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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 24 July 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

College Students once more storm at CM office

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Imphal, July 24,

Large number of students belonging to the Joint College Students Forum once more storm to the Chief Minister Office today morning demanding declaration of the semester examination result by resolving the ongoing issues in the Manipur University.
Report said that at around 8 am today morning around 50 students of the forum gathered in front of the CMO. Police team present at the CMO gate stopped them by this time without using much force. The students were pushed back till Nupi Lal Memorial Complex.

The similar protest sparked series of protest in the state intensifying the protest for removal of Manipur University Vice Chancellor AP Pandey some last week
The student demanded to meet the Chied Minister but was not allowed to meet him as he has been occupied in some other meeting.
Later 4 representative if the students’ body went to the residence of Education Minister Th Radheshyam at Canchipur. The demanded the Minister to declare the pending result of the 6 semester examination graduation.
Th. Radheshyam assured the students to solve the issue at the earliest by consulting the Chief Minister. He said that the government is having talk with the MU community who are on strike to end the matter.
The students representatives said that until the result of the 6 semester examination is declared the shutting down of the colleges will continue.

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Ibobi hits BJP led government; says Congress was not given opportunity to discuss issues burning the state

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Imphal, July 24,

Opposition Leader, Okram Ibobi Singh today hits the ruling BJP led government over its reluctant to discuss the issues burning the state.
Speaking during a press conference held at Congress Bhavan today morning, the Congress Legislator Party (CLP) leader Okram Ibobi Singh said that issues like the ongoing crisis at Manipur University which put all academic activity to a grinding halt could have been easily solved if the central government intended to do it. He said that the negligence from the part of the Central government as well as the state government ruling party refusal to give opportunity to the congress party for discussion of the issues showed the intention of the BJP led government in the state.
He said that the ruling party did not ratify the request of the congress party to extend the session duration to discuss the prevailing burning issues of the State.
“The Congress members are not even allowed to present their observation during the discussion at the session”, Ibobi said.

President of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee TN Haokip, MLAs and congress leaders were also present during the press conference.
Okram Ibobi further stated that the role of Congress Party taken when in power in regard to the Framework agreement will remain unwavering.
He stated that leader of NSCN IM, Muivah was restricted from entering Ukhrul regardless of Congress being in power or not.
“What is the hidden agenda behind the agreement which mentioned granting of special statues to Nagas without affecting State’s boundary”, Ibobi questioned.
He also expressed astonishment that not even the Union Ministries seem to be consulted regarding the agreement by the NDA Government, when the interlocutors were sent frequently to hold dialogues with the State Government during the UPA Govt. The Opposition leader maintained that reaching a conclusion to the Peace accord acceptable to all, which does not affect the territorial integrity and does not bring animosity among the communities of the State is also the desire of the Congress Party.
The former Chief Minister , now the opposition leader termed it unfortunate that there was no enough time to discuss issues of the State including Framework Agreement, Manipur Varsity impasse and Citizenship Amendment bill thoroughly at the assembly session yesterday.
He appealed to the Government to work together with the Opposition party to resolve the issues of the State. Ibobi also appealed the Government to stand firm regarding the Framework agreement like the Congress Party when it was in power and maintained that congress party is prepared to take steps to protect the territorial integrity of the State.

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Cease work strike demanding 7 Pay enters 125 days

IT News
Imphal, July 24,
The cease work strike being underway by the JAC of AMGEO and AMTUC today enters 125 days. Sit-in-protest was staged by staffs of Directorate of Education (S) at their office complex at Lamphel.
Sorijini, an employee talking to reporters said that they will continue the cease work strike being underway under the aegis of the JAC of AMGEO and AMTUC demanding 7 pay as it is a legitimate demand of the government employees. She said when the pay is implemented at other state why the Manipur government employee should be discriminated. She urged the BJP led government to remind their election promise for implementation of the 7 pay.
“We have met the government for four times but no positive response comes till today”, Sorojini added.

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NSUI condemn Union HRD Ministry over MU issues

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Imphal, July 24,

National Students‘ Union of India, Manipur State condemn the Union HRD Ministry and the State Govt. of Manipur at the strongest terms for their High headed and complete negligence towards the 50 days long issue of Manipur University. NSUI Manipur State demands the resignation of VC Adya Prasad Pandey at the earliest and highly supports the movement of Manipur University Student‘s Union (MUSU) MUTA and MUSA.
NSUI Manipur also questions regarding the academic deteriorating conditions in Manipur University which demands a very clear and concrete response from both the State and Central government. A statement said that VC AP Pandey is completely ruining the careers of thousands and thousands of Students of Manipur with his failed administration, with his nature of working as an agent of RSS, as a machinery of the BJP Government. His irregularities and a series of allegations against him is a fact and known to all. If he is a true academician, he could: have resigned long back. But as he is completely understand the care and protection of BJP; he is still roaming carefree shamelessly while the University is crippled for two months.
It added that Pandey is not only making the University paralyzed, but also ruined the careers of all the students who already completed their 5th and 6th semester exams in Manipur by keeping the exam results undeclared which leads to step by step hurdles and burdens for the students in their further higher studies both outside and inside the state.
The NSUI also questioned on why the state Govt. is so timid in solving this minor issue.
“What makes them so fear to address the voices of thousands of Students to the concerned authorities at the center when they have their own party at the center. Why they still keep playing such a low level dirty politics just by defending themselves just by making some useless points just to suppress the voices and to divert the real cause of the issue. Why they still busy and buying times keeping the incompetent corrupted VC Pandey in their safest zone when a large no. of students are brutally beaten up mercilessly just for demanding what is right. Why the State BJP govt. plays a blame game to bluff and brainwash the masses to suppress the truth; why they make excuses just by saying Manipur University is a Central University, so, it’s not in their hand to solve this issue? How it’s not in their hand if they have the guts, if they are truly a responsible government? Union HRD Minister Prakash Javedkar visited frequently, several a times at the time of Elections but why he pays deaf and dumb ear at this crucial hours of the state. Why he don’t utter even a single word on this issue being a HRD Minister when the  University is shutting down completely for the last 50 days? Not only the University but also all the Colleges of Manipur have shutdown supporting the Student‘s movement demanding the resignation of VC Pandey,” the NSUI asked.

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IT News
Imphal, July 24,
Representatives of the MUSU, MUTA and MUSA today met the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and discussed about bringing an end to the ongoing issues of the Manipur University.
The MU community was invited to hold talk by the chief Minister yesterday but as the CM seemed failed to understand their demand they declined the invitation. However, after deliberation the MU community today met the CM after another invitation by the CM.

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MPPDU to observe International Day of World Indigenous People

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Imphal, July 24,
Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU) in association with various civil society organisation including Socialist Women Association (SWA) Manipur, Socialist Students Union of Manipur (SSUM) and Proletariat Feminist Movement, Manipur (PoFM) is observing the International Day if the World Indigenous Peoples’ on August 9, 2018 at Standard College.
A statement of the MPPDU said that the day is declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1994. It said that the day is observed by like minded followers of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot in recognition to the present threatening condition of the indigenous people of the state felt the necessities of observing the day. Commemorating the first United nations Working Group on Indigenous People held in 1982, World Indigenous Day has been observing across the globe. This year theme is Indigenous People Migration and Movement.
The statement further said that a preparatory committee to make the observance , successful has been formed with Comrade Th. Hero as the Convenor and N. Sanahal, President SSUM as co-convenor .

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MYFA demand FA type agreement to put all Manipuri in NE region under a single administrative unit

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Silchar July 24,

While denouncing the attempt to distort the integrity of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh by the Framework Agreement between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM, the Manipuri Youth Front of Assam (MYFA) has demanded to put all Manipuri inhabiting in the NE India under one administrative unit.
A statement of MYFA said that interlocutor of the govt. of India of the peace talk between NSCN-IM RN Ravi is all set to signed agreement for administrative and cultural integrity of the Nagas inhabiting at Dima Hasao and Karbianglong of Assam, Naga inhabited districts of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. President of MYFA Seram Herajit, in the statement said that if Nagas inhabited across the NE state can be granted single administration and cultural integrity Manipuri inhabited across the North East States should also be put under a single administrative and cultural unit.
“ Manipuri inhabiting at Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya etc. should be brought under a single administrative unit like the way the Naga have been granted”, said Seram Herajit, while appealing the CSOs of Manipur to support the demand of MYFA.
The statement further said the pride of Manipuris residing in Assam and Tripura will no longer exist if Manipur have been divided and it is time that we built a nation of our owned.
Conditions of Manipuri in Assam have been deteriorating after the Assam Government refused to accept as indigenous people even though the Manipuris have been inhabiting in the state for over 300 years since the time of King Chourajit, Marjit and Gambhir Singh due to the NRC. Similar is the conditions of Manipuri in Tripura. The Manipuri in Tripura are living without getting any economic status.
The MYFA said that like the Naga Frame Work, Manipuri residing across the India should also sign a Frame Work Agreement.

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Indefinite Bandh suspended; blockade in NHs continues

IT News
Imphal, July 24,
Joint tribal Students body has called off the indefinite bandh in Hill areas of the state which begin from 6 am yesterday but continue the blockade in both Imphal-Jiri, Imphal –Moreh and Imphal – Dimapur road.
 A statement by Thangtinlen Haokip, Spokesperson of the Joint Tribal Student Bodies, Manipur said that the indefinite blockade has been lifted considering the hardships that is being faced by the general public due to bandh.
The bandh is being called against the prolonged closure of the Manipur University (MU) over the demand for removal of the vice chancellor Prof AP Pandey.

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Season of discontent

As if on cue, the eternal dance of confusion and confrontations which has come to embody the unrequited simmering social turmoil of the state have once again started without missing a beat. It is that time of the year again, and despite assurances of stability and uninterrupted progress, the elusive peace has ditched the state yet again. The increasing chaos and unsettling developments which, thanks to bureaucratic and policy goof-ups, have turned the present state into a theatre for protestations and demonstrations for discontents ranging from threat perceptions to the territorial integrity, educational atmosphere, identity of the inclusive society and personal liberties amongst others.
For the disgruntled and dissatisfied organizations, groups or individuals, without going into the severity of the perceived problems or issues, resorting to disruptive measures to force the government’s hands should be the last option rather than the beginning, as in a land-locked and geographically challenged state as ours compounded by the diverse ethnic communities with different and sometimes diametrically differing views and outlooks, catering to the needs and aspirations to the satisfaction of one and sundry would be practically improbable. The most pertinent question is: rather than putting efforts to solve the myriad issues after damages have been done, should not the state government take up proactive measures to ensure that a system is put in place to tackle issues which have the potential to snowball into social catastrophe before things get out of hand? The tragic irony here is that for effectively nipping the social troubles in the bud, the state government has to have a sensitive hand on the social pulse, and judging by the current social developments, it has missed more than a few beats. The present social perception of the state government is one which started out as a decisive and well-meaning lot but one which has been compromised by the system which have been the ultimate victor for so long. The aspirations of the people of the state when they set out to vote the previous party out of power  during the last general election was for a radical change which would enable them to have a greater say and witness more transparency in governance and administration. A little more than a year down the line, the hopes, heightened by a blitzkrieg of promises and assurances at the beginning, have all but vanished.
Hope however springs eternal. It is not too late to try and salvage what is left of the pride and dignity with which the present state government started off and take informed and staunch resolutions taking into consideration the welfare and progress of the state in its entirety. It should be brave enough to weather the political and ideological pressures from within and without. Issues which threaten the peaceful coexistence and practical arrangements of the numerous ethnic groups and communities must be extinguished with determination while ideologies which are in conflict with the society must be rejected even if they are pressured from the highest echelon of power and influence. The seasons of discontent can be made a thing of the past. For that to happen, a political will of the highest calibre must be wielded by a leader who is ready to lead by example. Time will tell if we did ever have one. 

Framework Agreement: Alternative and Needs

JN Lai (Asst. Prof, International College, the University of Suwon, S Korea)

The deal is difficult, the stake is high. And fixed ideas and preoccupied propositions of the stakeholders especially the Meeteis and Nagas don’t help either. Why do they fail to find a new alternative mutually?
Is New Delhi happy to make it catch-22 situation - pulling others in a bargaining trap? If something is given to NSCN-IM there will be fire to burn Manipur. If IM gains nothing - what on earth is an ever lengthy peace talk for?
The majority of the Meeteis and Nagas cannot see the Win-Win experience. In fact, they care for a cousin’s Win only, never concern over the other cousin’s Lose.
Owing to the complex challenges attaching to the Nagas’ neighbors in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, it is much suspicious that the crying Naga conflict may not be resolved with the existing approaches and manners. The engagement of the other Political Armed Oppositions (PAOs) and concerns of the communities of the North East (NE), are the prerequisite for just peacebuilding.
If Government of India (GoI) is affirmative towards the accomplishment of Naga peace deal, and if all Naga political armed organizations and communities involve themselves in the endeavor, there may be a redrawing of the territory or may be a layout of a new economic-cultural administrative landscape out of current North East. In fact, very likely it will come along with an escalation of violence from the communities of the neighbors.
If NSCN-IM resolves or compromises the Naga issue with GoI somehow without participation of other Naga PAOs and communities, it may prolong the feud in Nagaland and around.
If there is accommodation for NSCN officers, other Naga PAOs in the Indian electoral activities and in the likewise engagement, it may contribute limited harm and tension to the existing NE conflict.
It is important to be keen on process-driven orientation focusing on dialogue rather than advocacy. There is a critical importance of the dialogue among the peoples at various levels. So far, most of the communication have been of the advocacy in the local media, and unfortunately this communication is predominant with pre-determined solutions, articulated demands, rigid stances and limited awareness of real needs.
If look forward to a favorable future, be little way to avoid the conflict or to compromise it either. Either the Meeteis or the others will lose or win or all will lose if the conflict mode continues in contesting one another with their interests or positions but some other third parties from far and near will gain in terms of extractive industries, controlling water, other natural resources and utilization of political economic conditions.
Have to realize that it will enjoy the Win-Win experience out of this conflict if stakeholders are able to adopt the Collaborative Approaches.
Therefore intensify the endeavor of sitting together, continue dialogue, not debate about the needs and values, awareness and appreciation of complexity-complex needs, challenges, emotions; and openness to negotiation and flexibility are prerequisite.
Looking at a meaningful resolution or transformation, together it can re-identify the Needs, Interests or Positions and Causes if this is a case of conflict involving the peoples of the soil. Has New Delhi, being the bigger stake holder of the conflict, shown meaningful and sincere response to the political armed organizations in the region? Does the situation demand a conducive atmosphere and Confidence Building Measures in initiating productive dialogue? Why there fails collaborative approach to enjoy the win-win experiences?
The following can be a rough architecture for transforming the structural violence and resolving the multifaceted conflicts.
1. A unification of the (principal) Political Armed Oppositions of North East India by investing all their resources, drives and sincerity towards giving birth to a new (Nation) State sharing negotiable configuration with the Republic of India.
2. The other NE states which have low intensity of armed conflict or absence of PAOs will also be invited to. Those have not joined at the inception may be considered in the aftermath. Thus, it will capacitate a desired inclusiveness of the communities of NE and even beyond. [Necessarily all the present seven/eight states may not be part of.]
3. The name of the new State may be called the United Peoples Land of Indo-Myanmar-UPLIM or New Sub-Himalayan Land-NESHLAND or Western Southeast Asia-WESEA.
4. In order to legislate for and govern the UPLIM/NESHLAND/WESEA, and to practice a good socialism, and to deliver fundamental rights of life, liberty, equality and dignity to the peoples of the new State, there will be a Parliament that may be called Peoples House-PH. [The structure and modus operandi of the PH may be considered and derived from the other parliamentary practices of the world.]
5. Currency may be retained with the Republic of India with validating the Euro and US dollar in the region; Communication, Defense, External Affairs, Natural Resources may be negotiated for a concurrent list; and the rest could be better in the realm of the PH affairs.
6. The key members or leaders of the PAOs, and from the other states where PAOs do not exist, political/social leaders will be member-representatives in the Parliament/PH [whom may be called People Representative-PR]
7. The modality of how and what number of PRs may be determined by considering various bases and will be settled democratically among PAOs in consultation with the NE communities/peoples by considering the optimum economic-political space of ethnic/indigenous minority. [Will Bodo, Karbi, Naga, Kuki, Meetei, etc., have one PR for each of them or will drop down to ancestral tribal communities and clans or will it based on the population ratio?]
8. The first five year tenure of the PRs may be reserved and compensated for the PAOs, afterwards PRs will be elected through universal franchise by their respective peoples/communities or otherwise.
9. The existing State Assemblies will remain, so do the participation of the MLAs in the UPLIM provincial governing activities in two houses setting. However it will be with the reformation of power division and functional sharing and in conjugation with PH structure. [It may minimize the outward dismay and eventual turbulent of the existing political personalities and parties.]
10. A wider candidature in the existing constituent assemblies election will be validated to accommodate the members and leaders of PAOs by migrating their organizations into electoral political parties or joining existing parties or floating new ones. Thus it may extend a meaningful participation to the governing activities for the new (Nation) State.

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