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A day after veteran Politician O Joy quits BJP; joined MU community protest; former Minister N. Mangi and locals joins solidarity to MUSU, MUTA and MUSA

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Imphal, July 31,

A day after veteran politician O. Joy Singh announced his resignation from the BJP, the five times MLA from the Langthabal Assembly constituency today led a large number of locals from the surrounding of Manipur University area and showed solidarity to the ongoing relay hunger strike by members of Manipur University community at the University main gate.
The veteran politician who quite the BJP yesterday, was also joined by another veteran politician N. Mangi, who also quite the BJP some days back in the rally showing solidarity to the MU community demand for removal of Prof. AP Pandey from VCship.
Large number people from Kakwa area and surrounding of Manipur University led by the two veteran politicians begins the rally showing solidarity to the MU community agitation demanding removal of AP Pandey from Kakwa Community hall at around 12 noon. Soon after the rally reached the Manipur University main gate Okram Joy said that he along with the people come to join the protest. N. Mangi Singh, another veteran politician who quite the BJP also said that he will support the demand of the MU community and will do whatever he can to save the University from the hand of the saffron party.
The Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) announced the relay hunger from July 9 after the Vice Chancellor humiliated the Teachers’ community by not accepting the repeated request to clarify and hold talk with the Manipur University Students’ Union over the Union’s allegations of financial and administrative irregularities. The MUTA’s relay hunger strike was joined by the MUSU and MUSA and since then there is no turning back even as the MUTA earlier stated that the relay hunger strike was announced till July 21.

AP Pandey’s stubbornness and the Union Ministry of Human Resource inaction to the repeated demand of the MUTA, MUSU and MUTA had prompted almost all the Deans, head of departments and Directors of the Manipur University one after another. The agitation later went out of the University complex as the academic activities of higher studies has been affected not only to the University but also to all the colleges affiliated to the Manipur University.
“When all the people of the state stands by the side of the Manipur University Community, why is the BJP government both at the Centre and the state trying to protect the VC AP Pandey”, the angry veteran politician Okram Joy said talking to media.
He further added that the way the government is handling the issue is synonymous with saying that – “Let the people of Manipur burnt to make Pandey continue”, Joy said adding that he will not tolerate such an attitude.
“I will confront , I will give my solidarity to the students” , Okram Joy said.
N. Mangi Singh the former Minister and also former BJP member who contested last state assembly election as BJP candidate said that issues which hurt the sentiment of the people are playing by the BJP in its effort to convert the region into a total saffron state.

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When I was in BJP I was like Dr. Hemo of the Manipuri film Dr. Hemogi Helloi- O Joy

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Imphal, July 31,

“Dr. Hemo gi Helloi” is one of the popular Manipuri digital movie at which the main protagonist Dr. Hemo was put to complete illusion where he enjoyed every materialistic life in the control of the Helloi (Witch) but did not allowed him to do anything at his will.
Well Okram Joy today reminded the film bringing it to the present day Manipur’s context.
“When I was with the BJP I fell like that of Dr. Hemo of the Manipuri movie Dr. Hemogi Helloi”, O Joy said before starting the rally at his residence at Kakwa. O Joy’s short expression showed how he remain helpless to voice for the cause of the people as those in the central leadership tied his hand to spelling out his real feeling.

While announcing his resignation from the BJP , O Joy had expressed dissatisfaction over the timid nature of the 35 delegate led by the Chief Minister of the state who come back without giving any pressure in a manly way to the central Ministry.
“Now I am free, I have big political horizon, I will do anything to render service for the state”, Joy said as he steps out to led the people for showing solidarity to the Manipur University Community today morning.
“My duty is to save Manipur and my first task to save the Manipur University”, Joy said.

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Court convicts death sentence to rapist of a 4 year old Minor girl

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Imphal, July 31,

At what could be term as the first of its kind a rapist and murder of a 4 years old minor girl was sentenced hanged till death by a Court of Special Judge (POCSO) Senapati , Manipur.

The convict R David , about 21 years old from Maram Kavanam Village raped and murdered a four years old girl minor girl in the evening of December 25, 2015 at Maram Kavanam village.
He was arrested on December 27, 2015 after the Mao police station took up a suo motto case in connection with the raping and killing of the minor girl.

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Many extends support to General Strike called against FA

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Imphal, July 31,

Khundrakpam Kendra Youths Organization (KHUKYO) has extended support to the genral strike called by the UCM , AMUCO and CCSK against attempt to distort the state of Manipur while solving the issue of the NSCN-IM.

All Kakching Students’ Union (AKSU) while extending support to the 24 hour general strike called by the UCM, AMUCO and CCSK appeals the CSOs to exempt the functioning of the schools . A statement of the union said that the union will always stand against any division to the state of Manipur while solving the issue of the NSCN-IM. However the union also expressed apprehension to the career of the students in completion of the syllabus as there are only 180/190 days of school days in a year. The AKSU also appealed the government to make the DCs, ADCs, SPs and other government functionaries to allow them rendering their duty with exact powers. The association also appealed all club and organization to support the general strike.

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Bag containing RDX with remote control found at Moreh

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Moreh, July 31,

A black bag containing RDX and Remote control was found yesterday evening in front of a shop at border town Moreh.

As per report reaching here a shopkeeper notice a suspicious black bag in front of his shop located opposite to United Bank of India at Moreh Ward No. 8 at around 6 pm yesterday.
As no owner turned up the shopkeeper reported the matter to the police following which a team of Moreh Police rushed to the spot and suspected to be explosive material the Police along with the personnel of the 11 AR cordon the area and search the bag using metal detector and sniffer dog. After knowing that the bag contained explosive articles the area was put under cover by the security force till today morning. A special bomb squad team from Imphal rushed the spot and safely defused the bomb at around 5.40 am today morning.

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Telling lie in Parliament is breach of Privilege and contempt of house

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Imphal, July 31,

Reacting to the statement of Prakash Javadekar, the Union HRD Minister during the ongoing parliament session in regards to the problem of the Manipur University, veteran politician O Joy said that telling lie or misleading the members of the house is nothing but breach of privilege and contempt of the house.
This was replied as answer to this journalist when ask if a Minister tell the parliament house about things that really did not happened but stated to been underway. Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar had stated the parliament that inquiry is being underway to the crisis of the Manipur University.
Regarding Manipur Rajya Sabha MP Bhavananda , at which he showed his interest more for protection of the Prof. AP Pandey, O Joy expressed disappointment saying that why the MP from the state fails to supplement in support of the MP from other state who had put up matters that is burning the state.

CPI MP from Tamil Nadu, D. Raja had brought up the issue of the Manipur University and the central government silence on the issue. Interestingly the MP from Manipur K. Bhavananda had countercharge the MP answering that He being from Manipur knows better from MP K Raja, at which the Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha Venkaya Naidu mocked him asking how can he say he knows better than any members, even if he is a Minister or cabinet minister.
“The duty of parliamentarian is to bring up the issue of the state, Whatever point submitted by D Raja in the parliament should be supplemented by K Bhavananda, however, instead of supporting D Raja the MP from Manipur talks nonsense. It is shameful”, Okram Joy said.
On the remark by Prahlad Patel “Den of insurgence” Joy said that calling the democratic protest antinational, blaming for burning of property is nothing but an attempt to sabotage the democratic and genuine movement of the Manipur University Community , the five times representative of the Manipur Legislative Assembly said,

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An Unknown killer-”E-WASTE”

We all have been talking about “ ENVIRONMENTAL Problems and Ecological Imbalance “like ,Global warming, Water pollution, soil pollution ,Air pollution ,Noise pollution. Ozone layer depletion etcetc due to deforestation, Industrial influents, Industrial smoke, vehicular smoke and many other human activities. YES ,now it has become a great threat to all the living and non-living components on the Earth. In addition to these there is another new kind of threat to the Environment and biological components on the Earth, that is nothing but “E-WASTE”, which we common people never thought of it.
“E-Waste” is a popular, informal name for electronic product nearing the end of their useful life. E-waste are considered dangerous as certain components of some electronic product contains materials that are hazardous depending on their condition and density. The hazardous contents of these materials pose a threat to human health and Environment. Discarded Computers, Televisions, VCRs, Stereos ,Copiers, Fax machines, electric lamp, Cell phones, audio equipment and batteries if improperly disposed can leach lead and other substances into soil and groundwater. Many of these products can be reused, refurbished or recycled in an environmentally sound manner so that they are less harmful to the Eco-system.

These days computers and cell phones have become most common and widely used gadgets in all kinds of activities. E-toxic components in these gadgets could be circuit containing heavy metals like lead and cadmium, batteries containing cadmium, cathode ray tubes with lead oxides and barium brominated flame retardants used on printed circuit boards (PCB), cables and plastic casing,polyvinyl chloride(PVC) coated copper cables and plastic computers casing that release highly toxic dioxins and furans when burnt to recover valuable metals, mercury switches, mercury in flat screens, polychlorinated biphenyl present in older capacitors transformers etc. The hazardous contents of these materials pose an Environmental and health threat .Thus proper management is necessary while disposing e-waste. Specially, Manipur being a land lock state sill needs more careful as whatever e-waste disposed improperly will go to the Loktak Lake through water bodies falling in to it and it will boomerang to us through fishes caught from loktak. I there foreappeal specially to our youths not to dispose E-waste improperly which are abundant in every families of Manipur.

Writer -SanjenbamJueshwor Singh

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