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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 13 March 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Proletarian Feminism and the Path to Women’s Liberation

Women of the popular classes are an important part of the rise of the struggle of the masses. Today in the heart of women’s organizations a struggle is beginning between proletarian feminism and bourgeois feminism. Mothers, wives, workers, fighters, are searching for a path, therefore it is of utmost importance that it be the ideology of the working class which guides their endeavors.
In every society, the predominant ideas reflect the economic and political base that sustains that society. These ideas are transmitted primarily through education and the media. Therefore, ideas around women also become detached from that base. In our country, capitalism is backward and has semi-feudal foundations, thus the ideology and conception of women’s role is backward and feudal. In other words, historically reactionary and patriarchal.
From there we understand that the idea of women as inferior to men did not fall from the sky. Neither did it arise with capitalism, rather, it is much older, in fact, it was born as a product of the emergence of class society and private property, centuries ago. Because of this, women’s oppression can only disappear in communist society, where private property no longer exists in the means of production.
In India, although they want to depict a “modern” country, women are politically, economically, and culturally undervalued. The miserable conditions of life that bureaucratic capitalism (capitalism which is backward and submitted to foreign capital) imposes, fall most heavily on women of the popular classes.
Proletarian feminism explains that the woman of the popular classes is exploited and oppressed, first, for being part of the people, and secondarily, for being a woman. In other words, she suffers oppression based on class and sex. Because of that, not all women find themselves in the same trench, because there also exist women who exploit the people, pertaining to the monopoly and usurer classes of our country.

On the other side, we have women of the popular classes, who constitute the immense majority: workers, peasants, temporary workers, domestic employees, migrants, small traders, students, intellectuals and professionals, etc. All of them, in addition to working in productive gainful employment, work in the home raising children and supporting the family without payment. It is also these women of the popular classes who are the strongest in the face of adversity when they fight for housing, for wages in the strike, or the right to education.
Bourgeois and petit-bourgeois feminism deal with the problem primarily from a cultural point of view, decoupling it from its political and economic base. And even worse, they propose an individualist path of liberation, which will never conquer rights for women, because as we have indicated, the origins of women’s oppression are in the social relations of production. And because of that, we must fight to transform them, destroying the old State that defends them, adhering ourselves to the struggle for New Democratic Revolution.
Within the views that divide us as a people, there are the more recalcitrant positions, which affirm that the problem is that men “are bad,” while others claim that women’s liberation would be associated almost exclusively with sexual liberty and even with social advancement, centering on competing with men. At the same time, out of a lack of understanding of the material and class base, petit-bourgeois feminism looks for the solution to the problem of double oppression in an individual liberation: “my body, my choice,” “I liberate myself,” and not in the collective struggle against class and sex oppression by women of the popular classes together with their male counterparts.
The idea that women can sweep away male chauvinism through individual liberation is an illusion, seeing as the root of the problem is found in the political and economic base of our society. Only by changing this will we be able to sweep away the male chauvinism which is characteristic of patriarchy. Consequently, all steps toward uniting women to the struggle and combating male chauvinism at the same time are an advance in this sense. In turn, it is the men of the people who actively unite with the struggle that go about combating the male chauvinist ideas in which they have been educated, advancing together with their female counterparts.
Women of the popular classes who are organizing themselves, who are daring to march, debate, and search for the path to liberation needs to be appreciated. Brave women of the popular classes who advance their class position, opposing every form of oppression and exploitation, lifting their head to struggle against the abuses and violence exerted against them, just as a growing number of male counterparts are doing.
Without the emancipation of women, there will be no emancipation of humanity. Without the struggle of class conscious women, there will be no revolution. The “woman question” is not a minor matter. The role of women is crucial for a change.

CorCom boycotts PM visit; calls 17 hours total shut down on March 16

Imphal, March 13: Conglomerate of major rebel groups – CorCom, operating in the region while boycotting the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 16 has called 17 hours total shut down from 1 am to 6 pm of the day in the state.
CorCom is a body comprises of PREPAK, PREPAK (PRO), UNLF and RPF. A statement of the publicity committee of this body in an e-mail to media houses said that students appearing in the ongoing examinations, rituals activities, fire service and medical emergency will be relax during the total shut down.
The statement said that the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the state of Manipur is nothing but to suppress the people of this state to strengthen the colonial rule.
“The propose visit of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 16 to lay foundation stone for National Sports University at Koutruk of Imphal East and for inauguration of the National Science Congress at Manipur University is not new. Like other Indian leaders he will deliver sweet words by pretending real care for the people of the state so that the colonial rule strengthened”, the CorCom Statement said.
On the other hand the statement said that India’s Look East Policy which has been converted into Act East Policy is not for improvement of economy of the people of this region. The policy is for suppressing the revolutionary movement in the region, the statement added.

It said, in all the bilateral agreement signed by India with the 10 member ASEAN countries since 1992, a provision to jointly fight the revolutionary movement and combat terrorism has been mention. India terms the revolutionary movement here in WESEA region as terrorist.
The statement also said that if Modi want a develop Manipur than why Industrial Park which was included in the 12 point agreement with China has been established at Gujarat instead of Manipur (Kangleipak).
The silence of Prime Minister Modi over the people demands for repeal of draconian Act AFSPA has also been mentioned saying that till today the matter has been left aside.
The CorCom statement said that to the people of the region – Indian National Congress, Janata Party, Bharatiya Janata Party and other political parties of India makes no difference. Their policy toward Manipur (Kangleipak) is no difference, it added.   

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Reality of Govt. Schools: Assurance for improvement skeptical as mismanagement put a High School without benches and desk

Imphal, March 12: Education Minister Th. Radheshyam assurances to improve the status of government schools turn out to be a mere joke as authorities of the Education (S) department put a high school which have 150 students without benches and desk.
The benches and desks of  Thamchet High School, Nongmeibung Pung Mathak, Imphal East were taken by an order of the ZEO , Zone 2 for utilization at other exam centers for the ongoing class X and Class XII examination.
“With no desks and benches, we fear of losing students from enrolling in the school”, N. Beni , Former Principle, Thamchet High School, Nongmeibung Pung Mathak, said during an award distribution of the school annual sports meet yesterday.
N Beni said that though Thamchet High School is a government school, using the school property for 10 and 12 exam purpose at other center under zone-2 by ZEO while the classes of the school is on the run is very unfortunate.
“Somehow, school managing committee is proving the needed infrastructure for the students from the nearby coaching centre which the government fails to notice”, she added.
Beni also said that Thamchet High School use to have more than 150 students while it was as Junior High School but with the government upgrading the school into Senior High School, more than 60 % of students enrolment in the school have decline leaving only 66 students since the school began resuming from 2015 after three years gape due to full renovation of the school building. Due to the three years gape, many of the students have enrolled at other school which is very disappointing for the Thamchet High School and currently school property utilized for 10-12 exam hurts the school environment and the students who came to learn something new from the schools, she added.
Beni further said that while the school is facing infrastructure problems, there is shortest of teachers for each subjects.
Though the Thamchet High School is already upgraded to Senior High School (Class 1 to 10), it has 21 teachers, 5 of them are utilized teachers and atleast 10 RAMSA teachers among the 21 teachers are posted at the school while there is no teacher posted for home science as well as for Social Science with no primary teacher which the current teachers are managing on their own, so far, she added.
Being a government school, the concern authority should give more emphasis on the government run schools in the state rather than keeping it for namesake and at the end left to diminish on its own. If proper infrastructures can be provided no government school will fail in the state, N. Beni asserts.
Thamchet High School was established in the year 1965 from Lower Primary which is now a Senior High School.

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Skill Development Program Kick Off

Imphal, March 13: 35 days skill development (training) program on garment making and stitching for Tamenglong District kick off at Manipur Creations, 3C Takyel Industrial Estate, Imphal West.
The training program is organized by Manipur Creations which is funded by CML Tata Trust in association with Tamenglong District Administration.
Speaking to the media persons, Koijam Vasunraz, Proprietor of Manipur Creations said that the training program is solely meant for the upliftment of the socioeconomic condition of the people of Tamenglong District.
The main objective of the program is to provide training and jobs to those in the hill district who are living below the poverty line, he added. Vasunraz also said that 50 persons from Tamenglong District who are living below the poverty line in have been selected to undergo the 35 days training under Manipur Creations on garment making and stitching.
With this training program, an income of Rs 7500 per month per job worker can be generated which will turn into Rs 375000 for 50 workers in a month and Rs 45000000 annually.
The trainees are getting a sponsorship of Rs 31 lakhs from CML Tata trust which will enable them to generate Rs 45000000 annually and in turn will be the great achievement of CML Tata Trust, tamenglong District Administration and Manipur Creations, he added.

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PAC, NEFIS demand immediate handing of Pravish Chanam case to CBI; submits memorandum to union Home Minister

Imphal, March 13: A delegation of North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) today submitted a memorandum to Union Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh regarding the lack of investigation into case of death of a Manipuri youth, Pravish Chanam in Noida, Uttar Pradesh under suspicious circumstances.
People Action Committee (PAC) which has been spearheading agitation for justice to Pravish Chanam also demanded positive response from the Union Home Minister who is visiting the state on March 16. In a press conference at Manipur Press Club, Convenor of the PAC said that even though the BJP government has assured to hand over the case of the brutal murder of Pravish Chanam to CBI, nothing has been done for the CBI to investigate the case. The Convenor also decried Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s refusal to meet the PAC regarding the matter. He said if no announcement regarding the case is made during the HM visit the PAC will intensify the agitation.
Meanwhile, sit-in-protest has been staged at Langthabal demanding justice for Pravish Chanam.
Pravish Chanam, died in Noida last year under suspicious circumstances. He had come to Delhi on a visit and had been residing in Safdarjung, Delhi with his friends. On 8th September 2017, he went to Knowledge Park in Noida to attend a music concert with his friends and went missing after the concert and had been later found dead. The Noida Police had been making investigation into the circumstances which led to his death. But the shoddy inquiry conducted by the police as well as the subsequent details of the case strongly pointed towards the dubious role of police personnel themselves in the case. Consequently, the victim’s family demanded an inquiry by Central Bureau of Investigation into the case. Since, the matter fell under the authority of UP Govt, the deceased’s family requested the Manipur Govt to ask UP Chief Minister to transfer the case to CBI.
Despite UP Govt assuring the Manipur Govt that the case would be transferred to the CBI, no further steps have been taken in this direction. This amounts to a blatant attempt to shield the culprits by allowing them ample time to destroy evidence which may implicate them in future. The delegation sought immediate intervention of the Union Home Ministry into the matter.
Besides the PAC, the NEFIS also warned of an intensification of people’s struggle, if its demands are not met.

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Acid Victim denied compensation

Imphal, March 13: JAC Against the Acid Attack on Mangsatabam (O) Menaka decry over the negligence of the state government in providing the Acid attack survivor compensation for the acid victim.
Speaking to the media persons, Mangsatabam (O) Menaka, acid victim, said that since the incident of the acid attack, she and her family has been left neglected by the concern apart from getting the free medical treatment at RIMS. “As of now I didn’t get any compensation even though CM had announced during Feb. state assembly session”, Menaka said disappointedly.

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TSA condemns barbaric act of Assam Police on Mizo youths, sympathise with victims

Imphal, March 13: The Thadou Students’ Association, General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ) and TSA Mizoram Branch vehemently condemn the barbaric act of Assam Police who mindlessly carried out a reign of terror upon innocent Mizo youths at Zophai, Bairabi in Kolasib District, Mizoram and Mizoram media persons who were there to cover the incident.
“We also condemn the high handedness of Assam’s Hailakandi district administration for utilising highly disproportionate strength of police force to commit such horrible and despicable acts on a small group of student volunteers of Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) who were only trying to build a resting shed in a land within the boundary of Mizoram”, Michael Lamjathang Haokip, Secretary General TSA, General Headquarters in a statement said. It further said that the use of such a large number of armed police personnel and indiscriminate firing and brute force to stop a small group of unarmed innocent students from building the resting shed is totally uncalled for all those responsible police personnel and officers and district administrators should be punished appropriately by authorities concerned. Such ugly and uncivilized incidents have no place in a democratic country and all those responsible should be punished according to the law of the land.
The Thadou students and the whole Thadou community in Manipur, Mizoram and elsewhere stand by our Mizo blood brothers and sisters who have fallen victims of the unimaginable atrocities at the hands of the senseless Assam Police force and we join our hands with them for timely delivery of justice, the statement added.

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