grant    you    grace,   strength   and   wisdom   to   usher   in  peace  and  justice  to  all  in  the  U.  S.  A.  and   to  extend  to  the  whole  world.
Thank    you    very    much   for    your    time   and    patience   Mr.    President.

Yours    sincerely,      
(Mr. U  Nobokishore)  
Secretary   Consultant (Hony)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

(Rev.  Dr.  P.  B.  M.   Basaiawmoit)

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