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MPCC joins countrywide protest against false promise of BJP’s Narendra Modi Government

Country facing ‘Reign of terror’ under the Modi led ‘Terrorist government’ – Gaikhangam 

IT News
Imphal, May 26,

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) today join the nation in protesting against the false promise of BJP during election campaign organised by the All India Congress Committee (AICC).
Former president of the MPCC Gaikhangam while speaking to reporters said that promised made by the BJP during election time to wipe out corruption, to bring black money from outside the country and to reduce prices of essential commodities still have not been translated into action even after completion of four years.
“The country now face ‘Reign of Terror’ under the ‘Terrorist government’ run by Narendra Modi led NDA government”, Gaikhangam said adding that it is more dangerous than the terrorist as it harasses thousands of people across the country.
Legislature wing leader of the Congress party, who is also the former Chief Minister , now the leader of Opposition Okram Ibobi said that the protest is being organised in the entire country under the directives of the AICC against the false promised made by Narendra Modi and his BJP during last parliamentary election.
Ibobi said that the BJP led NDA government has completed 4 years now and none of the promises he and his party made during election campaign have been converted into action.
“India now realised that the BJP is trying to befool the country, India is fed up of listening the slogan, translate into action what your government had promised during election time”, Okram Ibobi Singh said pointing figure to the BJP.
It is not only the BJP led government in the center but the government led by the same in the state is also no different, like Modi, the Chief Minister of Manipur is befooling the public with slogans which never turn into action, Ibobi added.

“Modi promised creation of 2 crore jobs every year however in the last 4 years not even 8 lakh job have been created”, Ibobi added and said that untimely introduction of GST has put an end to the small time entrepreneur, Modi’s government demonetization has left over 15 lakhs job less.
Ibobi however said that GST is not a bad tax regime , it was introduced by former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, however when congress move to pass the GST the BJP opposed it tooth and nail.
On the promise about taking up welfare programme of the farmers, Ibobi said that the promise for MSP of 50% to the crops has not been provided to any of the farmers in the country.
The former Chief Minister now the opposition leader also said that during the Modi government 4 years of rule atrocities on Dalit/ adivasis/ minorities / women and children are on the rise.
On economy of the country, Ibobi said that the country’s economy has been facing severe threat for the last four years. Despite a favourable change in the GDP , India’s GDP is at a four years low. Exports are in free fall and manufacturing is down in key areas. Rupees has slided to astronomically low levels vis-a-vis American Dollar. New investment are in negative zone and stalled projects are clos to 8 lakh crores.
Ibobi also stated that petrol and diesel price are all time high with Modi Goverment having fleeced 10 lakh crore from the pockets of common men in the last four years by raising excise duties 11 times.
“Banking Sector is in peril with NPAs crossing over 8 lakh crores and banks facing severe financeial crunch.
Former Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam, also stated that the BJP betray the people of the country by making false promise.
“They have completed 4 years now and its time that they showed some of the achievement, we haven’t seen any of the achievement so far”, Gaikhangam said.

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PRJA convenor Erendro Leichombam arrested

IT News

Imphal, May 26,

Convenor of the Peoples’ Resurgence and Justice Alliance Erendro Leichombam who had contested in the last state Assembly election from Thangmeiband Assembly constituency was arrested today afternoon by a team Imphal West Imphal.

Reason for his arrest is not known officially but source said that he was arrested in connection with the sharing of a viral video which contain hate speech at which some Biharis threaten to kill Manipuri while travelling outside the state.

Erendro, the PRJA convenor while sharing the video also wrote that when  the state cyber crime branch could arrest a person for threatening to kill the son of the Chief Minister it took less than 24 hour to arrest him however those threatening to kill the Manipuri are not able to arrest by the police team.


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There is improvement in education sector but see no hopes for government school – Bharat Bhusan ‘

Neither the Edn(S) nor the Govt teachers have no shame on seeing the result’

IT News
Imphal, May 26,

The Matric result declared yesterday sees overall improvement of students but government teachers seems to have no shame after seeing the result, instead they keep blaming one or other for their inability to produce topper students, said Bharat Bushan veteran journalist.
Of the 37,064 students appeared in the class X examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BOSEM) 27,126 passed reaching the pass percentage to 73.18 % this year. Education Minister Th. Radheshyam appreciated the people of the state for making the society free from disturbance to the students. But the Education Minister showed no signed of shame in seeing the record of how many is able to appear in the examination and how many had passed.
Of the total 37,064 students appeared, 8,419 are from the government schools. Only 4,293 got through with few making its way to first division. 26,926 are from the private schools and 21,767 got through.  All toppers from 1st position to 20th position are from private school.
Imphal Times have no problem as students from private schools or government schools are son and daughters of the soil who will bring development for the society in the near future. But a worried over the status of Government schools compelled us to look on what went wrong on the running of the government schools.
Produce below is some of the opinion expressed to Imphal Times by senior journalist, teachers and parents after seeing the result of the class X examination which declared yesterday.
“There is lot of improvement among the students of the state, competition level among them is high and the credit for success certainly goes the government who had improved the law and order situation of the state. This year the state is free from any sort of bandh or blockade or any of agitation which might impact the academic atmosphere of the state”, Bharat Bhushan , founder editor of the Huiyen Lanpao, now a veteran journalist said to Imphal Times. Bharat Bhusan however said that the competition is seen among the students of private schools, as for the students of government schools he sees no hopes. Justifying on why he said so, Bharat Bushan said that students in the government schools area from poor families and the teachers who are enjoying more salary then the private schools, have no dedication but rather try to bunk class which ever they find opportunity.
Of course these days there are some changes in the school administration, some of the government primary school  are improving but to produce toppers students it will take time.
On the other hand too , the government teacher said that lack of continuity in the school life of students is also another factor. Primary school have till class five and elementary school have till class 8 and then after completing the class 8 standard they have to look for some junior school which have class 9 and 10.
“Frequent change of school is also a major challenge for students when it comes to students who are not easily adaptable to the students”, he said and added that a new set up government school starting right from the preschool till class X at least could save the bad name of government schools which is the talk of today’s society.
 Mahendra, a lawyer, who always criticised sending their wards to private schools , after getting married and after having a daughter said that I had decided to sent my daughter to government primary school but after seeing the condition and its status , I now felt that I have to sent my daughter at private school as I have no confident government school.
“After all which parents do not want to make their children beast among the best”, the lawyer said.
During a talk show local television, Prof. MC Arun had stated that teachers in government schools are well train but sometimes they felt frustrated in seeing the infrastructure of the school that they have been deployed as the infrastructures that were seen were totally different from what they had expected before joining the school.
The government teacher who talks to Imphal Imphal however suggested that there is nothing call late in doing good work. If the present way of working style by state education machineries continue and improve the infrastructure of the school starting from primary level, in less than a decade , be the children comes from a poor family or rich family class X toppers will be from among the government school, the government teacher spoke with full confident.  

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7th Pay Demands Continued, Entered 66 Days

IT News
Imphal, May 26,

Employees of Imphal-West Treasury and Sub-Treasury Office Imphal-West today stage sit-in-protest at their office complex in continuation with the indefinite cease work strike launched by the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO demanding immediate implementation of 7th Pay Commission in the state.
The indefinite cease work strike and protest has entered 66 days today. Speaking to media persons, Huidrom Dhanendra, Junior Assistant Officer, Imphal West Treasury Office said that though the people of the knows that BJP government is a government who works for the welfare for the public with a commitment
With the problems faced by the employees, Dhanendra appeals the state government and concern to implement the 7th Pay Commission at the earliest and to rebuke the current warrant issued to JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO.
Failure to their demands, any steps or resolution taken by the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO will strongly support, he added.
Mention may be that employees of various government departments have been staging sit-in supporting the demand of the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO since March 22 to protest the failure of the state government in implementing the 7th Pay Commission in the State for government employees and pensioners despite repeated demands by the JAC for the implementation of 7th Pay for State Government employees and pensioners.
On the other hand, an immense inconvenience has been faced by the people of the state as employees of various departments run by the state government have taken part in the protest for implementation of 7th Pay Commission.

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If reports about shifting of major events to other NSU campus is true than it is most unfortunate- Ibobi

IT News
Imphal, May 26,

If the report about shifting of major discipline in the National Sports University is true than it is most unfortunate, Opposition leader Ibobi said while answering to reporters at Congress Bhavan here in Imphal.
A TV report said that campus of the National Sports University which was laid foundation for construction here at Imphal will have campus at other states . One major campus is opening at Lucknow and require land has been allotted for the construction of the University campus by the UP government. There has been apprehension among the people of the state on assuming the fate of the NSU which is set to establish here in Manipur, if major discipline have been shifted to other campus at other places.
Replying to reporters O Ibobi said that he too wander on why the BJP led NDA government take so much time in passing of a Bill at Parliament even though it has been announced 4 years from now.
Blaming the Narendra Modi government for fooling the people of the state, Ibobi said that under what condition the ordinance for the National Sports University is being passed.
“Ordinance are passed on condition of emergency and urgent needs, how could an ordinance for a National Sports University be passed, what is the urgency and why they are taking too much time, Are they waiting for opening of major campus outside the state to have a name shake Head Office in the state”, Ibobi asked.    

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Class X result of BOSEM shows crumbling of govt. schools – Bidyananda

IT News
Imphal, May 26,

“Class x examination result declared yesterday, at which no students from government schools could include among the top twenty besides low level of pass percentage is a concrete sign of crumbling the government school”, Bidyananda, Vice President of Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA) said while talking to Imphal Times.
The student leader said that the reason for the present situation is because of the contractor oriented mindset of the government authority at which almost all schemes for welfare of the students and schools have been put to their own pocket by implementing some for name shake matters. Bidyananda also question when this AI/ DI who were supposed to look the condition of the school visited the school for inspection, and if so what were the programme taken up by the government as per their report.  
“books which are supposed to be distributed to the students of the government school are not timely issued, no library has been set up, there are school which does not even have adequate class room”, Bidyananda said and added that even recruitment of teachers are not done with sincerity by the government. There are teachers which do not attend school regularly just because they happen to be close relatives of those in the government, he added.
“People now have lost trust in government school, so whether they have money or not parents now prefer private schools which are doing much better than the government schools”, he added.
The KSA Vice President blamed the government for the present state of government schools in the state.

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CM congratulates HSLC exam toppers

Imphal, May 26,
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh extended his congratulations to the toppers of the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) Examination, 2018 conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur.
In his congratulatory message, the Chief Minister said that hard work is the recipe to success. By dint of hard work and perseverance the toppers have made their parents and teachers proud. He also congratulated all the students who have passed the matriculation examination. He expressed his happiness to learn that the pass percentage of this year is the highest in the last ten years of HSLC Examinations.            
He also wished them good luck for their future endeavours.    

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Has our countrymen forgotten the preamble of our Constitution?

The pride of India, for being the world’s largest democracy is slowly derogating its character with the modus operandi of fascists Hindu who are trying to convert the entire country into Hindu Raj. The new regime governing the nation is giving no respect to ‘Secularism’ which is in the preamble of the Indian constitution.
One perfect example if the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, which the ruling BJP is trying to passed. The Citizenship (Amendmend) Bill,2016 is the direct violation of this Article 14 of our constitution.
The Bill also stated illegal migrants from Afganistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. When it comes to the state of Manipur it is already a known fact that Protected Area Permit System which have been imposed in the state has been lifted but continue for foriegn tourist from Afganistan and China. When the country restrict tourist from Afganistan in visiting the state of Manipur, what actually is the agenda of accepting the illegal migrants base on religion from Afganistan be granted citizenship if they stay for 7 years.
This concept of staying in the country for seven years is also illogical when there are Foriegners Prohibition Act.
Preamble of the Indian constitution says “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.
It is this preamble that the nation’s constitution was framed 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules at the time of commencement. At present the nation’s constitution consist 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 98 amendments. All amendments are done under the preamble.
The equality mention here envisages that no section of the society enjoys special privileges and individuals are provided with adequate opportunities without any discrimination. All are equal in front of law. The word secularism which was added later says that India is a country where any citizen can chose any religion.
The world’s largest democracy remains dogged by the twin legacies of feudalism and colonialism. It’s no wrong to say that citizens are treated like subjects. Elected representatives (except some few), who are meant to serve the people often act like feudal lords than representatives of the people. Under this legacy, Global capitalists are invited to exploit the lands and indigenous labour of some of the most oppressed downtrodden people. Since India was built as a nation, after driving out the British Colonial rulers nothing is change to the life of the common people. Common people in India still suffer from exclusion, discrimination and abuse under its caste, class, ethnic and gender system.
What is more horrifying is the open secret agenda of the fascists Hindu Regime which is making all sort of strategy to convert the entire country into one religion one nation. It is indeed a direct blow to the Constitution of India. As these group is utilizing all form of powers including the executive as well the judiciary, no Indian at present have the gut to challenge such unconstitutional activities.
Rape of women including minor girl are politicized by dancing in the communal orchestra. Minority are forced to distort the history for the cause of fascist’s goal. One clear example is the controversial speech of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh – at which he connected the erstwhile nation state Manipur with that of the Aryan Mythology . The writing of letter to UP Chief Minister by Manipur Chief Minister also took everyone by surprise. The agenda of the Hindu Fascists is being reflected to the recent changes seen after the BJP which is the brainchild of RSS came to power.
There are good Hindu, but this is the first time that the country is witnessing a group of Hindu followers who are fascists and feudalistic in character.
Back here in the state of Manipur, voice of the Indigenous Manipuri who have been struggling hard for revival of the Indigenous Meitei religion has been almost suppressed. The titular King who had once converted to Sanamahi religion now becomes a real bhak of Shri Shri Govinda. Many youth’s leaders who had been advocating the merger of Manipur to the Indian Union on October 15, 1959 as illegal now are seen wearing saffron cap, khaki half pant and say nothing when the Mythology of the erstwhile nation have been insulted.
Saying so, it would be wrong to say that Narendra Modi administration is not doing anything for the country. Same way Manipur Chief Minister have also done many appreciating works and taken up schemes for the people. Only think matter is the amalgamation of the administration with that of religion. Being good does not necessarily mean that every people should wear the kind of shirt that the leader wear or every citizen eat what the leader eat. Let religion be separated from running the state.
Let’s uphold the country’s constitution by respecting the preamble. 

Northeast: Issues at Stake

The write up re-produce here is an excerpt from the lecture delivered by renowned Journalist Manas Chaudhuri on the Arambam Somorendra Memorial Lecture on June 10, 2008 under the title “Northeast: Issues at Stake”

As one who started a career in journalism around the time the Northeast was reorganized by the Government of India, I was literally baptized by fire. My initiation into journalism as a cub reporter when Bangladesh was fighting its liberation war was also a trial by fire. As a young enthusiast, I covered some of the operations in the Sylhet Sector and later became the first group of Indian journalists to reach Dhaka on 18th December, 1971 – two days after General Niazi surrendered. The savagery of the Pakistan Army, the mass annihilation of Bengali intellectuals and the privilege to meet Sheikh Majibur’s wife and son Russel (both since dead) in their Dhanmund House in downtown Dhaka will remain etched in my memory for ever:
About a month later, Indira Gandhi, riding her wave of success, Balkanized Assam and the new State of Meghalaya and Union Territories of Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram were born. Simultaneously, the Union Territories of Manipur and Tripura were upgraded into full-fledged States.
Since all those thirty-six years of my humble career as a journalist was spent in the region, I have been a witness to some of the key developments in the Northeast, including the Anti- Foreigner Movement in Assam and its cascading effect on the neighbouring States, the tripartite talks between All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) – Indira Gandhi and Zail Singh (the then Union Home Minister), signing of the Shillong Accord between the Naga National Council (NNC) and the Government of India in Shillong (hence the name Shillong Accord) in Shillong; visit of Pope John Paul II to Shillong. Other insurgency-related events are some of the developments that come to my mind readily.
It has truly been a roller-coaster experience which I shall cherish all my life. Maybe, someday, I shall attempt to put down these irrepressible memories of the birth and aftermath of what is today euphemistically called India’s “North East”.
Thirty-six years after the vivisection of Assam, the region today finds itself in a strange bind and a perpetual search for direction. On one hand, there is unabashed penchant to blame New Delhi for all the deficiencies in the region, while, on the other, is the stark failure of the civil society and the political class to address the core issues plaguing us. I believe it is not important where the Northeast stands today, but what is crucial is which direction it is heading for.
It is nobody’s case that the Centre has not added to the region’s woes. Who can deny that the destiny-makers in New Delhi were philosophical, to say the least, towards investment in and attention to the country’s Northeastern corner’s accelerated growth! But equally pathetic is the region’s own image of itself which hovers between belligerence and unabashed reliance on Delhi’s ‘altruism’. Until the launching of the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) movement, for the rest of the world, the Northeast virtually existed only in the political map of India. After AASU’s embarrassingly unbending stances and the resultant stand-off with the Government of India, did the political masters in New Delhi wake up to its responsibility towards this strategically important part of the country.
Separate ministry for the development of the region (MDoNER) was created. It will hardly be an exaggeration to say that the Government of India has been over-indulging some of the States thereby encouraging financial profligacy, fiscal indiscipline, political promiscuity and even to the point of ignoring the anti- national stances adopted by radicals and tolerating the slow erosion of the values enshrined in the Constitution of the country. To buttress my point, let me cite a few tell-tale instances.
Meghalaya with a population of 2.3 million (2001 Census) has received at least a whopping Rs. I billion crore over the past thirty six years. This includes, Plan Non-Plan, State’s share of Central taxes, etc., but excluding the allocations from the North East Council (NEC) Budget. For a mere two million population, one billion crore is a staggering amount, enough for making a major turnaround in the destiny of the citizens of Meghalaya.
But the critical question is has it made the kind of impact expected of such huge investment? The answer, you guessed it right, is sadly “No”. Where has all the money gone then? Your guess is as good as mine. If we were to distribute the amount on per capita basis, each person would by now become richer by Rs. 5 lakh and the marginalized tribal families perhaps would have been in a happier situation than they find themselves in today T
I suspect it must be the same case with most of the six States in the region. It’s case of “know one, know all”!
The Biggest Bane
It may not be an exaggeration to say that the political class in the region as a whole has been a major disappointment and one of the primary factors contributing to the mess that the Northeast is today. It is galling to find how the politicos in the Northeast are frittering away the opportunities for developing the region. In fact, there are reasons to believe that a clever section of the political animals in the zoo have developed a deeply entrenched vested interest to keep the Northeastern pot boiling. After all, in all these thirty six years, only a small privileged section, notably the politicians, the bureaucrats and the middlemen have generally prospered at the expense of the common people.
Corruption to my mind, is the single biggest bane of the region. And I dare say that corruption is not confined to the “privileged class” alone. The ‘aam aadmi’ in the region has been a big help. They are ever eager to lap up the crumbs that come their way. In fact, in most parts of the region, it is a common experience that the common man, especially in the tribal belts, is ever too keen on selling their votes against petty financial consideration. What is appalling to me is that the lure for easy money has almost completely eroded our value system. When money talks, common sense flies out of the window and we all listen like dumbstruck animals. It is nobody’s case that corruption exists only in our region. The world knows that corruption is ubiquitous in this country. What disturbs me is that the peoples in the Northeast, known for their home-spun values and ethos, seem to be getting swept away by the avalanche of modernization that has descended on them during the past three and half decades. Today, everybody is ready to accept corruption as an inescapable part of modernity. Few, only a few, are ready to stick their necks out.
The consequence is for all of us to see. The Northeast seems to be turning into a bottomless pit and what is worse, resistance is becoming weaker by the day. I wonder sometimes, whether it is a familiar case of “If you can’t beat them, join them”. And joined we have the rat race for self and pelf. The people of the region are happy to look for the easiest way out. Few seriously question the ways of the government, far less try to stonewall the political chicanery and obscurantism which have impeded the citizen’s right to better governance and an improved living standard.
Low Aspiration
As I see it, the Northeast suffers from a peculiar predicament manifested in the low aspirations of its peoples. Whether it is good infrastructure or better opportunities for education, health-care or amelioration of our economic condition, the aspiration level is painfully low.
In Assam, even today, the farmer is happy with mono cropping, while in most other parts of the country multi-cropping has become the mantra for over half a century. After harvesting one crop annually, the Assamese farmers celebrate with much fanfare as if they have reached the zenith of their aspirations!
One of the common sights that is noticed along the Highways of Assam, particularly in the agrarian belts, is that men idle away their working time in tea stalls or in front of paan shops. For hours together they remain occupied in having tea, paan and smoke while discussing spicy stories in the day’s vernacular dailies. These happy go-lucky lot who seem to be having all the time in the world to indulge in endless “adda”, are mostly the rural people who are a contented lot. Indeed, life has given them all they need for their subsistence-land, a roof over their heads, one annual rice crop, round-the-year kitchen garden, cattle for milk and meat, a pond for fish, women in the house to weave and, to lace it all, adequate paan and supari in the backyard. After all, what else does a man need for happiness? When we have limited aspirations in life, we remain contented with what we have.
The urbanites fare no better. Guwahati – the major city of the region – suffers from inundation of habitation areas following a downpour of 30 minutes due to unscientific sewage system. Yet, except for occasional whimpers, it is back to business as usual until the next big shower disrupts life. Similarly, the people of Shillong are required to travel for four hours on a narrow bumpy road to catch a flight from Guwahati Airport. At times they miss flights because of unforeseen road accidents which result in long traffic snarl-ups.
Initially created by the British as a one-way road and subsequently converted into a double-lane highway during the days of the erstwhile Assam Government, the highway has failed to keep pace with the volume of vehicular traffic which has increased by leaps and bounds in the six decades since independence. This lifeline of Meghalaya should have been converted into a four-lane National Highway long ago, but for the lack of public aspiration. When the people don’t voice their concerns, the government too remains insouciant.
Incidentally, why has Meghalaya not developed Umroi airstrip (15 kms from Shillong) to be used as a regular airport to ferry passengers? Why should the people take the strenuous four-hour road journey to Guwahati spending time and money? The answer, as you might have guessed, is again our low aspiration. We in the Northeast have lived to believe that we are destined to have such a wretched life.
Another case in point is Nagaland, the second oldest State among our ‘Seven Sisters’. Nagaland has remained in the backwaters of development, even by our humble Northeastern standards. While the Nagas are crying their voice hoarse for sovereignty and are fighting a senseless fratricidal battle, the State has been languishing on all fronts. Despite generous Central aid, the Nagas have failed to build up their State or even groom their people to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
For argument’s sake, if Nagaland were to be a free country today, what kind of country would it be? A country bereft of basic infrastructure and its people stymied by lack of inspiration to acquire basic skills to negotiate at the international fora? Is this all that the Nagas are capable of? Certainly, the Nagas have not realized their potential and strengths.
The point I am trying to make is that Nagaland must first equip itself in terms of development of manpower and modern infrastructure while allowing their political fortune to take care of itself. This is what Nagas have not managed to do so far, and I attribute it to low aspiration of her people and a strange lack of foresight of the community leaders. But, at the same time, we cannot deny that the political leadership of Nagaland has escaped public accountability by diverting the people’s attention towards the Utopian dream of a ‘sovereign Nagaland’.
Nearer home, Manipur too betrays a similar mindset, as is manifested in the festering insurgency ‘industry’, hijacking of the delivery system and lack of intervention by civil society in an objective manner. If these are too hot to handle, I wonder what prevents the citizens from asserting themselves against the stark failures of the civic authorities in keeping the capital town, Imphal, clean and creating better roads, and sewage system. My observation is that the peoples in the Northeast are afflicted by some infectious indifference syndrome towards the core problems that have made life a lot more difficult than elsewhere in the country. This is one of my fundamental concerns about the Northeast.

IRB man, Lab Asst. Of Horticulture Dept. among 4 arrested for smuggling drugs

IT News
Imphal, May 26,
A team of NAB arrested four persons, including an IRB Rifleman and a Burmese national from Nungourok Village, Pallel, Tengnoupal District, along with 1 kg Heroine at around 4.20 pm yesterday.
Those arrested are identified as  Aung Pyi (50 yrs) Burmese national, S/O Chit Aung, Kachin State Momkying Village Myanmar; Mopung Khulpuwa (32 yrs)  Rifleman no 012006209, 3rd IRB, Wangbal, Manipur  S/o Kh. Khonai, Presently from Khukandang, Pallel Permanent resident of Kambang Khullen Tengnoupal District; Theophilus Kabai (40 yrs) S/o Kabhung Kabai, Hunbung, Ukhrul and Hirom Inao Meitei (48 yrs) S/o H Khamba Meitei,  Bamon Kampu Mayai Leikai, Imphal East, Lab Assistant    Horticulture and Soil Conservation Department, Government of Manipur
The seized items includes 1kg of Heroine No 4; 4 nos of cell phones; 1 Kenbo bike (no number) and one Alto Car bearing registration number MN05A 5703.

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