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Thursday, 26 July 2018 - Imphal Times

 Kargil Vijay Diwas:Building unity is the principle of the government: CM

Imphal, July 26,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the ideology of the present government is to build unity among various communities and to fight collectively against any evil. This was stated by him at the ‘Observance of Kargil Vijay Diwas’ held at Banquet Hall of 1st Manipur Rifles Battalion, Imphal today.
 Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Chief Minister said that all the communities living in the State viz. Naga, Kuki, Meitei, Meitei Pangal etc. should show the oneness to protect the territory and integrity of the State as they have done in the past. He mentioned that a delegation team led by him had urged the Centre not to disintegrate Manipur which have been a home for various communities since time immemorial. He also cautioned that there are certain people who are trying to hurt the sentiments of other communities living in the State.
Chief Minister mentioned that recently, in the All Political Parties Meeting, it was unanimously resolved that a special Assembly Session, if required, would be convened anytime to protect the unity and integrity of the State. At such times, he asked the people to refrain from taking political advantage over the issue. He highlighted that there are scores of people who are still struggling to live a life in the State. He said that it is our bounden duty to think about the welfare and development of those people. We must think on how bandhs or general strikes affect a poor family living in the State. Let us try to uplift the lives of the people at grassroots, he added. He appealed the people of the State to give a chance to the present government to serve the State to bring an inclusive development in the State.
Mentioning about various discontents of the people, Chief Minister said that the State government had tried its level best to find an amicable solution of an issue at the earliest. However, if the situation is beyond the State’s purview, the State government is pressuring the Centre to fix the problems. So we shouldn’t harass the public in order to get some demand. Chief Minister stated that the demand of the MUTA and MUSU is genuine. The State government has conveyed their demands to the Centre and to take up proper action over the issue so that academic atmosphere can be restored, he added. He believed that a positive outcome would surely be there at the earliest.
Speaking about the potential of the educated youths of the State, Chief Minister said that the State government has already started ‘Start-Up’ Policy to encourage the entrepreneurship skills of the youths in the State. In the “Go to Village” mission, out of 2007 villages of the State, above 800 villages have been covered in such a short period. The GTV has been able to deliver various government services at the doorsteps of the people, he added.
On the occasion, Chief Minister spoke elaborately on the essence and relevance of observing the Kargil Vijay Diwas in the country. He mentioned that the Kargil war had shown the world that Pakistan had illegally invaded the soil of India. On the occasion, he recalled those Manipur born soldiers who laid their lives for the country in the Kargil War.
Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar Singh, Minister for CAF&PD Karam Shyam, Minister for Tribal Affairs and Hills N. Kayasii, Minister for Education Th. Radheshyam, MLAs, Chief Secretary, DGP and other top civil and police officials attended the function.
District Administration, Senapati also observed Kargil Vijay Diwas at DRDA Conference hall, Senapati today. Deputy Commissioner  along with SDOs and DLOs and office staffs pay homage to the martyrs of Kargil War.
While speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner, Senapati Shri Kh. Lalmani Singh said that the Kargil Vijay Diwas is a day set aside not only to pay homage to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the Country during the Kargil War but also to reaffirm our patriotism and our loyalty to protect and defend the country.

SDO Paomata, Shri Adahrii Maheo said that the Day is important for all of us as citizens of the country. Kargil was is not only the fight to protect our country against enemies but also a fight for the idea of the country,i.e, India-that no one can intrude and destroy the sanctity and unity of the country irrespective of caste, creed, religion and states.  It was called Operation Vijay and hence the name Kargil Vijay Diwas. SDO further stated that we should remember this victory that if we are united as a country, we can accomplish anything. And it is our pride and honour and privilege to be able to pay homage to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country and us.
The programme ended with a candle lit vigil and minute of silence being observed in memory of the martyred soldiers in the Kargil war.
District Administration, Chandel also observed the today at DRDA Hall, Chandel to pay homage to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country in Kargil war 1999.
SP, Chandel Shri Kamei Angam Romanus, CO 8th MR Shri S. Somorjit Singh, ADC/ADM, Chandel Dr. A. Chinglenkhomba Meitei and CEO, ADC Chandel Ms. DY Julie Anal graced the observance.

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TB patient’s platform launched

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, July 26,

With an aim to track and monitor tuberculosis patients in real time, a technology platform supported through a software interface for health administrators, medical officers and
health workers named Swasthyaa was launched by the State health department.
Launching the project, the director of Assam health services Dr R Bhuyan informed that the initiative would help in tracking dropouts among presumptive TB patients (people having symptoms of TB) referred by health care providers to the designated microscopy centers.
Swasthyaa  has been  jointly developed by the State Tuberculosis Cell and Indian Institute of Technology  Guwahati and it will be implemented in Kamrup (m) and Nalbari district in a pilot mode. Dr NJ Das, the State program officer of revised national TB control program,
informed that identification of presumptive TB cases through mobile application is first of its kind in India.
Principle investigator of Swasthyaa,  Dr Keyur Sorathia disclosed that this application could be used by health providers from their mobile phones to record information of patients. Another associate professor of IIT Guwahati,  Dr Pratul Kalita  asserted that once phone numbers of the people having symptoms are recorded, it would be easier to motivate them to go health centres with audio messages.  Nava Thakuria, secretary Guwahati Press Club, Kaliash Kartik,  joint secretary to Assam finance department were also present on the
Four city based scribes namely Sivashis Thakur, Sanjoy Ray, Bhabesh Medhi and Utpal Bhawagati were also felicitated by the State TB cell in the meeting for their pragmatic role on spreading public awareness over the menace of tuberculosis.

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NSUC expresses shock to the condition of Chandel district Hospital

IT News
Imphal July 26,

Naga Students’ Union Chandel (NSUC) has expressed shocked and anguish over the dilapidated condition of newly constructed district hospital Chandel.
In a statement the Union said that the roof top of the hospital in a pathetic condition that water leaks to the patients wards below resulting flooding of the wards.
“The toilet and bathrooms are unusable because of absence of proper drainage”, the statement said adding that in many places of the building, cracks and peeling are noticed due to lack of quality maintenance during construction.
The Union questions on how the contractor of the building got away with such below par construction.
The district hospital was inaugurated by the Chief Minister this year with high expectations to deliver best facilities, but on seeing the present condition of the hospital building the people are disappointed. The Union condemned the concerned authority for failure and laxity attitude to monitor the building to its pinnacle completion

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‘Special status’ under which provisions ?

The 213th report of the Security Situation in the North Eastern States of India has been presented both in the upper and lower of the parliament. It is significant as the report reflects to bringing a final solution of the over two decade old political dialogue between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM. Understanding the fact that solving the issue of the NSCN-IM will not be a permanent solution for peace in the state of Nagaland as there are many other political bodies of the state, the Central government interlocutor to the peace talk RN Ravi have converted the NSCN-IM and GoI talk as Naga and GoI talk by constituting all the political groups of the state. A blow to the effort was the abrogation of the cease fire by the NSCN-K which perhaps is one of the largest insurgent group in the entire North eastern region including some part of neighbouring country Myanmar.
Recently the state assembly of Manipur had re-adopted the resolution for protection of the Territorial integrity of the state reaffirming that any solution that bring administrative division to the state of Manipur among the various ethnic communities of the state while solving the issue of the NSCN-IM will not be accepted.
What is ironical is the report submitted to both the Parliament house which suggest a lasting solution by granting a special status for the Nagas of NE region. Earlier, before the submission of the report R.N Ravi had stated about extension of article 371(A) of the Indian constitution to Nagas inhabiting in all part of NE region.
Another option suggested is the implementation of the 6th scheduled which is a prejudice as it is already incorporated Article 371 (C).
Before signing the final solution which includes one administration for all the Nagas what is needed to remind the government of India is that when the cease fire with the NSCN-IM was announced on July 25, 1997 at the floor of Lok Sabha by the then Prime Minister of India, late Inder Kumar Gujaral, tension eroded among the various communities of the North East India, compelling some of the civil society organizations of the state to take up awareness campaign about the ‘would be’ affects of the cease fire agreement. Four years later, after the declaration of the ceasefire, the extension of the cease fire ‘without territorial limits’ on June 14, 2001, at Bangkok, which was later popularly known as ‘Bangkok declaration’, the simmering tension of the various communities of the state reached to catastrophe.  Manipur was nearly turn to ash with almost 60 percent of the people of Imphal coming out to the street of Imphal and pouring their anger to the government set up of the state. Almost all offices of political parties, official quarters of MLAs, Ministers etc were set ablaze by the angry mob. Even the temple of democracy – the assembly secretariat was not spared. It was during this famous uprising in the history of Manipur that a complete change to the peoples’ mandate during the general assembly election was brought.
Secondly a special status to Naga is an antithesis to the political party like BJP which is ruling the government at the centre. If one recalled Late Nehru signed an agreement with the then Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Sheik Abdulah called “Delhi Agreement” and added the article 35 A to the constitution of India. While adding this provision to the constitution of India; it was never presented to the floor of the parliament. That is why an NGO challenged the validity of this article to the Supreme Court in 2014 on the ground that it was not done under the purview of the Article 368.
The unity of India is threatened by the addition of Article 370, as Jammu and Kashmir exist as a more alike full-fledged country inside the country India. Kashmir is the only state in the country which has full autonomy in the whole of the country, but this state which is a part of India is also the only trouble state that gives India a big headache. The sixteen point demand put up in the Naga Accord by the NNC also contain also contain a similar autonomy structure in par with that of Jammu and Kashmir. But, except those contain in article 371 A the very demand of J&K like autonomy was never fulfilled.
In case of Manipur, Article 371 C has been incorporated for becoming the state of India, which has only a provision to safeguard the tribal people of the state.
The special provision stated by RN Ravi will be another  insult to the constitution of India and its guardians.
The very NGO which filed case against the Article 370 is supported by the BJP and its Parivaar.
Granting of a special status for Nagas beyond any clauses already incorporated will only meant showing the true colour of the saffron regime and its policy towards the North Eastern states.

Swindling Manipuris in solving Naga issue

By – S. Ajit

During last Manipur Legislative Assembly Election the All Manipur Students’ Union Manipur (AMSU) had expressed strong apprehension on the peace talk between the Government of India and NSCN-IM. Concealing of the Frame Work Agreement signed between the two groups has provoked the mind of the people in three states viz, Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh to have been cheated. People of the three states have been urging the India government to spell out the content of the Frame Work Agreement.
United Committee Manipur (UCM) also felt that the content in the Frame Work Agreement may affect the territorial integrity of the state and have been voicing for disclosure of the FA. Almost all political Parties of the state have also expressed apprehension on its impact to the state of Manipur. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi , Union Home Minister Rajnath and the President of the BJP Amit Shah had repeatedly assured that the Frame Work Agreement have nothing to do with the state of Manipur while delivering speech during pre election campaign of the 11 Manipur Legislative Assembly Election. The leaders keep on playing the people of the state saying that the FA was only a principle to solve the issues of the NSCN-IM.  Following that the leaders of the state BJP had expressed civil society bodies of the state particularly the AMSU and UCM and other political parties to be over reactive. The BJP leaders had many times stated that the if the people cannot trust what the Prime Minister of India whom the people will have trust when the civil society urged for revelation of the content of the Frame work agreement.
Even in the Manipur State Assembly too many resolutions for protection of the territorial integrity of the state have been resolved and similar voices were also came from the state of Arunachal Pradesh as well as from Assam.
Interlocutor of the Indian Government RN Ravi had held meeting with selected representatives of the Civil Society leaders. During the meeting the representative of the civil society organisations, at almost all the meeting, had stated that the solution should not give any impact to the interest of the Manipur after presenting the anal of Manipur history. Time and again the India government had been conveyed that the Manipur people will never accept any kind of division among the Manipuri people on ethnic line by keeping them under different administration.
Swindling the people
People inhabiting in the Eastern part have never been viewed from the perspective of the Indian Constitution. The privileged provided under the constitution of India was never included for the people of the region. That is why states in the eastern region have different administration than those of the mainland Indian states. This has been justified by them saying that people of the region are underdeveloped uncivilised people. This can be looked from two perspectives – 1) the people of these regions are uncivilised underdeveloped so they can be suppressed by granting some package. Secondly to incite enmity among the various community of the state so that they cane never unite. This is being stated from the way that the Indian government started dividing the people of Assam by arranging separate administration for separate community.  One needs to ponder on why the Indian government is constitution different administration for different community? This only lead to some vested interested in playing ethic base politics for their self gain and even eradicate the deep rooted historical link of the people of the region.
The people of the region once considered that joining the Indian Union would bring prosperity and development of the region under democratic principle. That was the region that some people of the time stood against the Monarch form of government and demanded merger of the state to the democratic Indian Union.
What is frustrating is the cheating of the erstwhile nation by keeping as a part c state under the Indian Union after being merged to the Indian Union in October 15, 1949. Before merger to the Indian Union Manipur even had a elected form of government by conducting adult franchise election in 1948.
Today too, it was many time assured that the solution of the NSCN-IM problem will not affect any communities of the region. RN Ravi, the present interlocutor had met some intellectual persons as well as representatives of the Civil Society organisation of the region. He also met various stakeholders of the Nagaland. And later, the peace talk is finally heading towards distorting of the Manipur’s history besides repeated promise that interest of Manipur will never be affected while solving the vex Naga issue. .
Leaders of the Manipur State BJP had many times fooled the people of the state saying that nothing that might affect the state of Manipur is included in the frame work agreement signed between the NSCN-IM and GoI during election campaign days. On one hand they will say the agreement is historic while saying that nothing is there in the frame Work Agreement. The swindling of the Manipuri people are later echoed by some State BJP leaders and continue to fool the people.
The report of the standing committee of the Home Affairs to both the Parliament mentioned crystal clear that Nagas will be given a special status and those inhabiting in other part of the Neighbouring state of Nagaland will be kept under one administration.
Even after knowing the status of the talk, the Chief Minister of Manipur still stand with promises that he will resign from his seat if the peace talk affect the interest of Manipur. Addition to this, some puppets of the BJP from the state of Manipur keeps on fooling the people that the agreement has nothing to be worried as it will not affect the state.
Instead of consulting with other political parties and making a decision on what to stand these pumps are now playing blame game saying that the chairman of the Committee which have submitted the report if from the Congress Party.  Here what is to be realised is that it does not make any difference on who is the Chairman of the Committee but it is about the granting of the special status of the Nagas. Together we should stand and prepare for a befitting reply to any effort which are trying to distort the history, boundary and integrity of the state.
The Naga peace accord is in the final stage but what is waiting is on who will sign the agreement from the part of the Nagaland.
Whether the reaffirmation of the Assembly resolution about the protection of the Manipur Legislative Assembly will be able to protect the state or not is a questioned which everyone is asking.

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