Financial assistance provided to the ailing VDF members

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Thoubal, Mar 26 :

In continuance of providing financial assistance to the ailing VDF members of Thoubal District by the VDF Welfare Association, Thoubal under the supervision of SP/ Thoubal Shri Dr. S Ibomcha Singh, MPS provided a sum of Rs. 35,000/, 25,000/ and 15,000/ respectively each to the three ailing VDF members namely, i) VDF No. 781 kh. Suresh Singh, DHQ/TBL ii) VDF No. 108 Md Munir Ahamad, TCP/TBL iii) VDF No. 548 Md Abdul Kalam, Leishangthem OP and iv) VDF No. 410 Md. Abdul Hamid, Golf 23- CDO/TBL mess section from District VDF Welfare fund on 25th March, 2021 at DHQ/TBL.
A statement of the VDF association demanded and requested to the state Government to take a cabinet decision in connection with the service extension of the engagement of VDF members for the year 2021 and 2022 in the interest of 10,050 VDF members of Manipur that the validity of service extension will end on 31st March, 2021.
It also demanded the state Government to monitor for deduction of professional taxes from VDF members by the concerned District Treasury Officers (DTOs) that some Districts were found deducting @ Rs. 2000/ per VDF members per year from their remuneration while some Districts were found not deducted the said taxes. If such irregularity practice is to be continued, the VDF members may feel frustrated and start agitating against the State Government. Further the state Government may please review/exempted from the Gazette notification of taxes published by the Department of Taxes, govt. of Manipur inclusive the deduction of professional tax from VDF members and also Government may please direct to all the concerned DTOs to refund the professional Taxes immediately which was deducted earlier from their respective Districts. The matter may be treated most important and seriously.

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