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Wednesday, 12 December 2018 - Imphal Times

Rich tributes paid to brave Imas on Nupi Lan Day; Keishampat to Sanjenthong will be named as ‘Nupi Lan Road’ - CM


Imphal, Dec. 12,

In memory and respect of the brave Imas of Manipur who fought against the mighty British, Government of Manipur observes State level ‘Nupee Lan Day, 2018’ at Nupi Lan Memorial Complex, Imphal today.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh and Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar graced as Chief Guest and President respectively.

While giving speech, Biren said that the Government is giving empowerment to women practically. To prevent from crime against women, one special fast track court was constituted on priority basis for the first time in the history of Manipur and has convicted more than 10 culprits. To expose their talents fully, three (3) women in Secretary level, five (5) women as Deputy Commissioners, nine (9) women as COs and SPs, 10 Additional women SPs are rendering and contributing their service for the State presently. The Government is giving free admission for school dropout girl students from class IX to XII in government schools and providing text books and uniforms to them.  We take the idea of women empowerment seriously, he added.

Exhorting the womenfolk of the State to come out and join politics, Chief Minister told that the time has really come for womenfolks to join politics particularly in Legislative Assembly Election. Women already participated at Panchayat level. There is highly a need of women’s role in law making body.

The Chief Guest stated that in recognition of the courage and sacrifice of the then Imas and Iches, the road from Keishampat to Sanjenthong, Imphal will be named as ‘Nupi Lan Road’. In connection with this matter, the Government will take a cabinet decision soon. He appealed for changing the mindset ‘Nupi-Angang Gi Wabu’ and also for showing respect to women starting from our own homes.

In his Presidential speech, Deputy Chief Minister told that our women took active participation for saving the society and men folks in history. In the First Nupi Lan of 1904, the then Imas of all communities fought against the Order of bringing woods from Burma for new construction of Assistant Political Agent’s residence. Again in the Second Nupi Lan of 1939, they raised their voice against the export of rice when there was scarcity of rice in the State. We can take today’s Meira Paibi movement as continuation of the first and second Nupi lan for saving the society and menfolk by our women community. Men should give full support to them to bring the society in the right direction, Joykumar added.

Prior to this, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister led the people in paying floral tributes to the statue of departed freedom fighters of Nupee Lan Movement. As part of today’s observation, ‘Nupee Lan Drama’ was performed by joint artistes of Nupee Lan Memorial Association and Nupee Lal & Khongjom War Memorial Society, the artistes of Shri Shri Bal Mukunda Dev Government Music College, Imphal presented opening and closing song dedicated to Nupee Lan.

Ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary, Director General of Police, high ranking officials of civil and police, students and general public attended in today’s Nupi Lan Day, 2018 observation.

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Inculcate hard work as a habit to achieve success in life - Th. Radheshyam

Imphal, Dec 12,

 Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam advised the students to inculcate the habit of hard work and a strong determination to achieve their goal in life. He said that to accomplish the aim in life one must have a clear vision and learn how to attain it.
He said that education is not just to get good marks, and appealed to the teachers and parents not to pressurize the children as it could hinder the growth and progress of the children. In life some may get success early and some may get it later but what is important is to provide the children a chance to grow. He urged the guardians to mentor and nurture the students to allow them developed the innate talents and creativity.
The Minister was speaking at the Opening Ceremony of 44th Annual Athletic Meet, 2018 of Sainik School Imphal. He said that in a competition taking part in fair manner is more important than winning. The meet, he added would provide a chance for the students to learn to work in team. Every moment, he said, is very precious and the students should learn to cherish the moments.
Thokchom Radheshyam, who is also an ex-student of the Sainik School, said that the contribution of the school in the field of education is commendable. He added that whatever he has been able to achieve today has been because of the education he had received and learned in the school.
The Minister also inaugurated the Kangla Dwar constructed at the school premise. Token of appreciation were also handed to the teachers of the school. Principal of the school D. Shakhwar, Vice Principal Shreeprakash, teachers, students and guardians attended the ceremony. The meet will conclude on 16th December, 2018.

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Mass Rally on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

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Thoubal, Dec.12:

District Administration of Thoubal and NYK Thoubal today organised a mass rally to spread awareness about the need for protection of girl child under the aspirant scheme of the Narendra Modi led government “Beti Bachao Beti  Padhao”.

Deputy Commissioner of Thoubal district, Haobam Rosita flagged off the rally from the gate of Thoubal Municipal Council. The rally march till Thoubal DC Complex.

Students, Asha Workers and Anganwadi worker who participated the rally carry placards with slogan – Save girl child , give education to girl child, abolished Dowry system and stop abortion.

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Online Prepaid Recharge portal of MSPDCL resume

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Imphal, Dec 12,

The hardship faced by Electric consumers of Manipur State Power Distribution Company Ltd. (MSPDCL) in getting recharge vouchers has been relieved after the web portal of the MSPDCL was re-activated today. Until yesterday long queue are seen at vending station opened at Keishampat, Lamphel and Kakwa here in Imphal West which have the largest number of consumers.

The online recharge Portal of MSPDCL was down till yesterday. A notification circulated by Managing Director, MSPDCL on November 29th that “the Online Prepaid Recharge services will not be available for 4-5 working Days” citing technical failure at Central Data- Center, Guwahati. However it was resumed after almost 11 days. 

Even as consumers are somehow relieved they appealed not to make false promises as it caused lot of inconveniences to the people.

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Imphal Times Correspondent Konthoujam Gita Devi honoured by AMACSU on “EMASINGEEDAMAK”

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Imphal, Dec 12,

The All Manipur Arts and Culture Students’ Union (AMACSU) today honoured various women working at different field for promotion of the society including Imphal Times Correspondent Konthoujam Gita Devi in a function organised as “EMASINGEEDAMAK” commemorating the Nupi Lan Day.
The function held at Manipur Press Club was attended by A Sivadas Sharma, Director , Arts & Culture , Govt. of Manipur as the Chief Guest while Konsam Kumar Singh (Rass Department (JNMDA, Manipur presided over it. Arambam Hemanta Kumar Singh, Senior Lecturer, Art History dept. Imphal Art College attended as guest of honour.
All together 24 women working at various field for upliftment of the Art and Culture were honoured in recognition to their service. Imphal Times Correspondent, Konthoujam Gita Devi , senior reporter of Poknapham Daily Sonia Surensangbam and Yambem Tombi of All India Radio Imphal were among the 24 women who were honoured in recognition to their service by reporting events through media for the upliftment of Arts and Culture.  

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CPI –M urges to declare Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as ‘Desh Prem Divas’

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Imphal, Dec 12,

CPI(M), Manipur State Committee has demanded to declare birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as ‘Desh Prem Divas’ (Day of patriotism - Leibak Ningba Numit).
In a statement, Kshetrimayum Santa, Secretary CPI(M), Manipur State Committee stated that declaring the birth day Netaji would go a long way to rejuvenate poverty-stricken unemployed and frustrated young generation. The CPI-M leader also urged the government to make all-out efforts to compile on authentic national history on Netaji’s Provisional Azad Hind government, his INA and their contribution to the freedom movement of India.
Justifying the demand, the statement by CPI-M Manipur State Committee recalled the freedom movement by Netaji Subash Chandra Bose.
The statement said, “It is a historical truth that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose headed the Provisional Azad Hind government formed in exile on the soil of South-East Asia on October 21, 1943, which is a red-letter day in the history of freedom movement of India. This government declared war against Britain and America and was recognised by nine foreign countries, including De Valera’s Ireland. Netaji, under the banner of this government, along with its three million INA men launched the final war of independence to ‘bring about the expulsion of the British and their allies’ from the soil of India. The INA, led by Col. S A Malik, entered the Indian soil and raised the free India’s flag at the historic town Moirang, Manipur  on April 14, 1944.”
It added that the Azad Hind Government was helped and assisted by the local people of Manipur irrespective of their cast , creed and communal feelings . Notable amongst the native people are Hemam Nilmani Singh , Mairenbam Koiremg Singh etc. The INA government was active there for more than three months having their own bank, currency, post office and other infrastructure. From there, the INA launched their final march towards Imphal to liberate the country.
Ultimately, the impact of Netaji’s INA struggle created a great post war uprising in India, during November 1945 to July 1946, which compelled the British government, amongst other factors, to transfer power in August 1947.
“On completion of 75 years of Netaji’s Provisional Azad Hind government, the whole country paid their respectful homage to the great revolutionary leader and patriotic son of the country, on October 21, 2018. The INA trial roused and galvanised the Indian people’s final assault against the British colonial rule. The slogan that reverberated across the country - Sehgal, Dhillon, Shahnavaz- stands testimony to the inclusive politics of Netaji and exemplified the fighting spirit of the freedom movement uniting people of all faiths, castes and gender. People of India have many aspirations and long-standing demands in respect of their most beloved national hero Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose”, the CPI-M Manipur statement said and urged the government to fulfill the demand for declaration of birthday of the freedom fighter as  as ‘Desh Prem Divas’ (Day of patriotism - Leibak Ningba Numit.

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Channeling the drive

Today, the state is observing the 77th year to the day when the womenfolk of Manipur rose against the oppressive and unconcerned attitude of the state authority as ‘Nupi Lan Numit’- the Manipur Women’s Agitation of 1939. The historic event which started as an agitation by Manipuri women against the economic policies of the Maharaja and the Marwari monopolists especially in regard to the unrestricted export of rice from the valley in view of the impending scarcity due to prospects of a poor harvest, l ater on  changed its  character  to become a  movement for constitutional and administrative reform in Manipur. The original demands of the women were confined to the banning of rice exports, but later included changes in the administrative set-up.
Perhaps it would be pertinent to reflect on the points of similarity between the event of 1939 and the present society to attempt a probable prediction of how things might turn out in the near future given the uncertainties and increasing feelings of disregard by the state authorities to the protracted sufferings and feelings of unprovoked challenges to the very existence of the public by a bunch of incorrigible trouble-mongers who, in the garb of nationalists and upholders of a ‘unique’ breed of humanity, are indulging in vandalism and self-indulgence by stirring up emotions of the naïve and simple public.
In a dramatic turnaround, the people of the state is scrambling for essential commodities of daily consumption almost all of which are now being brought in from different places outside the state. If there ever is another ‘Nupi Lan’ it would be for the means to import or bring in these essential goods. Funnily enough, the unfortunate irony seem to be lost to many at present including those at the helm of affairs of the state- that what was once a state of surplus have been reduced to one which depends on the produce of other states for survival. The focus for most public figures is on extolling the spirit and valor of the Manipuri women, and of respecting and upholding their high social status while nothing could be further from the truth if anyone cares to take a reality check.
The focus should not just be to maintain the ‘status quo’ as some ‘experts and social commentators would so enthusiastically suggest. The focus now is to break away from the conventions and customs that have been holding the collective society back from reaching the potential the state has shown it possessed in abundance. Nupi Lan and other historic agitations have shown that there is no dearth of spirit and drive in the hearts of the people of the state. History has also borne witness to the high level of social and political consciousness of the people of the state. Perhaps the one prominent blot in the history of the state is the lack of true progressive leaders to lead the people and the state out of the social quagmire and political instabilities which has been reflecting on the overall dismal economy despite the tantalizing promises and possibilities. Or is it the case of too many ‘self-styled’ leaders confusing the public and confounding themselves?    

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