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Saturday, 01 September 2018 - Imphal Times

Tripartite talk: State Govt., UNC still could not reach any solution

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Imphal, Sept. 1,


Tripartite talk between the government of India, United Naga Council and the Government still fails to reach any agreement as the state government of Manipur reportedly requested the UNC to give some more time to come out with a concrete proposal.

The UNC has been demanding revocation of the newly created 7 districts by the government of Manipur besides other demands.

Several rounds of talk has been held between the government of Manipur, Govt. of India and the UNC after the new government under the leadership of N. Biren Singh comes to power.

Manipur Government was represented by Agriculture Minister V. Hangkhalian, PHED Minister L Dikho and Education Minister Th. Radheshyam, while Joint Secretary to the Government of India (NE) MHA , Satyendra Garg attended as Government of India representative.

All members of the UNC led by President Gaidon Kamei attended from the part of the UNC.

As per source the representatives of the government of Manipur expressed understanding to the sentiments of the UNC. They assured to come up with a concrete proposal to settle the matter and for that they requested to take some more time.

The UNC still stand with their demand. The next meeting is scheduled on the first week of December this year.

It may be mentioned that that previous government had created 7 new district by bifurcating some of the district for administrative convenience.

While the bifurcation of district like Churachandpur to form Pherzwal district, Kakching district, Noney district were welcome by the people the district creation of Kangpokpi by bifurcating the Kangpokpi district as well as Phungyar district by bifurcating the Ukhrul district had been strongly opposed by the United Naga Council.

Bandh called by the UNC against the district creating was called off after the new govt. assured to look into the demand of the UNC.

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CM Launches Mobile App, Web Portal Of Bishnupur District


Imphal, Sept. 1,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh launched a Mobile App and a web portal of Bishnupur District at a simple function held at the Cabinet Hall of Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.

 The Mobile App known as Explore Bishnupur and the web portal, www.explorebishnupur.in were developed under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of the district Shri Pawan Yadav with the aim of enabling the

citizens for better access to infrastructure, access to Government infrastructure, free flow of information, achieving convergence, effective public service delivery and an efficient and effective management of infrastructure in the district.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chief Minister expressed hope that the Mobile App and the web portal would be able to provide detailed information of the district to visitors as well as people of the State. He also asked the officials concerned to develop a similar App for the whole State.

Secretary (IT) and OSD to Chief Minister Shri Sumant Singh and officials from the Extreme Wave, which developed the Mobile App and web portal, were also present at the occasion.

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Governor pitches for reviving dying Crafts of the state


Imphal, Sept. 1,


 Governor Najma Heptulla has said that there is a need to put in effort by the Government to revive and promote the dying crafts of the State.   

She was speaking as the chief guest at the official launch of Mission for Economic Empowerment of Traditional Artisans and Craftsmen (MEETAC) at Hotel Imphal today.

The Governor said that though the State’s population is hardly 28 lakh, artisans and craftsmen concentration is so high in the State. As such, the Government should not only provide support to the craftsmen but also create market for them so that they may have sustainable livelihood through arts and crafts, she added.

Observing that people should inculcate the sense of dignity of labour, Smt. Heptulla also mentioned about the need to include crafts training in the school curriculum so that children are imparted the knowledge of craftsmanship right from the beginning.

Stating that Manipur is a paradise which is yet to be explored fully, the Governor said that there are many other unexplored potential areas which can be developed in the State. People of other States should understand that North East does not end at Assam or Guwahati but there are many other places and States which may leave them spellbound, she said.

Mentioning some projects/activities which she takes so dearly, the Governor said that she convinced the Prime Minister and DoNER Ministry to sanction Rs. 25 crore for the introduction of ‘Flying Doctors’ project in the State. The Governor also said that she is also committed to protect Loktak Lake and make it a famous tourist destination. Enhancement of condition of the National Highways is another thing which is in her mind, she said and added that it is a must to introduce highway patrol service and opening of more eateries and toilets along the highways. She is going to invite Union Minister for Road Transport, Shipping and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari to the State so that he may personally inspect the condition of the highways of the State, Smt. Heptulla said.

In the light of the Government of India’s Act East policy, Moreh-Imphal-Mao and Moreh-Imphal-Jiribam roads should be kept in a tiptop condition, she observed.

Speaking at the occasion as the guest of honour, Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh said that MEETAC is a brainchild of Governor Smt. Najma Heptulla. Stating that there are many other projects which the State Government could launch successfully because of her, the Chief Minister said that Manipur is so lucky to have Smt. Heptulla as its Governor. The State has started moving forward under her guidance, Shri N. Biren added.

Regarding scarcity of fertilizer being witnessed in the State, the Chief Minister said that the problem cropped up due to the sudden and massive sinking of NH-2 near Kohima.

However, adequate quantity of fertilizer had been transported by train up to Jiribam from Namrup after he talked to Union Railways Minister Shri Piyush Goyal, he said while adding that all these fertilizers would reach Imphal within a few days.

Maintaining that there is no dearth of talent and work culture in the State, the Chief Minister opined that these talents and hard works can be translated into economic development if proper opportunities/avenues are provided to the people. The Chief Minister opined that Manipur can become a model State in the country within 10 years if it can sideline or avoid bandh/blockade and violent agitations for some time.

Speaking at the occasion as the guest of honour, Textiles, Commerce and Industries Minister and MEETAC Chairman Shri Th. Biswajit said that MEETAC is a new beginning and it would certainly open a huge avenue of opportunities to traditional artisans and craftsmen. Stating that the State needs to promote all its talents and potentials not only in the country but also in the world, the Minister said that it is high time to explore State’s potentials.

The Minister also expressed his hearty gratitude to Governor Smt. Najma Heptulla for her committed efforts towards bringing a developmental change in the State.

Deputy Chief Minister Shri. Y. Joykumar, CAF & PD Minister Shri Karam Shyam and Water Resources Minister Shri Letpao Haokip also attended the function as guests of honour.

MEETAC is an autonomous society set up on 29th December 2017 by the Government of Manipur under the Department of Textiles, Commerce and Industries with a vision to promote inclusive growth by developing the traditional crafts/arts sector of Manipur as per global standards and making it an important spoke in the wheel of economic activities.

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A Wake-up call

When Manipur University community went on strike against the Vice Chancellor, BJP MP Prahlad Patel Singh called the University as “Den of insurgence” in the floor of the parliament. The Central Human Resource Development Minister takes over 80 days to act on the demand by the Manipur University Community. Almost all mainland media have limited space to cover the stories why the Manipur University Community was on strike for such a long period. To the contrary a similar demand by teaching community of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) takes hardly a day for all the mainland media to publish all details of why the JNU teachers demanded want to remove vice-chancellor Jagadesh Kumar from office. None from the among any of the MPs called JNU as a den of insurgence. It is perhaps by fate that the dust in the Manipur University has been settled after an agreement has been signed with the Manipur University Community and the representative of the MHRD after around 80 days. Commitment of the teachers’ was well delivered and the teachers’ works even on Sunday to finish up all the pending works to make sure that career of the students are not marred. At the time when Teachers along with the Manipur University community went on strike, there were many who criticized the MU community. But when the teachers spend sleepless night to safe the career of the students, none had expressed any words of appreciations.
The episode of the Manipur University is being reminded as a wake up called to all the Manipuri including the rebel groups who are engaging in peace talk with the government of India. Yes, this is about the NSCN-IM and the infamous Frame Work Agreement, at which the content is not let known to any of Naga brethrens including the armed cadres of the rebel group. It takes almost over 2 decades to find a way for a solution, that too a completely different solution from what the rebel group had demanded initially. Every time when election comes the issue about bringing a solution will be in the public sphere creating apprehension and chaos to the state of Manipur. The more the issue for solution of the NSCN-IM deals comes up the more the enmity emerges between brothers of Hill and Plain people. Meetings, protest will keep busy the valley people with apprehension of the potential threat to the Manipur’s unity, while in the hill many supporting the NSCN-IM cause will organize protest against the valley base civil society organization.
Now the question is, Is the issue of the NSCN-IM going to be solved at the earliest possible times? How sincere and serious is the government of India to the issue of the NSCN-IM? Why the issue about bringing a solution is brought to the limelight during election time only?  
Well August 3, 2015, A framework agreement was signed. A parliamentary committee report on the North east particularly about the issue of the NSCN-IM was submitted. And everyone knows that BJP is busy preparing for the upcoming parliamentary election scheduled in 2019.
As per the report speculations about granting a special status which is similar to that of Article 371 of the Indian Constitution or probability of implementing the 6th scheduled for one specific community has worried almost all people of the state.
Well it was only yesterday that the Supreme Court had adjourned the hearing on petitions challenging constitutional validity of Article 35 A. Article 370 which gives special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir is being challenge by an NGO supported by the ruling BJP party.
Well, on the question of Article 371 (A) or a similar one, if suppose is granted as a special package to solve the matter of the NSCN-IM will not it be required to table in the floor of the house as it needs constitutional amendment. The pro BJP is already fighting in the Supreme Court against any special status privilege as the country needs an equal law for the entire citizen. What makes the collective leadership of the NSCN-IM in believing such a promise (that too from a Interlocutor) is a matter needs to be pondered by all people of Nagaland who trusted the NSCN-IM.
 Regarding the implementation of sixth Scheduled of the Indian constitution, the state already has implemented an adjusted form of the administration system. The so called Sixth Scheduled was passed by the state assembly with the word local adjustment. The term “Local Adjustment” can be anything. Moreover, the Article 371C of the Indian Constitution has already incorporated with the so called sixth scheduled if the “local Adjustment” has to be included.
On the other hand intrusion by Indian army or the Pakistan army at border state Jammu and Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh is a serious issue of the Indian Government. Manipur even though is also told to be an integral part of the India; the central government doesn’t care if the people of the state said that the Myanmar government has intruded at the territory of the state.   
This is a wakeup call to all the people of the region, until the people units the region will always a playfield for those in power at the center.

Interactive lecture on ‘Governance, State Capability and Public Services: Power Reforms in Manipur’ held

IT News
Imphal, Sept 1,
Centre for Manipur Studies (CMS), Manipur University (MU) organised an interactive lecture on the topic ‘Governance, State Capability and Public Services: Power Reforms in Manipur’ with Dr Sylvia Yambem, ICSSR Post Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Political Science, Manipur University as the main speaker and Dr. Vijaylakshmi Brara, Associate Professor, CMS, MU as the moderator.
In her presentation, she highlighted that public services and citizens’ access to public services is an important indicator of the performance of the government. While emphasizing the nature of prevailing governance particularly as whether a strong capable state or a weak state, she attempts to study the reforms initiated in the delivery of power services, to highlight upon the capability of the government of Manipur to deliver public services and the nature of governance prevailing in the state. In the 21st century developmental discourse public goods and services is a fundamental right- a rightful entitlement of the citizen and the duty of the state to deliver.  
Citizen’s access to public services consequently indicates the performance capability of the state and the strength of governance. The concept of capability herein implies the administrative capability of the state to implement policies and programmes and its ability to perform its most basic functions such as the delivery of public services, policing, law and order, regulation, etc., inherently a trait characteristic of governance or good governance. Governance and state capability to deliver public goods and services and implement programmes and policies in Manipur is largely characterized as weak and are generally in dismal condition.
This was also true of the power services. Power services, at least till the introduction of the pre-paid meters around 2012 and the corporatization of the electricity department in 2013, was characterized by issues of load shedding, power cuts, low voltage, erratic power supply that hindered industrial as well as domestic consumption. The unpublished Manipur state development Report (Government of Manipur) in fact attributed the constraints to industrialization in the state to the “inadequate availability, unreliability and poor quality of all infrastructural services like power”. However with the reforms in the power services, there has been marked improvement in state capability to deliver power services. This stands in contrast to the general consensus on the otherwise dismal state of public services in Manipur. Though Manipur has a long way to go in building inclusive political institutions, by learning from the experience of reforms in the power sector, it could be emphasized that overall state capability can be strengthened and governance improved in Manipur.
What is required therefore is the willingness and commitment to reforming public services by strengthening state capability to ensure good governance, she concludes.
Faculty members, research scholars, PG students also actively took part in the discussions and deliberations. The lecture concluded with a moderator’s remark lauding the presentation of the main speaker by stating that such academic inputs is necessary for initiating policy changes.

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TSA replies to HTC, KSO, MYC and KWHR

IT News
Imphal, Sept. 1,

The Thadou Students’ Association (TSA) in a rejoinder to the joint statement of Hill Tribal Council (HTC), Moreh; Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO), Moreh; Moreh Youth Club (MYC) and Kuki Women Union and Human Rights (KWHR) on 29th August, 2018 regarding the July 13 Moreh terror attack stated that the TSA is seeking justice over the July 13 Moreh attack without any partiality or hatred to any individuals over the terror attacked and it does not reflect to any partiality over any individuals while we raise the matter at the High Court of Manipur.
“Thongminlun Haokip, president of TSA Moreh Block and his family were attacked gruesomely on the night by the Kuki National Organisation/Kuki National Army (KNO/KNA) because of his involvement with TSA as claimed by the Kuki National Organisation/Kuki National Army (KNO/KNA) in their first press release”, the statement said.

It further added that the peace accord signed between the KNA and UKLF on July 23 was not related to the incident of firing and bombing of the residence of Thongminlun Haokip. TSA or Thongminlun also had nothing to do with the said peace accord or peace commission. The KNO//KNA in their several press releases had clearly stated that the attack was carried out by them and hence there is no need for clarification by the joint bodies for and on behalf of the KNO/KNA. 
Even if there was a misunderstanding between the two underground groups, the KNA and UKLF, as claimed by the joint statement, the KNO/KNA or UKLF or any other groups or individuals do not have the right to harm or murder innocent children and civilians, the statement added and said that if at all the mission of the peace commission was for the settlement of July 13 terror attack, why were the victims of the attack not involved in the peace banquet or their names mentioned in the agreement? If at all the joint bodies were for peace and justice, why have they not sought justice in the incident instead of bullying the victims and TSA who stand for justice? – the TSA questioned.
Although Thongminlun Haokip has not made any formal complaint regarding the incident of the attempted murder on him and his family by the KNO/KNA, a suo-motto case was taken up by the Moreh Police with an FIR No. 51(7)2018 MRH-PS u/s 307/400/34 IPC, 25(I-C) A, Act & 2/4 Expl Subs Act. Victims of such a serious and traumatic crime, who have not yet even recovered from trauma and who face death threats from the perpetrators, should not even be expected to lodge a complaint against the perpetrators.
“In spite of understanding reached between UKLF and KNO/KNA, the law should take its own course. The so-called peace agreement between the KNA and UKLF, that too nothing to do with the victims, cannot be an excuse to absolve the perpetrators of the heinous crime. In seeking justice, TSA filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) at Manipur High Court on August 16. This PIL has nothing to do with HTC and allies, but why are they up in arms against the PIL rather than speaking up for justice? It needs explaining as to what motivates the joint bodies to be against the PIL and TSA”, the statement further said.
The TSA said the appeal to withdraw the PIL is an indication threat to TSA.  
“TSA cannot and will not withdraw the PIL, however if HTC and its allies have any objection to the PIL, then they have the right to object to it through proper and legal channel, not through the tactics of intimidating, bullying or threatening”, it said.
It further said that the PIL has nothing to do with the peace agreement between the KNA and UKLF or HTC and allies.

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Education Minister inspects schools at Ukhrul

Imphal, Sept. 1,

 Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam had visited Sirarakhong Government High School and Tongu High School and inspected the condition of the schools of the Ukhrul District on Friday. It was for the first time that a Minister made a visit at the Tongu High School.
Speaking to the media persons, the Minister said there are few schools in the hills and one can hardly effort to send their children to the private schools. Attempt to give more emphasis and importance on the infrastructure and numbers of staffs required in the Government schools are being put in as the Government schools in hill districts witness huge enrolment.
On the problem of the lack of teachers, Th. Radheshyam said that as per reservation policy the population in valley is higher compare to the hill resulting to recruitment of more number of people residing in the valley. He added that the teachers recruited also consist mostly of women who faces lots of difficulties when posted to far flung remote places of the state due to lack of proper accommodations.
He also said that there are more than 34 dialects in Manipur and in primary level due to language barrier the student and teacher faces certain challenges. To address this issue, the Minister expressed that the Government is discussing for taking recruitment through district or sub -division wise.
Th. Radheshyam assured that the approach road and the infrastructure of the school will be repaired. The Minister also interacted with the students of the Tongu High School.

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Undeclared emergency being enforced in the country: Popular Front

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Imphal, Sept 1,

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India has strongly condemned the series of arrests and raids in houses of prominent human rights activists and academics simultaneously in different parts of the country by Pune police. The meeting observed that this latest move is yet another example that an undeclared emergency is being enforced upon the people of the country by central and state governments by misusing police and investigation agencies.
The targets of the ongoing crackdown are lawyers, intellectuals and activists widely respected and loved by people for their human rights activism among the most depressed sections of the society and for their academic contributions. They have never been known to be even remotely linked to anything that goes against the spirit of the constitution. The way police carried out the arrests and the raids amounts to a cruel abuse of power. Some of them were reportedly interrogated in a shameful manner in the presence of their students and relatives. The charges against them look farfetched by any stretch of imagination and people will reject them outright.
It is as clear as daylight that this is a horrific misuse of power, reminiscent of the callous days of Emergency, to intimidate and silence dissenters.  The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front urges Supreme Court to use its power to prevent such an open degeneration of the system. The meeting also asked opposition parties to speak up the truth before the centers of power.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting, which was attended by M Muhammed Ali Jinnah, EM Abdul Rahiman, KM Shareef, OMA Salam and Abdul Wahid Sait.

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Rape accused remanded for 4 more days in Police Custody

IT News

Imphal, Sept.1,


45 years old alleged rapists Ahbujam Tombisana s/o (L) A Thaabal of Samurou Awang leikai has been remanded for four more days in police custody after the Special Court POCSO Imphal West granted police plead.

Irate mob today thronged to Cheirap Court Complex and tried to attacked a 45 years old alleged rapist while he was produced to the court today afternoon.

Since early morning large number of people gathered at  Cheirap court complex on getting information that the alleged rape accused will be produced from the custody of Wangoi police station

When the alleged accused was brought to Cheirap court complex under a heavy security measures, people gathering at the court complex tried to attack the alleged accused. However police prevented the people from attacking him and produced before the court.

 The IO of the case pleaded the POCSO Court for four more days remand of the accused in police custody for further investigation of the case. After hearing the plea the courted granted the police plea.

The accused will be produce on 4 September .

Angry locals shouted various slogans demanding capital punishment for the alleged rape accused holding slogan by blocking the main entrance gate of the Cheirap court complex

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CRPF carried out fogging at Mongsangei

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Imphal, Sept. 1,


To protect the residents of All Manipur Handicapped Peoples Organization and Mongsangei Awang Leikai, Mongsangei Mayai Leikai, Monsangei mamang leikai from Mosquito born diseases like malaria, dengue etc. 109 Bn CRPF Mongsangei carried out fogging on 31/08.2018 and also at Old Age Home, Mongsangei Makha Leikai, Langthabal Awang Leikai, Langthabal Mantrikhong on 01/09/2018.

The exercise was carried was carried out under the direction of Shri. Vinod Kumar Commandant with a view to help and protect the specially abled children and Senior Citizens and all villagers from vector borne diseases discharging its social responsibilities towards the people of Manipur. Awareness among local people towards precautions against vector borne disease were also done.

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